Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0003

September 05, 2020 Andrei R Episode 3
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0003
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0003
Sep 05, 2020 Episode 3
Andrei R

Melbourne, Australia is a cesspit. Dictator Daniel Andrews. Punting on Donald Trump. Joe Rogan, Spotify and YouTube. Patty Mills giving all his money to BLM. Collective psychosis.

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Melbourne, Australia is a cesspit. Dictator Daniel Andrews. Punting on Donald Trump. Joe Rogan, Spotify and YouTube. Patty Mills giving all his money to BLM. Collective psychosis.

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreiRotariu7
Email for questions, comments, abuse and sponsorships: averagejoepodcast@protonmail.com

Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
Retro Ryster
For audio, intros, music https://soundcloud.com/theawakening-official
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Hello? Hello. Hello. Welcome to episode three of the Average Joe expert podcast. My name's Andre <inaudible>. I'll be your host and you can check out some of my stuff@hipandshoulder.com. It's a bit of a p**s. Take a set tire, a sports sort of website. Have a look, subscribe and let us know what you think. The intro there was a little bit of Robert Kiyosaki. Likey does a hello?

1 (56s):
Hello. Hello. Anyway, I'm sitting in my car at the moment at my house. Cause I'm still working from home. Just thought I'd update today. Just with a few things. There's not much going on. It's been a fairly quiet a weekend over here. Its the 31st now, which is Monday 30, 1st of August. Sunday was pretty quiet.

1 (1m 27s):
So that Saturday and Sunday we didn't do much. We just sorta did a bit of gardening out in the sun. It was actually sunny here in Melbourne but of course there's nothing to do anyway. Cause we're still in what a, what are we in? Like wake five of the lockdown. I think so the Dictator that runs this state Daniel Andrews I think he's going to pass. He's a, he's a legislation through the upper house too, to get the additional six months he wanted, you know, he tried to say he wanted 12 months, but that's just negotiation one Oh one.

1 (2m 4s):
You, you know, it's like anything. It's like haggling at a straight market. You know, you want to sell something for a hundred bucks. You say you want a 154 that way you got wiggle room. Right? And so that's what he did in all of the crossbenchers and everyone else basically sold us out. They sold out the public, you know, he says he's going to, Oh yeah, well, you know, no work. We're only gonna do it in four a week increments and Gar used to not a b******t mate. You've you've had us in, you've had as in a stage four to six week lock down and actually the state of emergency and the state of disasters gone pretty much since March.

1 (2m 47s):
So the guy's a f*****g moron and yeah, he, he needs to be, he needs to be taken care of now, but he, he needs to be gotten rid of that. They need to f**k you off the other decade. On the other side, that liberal f**k wit whatever. Yeah. His name is Michael O'Brian or whatever he is. No one even knows who the guy is, does zero social media. I mean the mainstream media is not going to play stuff, but he needs to do more social media and he needs to call for referendum.

1 (3m 23s):
Vote to Get get rid of this Dictator but anyway, in other news, what else has been going on? I reckon Trump's gonna win and a landslide. He has no opposition. I mean sleepy slash creepy Joe Biden is not opposition for him. That Kamala Harris. She's just a f*****g witch. I think he's gonna win. And a landslide actually thought it the weekend.

1 (3m 53s):
I should take out a $20,000 credit card and just throw it all on Trump and just double my money. Pay the card off pocket 2020 K I'm savings. I might do that with some savings, the things to make a little bit of money. I think I made about $300 lost on Trump one for those of you overseas. F**k. We love a Punting this country and Punting bedding on politics is actually pretty easy. I think politics and TV is easy because it's not like a live game on, there's not that many, you know, there's not that many things you need to take into account, you know, with a game, you know, depending on what sport it is, you might have anywhere from five to, to 20 guys per side that you know that you need to take into consideration.

1 (4m 43s):
Look at all the stats and the weather and the coaching and where they're playing with politics and TV. There's f**k all. And normally the media give it away. If you've got your finger on the pulse, it's all you really need. So I think Trump's is gonna win a landslide. Victory. If you have some money, then the f*****g blind make you lose. It would be if I had a 10 20 K, I'd be putting it on, on Trump to win. What else?

1 (5m 13s):
The Joe Gerry Joe Rogan Podcast okay. He's apparently made his move to a Texas. I'm not sure where he went and the rec and he went to R Austin. I've heard, I've never, it's been to mainland USA. I've been to Hawaii, but they reckon Austin's bit of a s**t hole too. It's like California too. So I'm not sure why he would leave one s**t hole for another, but yeah, I'm not sure whether that's actually true or not, but that's what they're saying.

1 (5m 45s):
He's done. He it's, he's pretty switched on with what he's done. I'm not sure if I've spoken about this before, but a he's basically putting YouTube in a win situation and he sorta, he sorta checkmating them because he's, he's obviously left and we're gonna hear the full story, which is why on talking about this next. I think everybody needs to listen. And he's obviously the biggest podcast on the planet.

1 (6m 15s):
You know, they're, they're saying he, he made in and around a hundred million dollars last year. And he's deal is somewhere between the rumors are a hundred million, but some were saying could even be as high as 200 million with, with Spotify for whatever it is, a four year deal. I think the exclusivity, but what he's actually done is, is he's gotten p****d off over the years with YouTube. I mean, any JRE, listen, the no's the amount of times he says, Oh s**t, we can't play that. We can't say that we can't do that.

1 (6m 47s):
We can't show that. And I think that's frustrated him. And he's obviously going to speak about that and, and what, what made him move, but it's, it's fricking obvious. It's so obvious if you're listening and I don't listen to every episode, I'm not interested in some of the audience, I'm some of the audience of the people, the guests he has on. Although I do think he has some pretty cool yes at times. And, and obviously listen to those ones, but he's putting him in a no win situation because he's, he's doing, or he's going to do all the things YouTube told him.

1 (7m 25s):
He couldn't do. So YouTube told him he couldn't have Alex Jones on it's rumored. That Jones is going to be the first guest as a big, f**k. You too, YouTube and Google and just outright censorship. They told him he couldn't discuss from a medical perspective, the, a scam DEMEC the COVID scam. That's apparently what is going to do is going to have on the first few episodes of all of these topknot sort of doctors.

1 (7m 56s):
So he's basically doing all the things YouTube have told him. He can't do 'em and the way he's going about it. And this is the checkmate move is so YouTube have said you can't do anything.

2 (8m 8s):
This cloning,

1 (8m 10s):
The Spotify. So, you know, he's gonna be live and then also recorded on there and it'll be up for everyone. And apparently Spotify, I've given him the green light to do all those things. So he's going to be doing that. But also he is still going to be using the, the YouTube video feature. I'm not sure whether it's going to be live or not, but that's what they've said. They're going to do. So he's basically going to be saying to YouTube you either, let me play this.

1 (8m 42s):
You either, let me play Alex Jones and the doctors talking about the crown of R scam, or you're going to force all your listeners to your competitor Spotify so he's putting him in a checkmate position, whatever moves they make, he's going to win. So it doesn't matter.

3 (9m 3s):

1 (9m 3s):
No, he's got them at CEC and whatever happens next, whatever they decide to do, he wins and he's going to take everything. So he's going to take all the listeners that are going to come to Spotify and he's gonna, or he's gonna force him to, to go back on, on, on their own terms and conditions. So I think what they're going to do is I think they'll probably can his video with Alex Jones and the doctors, and it's just gonna force

3 (9m 31s):
A thousand

1 (9m 33s):
Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands who knows maybe even millions of people to Spotify and it's going to happen overnight. It's already been happening. I think some, I think they said that R Spotify stock went up massively when the news came out and it's going to go up even more. So, I mean, if Spotify can come out with a, a video platform, just as good as YouTube and with his, you know, zero or, or at least limited

3 (9m 60s):
Since a ship,

1 (10m 1s):
I think they're gonna win the game because you know, sites like bit Shute and whatnot. They're okay. But they're pretty clunky. There's certain things you just can't do on bit shoot and whatnot. I don't even think they have a live feature. All the big guys Facebook's the Twitter, the, the YouTube

3 (10m 21s):

1 (10m 22s):
They've got the best video platforms, but they've got the shittest rules basically. And they police it like f*****g Nazis. So this is going to be very interesting. I'll certainly be having a, a scotch or a bourbon and a cigar to celebrate just for something to do. I think it'll be an interesting Podcast anyway. So

3 (10m 44s):
For that one, there's apparently supposed to be a,

1 (10m 48s):
The protests going on in, in Melbourne. I don't think it's going to, I don't think it'll eventually they, I think even if it does, you're not going to get it big. They're not going to get a big turnout. They'll get hundred, a couple hundred people at max, a couple of hours and that'll be it. I mean, they had one at the weekend in Berlin,

3 (11m 14s):
Berlin, you know, that's

1 (11m 18s):
Something like a, what was it like 18,000 or whatever it was. Maybe I'm maybe I'm talking out my ass though. And maybe it was 190,000. I've got the numbers one eight in my head. I don't know whether it was the 190,000 or 18,000, even if it was the latter or 190,000 for Berlin. That's nothing. I think they had a million a few weeks back when they first protested this. So, you know, for a city of the size of the Melbourne, that's got like what 5 million people in it States got like six, six and a half million or whatever.

1 (11m 52s):
It's a few hundred are a few thousand people chanting and marching. It's not going to do anything. All it's gonna do is the, ah, you know, all it is going to do is, is waste. Everyone's time, the media and the f**k tards on social media on going to come out and say, Oh, look at this. Look at these conspiracy theorists, the non mass squaring people, these anti-vaxxers, they are going to throw all of, all the words out.

1 (12m 26s):
They're the ones causing the spike. And if there is a spike, it's all going to get blamed on these people. Even though of course BLM and these, you know, these other movements that allow to do it, but we know that they, they game the system, the politicians' and the media game, the system for himself. So it's double standards. It's the very definition of double standards. So it's not going to achieve anything it's going to achieve absolute the FARC, all. So I've been invited by some friends to go.

1 (12m 58s):
I'm still making up my mind. I think it'll be interesting and it'd be fun, but it's not. It's going to achieve AB solutely nothing. And the worst part about it is if they're doing it on, if they're doing it, when the, just before their six week, a lot

3 (13m 17s):
Lock down the f**k that got a cop, it

1 (13m 20s):
Because all the decades on social media and in the media going to say, how dare these people, how dare they ruin our chances of coming out of the six week lockdown? They're ruining our chances out of, you know, we've all done the right thing for six weeks. Now they're running R chances and Dictator dance going to come out and he's going to save the exact same thing. And of course, all of that is absolute nonsense because people marching in the street has nothing to do with coronavirus and the cause of it to lock downs or any of it.

1 (13m 58s):
It's all b******t. But anyway, this is supposedly supposed to be a Bart. So we'll see what happens. Yeah. What else is going on? I wrote wrote a small pice stake article about LeBron James doing the R Wakanda salute and the M and the BLM salute taking a knee at the same time. I thought that was f*****g hilarious. And I'm so surprised now and picked up on it.

1 (14m 28s):
Maybe they did no to scared to say anything, but I picked up on it immediately. It was f*****g hilarious. It's like, dude, pick one, pick a f*****g cause. Like I understand the whole, I'm a Chadwick. What's his name? Chadwick boss, boss worker think it is. Or Chad Boswick. I think the guys name is from I'm a black Panther. I understand that is really a cause. But so, but so many athletes and whatnot were treating it as such over the weekend with the across state and you know, what kind of solute and a LeBron James, and he was taking the knee with the, with the black lives matter a T shirt on and he was doing the Wakanda salute.

1 (15m 15s):
I thought that's f*****g gold. That is comic gold right there, dude. F*****g pick one mate, talk about mixed message is, Oh Jesus f*****g Christ. I'm that guy should win a medal for social media and social justice. You know, it was just f*****g hilarious. And the other thing I noticed when I was looking at the pictures, they've now got, I'm not sure when this happened, but they now have like these little, these little padded squares that they put their in a way on.

1 (15m 48s):
It's hilarious. It's f*****g, I don't know why, why that part of it caught my eye, but you've got your, your you nailing on a padded thing like these purpose made, like, can you go to a website and buy ni to black lives matter a knee taking

3 (16m 7s):
Pads? I mean,

1 (16m 9s):
F**k me, they've gone to that much trouble to organize knee pads for them. Now, basically knee pads to kneel on for when you're you're protesting, whatever and whatnot.

3 (16m 22s):
It's f*****g insane. I was going to do a story about a, a, about a LeBron donating money, not to the, to me,

1 (16m 34s):
The black lives matter. But then I realized through my, my s**t knowledge of the game, that he'd actually, he'd actually donated quite a large amount through his foundation to all these social justice type things and helping poor black kids and whatnot. And that's fair enough if it's actually going to help them. I don't think it is. I don't think, I don't think any of that sort of stuff, the money and it, through those sorts of things, it just gets a f*****g, it gets siphoned off the bat.

1 (17m 6s):
They put together these foundations and these charities, and then they've got to have people to manage them, right? So they've gotta have people to manage, manage for the market for them. And these guys sit on f*****g giant salaries

3 (17m 21s):
And they just felt they just suck

1 (17m 23s):
The goal, the money out. There's certain websites you can go to and it'll show you how much each charity actually gives at the end of the day. Once everything's said and done, I wouldn't be surprised if LeBron's one didn't give that much.

3 (17m 38s):

1 (17m 39s):
I was doing some research for that. I found out Patty Mills back in June or July Patty Mills plays for the spurs said that he was going to donate his entire salary of this year. I think it was like $1.5 million or something us. So what's, that's about, that's about two, that's just over 2 million Australian. He's going to donate his entire salary to black lives matter in some sort of Aboriginal Aborigines and dying in custody or something, which it's like, f**k all.

1 (18m 16s):
So like two or three guys, you know, it's horrible. Anyone dying and custody's bad, but he's gonna keep all his money to that. It's like, Jesus f*****g Christ. Do you under, do you understand? Do you understand like giving your money to causes like that? You may as well just f*****g burn the cash, just burn it or just go to you're better off going to the CAS, giving it to the casino, just go, Chuck it all on red. If you win, give even more money to those, to those causes because you're just f*****g wasting.

1 (18m 48s):
It is not going to do anything. Do you actually think if you give $1.5 million to black lives matter what a black lives matter to do? What do they do? They right. And the f*****g street.

3 (18m 59s):
And they break,

1 (19m 1s):
They break, people's a windows of their shops. They burn them down the that they're doing anything constructive. They're not f*****g Martin Luther King. You know, they're just, they're just breaking s**t. And they're there

3 (19m 16s):

1 (19m 18s):
So you're just, Get, that's who you're giving your money to. But anyways, it is what it is not for me to say, it's not my f*****g money, but I just think Patty mills is a f*****g moron for doing s**t like that.

3 (19m 32s):

1 (19m 34s):
What else is going on? I can't go to Bunnings. Bunnings is like, R a home Depot here. I've got, I've got a leak in my roof. I've got holes in my walls because of my dumb ass f*****g brother came to help me out with some Ethan at ports when this lockdown came. Cause obviously there's a, what is it? There's, we've got 50 million devices in the house turned on and using the internet now. So I wanted to listen to the wifi activity and the demand on the wifi and put some ethernet cables in.

3 (20m 8s):
And my, my brother up f*****g liftoff

1 (20m 15s):
Calls. And my wall's the pricks only. I've got to fix those. They're going to fix this a leak and the roof. And do you know, just some other bits and bobs, you know, as you got to do around your house, basic maintenance and I'm by far no tradesmen, but you've got to do these things and you can't even go to Bunnings. You have to have a permit. So you've got to show them your work permit, which to me, it doesn't even sound legal, but you've got to show them your work permit to be able to get into Bunnings, to, to even buy stuff.

1 (20m 46s):
I mean, it's f*****g stupid, or you've got to order online. So I've got to decide what I want. Now I'm ordered online, then go and f*****g drive and stand in line. It's f*****g it's. It's so insane. And funnily enough, where people are getting used to all this stuff, this is a scary part. People are getting used to the fact that they've got to show their papers to police, to people at the shops. You've gotta wear a mask and the way you go, umm, and you've, you've got all this nonsense.

1 (21m 21s):
I'm a dad is a bit of a socialist, always has been, was over his on when was it? Over the weekend and just having a chat to him. They're moving house. So, so we were illegally helping them move stuff. Oh no you can just say it can't yeah. The police rocking R what are you doing? I'm helping my dad movies bed. So he has somewhere to sleep tonight. Where's your permit. I don't have a permit. I'm just helping my dad. You need a permit also hangers.

1 (21m 51s):
So hang on a sec. So they've got a high, they've got to take, use their own money. Having to hire a removalist company instead of just having their son help them. It's f*****g insane. But no, he was sorta saying my dad's one of these guys. He's completely brainwashed by the media. And this is the thing with all these people. If you just stop watching the news, just tell your friends, tell your family, stop watching the f**k, get off social media and stop watching the news.

1 (22m 22s):
That's all you have to do is stop watching the news. If you, if you didn't watch the news or let me, let me paint it, paint a picture in all the way. If you were in a coma, you fell into a coma in December or January, right? Started the year or in the last year. You fell into a coma. You're in a car accident. You're in a coma. You wake up today in Melbourne and you're in the hospital and they got these f*****g hazmat suits on. You'd probably have a f*****g heart attack.

1 (22m 52s):
You'd wake up. You're surrounded by people in hazmat suits. They're f*****g sticking things up your nose and into your mouth to test for coronavirus. And they're telling you basically that there's a global pandemic that it's really bad. All of life has changed and you're f*****g s******g yourself. And then you, you leave the hospital and you're walking down the street and there's no on the streets are empty. There's no one there.

1 (23m 23s):
Your wife or whatever. Girlfriend picks picked up, she's wearing a f*****g mask. Everyone's wearing masks. So your absolute, you think that everyone's dead. You're wondering now almost like, God, what do I have to prepare for? Who's dead. Then you speak to your wife and you say right, hit me with it. Who's dead. And she goes, Oh, well, well let think that you got my parents ran. Yeah. Your parents ran my brothers and sisters. My siblings. Yeah. They're around. What about little, little Lucy and little Johnny?

1 (23m 54s):
Yeah. They're still around. And my work colleagues. Yeah. They're still around. And the guy's from the football club. Yeah. They are still f*****g around to where the fuck's dead. Well, well, well, no one really this one guy that they set on the news, I think your mom said she knew him through work or something. Okay. So no one I know's died. No. Is anyone sick? Well, no, not really. Not more than usual. You, you would honestly think the world had gone f*****g sane because that's exactly what's happening.

1 (24m 26s):
The world is his, his living Collective psychosis right now. There's a French word for that, which I forget what it is. But it's a, it's a basically is the, have a word for Collective psychosis or a shared psychosis. And that's what, this is only on a global mass scale. It is a Collective psychosis and all you have to do to break out of it. If you're listening to this and you've listened to the first two episodes, you, you probably already got to know this and you're probably already on this side of things.

1 (24m 58s):
But if you know people that are worried, that is scared, that a, whatever, they are just f*****g tell them to stop watching the news, just turn it off. Do not watch the news and do not use social media. If you need to use social media to communicate with friends or family or for business purposes, that's fine. But people that use social media to, you know, quote unquote socialized, you're not socializing. All you're doing is you you're being fed s**t through AI.

1 (25m 27s):
Algorithms is picking up what you like, what you watch. And it's just feeding you more of that. And it's just feeding you nonsense as well at the same time that these guys want to push 'em and of course you you're probably thinking to yourself, well, why would the news and media even take out any of the conspiracies, right? Which I haven't even got into, you know, I've only sorta mentioned a couple, but why would the news and media and social media, giant tech giant want to push this stuff? Because it's click bait.

1 (25m 57s):
They make money from how much more money do you think Google has made. Amazon has made Apple has made all these companies, Twitter, f*****g Snapchat, all these more people using the internet more than ever before in history, every day, there's more people using the internet. So it's more money for them. And its the same with the news media. I mean then the news, generally speaking struggles to find stories. I mean you walk around and you talk to the average person and they think crimes through the roof. They think pedophiles are going to snatch their children up on every street corner because that's, that's all the news media ever talks about is all about the bad stuff.

1 (26m 37s):
But actually crime, especially aggravated crime, you know, assaults and murders and whatnot. That's actually gone down over the years. If you, if you look in the longterm things since I think it probably peaked in the eighties in recent times and it's everything's been going down, so they have nothing to talk about. Most of the time, you know, cut up a tray, that's a news story because there's nothing else. So they're, they're absolutely loving this right now because it's giving them something to talk about, giving them something to push it's, giving them an agenda.

1 (27m 13s):
And then, you know, you can get into the conspiracies as well and say, who else is telling him to push this stuff? But yeah. So my dads a bit of a socialist, he believes at all he and it's because he, he watches the news. It's the only reason my cousin, funnily enough, she was all on board with it in the very beginning. But since her husband's her husband's lost. The most of these words to Larry is because she's now f*****g, you know, she's, she's against everything now.

1 (27m 46s):
And this is all b******t. This and that, you know, wouldn't even come into our f*****g house to say hi a few months back. But now because that's what happens when it hits you in your hip pocket, people revolt and we've not seen nothing. I mean these people discussing whether they should have a protest, you wait it's bread and circuses. As long as the footie's still on, you know, as long as a sport's still on. And as long as people have food and their fridges, they generally don't care about stuff.

1 (28m 17s):
You could do anything to most people, you could, you could take away everything that they have as long as they still have food in the fridge and the cupboard and there's entertainment on TV, you've still got your Netflix. You've still got your internet and you still get your sport or your music or whatever it is you're into. Most people will be quite satisfied, quite satisfied having the government completely ruin their lives otherwise, because if they can come home to got a frozen pizza and the freezer, Netflix is on the generally don't care and this is what TV programming's done for years.

1 (29m 2s):
But anyway, I digress. Well, yeah. You know, speaking about TV, my son, what's his f*****g TV all the time. I feel sorry for him. He seems pretty content. Obviously he's four years old. He doesn't know any different, but it's, it's really f*****g bad. How, you know, we've just come to this, we've come to accept that. You know, mom and dad have to work from home, you know, little Susie and a little Jimmy, you have to do their schoolwork through a f*****g iPad or a laptop and the non glad to see their friends to the smallest ones.

1 (29m 35s):
Can't go to parks. I can't play with their friends and I basically just get left to the side, to, to watch a f*****g TV while their parents work. It's f*****g embarrassing and it's shameful. And all of the politicians that have stood for this should be ashamed of themselves. That's enough for me for today. Folks. Hopefully I'll have something a little more interesting to discus tomorrow. Yeah. Over an hour, head on over to he'd been shoulder.com and have a bit of a laugh subscribe to this podcast.

1 (30m 13s):
If you haven't shared it with friends, likeminded individuals and yeah, I'll see you on the other side, she is.