Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0004

September 04, 2020 Andrei R Episode 4
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0004
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0004
Sep 04, 2020 Episode 4
Andrei R

Melbourne, Australia, Dictator Daniel Andrews, China, Scott Morrison (ScoMo), Police, Masks, Fat Karen ordering fifty thousand dollars of McDonalds, waking up from a coma.

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Melbourne, Australia, Dictator Daniel Andrews, China, Scott Morrison (ScoMo), Police, Masks, Fat Karen ordering fifty thousand dollars of McDonalds, waking up from a coma.

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreiRotariu7
Email for questions, comments, abuse and sponsorships: averagejoepodcast@protonmail.com

Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
Retro Ryster
For audio, intros, music https://soundcloud.com/theawakening-official
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1 (25s):
Hello? Hello. Hello, and welcome to the Everage Joe podcast. I'm your host, Andre. Rytary. This is the 1st of September for Episode for coming to you all the way from the cess pit m***********g s**t hole. That is Melbourne Australia. So I'm going to start calling it from now on the cyst spit m***********g s******e, but his Melbourne Australia cause that's what it is.

1 (59s):
It is a f*****g cesspit is a totalitarian regime controlled by the Chinese communist party and a gutless, a f*****g p***y late is like Scomo Scott Morrison do nothing about it. I mean, you wouldn't expect Daniel Andrews to do anything about it because he's for it all. And he's completely controlled and owned by the Chinese.

1 (1m 31s):
Obviously, you know, that's a little bit of hyper bowl for this morning, but it's pretty f*****g bad guys. They just, you know, the, the police association, which I think is like the Police members union, they've they've come out now and they're coming out publicly and stating that these powers, these a state of emergency powers need to be extended. That he's a f*****g frightening when the, when the police unions coming out saying that, cause they're supposed to be bipartisan.

1 (2m 7s):
They're not supposed to have a say in politics. They're not supposed to publicly come out and support one side or the other of politics they're supposed to remain fairly independent because they're gonna have to, at some point be controlled or have controls put on them by the side of politics. But also because I mean, they might have to go and f*****g arrest one people from one site or the other, or both of politics. So they're supposed to remain independent, but what, what are they doing?

1 (2m 37s):
No, they're coming out on the radio and on TV and they're saying, Oh no, we need to extend those powers. So that, and they're basically up front telling you so that we can continue to do roadblocks and make sure people are isolating in their homes. So, and they use all this f*****g colorful language, but essentially it's a, they can continue being f*****g Kantz and they've dug their heels in and seven, a condensation with a good mate of mine yesterday.

1 (3m 10s):
And he said, what? Why is it all of these videos? You save all these people being arrested and having these interactions with the police. And I've had friends that have sent me videos, like direct friends of mine that have sent me videos of themselves, of their interactions with the Police. None of them are nice. None of them are cardial. They're all, they're all f*****g, the police turn up. Where's your, where's your face mask? Where's your face mask? I don't have one. Or I've got a, you know, you know, it's in my pocket or a lifted arm or whatever it is.

1 (3m 43s):
Why aren't you wearing one? What's your name? Where do you live? Mike? We're going to have to arrest you. That was fine. He's the guy that was used. Obviously taking the p**s. I'm just going to pause this for two seconds while I order my coffee. Give us two, six guys.

2 (4m 0s):

1 (4m 1s):
Karen in front of me. She's just f*****g ordered like $35 worth of f*****g food. She's ordered a hot cut. Three portions of hotcakes.

2 (4m 13s):

1 (4m 15s):
Cappuccinos thick Che thick shakes, caramel flavored, f**k cappuccinos. And the small chips. Jesus Christ. Why are you ordering at eight o'clock in the morning? You f*****g lunatic. Anyway, where was I going with this? I can't even remember. Not all f*****g too much. The only thing left to do in Victoria is to just f*****g move out. That's the only thing to do is the only way out of this, it's just move out, move somewhere else.

1 (4m 52s):
The hard thing is convincing. My wife, my wife is, you know, she's just a typical woman. Women, women believe that, you know, the more security and the more, you know, lock down and tight knit, Oh, here we go. This f*****g Karen in front of me. She stopped to speak to the girl that took her order, not through the, the voice, not through the mic, but when she paid, she stopped to remind her of the f*****g flavoring of caramel.

1 (5m 23s):
Now she's, you know, she's having the girl, that's given a food, double check everything. Jesus f*****g Christ. I hate to be in that household this morning, but see women, women, they just, they, they want, they want like, you know, you hear all these guys online talking about their life. They want big state. They want big governments. And it's all absolutely true because they feel safer that way.

1 (5m 53s):
They feel safer. They want, you know, the strong man, because if you think about it, you know, hundreds of thousands of years ago, when we're all warring with each other off a hundreds of thousands of f*****g hundreds of years back, we've been doing that since the Dawn of man modern, man's like a hundred thousand years old or whatever. But you know, we've basically been warring with each other and women and children would be getting kidnapped.

1 (6m 23s):
So, you know, you'd go into a village and you know, you'd kill all the men or whatever, all the soldiers and you'd leave a few of the oldies round and a few of the kids and most of the women and the women had to, they sort of had to learn to be subservient to the biggest, stronger force because that's, what's happened in their entire lives, you know, through generation and generation of that happening. That probably they probably, I don't know, there's maybe something in their f*****g DNA that that makes them be that way.

1 (7m 1s):
I'm not sure I'm a dumb ass. This is just all, you know, my hypothesis morning. Thank you. You too. See that's how it's done. You f*****g Karen you're shut the f**k up. You take your f*****g coffee and you move on. You smile. And you say, thank you have a f*****g great day lady, even though you've f****d up my coffee several times from here now care, you know why?

1 (7m 32s):
Cause I know you're earning f**k all money. You're earning f*****g $15 actually actually in, in Melbourne. And Australia the actually a pretty good f*****g wages is the minimum wage here is f*****g abstain guys. It is obscene. If you want to come to a city, he's going to wait tables and get paid. A lot of money come to f*****g Melbourne, you'd f*****g, you'd fit in with the rest of the f*****g rejects and the city, but they, yeah, we've got, because we obviously have a communist government here, you know, and they don't like they've have a disdain for a small business essentially is what it is.

1 (8m 18s):
I mean, if you're trying to run a small business, what you pay your employees in this state compared to what you pay your employees and other States, it's a massive difference. Like if you were to go to Adelaide or Sydney or Brisbane and minimum wage is different.

2 (8m 39s):

1 (8m 41s):
Oh, is it nationwide? I can't f*****g remember. I think part of it is nationalized is federalized by the, what is it? It's not work safe as in there's another commission. Sorry guys. I haven't had a coffee this morning. So I'm ranting like a lunatic. And I haven't even had my heart started yet as my dad would say anyway, there was a f*****g chick cleaning the head or a teenage girl when I drove out of there, wiping down the microphones and the speakers, which I mean, you know, you should be doing anyway, but you're doing it for that reason.

1 (9m 20s):
They're doing it because they're scared of the virus, the f*****g killer virus. It's gonna murder everyone. But yeah, this state's just a few f*****g cesspit. It is absolute. It is an absolute cesspit. This is going to get through this. This it'll be six months. I guarantee it. That's what we'll get through. Okay. And then people will be locked down for them the six months. And then I don't know.

1 (9m 51s):
Oh, that's right. That's what I'm talking about. The women. Yeah. And then it's just, I suppose I just have to f*****g try to convince my wife to get the f**k out of this state. And I do see it from her point of view. Abs. Absolutely. I see it from her point of view. You know, we've got friends here, we're a family here, but you know, you're gonna make friends in other parts of the world, no matter where you move, you're always gonna make friends, friends come and go throughout your life. That's you know?

1 (10m 21s):
Yes, you have good friends. You will make new friends, especially a big mouth f**k, head like me. You know, w we make friends pretty easily. Umm, and the thing is you wouldn't have to stay. I mean it could, it could change. I mean, I doubt it because I think people are so brainwashed in this state. I honestly doubt it. It could change. Oh, anything's possible. You could see, you know that they have a, I have an election and there's a referendum on, on all this s**t that Dictator Dan's doing and, and he's no longer around, but then they, they changed or liberal or National's government, which should, I just don't see it f*****g happening.

1 (11m 11s):
I mean, we've got like, I think we're the most greens voters are the most greens in the lower and up a house of any of any state. We're a f*****g laughing stock basically. But yeah. Oh women think like they just, they want, they, they want the big daddy, the big strong father figure to protect them. And that's just, it's just in belt in them.

1 (11m 43s):
And so they see these powers, they see this and I just, I don't know that I just don't see anything wrong with it. It's it's disgusting. I'm not women are disgusting, but it's disgusting. This behavior it's like, come on, shake off. You're f*****g a hundred thousand years of, of being a f*****g cave woman and just look at it for what it is. Don't don't go off emotions, just look at it for what it is. You know, your children can't go to school.

1 (12m 16s):
They can't socialize. They can't be around other kids. I mean even just, I mean, even just the personal touch of another child, touching another child like holding hands and hugging or you know, roughhousing like the boys do, surely that's got to be doing something to their psyche and their emotions and their psychology. And I can guarantee you once this s**t opens back up, the rules are going to be worse than they are now. So now there's, they're the same. So there's limited rules.

1 (12m 46s):
There's a couple of big overarching ones, you know, like the curfew and the mask wearing and this and that. But it seems to be as though there's not a lot of these finals because everything's shut down. But once everything opens back up, once school's opened back up cafes stores, gyms back up, the rules are gonna be f*****g ridiculous. It's going to be, you know, R, you can only have five people in there sitting down in this, you know, after we've ruined your business for, for a year now you can't actually, you know, put the rocket boost design and do some promotions and try to get as many people into cafe as possible.

1 (13m 26s):
No, R now you can only have a few people sitting in here at once. So the guy, the guy just hates businesses. He hates individualism. He hates independency hates. He hates all of these things. He hates Liberty. I've actually fantasized him a bit about him having a f*****g accident or something. I know that sounds psychotic, but it's it's I mean, come live in our world.

1 (13m 57s):
My sister in law told me the other day or told my brother that she was selling something on an old f*****g Gumtree or Facebook marketplace or whatever it is. And the lady she was dealing with said she was too scared to come out of her house to collect the goods and asked if they could be delivered. And apparently the lady had told us, she she'd rarely been out since March, are you f*****g kidding me or you a mental patient, but they are the, all these people are mental patients because they've all been brainwashed by the TV programming.

1 (14m 30s):
And now in the modern day, the internet, which is another thing that p****s me off. You get all these people f*****g watch TV, man. No you don't, but you watch f*****g Netflix and YouTube and you sit on social media all day. It's just as f*****g bad. It seems free. R it seems as though there's more opinion, but there isn't, it's all just the same s**t. Because if you say the, the, the agenda of the big tech giants is the same as a media company.

1 (15m 1s):
It's exactly the same. It is absolutely one in the same. They push the same agenda. So, you know, just stop, like I said, in the previous one, you wanna change your mind. You wanna f*****g undue the shackles around your brain, stop watching TV and stop using social media, few social media for communication purposes, with friends. That's fine. If you use it for business, that's fine. There shouldn't be any other reason why you use it because it's all f*****g programmed.

1 (15m 35s):
It's all programmed to make you think and believe things that you don't, that you wouldn't naturally think and believe. You know, I think I'll use the analogy of a guy waking up from the coma. Yeah. I mean, if all it takes is to just walk around, just walk, kind of just get dumped off in this city and just walk around and open your eyes and look around. And without the Masks because of the Masks may make it seem as though there's something big and scary going on. But if without the Masks people who just kind of live in their lives, as much as what they can, even though nothing's open Anyway, f**k all that.

1 (16m 18s):
It's pointless thinking about it and harping on it all day because I just, yeah, it just gets you down. You know, this is what I think we're in the fifth week or whatever it is and it just gets you down. Like I'm a pretty, I'd like to think I'm a fairly mentally strong person in certain aspects. I've got my, a little issues as well, but you know, I can only imagine people that are going through depression or f*****g some other type of issue at the moment.

1 (16m 51s):
I mean, I feel so sorry for those people and there's, there's literally nothing you can do for them. Could you imagine your you're depressed? Maybe you're an alcoholic or something and you've you've ponded or you've, you've thought about suicide. Could you imagine being in that state and then this happening and the only sort of semblance of, of peace and calm and tranquility is maybe like going to work or something just to get out of that state, maybe you just go to work and it sorta changes everything for you or you get outside or you go to a friend's house or you have your coffee with your best friend or your mother or whatever.

1 (17m 31s):
I don't f*****g know. And all of that just stopped. And now you you're allowed out for one hour of exercise a day. Let's the other thing I don't think I've mentioned on this before one hour, we're only allowed out of the house for an hour a day. I mean, they can't police it obviously, but it just goes to show you the ridiculousness for the f*****g

4 (17m 50s):
Rules that they make. They can't even, Police the rules that they're making, but they make them anyway. It is absolutely disgusting. And I think there was a, is that guys jock fresco, who's a, a, a, one of these designer type dudes. And I'm like, what do you call him? Looking industrial sort of design or building a societal type, a public sorta design type fellow.

4 (18m 30s):
And he's one of these communists types to a, well, I wouldn't call him that. He comes at it from this utopian sorta mentality. I don't know if he's a communist or not, but he, he sort of comes at things with this. I know he, he just thinks everything's gonna be corrected and fixed if you disliked everything properly and you have humans living in this utopian state, but anyway, going to the whole legal Police Police laws and rules and things, I think it was he that said governments make laws when they can't find solutions to problems.

4 (19m 11s):
And that's always stuck with me that governments make laws when they can't find solutions to things. And it's so true. It's so freaking true. And in Australia I think, I think Australians in general, I wouldn't, I don't know. I can't find a word for it. Oh, it's not lazy, but it's similar to lazy. Maybe it's apathetic. I don't know. I don't know what the word for it is, but Australians have this year, she'll be right. Attitude.

4 (19m 41s):
You know, where we just don't. We, we just sort of just go along with a lot of things, just cause we can't be f****d. We can't be bothered actually doing something about it, you know, and Australians again, they're not lazy people. I mean, we've built a f*****g great nation, umm, in a short amount of time and that's the thing people don't realize about this country is, you know, you come here and like people say, Oh, you know, public transport sucks in Australia in particular. And Melbourne, you know, they'll, they'll say certain things like that.

4 (20m 13s):
It's like, ah, dude, do you understand that f*****g 200 years ago there was nothing here. 200 years ago, there was nothing here. There's nothing in Melbourne. There was in fact, most parts of Eastern Melbourne, especially where I'm in the Southeast. It was just like bald Zinn, f*****g and creeks. And you know, it was just disgusting. It was just, you know, mud and s**t, you know?

4 (20m 45s):
And now we have giant, we have one of the biggest cities in the world.

2 (20m 53s):
We have

4 (20m 54s):
One of the most sprawling cities. I think it's a myth it's technically defined as a metropolis Melbourne is, but you look at this whole nation it's, it's massive what we've done the infrastructure and everything in 200 years. So definitely strains and not lazy when it comes to work. But I think they're lazy or apathetic. Or as I say, I don't know what the word is, but

2 (21m 17s):

4 (21m 19s):
When it comes to, you know, politics, or even just even just games, have the mind of just thinking about things and sorta thinking in different ways about things or stretching your, your mind out to, to have differences of opinion in that night. I think that's where we're f*****g lazy and we're apathetic. And we, we just don't give a s**t. And this is, what's gotten us into this mess. This is absolutely what has gotten us into this mess.

4 (21m 49s):
And you know, this state of politics where this guy just makes all these, all of these rules comes from that. And it stems from that. It stems from, he can't actually find solutions to problems. You know, like the Swedes do f*****g brilliant what the Swedes have done. Absolutely brilliant. Now this is another thing. If you watch the news or you read any article type in, go into Google, right? By the way, never use Google, unless you're you want to, for specific purposes like this always use a search engine, like a duck, duck Cole or something, but go into Google and type in Sweden, Corona virus.

2 (22m 30s):

4 (22m 32s):
A herd immunity. And just what, just look at all of the top articles, umm, all of them will be negatively spinning what they've done in Sweden. And none of them are from Sweden. It you'll get BBC, you'll get CNN and you'll get f*****g all of these other,

2 (22m 51s):
The website

4 (22m 56s):
And mainstream media sources telling you that what Sweden has done is really bad and it's decimating their population and all of this nonsense and it's all absolutely nonsense. None of the people are even there. And then I want you to do something else. Then go to any of the social media, Facebook, Twitter, you to whatever it is and look for videos or pictures of people in Sweden.

4 (23m 27s):
It's fairly easy to find actually even just to a live, you can actually do a live video stream search on most of these platforms and you can see people eating, partying, having fun, going to cafes, doing talks, going to school, going about their life. All of them are going. And if actually watch any videos, just, just look up some Swedish Podcast is right and just listen to them. They're all gone. There's nothing wrong in Sweden. What they did is they had all those figures.

4 (23m 58s):
You see, I think it was like 4,000, 5,000. The last time I checked all of those figures or an old folks homes, every single one of them that died just about we're an old folks home. So what they did is they went, okay, this herd immunity thing, we're going to stick with it. Cause we're not going to ruin our country and lock our people down. Cause it's just not smart. It's just not the Swedish way of doing things, acting on a, you know, emotion. Okay. We've figured out that old people are dying of this. Okay. So let's have some better rules around aged care.

4 (24m 31s):
Hmm. That seems like a smart idea. And it's the same thing in Melbourne all of the f*****g people that have died here have been in aged care facilities, but what do they do on it? Let's lock down the entire state. Let's look down the, even a farmer, a guy in, you know, most people that don't, haven't been Australia don't realize that 90 some percent on our own didn't even know what it is. I'm willing to say it's probably 98% of this country is f*****g desolate. It's like it's, it's either completely desolate Bush out in the middle of nowhere or it's rural agricultural land.

4 (25m 7s):
The city's your big cities in Melbourne and Sydney closely followed by Brisbane and then Adelaide and Perth, you know, don't even compare. I mean, Adelaide's like a small town basically, you know? So for them, for, for these guys to make these rules, it just shows how f*****g lazy they are as politicians, how <inaudible> and lazy they are, where they go on Ono, a guy in 'em a guy in a f*****g, a Northwest Victoria and a place like f*****g mil.

4 (25m 43s):
Jorah right. I'm know a guy like that on a, on a giant citrus farm. Let's say for example, that'll probably say three, four, five people the whole day. And it might be a few of these fruit pickers and maybe somebody that works in the packing sheds with him now gone a lot of that yet. He's gotta wear a mask and he's got a socially distanced too. Are you f*****g kidding me? You know, guys, on, on a hundred acre cattle farms, they've got a, they've got a socially distance as well.

4 (26m 18s):
I mean, it's so insane. It's so absolutely insane. And this is why I think there's more to it. But anyway, so I'm going to quit ranting about that. Joe Rogan. Apparently I was really looking forward to this first Podcast for several reasons. One, because he was going to, it was going to be a big f**k you to YouTube. And I was looking to Alex Jones and them ranting about coronavirus and whatnot.

4 (26m 48s):
And I, and I'm for the second reason, I thought it was gonna wake a lot of people up. A lot of people that are in Spotify already, but just others that maybe are being caught up in the media hype around it. But he apparently he's having Duncan Trussell on that Duncan Trussell. I dunno just a bit of a weirdo whenever even Joe get to get all they talk about is drugs. And I find that, I dunno, it makes me feel uneasy like, hell how f*****g old are you guys? And your like bulkhead, teenagers is a young man, DMT man, you know, that's fine.

4 (27m 27s):
You know, I definitely partake in, in Wade, obviously a drink alcohol I've had DMT before. I've had plenty of other things, but I don't, for me, it's a personal thing. Like if I'm going to go or it's, or it's just a party thing, like if you're going to go out and party, but to sit there on a Podcast like Rogan does with a lot of his friends as a 50 year old man to sit there on his podcast and talk about how cool doing drugs is.

4 (27m 60s):
I don't know. I just think it's a bit f*****g pathetic. It's a bit debts kind of creepy too, because you know, surely he knows, he's got teenagers listening to his show and he'll turn around and he'll say, Oh no, well I always say you shouldn't smoke weed until you're over the age of 21, but it's like, no, dude, you know, that's how not you, you know, that's how people think is they'll just hear you talking about it and they'll just want to go and do it.

4 (28m 32s):
It doesn't matter if you add your little, I'm a little warning before after it, that doesn't work. The government's tried doing that for f*****g decades. Say no to drugs, the big anti-drug campaign. And we've got more people doing more drugs than ever before. I just think it's, it's f*****g gross. It's a little bit gross. Like yeah. Yeah, man gets that. God Dunkel. Trust lung. Yeah. Hey man.

4 (29m 2s):
A little waistline, the look and ready guy like Duncan, Trussell, what are you doing? Why are you having a kid at the age of like, f*****g, what are you like 50, 60 years old. And he's having his first child and he's talking to him, it's like, that's f*****g creepy. That whole Hollywood, you know, even that comic book, they sort of, they, they almost try to strip themselves away from I'm the whole Hollywood sane. But to us, regular people to us, Average Joe around the planet.

4 (29m 32s):
It's like, yeah, but you're still kind of in it. You might be on the outskirts, but you're still in it to us, to us, regular people, you still look completely f*****g insane. I think he had, excuse me, he had these two China comedian birds on the other week and they just looked fun that they can play really insane to me. They look insane. They look f*****g just weird and the s**t that they talk about. But yeah, they're just so removed from reality.

4 (30m 3s):
A lot of these people that are in the entertainment business, but yeah, I was disappointed with that. That's going to come on in the next few hours. Apparently look up. I hope that goes well, no, they still discuss the YouTube saga and whatnot. And some of the conspiracies, I know that Duncan Trussell's into his conspiracies and whatnot. But yeah. And, and I don't even know why I keep calling these things conspiracies because they're not, I mean the word conspiracy, try to find the word conspiracy in this negative sort of context in the way way of describing it now, questioning events.

4 (30m 46s):
It wasn't really used in the way it is in the modern day. It's sprung about after JFK was assassinated. If you actually look into it sprung about because they didn't want people questioning who and why, who actually shot a JFK and why they shot him. And, and I mean that whole thing, it just has so many questions around it. I remember growing up, my dad, we've always been pretty big Raiders in a family, I suppose.

4 (31m 24s):
You know, now in the modern world with phones and whatnot, it's, it's pretty, I'm not going to say hard, but it's difficult to sort of, you got to get yourself in the habit of putting your phone down and actually picking a book up. But we've always been readers in my family. My, my mom's always my mum, my dad, my brothers, we've all been fairly big readers. And I remember my dad had an, a book on a bookshelf growing up as kids called the mafia, assassinated JFK.

4 (31m 56s):
And it was probably the first conspiracy. I have a book I ever saw. I never read it, but I was just used to look at it and think, wow, you know, SAS, Nate and the new, all of those things, I knew what kind of, what the mafia was a newer assassinated was. I kind of knew JFK wasn't I'm thinking, well, you know, it just I'd sit there and I'd just ponder about it all the time. But yeah, look, I think I'm ranting a little bit now of sort of rushed just this morning. Cause I was rushing to work because why the f**k would anyone in my household feed the dog or fade themselves in the morning, have kids.

4 (32m 39s):
They, my we've bought a house,

2 (32m 42s):
The puppy

4 (32m 44s):
During this, he's an ISO dog. He's not really, we wanted a dog for a while. We were at a lab before this and I just want to, it's not really for me also because it gets me out of the house and it gets me out walking and whatnot, which I love to do. But I'm more so for the kids. I think it's great for the kids too. You know, like just watching my son, just roll around on the floor with him and just play with him and whatnot. It's, it's awesome. Having a, having a, an, I think kids need pets for other, for a variety of other reasons.

4 (33m 20s):
But anyway, it's just awesome. So we got the dog and I'll let him know. He normally is put outside in the morning. He sleeps inside at night and he's put out in the morning so he can do what he needs to do and have his breakfast and Dole that. And usually it's pretty hectic in the mornings. And the last thing you want is, you know, four month old puppy in the house, because he's not he's, I would say he's, he's about 80% of the way they're house trained. But if you're not watching him and he needs to go, he, he, he won't really make a noise.

4 (33m 51s):
He'll just go off into a corner of the house. But if we tell him to go outside for a way he will, and sometimes he'll get up and he'll sort of pace around and that's sort of how we get it, but he's not, he's not whining or he's not scratching at the door yet, which is a stage we want to get it to. But anyway, so he's normally not in, in the morning. So I let him in, in the morning and,

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4 (34m 15s):
After, after we let him out and then my daughters come running in crying saying, Oh, he's sorta torn her Teddy up. This Teddy has been through everything. Its a Teddy shed since she was born, one of those plus sort of blanket teddies. And I mean this, this Teddy has been lost at different people's houses. He's been left places he's been dropped on the floor. I think I ran him over with my car once he's he's been thrown over the fence and the neighbors, German shepherd f*****g dug a hole and put him in there.

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He's the ad dog twice as I'm torn into him. And yeah, so that was my morning, figuring out what was going on. But anyway, Average, Joe pass it on. Say next time, f**k heads.