Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0005

September 04, 2020 Andrei R Episode 5
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0005
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0005
Sep 04, 2020 Episode 5
Andrei R

You must get tested for COVAIDs because Daniel Andrews is a cunt. Jeff Berwick drive and talks, Victorian politicians sold us all out, China, more coffee, Joe Rogan possibly sold out his listeners? Exopolitics, skinwalker ranch, aliens, tic tac UFO's.

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You must get tested for COVAIDs because Daniel Andrews is a cunt. Jeff Berwick drive and talks, Victorian politicians sold us all out, China, more coffee, Joe Rogan possibly sold out his listeners? Exopolitics, skinwalker ranch, aliens, tic tac UFO's.

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreiRotariu7
Email for questions, comments, abuse and sponsorships: averagejoepodcast@protonmail.com

Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
Retro Ryster
For audio, intros, music https://soundcloud.com/theawakening-official
For artwork, covers, social media designs https://www.instagram.com/khongbut/

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Hello? Hello? Hello. This is Robert Kiyosaki. Rich dad. Podcast cutting tea all the time. A as a way is hot. I have a pack and Kyle, hi guys. Average Joe here with the Average Joe Podcast where's f*****g garage door clicker out there it is. This be Episode five <inaudible>.

1 (56s):
Excuse me. F**k. That must be annoying for you guys on the other end, hearing the cough and sneeze and waste. Cool s**t. I better go get tested calling new Daniel Andrews or Oh, you must go and get tested. If you have any minor wrong, more than a symptom. F**k off.

1 (1m 25s):
Daniel Andrews you f*****g can't. Hey. Anyway, Watts in the news today is I'm off of my daily drive. Jeff Berwick likes to do walks in talks with Lucy. Hey Lucy, I like to do a drive in talks anyway, what's in the news today. A lot of stuff's in the news today made some notes.

1 (1m 59s):
Probably shouldn't be looking at my phone while we f*****g got sold out. I can't even remember if I spoke about that yesterday, but we basically got sold out at the six month has passed the upper house, the Green's Fiona pattern, the sex party member I'm and some f*****g d****e from some animal liberation party or something. He's probably like Peter Guy. So in other words, three f*****g delusional socialists, basically communist a solo is what sold us out.

1 (2m 38s):
So apparently dictated Dan Andrews. We'll talk about this on Sunday and he will let us all know what that means for us regarding the stage for criminal lockdowns. A lot of people saying, going to extend it, and he's actually going to extend stage four, even though the cases is the cases falling well, the R and not falling.

1 (3m 11s):
If you look at the statistics, you know, when they, when they were testing, you know, 40,000 people, 50,000, they're getting like, you know, 400 cases when they were testing, you know, recently 10,000 people a day, they're getting out there, you're getting 100 cases. So it's a bit a 1%. And this is where the whole 99%. If you look on social media, this is where the entire 99% versus 1% thing were all the memes and stuff come from is that 99% of the people will never get this virus.

1 (3m 42s):
And the 1% in a dual will survive. So anyway, we got sold out. I knew that would happen, but anyway, let's just continue on with our f*****g lives until we can get out of the SIS pit. Yeah, that is Melbourne straight. Oh, and if you, if you live elsewhere and you're over thinking of coming to Stripe for a holiday, don't come to Melbourne. We don't, this state doesn't deserve your heart and money. Just go elsewhere because I'm not going to give a s**t.

1 (4m 13s):
Cause I won't be here by. It's not going to affect me. Go elsewhere, go to purr. That's nice. Got a Hobart, had a Brisbane, Brisbane, probably a pretty closely following a Melbourne thereafter, go to Sydney, go elsewhere, go to Darwin and go to Alice. Don't come to Melbourne. Don't give us your hard earned money and say Andrews is going to be telling us on Sunday.

1 (4m 47s):
What that officially means for us and his f*****g press conferences were the press on. And this is something I want to get off my chest, that the press, the journalists and the reporters, these guys should all be f*****g ashamed of themselves. No one ever asked this clown any real questions. It's like a good friend of mine says they're all f*****g layups. They're all lay up questions and he's completely prepared for, or mr.

1 (5m 17s):
Andrews. So hell away for PE PE stock. Get the f**k out of here. How are we for PPE stock? Why does it know? And ask him any real questions like, Hey, y'all mr. Andrews. So seeing as your role in the state, what have you actually base that on? Because the numbers aren't really damn missed. Andrews in comparison to last year's fluent cold numbers, which is, you know, what is it? And you're, I'm asking real questions. So the journalists should be f*****g ashamed of themselves.

1 (5m 47s):
But of course, this is what they've hired. They've all they've hired these clowns for a reason. I mean, if, if you went to school to be a journalist and I'm just going to order some coffee, I'm going to put you guys on hold, sorry. Give me one sec. Okay. Just got my coffee and I'm driving past a BP British petroleum.

1 (6m 17s):
Everyone forgot about that debacle pretty quickly. But anyway,

2 (6m 21s):

1 (6m 23s):
F*****g just like dumped f*****g hundreds of thousands or is it million million liters worth of f*****g oil into the Gulf of Mexico. But anyway, we'll all continue shopping there, including the grains that sold us out to Daniel Andrews the, with the communist takeover of Melbourne Australia, I mean not. And I say that, and it's not hyper bowl he's had for those listeners that are overseas.

1 (6m 55s):
Just, just look up Daniel Andrews labor government, communist China party members. He he's done so many DLC. He illegally signed a Pelton road deal, which basically the Chinese are doing. It's actually an American sort of Imperial stall model where you go in and you just pay for a bunch of s**t. You get a bunch of stuff done.

1 (7m 25s):
As long as that you can trade and push commerce and push your currency through them. Anyway, that's what the Chinese are basically doing with a belt and road project there taking a bit, a slightly different approach. There is a scrounging up a lot of data I read in the old grade. I think so it'd be, are they f*****g,

2 (7m 46s):
They the,

1 (7m 51s):
The best soaking up all the data they've given them a whole bunch of free in quotation marks, security services, inspired spy infrastructure. Of course, that's all well and good. But anyway, I, where was I going with this? I can't even remember what I was ranting about before I got my coffee. If it comes back to me, I'll continue on. If not, let me check my notes here quickly. That's right. Yeah. Andrews is supposedly going to tell us all one Sunday, what that means for us.

1 (8m 27s):
And some people are saying he's going to continue to lock down. Who knows? I mean all that's right. Real questions and lay up questions. Yeah, they, they, they don't ask any real questions. It's it's just, it's completely f**k. They're all in. This is where I was gonna go with it before. If you're a student nowadays and you're studying, I don't know what they study. I never went to university. I couldn't have thought of anything worse. By the way, side note, there's nothing wrong with a university. I've said this,

3 (8m 56s):
You know, I kind of want to know if I'm getting heart surgery that the guy's been and studied for five to 10 years. I kind of want to know if the guy flying my plane has been in studied for five to 10 years. You know, there's certain professions where you kind of want to know that they're sore, that they sorta know what they're talking about and not, and they're doing, but you know, business marketing, sales, journalism, all this sorta stuff, non sort of professional, you know, university f*****g ridiculous, a university's umm, in the past a couple of decades, if the models have completely changed their models or are purely just moneymaking models and not about actually teaching anyone, they're in it for themselves.

3 (9m 49s):
Now, now I'm a free market man. And you know, on one side I say, yeah, I see that too. But the problem is they don't actually, they're not selling good products. They're only selling s**t. So, you know, they'll take in hundreds of thousands of students and they'll pump them all into certain roles and they know full well that most of those students will not get jobs in that industry, but they'll still take their cash. So it's just on an ethical a lot, I think. And if it wasn't so much so controlled by the government to cause this is the problem.

3 (10m 21s):
If you had full free market for capitalism, you wouldn't have so many of those issues. You do need minor regulations, but the government generally speaking, just getting a mind, f**k things up. Anyway, if you're a student and you know, you'd just come out of university. I mean, if you had any sort of conservative views, right? Wing views, even, even, you know, I hate those terms left wing, right wing. Cause you know, left wing, right wing, same bird.

3 (10m 52s):
Even if you're weren't right wing. But you just had, you just saw questioned narratives. I can guarantee you. You're not, you're not getting a job. You're not getting a job in the mainstream media. You're not getting a job with news.com You you might get a job with sky news, but that's about it. You'd have to be independent and you'd have to start your own thing. So anyone out there listening, unless you prepare to start your own thing, put a bunch of money into a website or podcast or whatever it is or a radio show, a f*****g app to do your own news and media.

3 (11m 28s):
You're not going to get anywhere with it. If you, if you question mainstream narrative, you just knock 'em. This is the way they've, they've set up those types of roles. At least in the last decade have heavily pushed it. Anyway, what else is on my notes for today? Global power shift, a Japanese PM. What's his name? Shinzo Bay, a resigned and UAE partnership. Montenegro, something happened then Montenegro

1 (12m 1s):
A what happened there? I can't right.

3 (12m 2s):
And I'm racking my brain to remember what happened. They've got some sort of independence or something. I thought they were an independent nation because it was a, the whole f*****g book. The whole area of a Southeast Europe is a f*****g it's right next to where I'm from originally I'm is just a, a c*********k of issues. You've got Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, former Yugoslavia. Then it was Serbia and Montenegro.

3 (12m 32s):
Now is this is Montenegro. You guys are going to have to help me out with this. This is you Average Joe Podcast for a year.

1 (12m 41s):

3 (12m 44s):
Yeah, something happened there. But anyway, but you can see massive global power shifts, you know, Shinzo R Bay resigning because he, because he, he has ulcer ulcerative colitis may get the f**k out of your ulcerative colitis. You've got, you've got a sore tummy is what you've got, mate. It's not why you f*****g resigned. Bloke. F*****g got told two more lines. I get let, because of the evil f*****g f*****g power structure, elite, a moving f*****g chips on the board basically is what it is, UAE and Israel.

3 (13m 26s):
And that's pretty significant. And most of this s**t, if you didn't have the 2020 presidential election, most of this s**t would be headline news. But of course that's not because we've got the election and we've got coronavirus. And a lot of people think they're connected and they probably are. I mean, there's no solid evidence,

1 (13m 47s):
All of it, but they probably are.

3 (13m 49s):
I suppose, we'll see if after the election, which I'm predicting and you can go back and listen to previous podcasts, which I'm predicting, Trump's going to f*****g win. And I'm even considering taking out a credit card and putting it all on red, basically putting it all on the Republicans to win everything and just f*****g double my money. Cause they're paying like $2, but a little bit over $2 at some bookies here in Australia.

3 (14m 21s):
But yeah, it's going to be very f*****g interesting if a, this global super killer f*****g virus that's gonna, you know, wipe out 50% of the global population just disappears in November after the election will be very f*****g interesting. So there's a massive power shift if people don't, if people don't realize that that just massive global power shifts around the planet, people are moving f**k tons of money around there's huge infrastructures being built everywhere.

3 (15m 3s):
Now, one thing on, I wanted to mention it wasn't part of my notes today, but just because I mentioned it and with the infrastructure builds, you know, people are talking about this five G and I have have no f*****g clue. I know a little bit about five G I've I've worked with technology just as part of my job, more hardware sort of stuff. I'm not really telecommunications or anything, but most of it in the last, I don't know, last five years has been, has started to become connected to internet tech anyway, you know, IOT and whatnot.

3 (15m 38s):
I'm and I can tell you, I work for a company and I've worked for several companies the last little while, but that have done IOT that have worked with smart cities and maybe there's people in the power structures that no more. And because there was a conspiracy that, you know, five, because five GS connected to IOT are a lot of the dimwits on the, the, the, the conspirators cards. I'll call them that because I'm a, I'm a, you know, I like my conspiracies. I like my real news and information, but there's some tardy stuff.

3 (16m 11s):
There is definite retards out there. And some of the five G stuff, they never really, they don't, it's almost like they don't even understand what it is that it's all it's connected to. It's connected to smart city infrastructure builds. It's connected to internet of things and a whole bunch of stuff like that. They're, they're basically putting infrastructure up so that air grids are Telekom grids around the world.

3 (16m 44s):
But particularly in the big cities can handle smart city internet of things, infrastructure so that they can monitor a lot more staff. There's a lot more data so that, you know, we can do a lot more things with our phones. It's not necessarily evil, although they're, there is an aspect to it. You know, it's always two sides to a coin. There's actually three sides. But anyway, that whole thing, you know, w w I've been working on a project now for a little while with this company I'm currently at, and I don't know that they don't seem to be many reptilian, Illuminati, lizards working on this project half the f*****g time, more than after these things don't even work.

3 (17m 37s):
And it was the same in the last project I worked for this technology doesn't even work in the people paying you to do it. They, they don't even understand how it f*****g works. So how that's supposed to be a conspiracy for five G and an a takeover and whatnot. I don't know. But anyway, moving on definitely power shifts, huge power shifts. Just look at the news. Don't fit. Get a bit coronavirus for a day. Forget about the election for a day, because it's all there to suck you in while a bunch of other s**t goes on in the background.

3 (18m 14s):
And look at, look at what's happening in the financial markets. Look at what's happening in golden silver. Look at what's happening in cryptocurrency and look at what's happening in politics in other nations. And you will notice massive things are happening. So whether it's all connected, I mean, I've got a feeling. It probably all is why I have no idea, but I'm guessing we will fairly soon find out in 2021 of them, Joe, Rogan censored lies to his face and then lies again through Alex Jones saying his favorite shows got left off.

3 (18m 54s):
COVAIDs his favorite? What Joe Rogan. So what happened was, as you guys know, R, I've been pretty excited to, to listen to the number one Episode on Spotify of Joe Rogan because I thought I stupidly thought that he was going to have Alex Jones on, which is what all the whispers were. I mean, Joan said, and a bunch of other people online said it, and that, you know, he's going to do this big, f**k you to YouTube.

3 (19m 28s):
And all this sort of stuff was going to happen. The exact opposite happened. Hey, he went on, he, he, he went on and he interviewed that little f*****g Weedo Duncan Trussell. I may have spoken about this yesterday, but more and more has come out about it basically. So he had that little f*****g weed or a Dunkin trust salon, right? Hey man, Hey man, do DMT team and Ken, the burning man Malek man yet worship Satan man is f*****g little weak wisely, a little demonic, f*****g Creighton looking bastard that sits there as a 50, 60 year old man and talks about doing drugs, like a f*****g weird can't anyway, they, so he had is him on and I Get, they get f*****g s**t faced and they talk nonsense for a, for five hours.

3 (20m 24s):
So, but he didn't have Alex giants on any I once a year. So is it been uploaded? Internet nerds had done their research and they figured out that they figured out that about a hundred of the more controversial episodes and controversial guests, and then get pulled over. So Alex Jones, Oh, Benjamin Jordan Peterson,

4 (20m 50s):
Saigon of a card, Milo Yiannopoulos. I mean, how many more do I need to say all of these guys didn't get brought over? So the entire catalog got brought over. Some people are also saying some of these internet nerds are also saying that some of those episodes have actually been edited and controversial. Stuff's been taken out. I've not seen any evidence for that. That's what they're saying, but I definitely have seen the evidence I checked for myself because I remember vividly one of the Alex Jones episodes.

4 (21m 22s):
I can't remember which one was Episode nine one, one Joe Rogan made sure he was doing what? An episode nine 11. I went through and it skips from f*****g nine, 10 to nine 12. It's just not there anyway. So the internet was up in arms yesterday. Everybody was f*****g cracking the s***s and wondering, you know, why what's going on? And then Alex Jones comes out with a video, says, Oh, I called Joe Rogan yesterday, says he called Joe Joe and clarified it.

4 (21m 58s):
And the response was a weird f*****g video. It was a bizarre video. You got gotta watch it. I think it's on band.video Jones explains it. Excuse me. He basically says that the reason that the videos didn't get pulled in the videos and audio didn't get pulled to a Spotify is because they're Joe Rogan's favorite videos.

4 (22m 30s):
What you're telling me that the Joe Rogan's favorite videos didn't get pulled over to Spotify cause their, his favorite videos that doesn't even make any f*****g sense. There's something my four year old would say that, that, that makes no sense at all. And then he sort of followed up and said, Aw, it's because I'm on my, I have to get,

5 (22m 54s):
And then

4 (22m 59s):
No, f**k it. They can wait. So then he says, then he says, you know, the re the reason is because, you know, it's all new when they figuring it all out, but all but their, his favorite videos, and he's going to keep them on YouTube anyway, because they'll probably get more views. Hang on a sec. None of this is making any sense. You know what it sounds like to me, it sounds like to me, Joe, Rogan lied to his f*****g fans.

4 (23m 32s):
He lied to his friends because a lot of those people, he didn't pull over. A lot of them, he claims to be his friends. He claims Alex Jones is his friend. He claims Jordan Peterson is his friend. He claims all these other people or his friends. So, yeah, it's just very f*****g weird. There's, there's a conspiracy out there. There's a theory that Alex Jones and Joe Rogan, they met up, I think it was in the nineties or something early nineties, mid to late nineties.

4 (24m 5s):
And they're, they're running around. I think it might've been f*****g Texas somewhere in one of the state capitals there. And they're running around with these masks on and it's very f*****g weird. It's a weird video. And that apparently they got set up in there. They've been, they're a CIA assets. And I think there could be some f*****g truth that truth to that. What, why is it that both of them are massive. They're massive media behemoths RO I mean, Alex Jones. Yeah. He he's been taken off everything, but have you stopped to watch a video recently?

4 (24m 38s):
Kind of doesn't look like he's been affected by it. He's got this giant f*****g studio, the guys on serious. I think that it's an XM XFM channel over their, one of the largest f*****g radio networks, umm, in the world he's still on that. And he's always been a radio guy. So, you know, internet helped him out and he's still doing his own independent stuff on the net, but, and then Joe, Rogan's obviously the King of f*****g Podcast. So both of these guys and they both sit on sort of, you know, opposite sides.

4 (25m 12s):
Joe is more of a centrist. Alex is more, was more of a centrist in there is sort of leans more. Right. And Joe sorta leans more left. Absolutely. You could believe that their CIA f*****g assets or at least they're controlled by the CIA and they're told what they can and can't say, and I mean, if I was a CIA guy, yeah. I'd wanna f*****g tap their f*****g studios and listen to conversations they're having with, with f*****g, you know, really important people anyway.

4 (25m 42s):
Yeah. Joe, Rogan's got some f*****g explaining to do to his fans. Personally. I'm a have been a fan for a while. You know, he p****s me off sometimes and he has some s**t guests on every now and again, but umm, I'm a fan and he f*****g lied to ever and he lied to all his fans. He said all his entire back catalog was going to get up uploaded and brought over to Spotify. That hasn't happened. And it looks like they're censoring all of the, the controversial guests and videos.

4 (26m 12s):
I mean that, that, that's just f*****g, that's that team taking what he said YouTube was doing to him and putting f*****g rocket boosters on it. If this is true and those videos and those guests don't get brought over Joe Rogan has a f*****g sold out and I'll stop listening full stop. And I'll continue to tell everyone I know to stop f*****g listening because he's a sell out and sell out.

4 (26m 45s):
Don't deserve, you know, don't, don't, don't deserve fans and subscribers and downloads and it deserves any of it because they're a f*****g sell out scumbags. Anyway, stay tuned. Watch this space. I'm a PIF away the best Alex Jones conspiracy just as I was thinking about it. And I've been thinking about this off and on this throughout this crone a virus thing. Let me just take a sip of this delicious coffee.

4 (27m 18s):
Been thinking about this for awhile, the craziest Alex Jones story and conspiracy above all else. So you can get into nine 11. He can get into Sandy hook. You can get at an, all the political s**t he does. Mmm. All of the f*****g rants he does about gay frogs and everything. And he's actually been ride about a lot of stuff, especially big tech censorship. He's been right about most, most of that stuff.

4 (27m 49s):
When he was talking about TVs, recording people, you know, a long time ago, people laughed at him called him crazy. Samsung was the first one that got caught. <inaudible> certainly left the cameras on that's okay. We've fixed that bug. And now of course, you know, we've moved on, everyone's forgotten about it. And everyone has a Google or a f*****g Alexa device f*****g listing to them on top of their phones and computers and laptops and smart TVs and you know, home security systems that have been proven to be f*****g easily accessed with a four digit one, two, three, four passcode.

4 (28m 25s):
Anyway, the craziest theory and conspiracy of all time that Alex Jones has talked about. He's the one of the interdimensional aliens and David Eick, who many people said was a f*****g lunatic. And it kind of ruined his image for a while, was when he spoke. He spoke about interdimensional reptilian type things. And that was used to s**t on him that was used to Ronnie's image, Callie, McCook.

4 (29m 4s):
I'm starting to think stuff like that's not that crazy. And let me explain, you know, we, we live in this world and we're told scientists, tell us, you know, we can see a fraction of the M of the visual spectrum, the light spectrum. We S we see a fraction of it, same with audio. We were here and we're here a fraction of the audible frequencies out there. And we know for a fact, you know, scientists have a pretty much proven that they think there's at least another, I think it's 10 and 11 or 12 dimensions out there.

4 (29m 45s):
And then of course you have a, the giant size of a f*****g universe, which is it's virtually unmapped. I mean, we don't know how big the universe is. I have some theories and there's all this other stuff we don't know. We don't know where we come from. The best theory out there is a big bang theory mixed with evolution, but we don't effectively know, you know, with, with a hundred percent certainty where we have come from why we are here and what is around us and what, what else is out there where we've kind of got some good ideas, but we, we, we basically don't know.

4 (30m 25s):

1 (30m 28s):
And then there's

4 (30m 28s):
Is the whole thing that gets into twined into all this. So Joan says, and you know, hun, a hundred percent paraphrasing here, you're going to have to look it up, but he's talked about this several times. He's talked about, you know, going into the DMT realm and how, you know, government agents and now hooking themselves up. And I've seen this article, they hook themselves up to DMT drips. And they're trying to map this realm. And they're talking with the, the weird alien things and communicating with them on the other side.

4 (30m 59s):
And they're sharing information and that's sort of the modern day equivalent of what he says the Nazis were sort sorta doing. He reckons that the Nazis would go into these trans type state and they, they do the same thing. They'd find these species and they'd communicate with them. And then there's other theories, not of jones' is other people's, you know, talking about the Admiral Byrd fellow from the us Navy went to, went to Antarctica and apparently went into a section of it.

4 (31m 28s):
And they found ships and weird spaces, and there's thought weird diaries and stories and letters from his son. And yet he kind of don't know what's real. And what's made up bull s**t on the internet. There's a lot of weird stuff going on about that anyway. And its kind of all connected in with Nazis and apparently most of the Nazis, you know, and what you saw at Nuremberg trials and all that, that, that that's actually all b******t. Most of it never actually happened.

4 (31m 58s):
Most of them went to Antarctica. They went to, they went to other parts of South and central America and many of them got into power possessions in the U S and you win and all these large organizations anyway, I digress

1 (32m 16s):

4 (32m 16s):
Joe digress is I'm going to take another sip of this delicious coffee. One second.

1 (32m 23s):
So Heath

4 (32m 26s):
Jones has this theory that there's this, this, this race of, of interdimensional aliens. And,

1 (32m 34s):
And they have some input into us

4 (32m 40s):
Humans and power structures and R late and politicians, they have input and they have a level of control. And David Eick sorta goes the way of, you know, that these creatures, they have, you know, whenever he talks about the Royals, if you go back through history, apparently these creatures basically either created or their offspring were, were the first Royals and that's why it's gone on and on and on.

4 (33m 15s):
And then there's another very interesting character. You should look up a guy by the name of Eric Pepin from an organization called high of balance. It's, it's an organization that got me into meditation a long time ago. There's a lot of books. The guy is very switched on. I mean, he's been wrong about a few things, but other than that, he's the guy is very switched on. If you, if you just listen to him, read his books. I think there's a free book out there called the handbook of the navigator. And of course this guy has been s**t on to is being called a cult leader and whatnot, which is absolute b******t.

4 (33m 50s):
I can tell you, I was buying the books, the courses, information and stuff. He's a cult leader. He's just probably the worst f*****g one out yet. Is there. Anyway, this guy is very switched on and this guy also says that he thinks, and this is where I'm going to tie this all together. This guy thinks that Skinwalker ranch and weird stuff that happens down there.

4 (34m 20s):
He, he thinks is that that there's again an inter dementia species in a dimension. That's a very close to ours vibrates to a very near frequency to ours. He thinks that there are species of aliens. He doesn't necessarily see them as good aliens or <inaudible> well intentioned. And, and he thinks that sort of a portal or there's a, there's a magnetic sort of thing that attracts them.

4 (34m 52s):
We'll pull some through an, in, into that Eric Skinwalker ranch. And he thinks that these guys also controlling the world and, and he goes a little bit more in depth. And he says, the reason he thinks that is because he thinks they see us as a threat. And he says there probably a hundred, a thousand years, more advanced than us. And they see us as a threat to them. And so in, in their view, they don't see themselves as evil, but they kind of have to control us for their own good sort of thing.

4 (35m 29s):
And obviously if they're anything like us is going to be good and bad in, in their individuals as well. Now, if you take that and you go, okay, these guys are all f*****g lunatics, but then, and this is the connection. Why and why talk about this? Eric Guy from high balance is because, you know, Jones talks about what he talks about when it comes to this theory and David Eick and there's many others, not just I'm saying these guys, cause these guys are big names and there's, but all of these guys, they talk about far away things.

4 (36m 5s):
You, that's not, that's not modern. And that you sort of can't feel in touch with your own perceptions. So David is talking about Royals and ancient f*****g Babby lawn and SU mayor and all this sorta s**t. And Alex Jones is talking about Nazis and Antarctic current it's all interconnected, right? But I mean, you can't go to Antarctica. You can't even really read much about it unless you want to read s**t about the, the continent itself. I mean, and there's nothing down there and isn't that f*****g weird.

4 (36m 37s):
Two, all of these nations down there on, and they all kind of a grader, just a have a shared zone. That's f*****g bizarre, but Pepin sorta brings it into the forward. And he says, well, hang on, there's this place. And he reckons that these things are coming through or they're attracted to this place. There's a physical place that exists and is in the news currently, like currently. So this obviously you've all heard about this tic TAC UFO thing, the tic TAC, UFO sorry.

4 (37m 8s):
I'll just pause the thing there while I R f*****g coughed into the Mike, go and get Corona virus tested. So tic TAC, UFO a tip to the stars Academy. All of the things that have been in the news media, New York times, Washington post blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, all these huge cases, you know, department of defense, the Navy, all of these people coming out talking about all this stuff.

4 (37m 39s):
And there was a, there was a program down there, the, okay, this is where it gets interesting be the people and the government programs that looked into this tic TAC UFO phenomenon and all these other phenomenon that happened. I think it was in the Pacific ocean, or I can't remember where I think, well, it actually happened on the East and West coast. So it would have been, but that they reckon that the same government body was also is also investigating Skinwalker ranch because it was obviously owned by this is crazy billionaire dude.

4 (38m 18s):
And anyway, and then it got sort of handed over, but the government had a hand in that. So that's very interesting to me because that sort of ties into it, this, this modern day E sorta thing. So I mean, if that's true and then, and then you look at, okay, well what's happening in the world. Space for us has been launched. What was it, you know, this year or last year? So there's a lot of weed sort of s**t. There's a lot of the 80 and UFO guys that I follow.

4 (38m 48s):
They're saying that there's a soft disclosure happening and its kind of undeniable at this point in time, but that they're sort of saying there's a straight line guy. I forget. He's a very well, he's a very well read and very, very smart individual. I forget his name. He's a professor of some sort and he runs a website called Exopolitics and he's like a waggy sounding guy. I forget his name anyway.

4 (39m 19s):
He he's pretty switched on this guy. And he thinks that, you know, in the next couple of years they're going to be talking about fantastic sort of technologies and, and whatnot. And yeah, it might, might be something to it, but that's probably the craziest f*****g Alex Jones conspiracy out there. And yet no one ever talks about it. And it's f*****g weird if you actually look into it now, I think there may be some truth to that. Call me a f*****g nut job, but there might just be a little bit of a grain of truth, all that.

4 (39m 50s):
So keep your eyes peeled, keep your ears open. And yeah, what crazy f*****g times we live in m***********s, hopefully by the end of this year at PM, Scott Morrison came out and said he wants all the restrictions pulled back by Christmas this year. Yeah. Because I know he knows there's no f*****g way. Even all the dumb ass f*****g civilians that live in this state of Victoria that listened to and do everything that they're told.

4 (40m 28s):
He knows that even they will not listen and even they will go to see their family on Christmas and there's just no f*****g ifs or buts about it. There's no way you're stopping people saying they're a family on Christmas. It's a f*****g absolute b******t. So he knows that for one and two, I think that probably everything that they've been doing in the background with a vaccines and digital currencies and all this infrastructure I'm and all these weird deals that are happening at the higher levels.

4 (41m 4s):
And when I talk about that, you know, I don't want to be cryptic. I don't actually know. So, you know, Average, Joe, I don't f*****g know. And, and you know, umm, I'm a, I'm a citizen researcher. Like a lot of you guys, a researcher, this s**t and my spare time. I don't know. So, you know, don't blame you. I, I think, you know, if I were to put out there, what I think, I actually think that many of the global powers, there's a guy that wrote about this. I forget the guy that wrote sapiens. It might've been him or it might've been that other guy that the Lebanese guy, I can't remember.

4 (41m 36s):
But one of these really smart sort of contemporary sort of authors that a C like a philosopher in an economist, I can't remember. Anyway, I think it was Harari. He says that there's no, there's, there's no money in war. In the modern day. They just spend and spend and spend, they all recognize it's all the big nations, the China. What, why do you think, what do you think the U S and Russia never went to war off after world war two? Or is it a cold war?

4 (42m 6s):
Yeah, b******t. They, they know that there's too much money and too much life loss. So even if you go out there and you're, and you spend a bit of money on the war machine, you can actually kill. And this is where I don't believe in a lot of the conspiracies about decimating the planet. Maybe there's a group of evil people that want to do that, but generally speaking, most of the politicians don't want to do that because you're gonna, at the end of the day, nations compete with one another. That's just what happens in, even if you get to a stage where you have a one world government, which I think is absolutely coming and it's not even necessarily able.

4 (42m 44s):
So, you know, just to clarify that, I think it's coming. I think if you look in a thousand years from now, you know, you're looking a thousand, 10,000 years from now, do you honestly think that, you know, we're going to go to the stars and we're going to represent humanity, and they're going to say, where are you from? And you're going to say, Oh, I'm from India or I'm from China or R no, you're going to say I'm from earth. I'm a citizen of earth. You're going to be representing the whole of us. So even from just that standpoint, and it's a lot easier to control things and manage things, not to say, R, you know, I'm not a nationalist.

4 (43m 18s):
I absolutely am. But a, but I just see that that's what's coming now. The issue is going to be one of will that a global, global control structure call it an NW or whatever you want. Will that be a good one? Are a bad one. That's really the issue. Because I mean, we all have levels of government already down from the local to a national and they're already is, you know, well control levels. But anyway, you know, going, you know, bringing it back. Right. And what I actually think is I actually think that the, the S the superpowers of the world, you know, there's all this politics and all this nonsense and stuff that goes on, but most of them actually get along behind the scenes.

4 (43m 59s):
You know, you want to talk, R Trump versus, you know, Republicans versus Democrats, Trump versus Hillary. It's all f*****g bull s**t. It's all, Average, they're all in bed with each other. They all f*****g do deals. Hey, that's literally the game of politics is doing deals. Why do you think they'd be the biggest self-professed dealmaker on the planet is in politics because he loves doing deals. So he's doing deals with, with these people in of course the news media, it's their job to sell everything to you.

4 (44m 32s):
Is this big catastrophic, a debate and debark well, and all this sort of s**t, because it sells newspapers in the modern day, it gets clicks online. So I actually think that the Chinese and the Americans and the Europeans and the Russians and all of these nations and the Brazilians and all of this stuff, they, they, they have a level where, you know, above that level, they all agree. They all get along, they all just do deals.

4 (45m 2s):
And then under that level, it's like, well, yeah, we can, we, we can fight. And we can do nonsense, like a chess board. You know, it's like, they'll let the pawns fired it out. But the, the Kings and Queens on the other side, they'll sorta do deals and they'll talk to one another and they'll, they'll make things happen. And I actually think, you know, that, that all of this sort of stuff, it's all a bit nonsense, really. And I, and, you know, bringing it full circle to the Scott Morrison thing.

4 (45m 34s):
I think that they've, they've sort of done what they're all they're doing. They're finalizing what they've wanted to do. And he knows by Christmas is probably going to be done because 2022, zero two zero, when you move to two zero, a 2021, two zero two, one, it's like the start of a new era. People think like the 2020s is started a new era. If you look into mathematics, I only really figured out what zero was not too long ago. I think it was an Indian guy that did I'm and zero is kind of neutral.

4 (46m 9s):
So it's actually 2021. That's actually the start of the, the, the, the new decade. So, and, you know, there's all this symbology in the 21st century and all this nonsense is the, you know, that we've been talking about for years and, and whatnot. So, and two, one equals three, and that's a weird number. They say that the, the power numbers of like, I think three, six, nine, and three, and three is a Masonic number.

4 (46m 40s):
So there's all this weird s**t, and I'm not going to get into it, cause I'm not an expert on it, but this is the other reason why he's saying why Scoma is saying he wants it all to end by Christmas because by they need to have it ready by the new year, all the, all his s**t that they're planning. And then next year, you're going to see, you're going to see a bunch of weed differences happening in your life and the life around you. And I necessarily know if they're going to be good or bad or neutral or whatever, but there's just going to be a lot of weird s**t happening.

4 (47m 10s):
There's been a lot of weird s**t this year, but I just feel, you know, my, my gut mind instinct my intuition of the things that I read online, tell me that this year has been a planning and a preparation year where they're just preparing a lot of stuff and next year they're gonna come out with a lot of it. So don't be frightened. I don't necessarily think they're give the Army's gonna come and get you and hold your f*****g kids down and Jabin arm Jeff JBU in the arm with a, of a vaccine with a microchip and all that.

4 (47m 45s):
Maybe, maybe they will R I just don't see that happening. I see the fear around the vaccines, and it's almost prepared. They know that the anti-vaccine does and all the other regular people out there going to,

1 (48m 1s):
You know, yeah.

4 (48m 2s):
Again, to stand up against that. So it's almost like it was pushed for a reason. They pushed this decade, bill Gates out there, and everybody sort of attacks him. And if you look at what's happening, the attack, bill Gates, I attack vaccines. I attack the Corona. I mean, I a f**k hell I do it. But no one talks about what's actually going on in the background. A lot of that is because no one actually knows what's going on, but there is something going on. There is there's all these weird financial things going on. It's all these power structures that are changing. So there's a lot of work happening, you know, it's like the whole a, what do you call it?

4 (48m 37s):
The whole f*****g ice sheet thing,

1 (48m 40s):
You know,

4 (48m 41s):
A U C only a quarter of it up, up above the, the, the C level the rest is going on underneath. And it's the same as this, what you're seeing in the news and on social media, it's, it's just the s**t that they want to program you with. It's just the s**t that they want to steal your attention away with. I mean, in the very beginning of this, the very start, and I'm going to finish it off on this point because I need to get back to work. But the very start of this thing, it was probably January, February, where I started to see them pushing these headlines out about China.

4 (49m 14s):
And this is back when the gyms were open and I'd be on the treadmill, walking and warming up, and I'd see the words, panic and China and pandemic and fluid with the word panic was, and it was on every, every screen and different news programs, word, panic. And I was showing pictures of people collapsing. And so it's like, I that's when I knew, okay, something's happening here, that they're trying to push an agenda

1 (49m 40s):
While that was happening, then the,

4 (49m 43s):
The economy f*****g tank, but nobody was talking about nobody in Australia. We have a thing called a superannuation. That's kind of like a five Oh one K or whatever Americans call it. It's our pension fund. It's a sort of force thing. If you work, they just take it out of here, you pay. And I'm not going to get into that. What I think about that, but anyway, what was f*****g talking about in the media was people's pensions of being rotted that I lost f*****g 16 grand in like a week in seven days, I lost $16,000.

4 (50m 19s):
No one from the superannuation fund called me. No one emailed me. No one texted me. They didn't talk about it. And then the news, they didn't talk about it. It and media, no one said anything. It was just like, yeah, I'm, you're all going to die of coronavirus. Look over here. And while we swindle your money over there, because what people don't realize, you know, they're talking about all of the markets, the markets on the market crashed. Yeah. When people are losing money, that means other people are making money because they're buying that dropping stock or that stock, that f*****g goes to the bottom or people that have made enough.

4 (50m 55s):
And then they've sold out is what people don't realize. So even just that small point, that small little example, there should show you that what they pushed in the meeting, what they tell you that it's, it's not what it's, it's what they wants you to focus on so that you don't focus on the real things that matter in life. I'm going to finish on that point. It's been a f*****g long run. The weed, got the end of the street staring at me.

4 (51m 27s):
F**k you looking at me. No, he's already just a bit f*****g weird anyway, over and out. Average Joe, Episode five, stay tuned for more.