Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0001

September 05, 2020 Andrei R Episode 1
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0001
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0001
Sep 05, 2020 Episode 1
Andrei R

COVAIDs, coffee, curfew, masks, Melbourne, Australia, Daniel Andrews, elderly people locked in their rooms like prisoners of the state, poisonous air and RAAAANTS. Oh, also Bill Burr's wife complaining all the time.

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COVAIDs, coffee, curfew, masks, Melbourne, Australia, Daniel Andrews, elderly people locked in their rooms like prisoners of the state, poisonous air and RAAAANTS. Oh, also Bill Burr's wife complaining all the time.

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
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Email for questions, comments, abuse and sponsorships: averagejoepodcast@protonmail.com

Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
Retro Ryster
For audio, intros, music https://soundcloud.com/theawakening-official
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The start and this will be episode one or Podcast I'm decided to put together my name's Andre Rytary you I'm I hail all the way. The s**t. F**k s**t. Fuckery town of Melbourne Australia we're all currently in f*****g lockdown. I'm one of the worst f*****g lockdowns world has ever seen.

1 (58s):
And because I'm a little bit hung over and the board and f*****g angry, and I dunno if decided to start a podcast. So they f*****g go. So if you're going to listen to this podcast, I wanna try and make it a daily thing. When I drive to work or drive to go get my coffee at the moment, I'm driving, driving to go get my coffee because, well, I can't go to work today because the dictator that runs this f*****g state has decided people must work from home all because a few old people got sick and died, you know?

1 (1m 39s):
Anyway. So if you're going to listen to this podcast, I'm just snow. I'm probably actually f*****g hate politicians. And I hate politics. The philosophy left wing, right wing, same bird. Just generally don't give a f**k, but I definitely swing right of center. Although, like I say, I don't really care for politics.

1 (2m 14s):
I think Donald Trump is a funny moron and I like him because he's not a politician. That's why I like him all I can because he rips up laws and regulations and I'm a free market, man. So if don't believe in social justice, b******t, I don't believe in f*****g pandering.

1 (2m 46s):
And I especially don't like the f*****g political correctness. So if you're going to listen to this heads up, you're probably going to hear me rant about a bunch of s**t like that. Anyway, I'm sorry for snorting and choking in your ear. I literally just woke up. I'm slightly hung over this morning. I f*****g, I just stayed up.

1 (3m 16s):
I couldn't sleep yesterday. I stayed up till about one 30 in the morning and f*****g just had a couple of glasses of wine and just watching stupid s**t on YouTube, Mark dice, Joey Diaz, some other crap. Anyway. So yeah, what to talk about? I have a website you can go to as well, hip and shoulder.com.

1 (3m 48s):
Same. You rant about crap on there. Basically. I'm a regular joke. I am literally a regular Joe and you speak to most regular Joes and most regular Joe's think and say, should I do look at all these f*****g idiots with their masks on, and I'm not, I'm not opposed to you wearing, if you want to be a dumb ass and wear a f*****g nappy on your face when you're walking down the street, because you think you're going to get a virus and f*****g die.

1 (4m 22s):
Well, that's your prerogative, right? Couldn't care less if you want to do that, do it. But I just don't like these, these dictations by this buck, what we have for a premiere that says, you know, you've got to, you know, you've got to, you must wear this. That's my work phone going off at the moment. F**k a bit of Colin back.

1 (4m 52s):
I'll be back. Okay. Where, where are we? That was my boss ringing f*****g ringing to check up on them the way he, they changed some f*****g computer s**t yesterday. And he was checking to see if it was all good, because that's what we have to do now in the locked down, f*****g locked down lunatics. Yeah. So for those that don't know if anyone ever hears this, it's probably not a bad idea to focus on a bit of this.

1 (5m 25s):
Melbourne locked down for people overseas because all you all, you're going to get his all the, all the decades on social media, warring at each other. And I f*****g hate social media. So know that from the get go. If this turns into a long podcast, as in a thing that I continue to do, I f*****g hate social media. Don't use Twitter. I don't use Facebook. I have used both other forms, social media,

2 (5m 58s):
F*****g tick talk and f*****g Snapchat and f*****g Instagram. I hate it all. Hate it all with a passion. Eventually, if someone decides they want to stick something up for this, if this turns into something, yeah, we'll consider it. Then social media, in my opinion is for f*****g idiots. The, I have nothing better to do with their time.

3 (6m 27s):

2 (6m 27s):
And it's a little bit evil, but anyway, here we go and drive off and driving home now. And there's just people walking around in the middle of f*****g nowhere wearing their stupid f*****g masks. Like, and this is what R was, was ranting about before I pause this audio clip. I understand if you're going to walk into a f*****g doctor's office or a pharmacy or something like that, and somebody wants you to weigh one because they're scared.

2 (6m 59s):
That's fine. You've been scared. And by the, by the global mass media, I get it. You, you scared people are, people are frightened. I mean, you've got to met giant global media machine. That's told people they're going to f*****g die by breathing the poisonous outdoor air. So yeah, they're, they're frightened, but this is the thing don't f*****g mandate it. Pete, before this thing came in right before this dictator that runs their state Daniel Andrews before he decided to mandate all these f*****g things, people were doing it.

2 (7m 40s):
Anyway, I would say the day before, there was probably 30 to 40% of people wearing masks already. So people that want to wear masks are gonna f*****g wear them and people that don't want to wear mine, aren't going to f*****g wear them. And I'm sorry, if you believe that a paper towel or f*****g nephews, I like to call them on your nose. If you think that's going to stop the world's craziest most deadliest f*****g virus, that known demand, which of course that's not really what it is, but that's how they're making it out to be.

2 (8m 16s):
If you really think that's gonna stop that virus while I got news for you, you're a f*****g idiot. So

3 (8m 25s):

2 (8m 28s):
That's what it is. So we're in lockdown. We've gone. Melbourne has gone from the most livable city on record. We've won that thing. A God knows how many times now we've gone from the most livable city because crime's always been fairly low and Melbourne high employment and very low unemployment, really decent sized housing, decent, decent

1 (8m 56s):
People, stable politics, stable economies, good schools. I mean, we've just had everything. The weather, it's not, you don't freeze your balls off. And in the winter, the summers can get pretty extreme though. But generally speaking, it was a good g*****n city. Now this guy has literally done a backflip and he's turned this city from the, the, the world's most livable city. It's actually been sliding down for a few years, but I mean, in one, one fell swoop, he sorta just f****d it all up with these lockdown walls.

1 (9m 33s):
I mean, we have the strictest law. So it just run through for, for people that don't know. So he's this guy, this old f**k checking his mail, the stupid f*****g mask on Jesus Christ. So I'll just run through some of the stupid laws. So you, we have a curfew. Cause obviously the virus decides to come out at night, like a legal book, the book and a, and kill people. It's waiting for you behind your f*****g bins.

1 (10m 5s):
So we have a curfew for starting eight o'clock at night. I think it goes to four or five in the morning. Only certain people can actually go to go drive to work. So you, you literally can't drive yourself to work unless you have a permit. I have a permit to go into work Tuesdays and Thursdays, the rest of the time I work from home. So you've got to work from home. So that's the thing. So no one set up. I'm not set up for it. I'm working from the, from the dinner table, it's killing, killing my back.

1 (10m 39s):
My lower back. I actually had to take a chair from work yesterday. Kids can't go to school. If you're working for him, you can't send your kids to daycare. So the, the kids are who I feel for the most in all of this, the kids in the elderly. So the kids, I mean, my daughter has been at school. I don't even know maybe a month or two this year. It's absolute insanity. And you know, they're going through, they're growing. They're going through, you know, periods of their lives.

1 (11m 12s):
When they're supposed to be thinking pondering, expressing themselves, their emotions are developing their psychologies, developing their personalities, developing. And not now. They just have to stay at home and sit on their f*****g iPads all day because some d******d decided that was a good idea. And then the youngest one's even worse. It's even worse for them.

1 (11m 42s):
My, my four year old son, he can't go to daycare and play with his friends. That's what you do at that age. That's all they f*****g do. And no, I'm sorry. Kindergarten care's and teachers not f*****g teachers.

2 (11m 55s):
You're not. You sit there and you play with kids all day early learning. I think they're calling it now.

1 (12m 3s):
No, you're not. You're not

2 (12m 6s):
The kids. Anything. They learn at that at that age on their own. Anyway, I digress. He can't play with his friends, my grandmother, my Paul grandmother, who I'm going to go see today. She's literally, I locked in her room literally for 14 days. They had a case at, at her aged care facility. And when they have a case, what they do is, is they code word, isolate them. And now that I tell you what isolate means, they tell you all their time of year.

2 (12m 37s):
So we've had a case and yeah, we've, we've got to isolate from 14 days and see what they do is they hide behind that word. They hide behind that isolate word because their, their f*****g too cowardly to actually admit that what they're actually doing is locking old people up. So she's locked in a room, rang up abuse, the guy there the other day, but they're essentially locked in their room. My brothers went to see her and they wouldn't even open.

2 (13m 8s):
They said, Oh, you can come see her through the window that wouldn't open the window. Okay. F*****g stupid. You have to be, the air is not poisonous. And hang on a sec, where of all the people been dying, where are they from? They're all in aged care facilities that get locked up. Same as the people on the f*****g boats have. And these morons not realized it's when you're locking these f*****g people up. If there's this deadly virus out there and it's in the air and it's on everything and people are coughing it up, I'm being in that environment, breathing that air.

2 (13m 43s):
And it's the worst f*****g thing for you is. So I'm going to go see her later. She's literally locked in her room.

1 (13m 52s):

2 (13m 55s):
And go from there. And so, yeah, it'd be interesting. A lot of the court cases after all this, but yeah. Basically high. And there's a bunch of other s**t. I mean, you know, you can go shopping at a time. Can't take your kids to the parks. I mean, my son asks me, I think they've kind of eased up on that now. Or people have just ripped all the s**t down. But, but my son would ask me why the swings like tied up the tied, the f*****g swings up.

2 (14m 27s):
So you couldn't do anything. There's R, I'm walking, I'm driving through my neighborhood right now. And there's like a million people out on the f*****g streets walking because there's nothing else to do. You cannot do anything. And right now, if get pulled over right now, I'm technically doing something illegal at the moment because I I'm driving around while I'm on this, I'm recording this audio,

1 (14m 54s):
But I don't have a reason. You know, I've gotten my coffee. I should just be going straight home. It's absolute nonsense, this, this whole entire thing. And I'm not going to get into the conspiracy's and all of that. Obviously, if you have two brain cells to rub together, you, you understand that there's something more behind this and we can get into that another time.

1 (15m 25s):
Because if you actually think the government gives a f**k about you, I don't know what to tell you. I can go to Dan Murphy's right now, Dan. Murphy's where we buy liquor from here. And I can buy a couple bottles of scotch and, and I can walk across the road to Woolworths and I can buy a couple of packets, Panadol Oh Oh, you know, all with the government, making money off those things, sales tax, liquor, tax, sales tax, again, fuel tax, driving there and f*****g kill myself.

1 (16m 6s):
Like I can go drink that s**t, eat at all in one night and I'll be found dead in the morning. And so if you think that you can go and do that. And like, I just did go to McDonald's to order your f*****g coffee and, and eat f*****g big mattes and all that s**t. You can cook all of that. Umm, but the government now cares that there's a cold and flu virus.

1 (16m 37s):
Yeah. Okay. Right. That's all also. Anyway, what else? Before I finished this, what I think is probably a pretty crappy first Episode Bill Burr why does Bill Burr annoying me lately. I listened off stopped listening to his Podcast a long time ago because he, he just got too f*****g annoying. He went from like a pretty funny guy and then he started inviting his he's he's dumb b***h wife on the f*****g show, Nia and I, whatever the f**k her name is.

1 (17m 18s):
And she would just complain like the b***h complained about everything. She complained about him. They'd get into f*****g arguments on air and no, that's not cute. Bill Bert. It's f*****g embarrassing. And then he, he, he went full f*****g, he went full totalitarian about women's rights and f*****g black lives matter.

1 (17m 48s):
And how, yeah, there you go. Bill bird d******d.

2 (17m 51s):
So now parts of your country are burning down because more on celebrities and politicians and people that have a voice in your country decided to back these activists, because that's what they are. They're after this, of course, black lives matter all lives matter, but like is d******d LeBron James yesterday, all LeBron James, what are you worth? Like a f*****g hundred million trillion dollars. And you care about some guy that got shot, right? So why aren't you protesting when a black people slaughtering each other?

2 (18m 26s):
No, you don't care because you've been brainwashed and that's what it all is. It's all, it's all media, propaganda and brainwashing. Excuse me, just sipping my delicious hot coffee. Their McDonald's are always inconsistent with their coffees, but then, you know, what do you expect? They're just f*****g teenagers, but yeah, Bill, Burr p****s me off. I don't listen.

2 (18m 56s):
But I, I, where this is coming from is I stumbled across one of these playing down the other night, watching video and I'm listening to his video and God, it p****d me off. He's a girlfriend. He was talking about how it must've been a recent one. Cause he was talking about how dead New York city is. Is it Madison square garden? I think that's what they were talking about. And then he gets into this f*****g debate with his stupid f*****g wife.

2 (19m 27s):
And she's literally, he's trying to tell this story about how, you know, it was a lively, grubby gritty sort of place when he was in the early nineties. And even I remember in the early nineties, it was like there, the f*****g highest f*****g death, right. Burr capital or whatever it was. And the whole, the whole entire world in there. I think it was the early nineties and late eighties anyway. And she's, she's literally s******g on him going, Hey, you know, that's b******t.

2 (19m 57s):
You're trying to come out as this tough guy. And, and I'm like, dude, this is f*****g embarrassing. Your wife's giving you s**t on air and you just taken it, tell her to shut the f**k up. So yeah, that's about all that's happening in my f*****g life at the moment because I'm living in a f*****g locked down. And so if you're enjoying this, I'm not sure where or how to publish this.

2 (20m 34s):
I'm gonna figure it out. I'll do a few episodes. If you're listening to this, obviously it's out there by an hour and there'll be a couple more episodes. I'm gonna try to launch it with at least three to five or something like that. So you've got something to binge. It should be a website I'll have up and running just for similar rants like this and written format called hip and shoulder and why hip and shoulder. Cause there's nothing better than a good old f*****g hip and shoulder, not cancer.

2 (21m 8s):
I f*****g hate the AFL. I really okay. I'm gonna take that back. And I f*****g hate the AFL. I'm not a fan of the AFL. I will sit there happily with a six pack on a Friday night and watch it. But you can't even f*****g do that now as state, it's the IFL state and we're not having any games here, like literally this guy is ruining our state. And if people think that once it's locked down and everything's going to go back to normal, the f*****g, the treasurer of the country the other day, I think his name's Frydenberg was saying how, how you know, we've had, you know, 400,000 job losses in our unemployment and new South Wales, their competitor state that we're always competing with on everything.

2 (21m 58s):
They've had like an uptick in their jobs. They've had an uptick in their economy. They've adding up, taking everything I'm. So the, this guy has a more on this, this dictator of hours that we have. And the reason I'm calling him a dictator for anyone in Australia in Melbourne you probably know what I'm talking about for, for anyone out of the state, just look up Dan Andrews. He, he illegally signed this thing with China called the belt and road initiative, which is, you know, it's a massive sort of global agenda that China's, China's gotten.

2 (22m 32s):
He was f*****g stupid enough to sign it. He's f****d up so many things over the years. He, so he he's done that. So he's in there, he's in their pocket is in China's pocket. And he basically is running this state from the inside out. He he's just f****d everything up. He's absolutely ruined, ruined, and continuing to ruin everything.

2 (23m 3s):
And he's actually requested another 12 months for people that don't know he's he wants this to go on for another 12 months. So we're in, what's called a state of disaster, which f**k the fire. And it sits on top of the state of emergency. And there's all these rules and regulations and things. And he actually wasn't that wants to extend his powers out for another 12 months. And of course he comes on to the, the TV and says, Oh no, no, but it'll be in four week increments.

2 (23m 34s):
Yeah, it's the same thing decade. That's what he's done for, for a hell of many months. Now, I think we've been the state of emergency for six months now or of a different lockdown levels

1 (23m 46s):

2 (23m 47s):
That's six months. So, but anyway, he w where I'm going with this is for those that don't know, is he completely f****d this up? And this is no matter what side you stand on of Corona, you think it's real. You think it's not, maybe you think it's real, but you don't think it's as bad as it is what they're making out to be, which is kind of where I stay.

1 (24m 8s):
And yeah,

2 (24m 10s):
Whatever angle, whatever side, however, bought into it, your you are on this topic. It is a completely undeniable how he f****d it all up in this state. So we got hit with it. I think we got hit with it in sort of, well, I think it was in January actually was the first case might've been Australia maybe not Melbourne, but it started to come in to Melbourne and he, he started to put things into place anywhere in this tiny little wave, we had a few cases, couple 80 and 90 year olds,

1 (24m 46s):
You know, c**k that where the store.

2 (24m 50s):
And then we, we sort of came out of it. And then what he did is he had a bunch of f*****g people that were coming in on flights, because I started to allow, allow flights back in and he put them up in a private hotel with private security guards. The security guards will letting the women that was supposed to be locked up out in return for sexual favors. So they were basically f*****g these chicks and having them blow them. Right?

1 (25m 14s):
Yeah. In return for being let out,

2 (25m 19s):
Then they'll f*****g caught sleeping. You got these guys laying all over the floor, there's all this footage of it f*****g sleep. And it was, he completely f****d it up on his own. All sorts of people, investigative journalists have looked right into it. And then there's ties between

1 (25m 36s):
Some of his stop

2 (25m 39s):
For some of his cabinet members. Labor party officials have ties to these security companies. So there's all this dodgy s**t going on, but he's completely bungled that that's, that's entirely on him. And they they're saying that the second wave again. No, no matter what you believe, whether you believe in it, you don't, you don't think it's as bad as what they're making out. What the media reporting, the second wave he is entirely at fault for it.

2 (26m 15s):
He tried to say, he tried to say that there was no offer of defense force personnel, federal defense force personnel to come and assist him. Scott Morrison, the PM and others came and said, that's absolute b******t. It was an off of there. I think that the defense force guy came out and said that to be able to do security and do it for free, by the way, they would have done it for free. Well, not for free, but it's through our f*****g taxes.

1 (26m 42s):
And yeah, he just

2 (26m 44s):
Completely f****d it up in every single case. Something like Jeanette they've genetically tested and saying that 99% of all the cases out there either directly or indirectly through transmission attributed to those first cases from that second wave at the hotel that he f****d up. So he's completely at fault. Now, one other point on that, that people fail to understand or even talk about in the media, which p****s me off is, so everybody's talking about this hotel quarantine, the second way that he's at fault.

2 (27m 24s):
Okay. D*******s out there, pull your heads out your asses and think about this for a second. All of the cases, every single case in this country is because of the state and federal governments and the airlines that brought them in and the airline personnel and security companies. So it's not regular Joes like me and you that are at fault yet we're being punished. So this thing apparently started in November in China, there was the first reports.

2 (27m 58s):
Obviously they didn't tell anyone we know about all that. They didn't tell anyone for a long time, but you've got to think that, you know, even once it was publicly available in the media, which I think reports started to come out in January, even before then there would of been officials, diplomats, s**t like that, that knew about it earlier. But let's just say, let's get given the benefit of doubt and say, okay, they kind of should have known about it in, in at least January, but I'll even be more generous and say, OK.

2 (28m 28s):
And the January early February, they definitely f*****g knew about it. So why didn't they stop all the flights and quarantine m***********s that were coming in to stop them from coming in? Why didn't they do any of that all well, and there's always excuses. You'll hear R well, they kind of did. And I tried doing all this. No, no, no, no. The facts are the facts, the federal and state governments and the politicians of this nation and the airlines and the airline personnel and the airline security and the billions of dollars we've spent on airport security and all this s**t was absolute b******t.

2 (29m 8s):
So all this s**t, you seeing the mayor at all of this scanning, people's temperatures and their, their getting people's temperatures and their scanning people and their they're doing all this b******t. That's all b******t. It's all nonsense because none of it worked because they brought people in. So, and, and if you don't believe me, I mean, there's nothing not to believe because that's, that's the truth. Regular people didn't cause this, it was the government's that caused this and literally imported it into the nation.

2 (29m 41s):
But if you don't believe me, go to the health.gov.edu website, look at the COVAIDs page and look at the transmission that the data page, it shows you in the bottom right hand corner there, where it's all come from where the cases are coming from. And it tells you this still f*****g bring in people in it's like 20 a week. They're still bringing in with it. It's insane. So now on that note, what, what happened to the, what happened to the temperature ratings? What happened to that?

2 (30m 11s):
Remember in the very beginning of all this, it was temperature ratings. My son was getting his temperature, taken a daycare that everybody that was coming in was having a temperature read. Why aren't we saying that anymore? And I know it's still happening in some places, but the there's just not reporting on it anymore. And I'll tell you why. My theory is because if you have a temperature, it means you're sick. Okay? But they don't care about people being sick anymore. This is long gone. And now it's now they've dug their heels in all the politicians and all the media that made this out to be, you know, it was going to kill 50% of the world or whatever the f**k they said in the beginning.

2 (30m 52s):
Now they've dug their heels in because they've made those statements. And now they're trying to make it out to be still the worst thing ever by only reporting on the cases. So you can be positive for it. You're not sick. You're actually not sick. You know, how are you going to get someone else sick if you're not coughing, sneezing and spluttering? And if you're fine, well, maybe you just have a low level of it. Who the f**k knows I'm no expert, but clearly you're not sick if you don't have a temperature.

2 (31m 23s):
And that's why, because I only want to report on cases. It's the same deal with the masks. The masks give people this idea that they're living in this f*****g world, where they could, you know, cut someone will f*****g sneeze on them and they'll be dead the next day, complete insanity. So that's the reason they're not doing. And they're not harping on in the media about the M about the temperature taking, because if you've got a temperature, you're sick, but they're not interested in CIC.

2 (31m 55s):
People are interested only in positive cases, which is absolute nonsense because you can have a mean, so the herpes virus, right? And I think, you know, the herpes virus it's, you know, I think it can turn into forms of like shingles and a bunch of other s**t. But the herpes virus, I don't even know what it is. I'm not f*****g looking it up. I can't be bothered, but look it up. Probably something like 20, 30% of the f*****g population has it.

2 (32m 26s):
But most of the time it's just dormant. It's just sitting in you. And it's only going to come up when you're under stress or whatever it is. Doesn't mean you're sick. That's the point. It doesn't mean you're actually sick.

1 (32m 42s):
And there's a bunch of other things similar to that. And its the same way with, with even other cold and flu viruses. You can have a, you can have a KOL and you can just have a runny nose and you're fine. Or like me, I always seem to get sore throats for summaries maybe. Cause I talk s**t all the time. But so that's, that's that point. Anyway, I'm sorta Don I've been driving around my state like a lunatic and circles because there's nothing else to do.

1 (33m 13s):
It's going to go home, finish my coffee, start some work and go see my Nana later on my granny I'm locked in a f*****g room because a, like a prison on like a cage down the hall because the dictator that runs this state has decided that's what needs to happen. Even though all the people dying are in nursing homes. So common sense would f*****g dictate get them out of the nursing homes.

1 (33m 45s):
But anyway, what do I know? I'm just an Average Joe so having decided what I'm calling this yet, maybe I'll call it that maybe I'll call it. Average Joe is Podcast Average Joe expert. Who knows? Alright. See you all later. It f****d. F**k off.

4 (34m 9s):