Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0002

September 05, 2020 Andrei R Episode 2
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0002
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0002
Sep 05, 2020 Episode 2
Andrei R

Melbourne, Australia is a cesspit. Taking shits while drinking coffee. Seeing granny while she's locked in her room, not sick, not COVAIDs positive, but she is a prisoner of the state under Daniel Andrews. Fines for the Super Killer Deadly Virus COVAIDs are $200.

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Melbourne, Australia is a cesspit. Taking shits while drinking coffee. Seeing granny while she's locked in her room, not sick, not COVAIDs positive, but she is a prisoner of the state under Daniel Andrews. Fines for the Super Killer Deadly Virus COVAIDs are $200.

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
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Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
Retro Ryster
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Good morning, everyone is a Andrei Rytary you're here. I'm Average Joe still haven't decided what to call this. Seeing I might call it Average Joe it's Podcast Mike Cole. Average Joe expert, something like that. Anyway, it's the 29th of August, 2020 coming to you all the way from a lockdown. Melbourne driving my car again, like a lunatic, because we're not allowed to do anything else.

1 (58s):
Not allowed to set a shower before that. Excuse the French. But all I took a s**t while drinking like coffee. For those of you have not partook the go. Tell me what you think. Think is one of the greatest things on the planet. Anyway, I'm going the same. My Nana, my granny went to see her yesterday and there was about 20 f*****g 30 people in the car park lining up to go and get COVAIDs tested all apparently employees, but that's b******t because I saw people there from, that were up walking from up the street, like regular people wearing their regular clothes, unless it was like people that live around the corner that works with, but it's still slow.

1 (1m 55s):
My older brother said to me, that's f*****g stupid. If you're going to get them tested, go get them tested and a proper f*****g facility, not in the old folks home. Anyway, couldn't see her. So I'm going to see her now I'm locked in a room with the windows shut. Probably. They said they'd bring her outside, but we'll see if that's allowed or not threatened. One of the sent a bit of a threat, not a threat, just a bit of a, a, a bit of a veiled threat to the local MP and told him I might go down there and fill them a locked in a room because I know he'll probably get onto them.

1 (2m 33s):
And then that might work to our favor and the way she can come out of the room, the poor old thing. Cause that's all I care about. I care about my grandma. I don't give a f**k about their rules and all the nonsense. And here's the thing I was just thinking, you know, with the mask thing, like I said, I'm not opposed to mask mask today will probably be the first day aware one, coz I'm not going to kick up a stink. They've got that many. I do feel them by the way, I'm digressing here a little bit. I do feel for the staff because they've got to conform all of these f*****g rules and DHS and state legislation and all this nonsense, I have to conform to it.

1 (3m 12s):
And it's pretty tough for them to is I'm not going to kick up a stink. I'm going to wear my stupid f*****g mask. Just to see my, my Nana. Anyway, I was thinking about this.

2 (3m 25s):
If, if the mom

1 (3m 27s):
Tasks or if this Virus is, Oh, it's such a Killer Virus it's decimating populations, even though the world population is growing this s**t. But anyway, if it's such a Killer Deadly Virus, Y is a fine in a state of Victoria for not wearing the mask that protects you and others from the super Killer Deadly Virus, that's going to decimate the planet of humans.

1 (3m 57s):
Why is it only $200 for people listening to this elsewhere in comparison to the other Fines. So Fines for being out after curfew finds for businesses, for opening all of that to the smallest one, I think a fine for being somewhere where you not supposed to do a way out after curfew is like 1600 bucks a fond for business opening's between 20,000 and a hundred thousand dollars. It's insane. But yet you're telling me that there's this Super Killer Deadly virus on the loose.

1 (4m 32s):
And if you come anywhere near it, it's gonna getting in slice up your lungs and, and kill ya. If that's the case, why is a fine, only $200 if I don't wear a mask. So potentially if I've, if I've got this stupid thing, this made up thing, potentially if I've got it, I can walk through a supermarket. Cause you're allowed to go to supermarkets and have thousands of people walking through their, but you can't go to a cafe with five people or a gym with 10 people.

1 (5m 6s):
Cause the rules obviously make a lot of sense. I can go in there. I can cough on all the fruit and all the vegetables I can cough and sneeze on people. I can cuff on my hands and rub my hands all over everything. And I can potentially infect and murder hundreds, if not thousands of people, because I'm not wearing the mask, but that's not the case is it. We know that's b******t.

1 (5m 36s):
So I mean, that's a f*****g, that's a psychopath wet f*****g dream right there. You know, if I was a psychopath, if I was a psychopathic killer, a murderer associate path, I'll always forget what the difference between a psychopath and associate path is. But if I was one of those, that's what I would do. I'd go to all the hospitals and nursing homes and, and s**t that I could and a lot

3 (6m 5s):
Come on decades.

1 (6m 9s):
Odd, make sure go get it. We'll get tested frequently so that I could get the, Virus get a positive test result. And then I'd go and cough on everyone. And in all the fruit and veggie in the shopping center from the grocery store so that I could spread the Virus because that is a psychopathic, a wet dream. You mean that I can kill thousands of people and get away with, for the $200 fine. Brilliant. No, no, no. It's all b******t. And that's how you know, it's b******t and that's not even scientific. That's the best part about it.

1 (6m 40s):
You don't even have to prove it with science. You just prove it with their f*****g stupid rules and laws.

3 (6m 45s):
I'm staring at myself before my hair is f*****g in intense.

1 (6m 57s):
I've had to order for me and my son, a set of Clippers and beard trimmers, because you're not allowed to go to the Baba. It's probably while communists old f*****g look the same. They've got those s****y haircuts. The funny thing with all this is, I remember my parents, you know, a traditionally immigrated here, kind of remember how old, or was three years old, four years old or whatever.

1 (7m 30s):
I was, my parents fled Romania in 89. Soviet union fell. I came over here, but growing up and they brought us over. They got themselves set up six months or whatever it was a year later.

3 (7m 48s):
I, I don't know

1 (7m 49s):
All of the stories that my parents would tell us. You know, about curfews, about watching things you weren't allowed to watch about not having people over when you're not allowed to have people over. I'm not going a certain places. People what we call DB dobbing on each other. What Americans call tattle, tailing. Umm, all of these.

3 (8m 12s):
And it's, it's

1 (8m 14s):
What happened here in the West in Australia it's f*****g happened. That's exactly what is happening here and are all of those things and more the least you can get a f*****g haircut in Romania. Now if you can't even get a f*****g haircut over here.

3 (8m 30s):

1 (8m 32s):
Oh. But of course the politicians would be allowed to get their cuts. So yeah, it's just a bit all insane and it's pointless going over it. They had, there was a news story I live in the South East of Melbourne. There's a news story. I have some friends that live in her family that live in Daniel don't say off. And there was a news story was a big community there. And there was a lot of these old Albanian, young guys, young men, you know, they're just fed up with all this nonsense.

1 (9m 5s):
So they were all just going out at the same time and exercising at the same time, they were sort of playing, playing with the rules, right. And there's videos and you can find them on social media and whatnot. And is there the guy counted, I think 10, 11, 12 police cars, which you know, several police in each of them. So it was insane and they're arguing and they took one of the guys away. Then the following day, I think there was a bigger crowd.

1 (9m 36s):
Then the following day there was a bigger crowd, but it was some of these, you know, Ozzie Patriot types that turned up. And I try, I'd say on the news that there was right wing nationalist, protestors doing all this nonsense. It are you f*****g insane dandy cell. The <inaudible> spot the Ozzie down there. There's not a f*****g, Australia born and bred, you know, Anglo Saxon within a f*****g 20 kilometer radius.

1 (10m 12s):
It's a stupid. And of course the Ozzies that did turn up these Patriot types. They were with their Albania in friends, maybe not doing what they do. So I've just pulled up here, go around me d******d. We're gonna just continue on with this chat for a second. And of course, yep. There's a employees out the front having a smoke, Kevin coffee.

1 (10m 43s):
They're allowed to leave the aged care facility in Melbourne they're allowed to come and go as they like going the brakes. Well know, but the old folks can't I got told this was many months ago when all this first started, I got told that my Nana couldn't leave the facility or she could. So we used to take her out for coffee out for people's birthdays and whatnot. She's pretty frail, but she's in good Nick. Like she, she still walks about, she walks with the Walker and that, but I'm a, I got told that, Oh, well actually she could come out, but then she'd have to self isolate for 14 days.

1 (11m 24s):
It's like, hang on a second, but I don't have to do that. Why are the rules different on enough to do it? I can go to work. I can go home. I can go to the shop. I can do all of that in the community. And then these people, this staff member here who is set by his car in a SegY punch, in a dark, Hey, he can, he can go home. He can go on his lunch break. He can do all that. And he works in the center. He is in there just as long as they are during the day. So all of these rules, that is what it shows you is shows you that the government of f*****g prophetic governments couldn't run, couldn't organize a route in a whorehouse.

1 (12m 3s):
They couldn't organize a f*****g beer in a brewery. This is how a pathetic these people, some people turn around and go, Oh yeah, but the hotel quarantine, they use private security guards. Yeah. And the private security guards f****d all that up. Yes and no, it was organized by the state. That's the thing. So if you've got pro, if your having a party and you're organizing private security, common, and you know, I just door check Stan at the door, you know, say having a party for you, your teenage kid or whatever, if you're doing that, you're going to make sure they're doing their f*****g job.

1 (12m 41s):
If not, you're going to tell them to p**s off. You're going to say, what are you doing? Why you getting hand jobs? Because for those people that don't know, that's what these guys were doing. They were, they were swapping sexual favors with the girls in the quarantined in the hotel are swapping hand jobs and blow jobs and whatnot in return for being allowed out. So, you know, if I'm having a party and I've got two guys in the front door, just checking the a, the guest's list or whatever, and there sitting in their passing on with guests to the party and getting their Dick sucked, I'm pretty sure you're fired.

1 (13m 23s):
Leave now sort of thing. So yes and no, there, the other thing is too with the private, you know, free market. If you know, if that happens and it's in the news, well, okay, that'll never happen, never happen again. That company will lose all credibility. I actually should follow up and say, what's happening in that company. That company will lose all credibility and they'll lose a ton of money. They'll lose a ton of customers and it'll never happen again. They'll hire another private company and the other private company will do it well, even though they're still managed by the same government.

1 (13m 56s):
Fucktard's so that's that, but that's all of these rules. It just goes to show you governments cannot do anything properly. And so you've got these, these fuckwits in the USA and all of these global elitists that are trying to turn America into a f*****g communist Ray Jane, you know, and like I said yesterday, yesterday, like I can get into all this conspiracy nonsense.

1 (14m 28s):
And some of it is conspiracy, but I mean, the fact of the matter is we are living in a lockdown. We are living in a totalitarian state now. I mean, they've got drones. I saw an article. They've got place using drones now in Melbourne flying them over as parks in st. Kilda to make sure people are social distancing in wearing their masks. That's creepy. And for those of you f*****s out there on the whole privacy

4 (14m 52s):
Thing, I'm a massive advocate for privacy and anonymity. I'm not because of anything. Well, actually hang on. I'll, I'll, I'll backtrack all of those d*******s at the site. Well, if you're not doing nothing wrong, you got nothing to hide. All of those boomers out there, excuse me. That didn't grow up with cameras on every corner and social media and all of that. Yeah. You do have something to hide. Everyone does. And in a lawsuit, you guys, the listeners this and ask yourselves and ask your friends and family, these, the people that oppose or the people that don't oppose, I should say the people that accept all of this, you know, they're spying, you know, ask them this, do you s**t with the door closed when you're having your coffee, like me on the s*****r, do you ship with the door closes?

4 (15m 46s):
Of course you s**t with the door closed because you want some privacy to ask them, do you have a front door with a lock on it? Of course you have a front door with a lock because you don't want any random stranger coming into your house and stealing your goods, you know, raping and killing your family. Do you have blinds on your windows? Of course you do, because you don't want people seeing you naked or seeing you, you know, just enjoying your time in, in, in your own house with your friends and family, ask them again. Do you have a pin number on your bank card and your phone?

4 (16m 20s):
Do you use a fingerprint scanner on your phone or anywhere else? Do you have any of these things? Of course you do. Do you have keys for your car? Of course you do. So really tall, the morons out there explaining that to them. It really shows them that yes, we all want to a certain level of privacy and security and what, you know, we should all in a, in a free and democratic society be given that right. But the problem is governments turn around and they try to use these overarching rules.

4 (16m 55s):
So they'll use something like a terrorist attack and I'll say, Oh well, to protect us all from terrorists, you know, the police need to be able to hack into your phone and read your messages. And it's like, okay, I kind of agree with that. If you think I'm a terrorist, but if I've done nothing wrong while you're doing that, and this is where it becomes a sort of quagmire of b******t. But anyway, but this is what's happening. So we're living in a totalitarian state it's already happening.

4 (17m 25s):
So it's all the, the, the f**k what's up there that that say, Oh, you know, it's all of, you know, there's all these conspiracy theorists out there talking about COVID in Corona. When was the last time, the entire world, every single country decided to play some level of lockdown on their citizens, change. All it bring in all of these authoritarians sort of rules and regulations and nonsense over something that seemingly, you know, 99% of people will never Get.

4 (18m 1s):
And the 1% of those that do get it, 99% of those will survive. This is the, the they're the statistics. I mean, they're out there. So it's all b******t on a slightly different note. A friend of mine sent me a video yesterday off for Get what the title was. It was just about the, the, basically the, the f*****g financial apocalypse that's that's coming. So I don't know where I stand on that, but, and I say, come in.

4 (18m 32s):
Cause I think something big is coming financially. I like to listen to a lot of guys like Jeff Berwick, dollar vigilante, Peter Schiff, Mike Maloney, a what's the other guy's name? Jim Rickards Robert Kiyosaki. I like the old school, the, the old golden silver boomers. I by a golden silver buy a Bitcoin. No, don't come to my f*****g house cause its not kept their, I'm not that f*****g stupid, but ah, I'm, I'm not too sure because this is such a new Podcast who's going to listen to this, but just know from the, from the get go, you know, this is Episode too, that that's what I'm about.

4 (19m 17s):
I'm about solid money. You know, paper, money for ya is all b******t. It's it's all printed, you know, at the stroke of a K on a keyboard, in a click of a mouse to tell they, they print it in it. It's not backed by anything real over the next episodes. I can talk more about this, but you know, pretty much every nation on earth now or the large, one's all the ones of the central banks. Anyway, they're all investigating and they're all looking at central bank, digital currencies.

4 (19m 52s):
So you know, your, your cryptocurrency type stuff, there's some talk and whispers that Russia, China, some of the Briggs nations, although I haven't seen much good evidence on that. There's just whispers on the internet, but China and Russia, China in particular definitely doing this. I mean all nations are, but, but where they differ is that apparently they're, they're looking at doing, or they have looked at and considered some, some sort of gold backed you won, which is then a crypto.

4 (20m 22s):
So, so what you would have is you would have a, you'd have a <inaudible>, which by the way, if you, if you go to China, almost no one maybe in the rural areas, but almost no one in the CDs uses cash. And it's been that way for years, it's all done through their phone. So they already have this digital infrastructure set up, umm, on the front end, it would just be the backend that's changing. And so you would have this digital Yuan. So you'd have all your, the money that sits in the bank and then you'd have it backed by this blockchain, which would essentially authenticate all of the, all of the figures.

4 (21m 3s):
And you know, I'm not sure who they'd have looking at that. Who, what, what nodes and who would control the nodes. I'm guessing they'd be banks and in government, you know, type of infrastructure and in persons and whatnot and organizations, they might have some external parties. And then they're saying that they'd have for each Yuan, you know, you might have, you know, percent of that would be, would have to be backed by gold. And then after your reserves there that are audited. Now, if something like that happened, I can tell you that's gonna crush the, the reserve U S dollar in a dorm.

4 (21m 40s):
It overnight because people want sound money. Now for all I know, maybe the U S are the ones doing this or maybe the U S of putting that out there to see what people are thinking. I don't know. But anyway, that the point is that all, all people, all nations are looking at doing something like a central bank, digital currency it's coming. It's absolutely coming give that, you know, zero to five years. And you're going to see these come out. They're already being tested in trial and in parts of China. So, but I suppose the key with it all is will any nation bite the bullet and a move to sound money?

4 (22m 20s):
Because a us dollar, a lot of these talking heads on YouTube, I'm a saying that, ah, the U S dollars is going to collapse. I don't know about that. That currencies have collapsed and have changed over time where the, where the, the U S one will or won't, but there's a lot of talk and there's a lot of graphs you can pull up that they've lost, you know, over 90% of their value compared to gold since the, since the seventies or whatever it is, you know, don't come talking to me about this sort of stuff.

4 (23m 0s):
I'm not a financial expert, although I probably know more than more than the average guy saying in this video that my mate sent me was talking about DB Deutsche bank. And they've been in the news for years. There's been scandals. There's been all sorts of stuff, but they're saying that Deutsche bank, Deutsche bank fails, and it's looking like it might that they're saying it's just gonna cause an avalanche. It's going to cause a domino effect. So big, it's going to be 2008 on steroids. There's some other guys I was listening to that, Ron Kiyosaki's, Podcast talking about, you know, 90, a hundred year cycles where you get these, these small valleys and the small recessions every nine to 10 years, but every hundred years has a massive one that just wipes the slate with everything.

4 (23m 49s):
So don't want to scare the s**t outta here, but maybe you should get some food, some water, some weapons, and the say weapons cause am in Australia. And all of our guns have been taken off Mmm, food, water, weapons, shelter. And maybe you might want to look at getting some physical gold and silver and some Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, this isn't financial advice. This is life advice.

4 (24m 21s):
That's what I've been doing for the last couple of years now being storing away. You know, some of those things because yeah, if, if s**t hits was a fan and you know, like if Joe just to, just for fun, paint a scenario for you, and I'm going to hurry up because I've actually been sitting here like a weirdo for a while now, and I do want to go in and see them. None. If she is, is a fan, just a paint, a scenario for you too.

4 (24m 51s):
All the people that think it can't happen, you know, say in fact, by the way, the, the fed in the U S has already saying that they're gonna allow inflation a cause of not allowed for a while, but they're going to allow inflation to go up. So if inflation goes up and ah, they can't stop it, you might one day walk into for my Australian listeners. You might wonder walk into Coles or Woolworths and see that a loaf of bread is going to cost you, you know, five, six, seven, eight, nine, $10.

4 (25m 29s):
And a liter of milk might cost you five to $10. And you're going to think what the f**k. And by the way, this is already been happening. By the way that what I thought was a dude is a check that was having a cigarette anyway. So yeah, so if that happened, but yet you've only got, you know, a thousand dollars or whatever it is you're paid per week. You've only got a thousand bucks because everybody operates paycheck to paycheck.

4 (26m 2s):
So you got a thousand bucks now, now only half for that matter. He's good. So what's going to happen then? Well, obviously, you know, government will pretty quickly change things. Your employer pretty quickly for the price up, they're going to print money and everything just around. You starts to skyrocket. And then obviously there's a lag between, you know, what you have in the bank. So people are gonna start to go insane. You're going to start to see riding. You're going to start to see fighting. You're going to start to see all sorts of stuff.

4 (26m 33s):
You're going to start to see looting these places. And then it, it could just snowball from there. Mmm. A few have got gold, silver cryptocurrency. The, those things will, will probably in flight as well. And if that happens, cash a check in and pay off the f*****g mortgages it's happened before in the past, I can't recite article names are, want to just look it up, look up inflation, paying off house or paying off mortgage it's happened before.

4 (27m 9s):
Be prepared. You could essentially the, you know, the, the, and this is where this whole wealth transfer. The thing I'm is about when these things happen, these recessions, these, the depressions, the massive wealth transfers happen, and you could essentially pay your house off. That's the one positive thing that comes, but you could very quickly if you're, you know, ounce of gold in all your, your kilos or silver or whatever is now worth 10, 20, 30, 40, $50,000.

4 (27m 43s):
And you've only got, you know, a hundred, $200,000, 300,000 left on your mortgage. I mean, do the math and pay it off quickly, cash it in and pay it off. And that's, you know, don't, don't go all out. Don't have it have enough where you will have some leftover, but that's what are you in doing? It's not, again, financial advice is just life advice that I would give to anyone. So yeah, you might want to look into that, do some research, but if personally my personal opinion on what might happen in Australia because this is where I am.

4 (28m 22s):
I can't really speak for other countries, but I personally think we're fairly well insulated here. A lot of the guys are going he's f*****g hazmat suit. Anyway, personally, I think we're fairly well insulated in this country. I don't see that sort of happening. I don't see the looting happening. I don't see, I do see, you know, interest rates hikes. I do see some crazy stuff happening, whether there's deflation and, and stuff's worth nothing, or I see inflation probably more inflation.

4 (28m 57s):
You can already see it at the supermarket. Things have gone up and that's caused by different men or things. But I, I, I honestly don't really see the looting and the fighting and the, the burning of, of skyscrapers and s**t and the city. I don't really, yeah. Might happen. It may happen. Yeah. I have no f*****g idea. I mean, somebody told me eight months ago, you're going to be sat in your car. Your not going to be able to let see your Nan, unless you wear a mask, she is going to be locked in her room and you would have lost hours at work.

4 (29m 29s):
Friends and family, you know, would of lost their jobs. And they'll, world's gone f*****g crazy. I would have said, you're crazy. So anything can happen, but be just be prepared. As I say food, okay. In food, you don't have to go out there and buy it. I know that there's all these companies selling these packages. They have these buckets, essentially what they are. These buckets with store. Basically, I forget what the defense force is, but it's not a defense force type of food. It's a ship that's, that's packed away in these vacuum sealed bags.

4 (30m 3s):
And it lasts apparently a lot longer than yeah. Canned food, but canned foods cheap. You can go and get it from the supermarket every time you go. So you don't go in looking like a lunatic, you know, they wouldn't let you anyway. They have restrictions on what you can buy. Now, the supermarkets, good old Melbourne. But you're going to look like a mental patient. If you walk in there and you're stuck stacking your car with, and you might cause some fear and panic, so you don't want to do that. Just go in.

4 (30m 34s):
Every time you go to the store, every time you go to the shop by a couple cans of food and a bottle of water, you know, and, and just stick it in your, your laundry and you're somewhere cold. You don't want to stick it in your shed. In the middle of, you know, in the middle of summer, you want somewhere cold on the ground. If you have some tiles, right? Just, just fill a box up with it. Just fill a box up with some canned food and some water that will last are you, you know, if you do in tough times is absolutely horrendous times.

4 (31m 10s):
If you think about this in the worst of worst times, if you can have a can of food, can of beans, spaghetti, minestrone, whatever the f**k per person per day, do the math. It's fairly easy to have that amount of food the last quite a while. And it's very cheap. So food, water, some kind of, yeah, weapons, you can't really get guns in this country. You can get crossbows with a permit, a permit it's very easy to Get just go down to your local or hunting or a bow and arrow store.

4 (31m 48s):
Just Google it. Awesome. How, how to get a permit, get yourself a crossbar across by a we'll put someone down from meters away. And they're very intimidating. You can get them with lasers and whatnot. If anybody goes to storm your house during this, I'm pointing that at their f*****g head and reciting the amount of pounds per pressure. Are you going to hit and crush their skull? The what? The f**k and the fear of God into them. So there's other things you can do, but you know, definitely you want some weapons to be able to protect yourself and your family.

4 (32m 23s):
If s**t hits the fan, especially if you have to travel, get out of the cities. If you can. I mean, I was talking to a friend yesterday, I'm in the a, you know, Southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. And even here personally, I'd want to move further out. I don't see people turning into lunatics and riding in the South Eastern suburbs. So is just not gonna happen. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen in the cities. So get out of the cities. You know, if, if you don't want to be stuck inside in the f*****g city anyway, what is an apartment?

4 (32m 58s):
You know, a five by six room and the fricking city, Jesus Christ. At least I've a front yard, a backyard. We're in a court. My kids can play with the neighbors down the street illegally, mind you, I have a bunch of rooms. And you know, my house has probably in what you'd get for my house. There's no way you'd be able to afford anything similar in the city. So get out of the cities. That's really been happening. People are playing the cities like mad. Get further out.

4 (33m 30s):
Yeah. And just be prepared and have your sound bunny, have some gold, have some silver. Don't keep it on. You. Keep it where you can get twit. So think friends, family work places you might own in the Bush places, you might know that a sick, secure, safe. Some people like to hold their money, their gold and silver in volts and things. That's not necessarily a bad idea, but you just want to be sure if there's a lockdown, you can get to it right now.

4 (34m 3s):
You wouldn't be able to get to it. You know, there's a five K limit on where you can go unless you're going to work. So you want to think about that. I know guys that have that keep their gold and silver in, in ETFs and s**t like that. It's like paper gold and silver. That's a stupid, if there's a run on gold and silver and everybody demands, they're the physical precious metal. Their not going to be able to, they're not going to be able to supply you with the money or the physical precious metal. They might not be able to do it for months.

4 (34m 34s):
So it's, it's silly. It's the same as cryptocurrency. If you get into crypto, do not keep it on exchanges. Do not keep in places you don't control. Buy a water. The where the f**k did they call it? The hardware wallet. It's a treasure Trezor or forget the other one. There's another, by those keys, learn how to use them, keep them. And then again, keep them with same sort of philosophy with the gold and silver. Keep it physical, keep it where it's not close to you. If somebody comes in and puts a gun to your head, you know, you know, they're not going to find it in your sock drawer.

4 (35m 11s):
Keep it somewhere. You can have access to it fairly quickly. If you need two, but not at your home. Ideally, maybe you can dig a hole in your backyard under the f*****g dog kennel, like in the movie, what was, it was a good fellows or is it a casino? I forget which one it was, where he kept the f*****g bundles of cash under the German shepherd. Maybe you can do something like that. Maybe you can store in your attic in a safe, if you are going to keep it at home, definitely get a safe fireproof, locked down in a good, but yeah, you, you sorta want to prepare because something definitely is happening.

4 (35m 52s):
There's some conspiracies out there that think this whole Corona thing was kind of like the, the pinprick that started to, to do this in a more controlled manner to change this whole monetary system, because it's been failing for a long time. I dunno about all that. Maybe there's some truth to it. Maybe there isn't, but anyway, if s**t goes down, you want to be prepared on it. Know how many more times in a way to say that, but I've got friends pretty switched on friends telling me that they're, they're seeing that this could potentially happen in any second.

4 (36m 29s):
Now, whether that's true or not, I don't know, but you always want to be prepared anyway, that's it from me fellows.

5 (36m 38s):
So, you know,

4 (36m 42s):
Have a good one. And this is a second Episode you can cut some of my p**s taking satire articles of a sport on a hip and shoulder.com completely different content to this. I'm just having a bit of fun or third at the moment. Cause I'm bored. Shitless locked in my house with nothing else to do. So hop on of their hip and shoulder.com. Stay tuned to this. Podcast not sure what I'm calling it yet. Guarantee by the third episode, I'll have a name, share it with friends catches.