Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0006

September 05, 2020 Andrei R Episode 6
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0006
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0006
Sep 05, 2020 Episode 6
Andrei R

Pregnant young woman arrested, Melbourne, Australia is still a cesspit, Jamie McIntyre million dollar COVAIDs bounty, CDC numbers plummet, coffee, roids in sport, Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilant kissing fact checkers, Owen Benjamin pissed his pants.

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Pregnant young woman arrested, Melbourne, Australia is still a cesspit, Jamie McIntyre million dollar COVAIDs bounty, CDC numbers plummet, coffee, roids in sport, Jeff Berwick Dollar Vigilant kissing fact checkers, Owen Benjamin pissed his pants.

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
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Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
Retro Ryster
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Good morning, everyone. And welcome to the Average. Joe Podcast Episode six, if I'm correct, I'm huffing and puffing because I'm on my way to work late as f*****g usual. And it is a glorious day in the cesspit that is Melbourne Victoria and a half.

1 (59s):
Did you say yesterday? I don't know if you can show off of uploaded all of these things yet a lot to do it today, yesterday, there was a, is a big video of doing the rounds on in internet land and the police, the Melbourne Staci secret police they've they've they, they basically broke into this woman's home.

1 (1m 31s):
I say broke into because of guessing they didn't want them in there, but I'm into this lady's home in Ballarat country, Victoria, to a cold or the city's not a f*****g city to a big town in country, Victoria. And today basically you enter the home. I counted about four different police and were wearing claimed clothes, plain clothes wearing police, walked in there and arrested her in front of her husband in front of her children.

1 (2m 4s):
She had a f*****g pajamas on I'm an hour before she is supposed to go for an ultrasound. Cause she is pregnant because she guess what? Guess what she did. She clicked the button on Facebook called share. It's a thought crime pray crime. She shared a post of a protest that was planned for Ballarat freedom day protest. This Saturday, the fifth, she shared that post and they, they did it for 'em the arrested her for incitement bucking pre crime.

1 (2m 44s):
That's the prey crime. She is not even committed the crime. She had incitement of what? Incitement of violence. What, what do you what's she inciting by sharing a post called freedom day. The manifest. This is what this is. It's insanity. Manifest F*****g hilarious. I told you guys, I told you is.

1 (3m 17s):
I said it Melbourne Victoria is assessed. It's a cesspit. It's not going to get any better. You think it's going to get dead. It's not going to get better. This is never going to end none of it. And even when it does, even when it Feikens cause that's what it's going to be. It's going to be a fake ending to it. They're going to just continue on the Lake. There'll be a residue of this s**t. And it'll last for years and years and years, the only thing we can do is to leave this horrible state.

1 (3m 53s):
There was that guy. I forget his name, that trade a fellow, some kind of a trader, a yam actually watched his videos back in a day. He was doing like cheesy f*****g videos back in the day where he was. I think he was selling options, trading courses. I forget his name. I'm just going to look him up right now, a blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Where is he? Jamie is a Jamie man.

2 (4m 23s):
McIntyre I think something like that

1 (4m 26s):
Anyway. Yeah. Nobody's nobody's taken him on with his deal. He posted, he posted a million dollar award million Dollar bounty and the goal is f*****g loaded, posted a million dollars bounty for any journalist politician, maybe a personality to, to take him on and to prove that all of the, the COVAIDs Jeff Berwick likes to call it a like that COVAIDs to prove that all of the numbers of the dead dying and diseased, painful with true factually true to have them all independently verified, no one,

2 (5m 17s):
Not a single f*****g person.

1 (5m 19s):
None of these dimwit f**k tar journalists on 50, $60,000 a year that write these f*****g blogs or none of them, not one of them has taken, he taken out his offer because they full of s**t.

2 (5m 34s):
That would be the easiest money to make. That would be the easiest money to Merrick. F**k, I would do it. R

1 (5m 43s):
Dollar don't even believe in it, but it's because it's not true. None of it. It's all fake. The CDC came out. Oh, and this is f*****g hilarious. This is hilarious. This is, this is your pity, me of new spake and fake news because that's what it all is. Its it's a, it's the old tied in with the new and it's all jumbled up. Anyway, the CDC came out and said, Oh actually we're gonna re review all these numbers of ours.

1 (6m 14s):
And the only reason they did that is because of Trump's white ass force and to, and so that they wanted to look at the data, but you're not allowed to say that.

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1 (6m 25s):
They, they came out. I'm just gonna all of my coffee as I do every morning

0 (6m 37s):
With me.

1 (6m 44s):
Hi, could I please grab a large skinny cappuccino with an extra shot of coffee? Thank you. Yes please. That's all. Thank you.

0 (7m 9s):
Hello. Do you want them to say no thank you.

1 (7m 17s):
So the CDC basically came out and said we've reviewed all of their numbers and information and we've done deep studies. Oh, deep study information. We've done all these deep studies into the figures and what we found out, what they figured out guys is that only about 9,000 Americans died due to COVID only 9,000 out of 330 million f*****g people.

1 (7m 58s):
9,000 people died of it. It's less than the flu guys. Listen, influenza, listen, pneumonia, listen, all that s**t. And you'll look up ahead. A friend asked me for the article yesterday in a way to find it for him Morning. Thank you. You too. And he'll look up the Hottie call you or you try to find that you, so you type in CDC 9,000 or I think it worked out to be 6% or something of their total cases or whatever.

1 (8m 36s):
I punched in some of that s**t. And I'm all you Get is articles, all these f*****g talking heads. So like, see, you can tell like you can rate and you can see it in their words. If you read between the along the lines, they're f*****g saving, they're saving. And they're defending this with everything that I can. They're trying to come up with a reason and all the titles and all the headlines where no Fowchee and experts confirm CDC update does not mean that coronavirus.

1 (9m 18s):
Isn't a problem. And of course I deleted Trump's tweet hell f*****g in tents is that that's been going on for a while. It's a trickle feed. I wouldn't be surprised if they, if they actually banned him from Twitter right before the elections, the, the literally silencing the uhm, the, the, the president of the a, yeah, they deleted his tweet. But all every single article on this topic that I could find even using duck, duck go, it was all the time about defending the narrative, even though, and this is the thing, this is, I was saying with a guy yesterday, a invested in this, this thing called made safe.

1 (10m 9s):
You should take a look at it. It's not financial advice. Just have a look at it. And so I've been on this forum for f*****g years, talking to these guys, you know, helping them out, throwing my 2 cents in donating a bit of money. Do it just don't want, I can. There's a bit of a community there anyway. Long story short, come on, mate. Okay. This is Chi then a cold email on one of these things.

1 (10m 39s):
I said he was f*****g sharing some sort of article. And look now the, the, the COVAIDs his Jeff Berwick likes to call it the COVAIDs. Now with studies have come out. It can do irreversible damage to your heart. What you mean? Like heart attacks. It's fine. F*****g ridiculous. Oh, what you mean? Like pneumonia does influenza the flu in many other f*****g diseases.

1 (11m 12s):
I'm not an expert on and sort of called him out. And because he was doing this whole thing where, Oh, let's look at the numbers. Let's let's dissect the numbers. Let's say, no, you're not dissecting s**t broke. One plus one equals two, two plus two equals four. That's about the extent of my arithmetic. But even I know that you're not dissecting anything. The number one is one, the number 9,000 is 9,000.

1 (11m 42s):
Doesn't matter what you say. And this is what they do. This is what all these guys try to do. They tried all let's dissect. Let's analyze, let's do this now. You know, analyzing s**t. Who are you to analyze? Do some f*****g I'm talking about the, these articles. Now you're some f*****g journalist that works for a fake news company.

3 (12m 4s):

1 (12m 6s):
You know, and your part of a narrative, of course you are going to die, set the numbers and come up with your own. And somehow all of a sudden with a little bit of a f**k magic, I like to call it. It's a little bit of a f**k. Magic. You a wave, your f*****g magic wand and a all of a sudden, Oh no, it's actually a lot high numbers because you see what they did. There's a word for that. It's called a Punjab in terms of when someone can't, when someone look it up on urban dictionary.

3 (12m 41s):

1 (12m 43s):
Somebody can't give you a straight answer. <inaudible> is this answer? Indian people doing a lot. I'm not racist against Indian people, a f*****g live amongst them. Melbourne part of Melbourne R live in is basically a mini f*****g Calcutta, but Indians doodle a lot. And part of it's the language barrier or the other part of it's culture, but you cannot get a straight answer. Today's got a salesman doing a lot cold center up right. Is f*****g real estate agents, politicians.

1 (13m 13s):
They all give you what I call the Punjab answer. So it's where you ask a direct question, which should have a direct dance out. What color's the sky? Well, the sky is blue. He talked to one of these guys, the Punjam ban. So it would be, Oh, well, you know, a lot of people like to think that the sky is blue, but actually because it's reflecting the ocean and in some parts, it might of a tinge of green. And also there's things in the air, like the humidity in the, the f*****g salt.

1 (13m 48s):
And I don't know what else in near the ocean. And sometimes you have a pink yarn. Scott know the answer is the sky is blue. That's the answer. Yeah, of course she can get into all these f*****g, you know, you can pull on all these threads and pull it all apart to the 10th degree is the answer is yes, the sky is f*****g blue. The answer is the CDC said that COVID this giant scan directly on its own has only killed 9,000 people.

1 (14m 20s):
And I don't even think half of that is true, but anyway, I digress. So a cold this guy out freeze nonsense, f**k him. F**k, f**k anyone that goes along with it. That's the sort of stance I now take. I'm not getting into, I'm not, I'm just not going to debate it with anyone. If that's what you think, bad luck, you know, it's gotten to this point where they're coming into your home and arresting you. It's almost like a, it's almost like a honeypot. I'm sure it is a good for it.

1 (14m 52s):
One of the capillaries, not the best, but I'm sure there's a word for that. It's almost like a yes. I dunno. That's the best way I can describe. It's almost like a honeypot, like a, we'll look at this juicy little button, everything, you know, the psychologists and the marketing people of all designed it all so that you want to click it, click it, just click it. Just press it arrested. Oh, hang on. Why you arrested all of you.

1 (15m 23s):
And then they said to her, because she's an organizer of a conspiracy theory, f*****g agenda. R no, she clicked the share button. And the funniest thing was, she said, I'll, I'll happily take a dance. So this is the thing. This is where, you know, they're the, it's a setup. They don't want these things taken down. I mean, they might, but they're not is what I'm trying to say is they're not interested in that. They're only interested in bang, c***s.

1 (15m 54s):
That's all they're interested in his being jerks, ruining people's lives, pushing fear and propaganda. And I'm sure I've mentioned that before, but this whole thing, this entire thing, you say all arguments on all sides left right up down. Like they argued every facet of it, which is what this f**k would on this forum was trying to do with me. And is this just no arguing it? This is all, but you know, it's not mutually exclusive and you can have it be an issue and you can also have overarching governments know it's just b******t.

1 (16m 32s):
The whole thing is b******t and I'm not having any of it. And as I said, I've mentioned that before. The, the funny thing about this, especially in Australia, you can, you can say different things for other nations that have land borders and whatnot. But for Australia for Australia is surrounded by f*****g a, you can't walk here. Most people don't even boat here. Okay. You have to get a plane from another country into here.

1 (17m 5s):
So it's not even like another state. And you can sort of, there's a landlord, a thrill to know if you're in, that comes in here, goes through Australian, federal checkpoints at airports, where they have billions of dollars of resources and security, passport checks, f*****g a fingerprint eye, scanning technology face scanning technology. What I call the banana police, the, the guys that chick all the fruit and f*****g vegetable for what?

1 (17m 40s):
For diseases, you have all of these things. Jeff the airline security. You have the airport security, you have a easier you Mmm. The state police on the outside of the airport, you have the federal place set up on the inside. You have the dogs and the sniffers and the guns and the f*****g body scan is in everything and the government and the airlines still let in every single case or the cases that they would originally directly transmitted from.

1 (18m 17s):
And nobody's talking about that. No one, nobody is talking about the government f*****g website is still tells you how many people they bring in from overseas with it. If this was such a deadly thing, they wouldn't have let anyone in, or they would have tested them before they caught on the pipeline on the other side, and then re tested them again. When I got here and made them corn chain, that's what they would have done. And if they tested them on the other side and they tested positive, bad luck, you know, not, not that I'm agreeing with it, but I'm just saying, if that's what they wanted to do, bad luck, they cancel their flights and they wouldn't let them on.

1 (18m 60s):
Wouldn't let them in. That's what they should have done, but they didn't do that because they don't actually care. This is a scam. It's a global scam. And you know, couple of years, five years, 10 years, 50 years, people will figure it out. And I'll say we all got f*****g scanned. Every single one of us got duped in Thailand

4 (19m 25s):
In his life. A weapons of mass destruction

1 (19m 28s):
Is that f*****g Duke did a run. Didn't it? And that was, that was actually uncovered. There's been f*****g thousands, more hundreds, more things like this, where they do the public into everything actually caught them on the WN days. One, they caught them and a bipartisan, both a part of politics. Agreed. It was a f*****g scam. What else is going on in the news?

1 (19m 59s):
All this s**t is going to p**s me off. F**k, continue talking about it. So let's talk about something else. What's the cost names that Martin Joshua forget is a very blocked from the shark's got done criminal, a shot, a gun in a row. For those that don't watch, it's a great sport. I actually like rugby better a rugby union as a sport, but it's pretty cool to what's the league, a bunch of meatheads running around, punching the s**t out of each other, which the not allowed to do.

1 (20m 30s):
Now, a women have ruined sport. I'm going to come out there and say, women have ruined sport because what a women want. Women want people to be protected and safe. Yay.

4 (20m 46s):
Say protected, fun.

5 (20m 49s):
Yay. That's what they do. And they've basically f****d it all up. They f****d up the footy show in Australia, which was one of the funniest programs ever on television. And they f****d it up because when women want everyone to be happy, safe, secure, friendly, having fun, no women. These are guys that are paid hundreds of thousands. Some of them millions of dollars a year to be as tough as they can, as fast as they can and smash into each other head first and try to knock the other bloke out so they can get the ball to the other side and win.

5 (21m 34s):
That's the whole lame event. And it should be rough and you should get hurt. Of course, you're going to get hurt. If you got to go high, that weighs a hundred kilos and he trains every day to run at you and knock you over, tackle you to the ground. You know, of course, you're going to get hurt. Obviously I'm being a little bit sarcastic there today, but yeah, that's, <inaudible> with an anabolic steroids. I'm f*****g, I'm almost set the stage with all this stuff.

5 (22m 6s):
And you see it in the UFC all the time. Only because they started catching you in the last few years arm, almost set the stage where it's like, just f*****g do it. Just let them do it. They're all athletes. They're all professional athletes. You know, just, just let him go for it for at least they should have legs where they let them do it and leagues where they don't. I mean, you know, what's the difference between some one league or one club having more money than the other, or one club doing more strength training or one club doing more, you know, f*****g protein and creatine and all this other nonsense versus a club that isn't there.

5 (22m 52s):
They're all, they're all little, a little unfair advantages. I'm all for it. But anyway, the guy's a skinny f**k. I didn't even know what the roids did for him. The guy who did doesn't look like f*****g it affected him at all. But yeah, they've got a, the, they came out the other day. I AFL about their, the, the dude or forget his name turns out that it was one of the reasons that he died was cause of a head trauma from all the, all the years of playing AFL.

5 (23m 29s):
It's not actually that much head trauma directed trauma in AFL. It's a little bit of b******t, but their heads do get knocked around in the game. And of course, all of all the dumb arses, all women and whatnot, I'm an AFL, a trying to push for head gear. That's right. Denny Frawley.

5 (23m 60s):
Yeah. So they're all trying to push for headgear in the AFL that they don't understand. That's not how it f*****g works. Let me explain to you how it works. And I've played Fargo. I played soccer a season, a grid on the season of rugby union. I played soccer for quite a few years and then obviously indoor and all that stuff, never done boxing apart from, you know, putting on the gloves, they with your boys and smashing each other.

5 (24m 32s):
But I can tell you how, how it works. Okay. And headgear and kind of per head Kia is going to protect you from elbows, fingers, scratches, cuts, abrasions, minor, little knocks and things. But your, your brain sits in your skull in basically Floyd. And the only thing that's attached to his, the brainstem, umm, and the cord there that it's, there's no, you know, it's not, it's not like it's bolted in.

5 (25m 3s):
It's not like the rest of your bones and things. It's completely different. So, and it's connected to your neck. So I can't believe I have to explain this. And what happens is you get it. You don't even have to get ahead, knock, but obviously head knocks do it. But you, you could have a knock to your torso or your shoulder or you could fall over. And if you're not clear and what happens is if you're not clenching and tightening all of your, your muscles, especially the ones in your neck and your shoulders in your chest and your back, when that happens, your head's going to get wobbled around because it's essentially just a ball on a stick.

5 (25m 51s):
And as soon as you move that a little bit, your head, your brain gets bounced around in that, you know, in the float, in your brain. So his head kid, isn't going to do anything. All of these people talking my head gear, making it mandatory and the AFL NRL a f*****g stupid, and they've never played a game in their life and they've never been knocked out. Go get knocked out, get some perspective.

5 (26m 21s):
So that's what else is going on with that? What else? So something else I'm doing no notes today. There was something else I wanted to mention. Ah, it's lost me now anyway. Oh, that's right. I'm trying to figure out this will be the sixth episode. So if you're starting from now, go back to the start and never listen, but I'm trying to work out where to upload these things. Now, obviously if you're listening now, I've probably worked it out by now talking to myself in the future, man.

6 (26m 59s):
I, I was looking at one of those, is it substantially like a, a written platform, but

5 (27m 7s):
They also do. They also allow Podcast. So is looking at that. I'm guessing I would have figured it out by now. There's obviously all the big ones, pod bean and whatever. But yeah, I was trying to figure that all out yesterday and trying to upload five Podcast worth online to my brother. My brother does all the audio for this helps clean it up. And he f*****g told me off, told me I shouldn't be recording this through my phone, in my car while driving and getting coffee and talking.

5 (27m 41s):
And the mic is rubbing on my jacket. That is very annoying. I'm like, dude, it's the average Joe Podcast there's no f*****g studio that this car is my studio. There's no producers. This is what it is. Average Joe f*****g Podcast yes. I'm going to try clean it up for you guys. But this is what it is. This is what you're listening to. Oh, that's right. I figured out what I wanted to say. Umm, because of this whole Joe Rogan saga, he is, as far as I know, he's still hasn't come out and, and explained himself, but not to harp on that too much.

5 (28m 24s):
But I was, I was thinking, cause I saw a few people on Twitter calling him tow Rogan and that's obviously Owen Benjamin started that Owen Benjamin is a f*****g weird dude. I to Benjamin why did you move out to the middle of nowhere with your wife that you look like you're f*****g kidnapped. You f*****g lunatic. The guy, the guy went a little bit crazy.

5 (28m 55s):
He thought everybody was out to kill and murder him and whatnot. And I say some of it, you know, this is, this is a p**s take Podcast is what men do we talk? S**t, talk s**t about each other. Actually that's what women do. Men talk s**t to each other. But anyway, I don't know him. I can't see him. So I can't talk s**t to him. But the funniest thing of all night, you know, I don't know none of these guys. So when I'm talking these aren't my friends, these are, these are people in the internet sphere, but to form sorta relations and stuff with you, my audience after talk about people, we all know anyway, hence hence discussing sport and s**t like that.

5 (29m 38s):
Anyway, my boss has just arrived. F**k you. I'm on the phone m**********r. And he, he talked s**t about Joe Rogan for so long. He talks s**t about Joe Rogan for so long and tow Rogan. And a lot of it was you can't really tell with Owen Benjamin a lot of it is. He seems as though he's joking, but he's actually, but he's actually not.

5 (30m 10s):
You can see he's he's pretty angry inside them in his career. He got f****d over basically because he was speaking about pedophilia. Although it's like, what do you expect? What do you expect? These are the people you're saying are the most evil decrepit people on the planet. Of course they're going to f**k up your career. If you're talking about in, in the, you know, online in the public sphere anyway, do yourself a favor. Okay. And look up.

5 (30m 41s):
He's been on Joe Rogan, this his own Benjamin he's been on rogue in a couple of times and I'm pretty sure both times he had been talking s**t about him beforehand about Rogan, but especially the times between the first and the second episode after the first episode, I think Rogan came out and said, you know, he wasn't going to, he wasn't going to have him on again and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And on Benjamin got p****d off and he was talking all this trash, f**k tow Rogan and all this.

5 (31m 16s):
And then when he got onto the second time, as I say, it happened both times, but the second one was the funniest. He f*****g wet himself. He p****d himself in front of the Joe. He is this guy talking all this trash. It's Epic. It's so f*****g Epic to watch. It's actually awkward. But it's hilarious from a human psychology standpoint, he's just like talking all this s**t. And he Get, it's like saying a poppy in front of a big ass dog and they just f*****g s**t themselves.

5 (31m 50s):
He gets in front of him and he just, he just goes to water. It was pathetic actually on Benjamin pathetic night, pathetic, you f*****g pitched yourself. You pitched your pants, bloke in front of the guy. You're a liar acting. Oh, macho about anyway, just what I just, that, that came to me for some reason. When I saw tow Rogan, I remembered all of that. I remembered that whole thing. Good friend of mine was obsessed with a Benjamin for a while.

5 (32m 22s):
Had the guy has a weird character team is very angry. I mean, I, I ran, but I'm not an angry person. I rant all the f*****g time. That's how I start my mornings. But yeah, Jeff Berwick you got to watch his, his latest video of that of course was taken off a YouTube because he discusses this whole CDC murder. It's f*****g hilarious. Jeff Berwick I would say is, is not really a comical guy.

5 (32m 54s):
He's he's sort of, he is like a regular type duties, pretty switched to, I don't even know his history actually, but friend of mine put me onto him a while back and I've I've been devouring. All of these videos. He's got really good stuff out there, but it was yesterday's. One was hilarious. The a the hero. What does he call him? The fact checkers. Hmm. It's a bit of an in joke. You've got to watch it to understand, but a do yourself a favor. Watch that. Watch the Owen Benjamin p****d his pants in front of Joe Rogan after he talked s**t about him.

5 (33m 28s):
There's a bunch of s**t like that. If you from overseas, do yourself a favor, what's some Aussie rules, football go the pies or some NRL, worst seasons ever. In my point of view, they shouldn't have gone ahead, but we know why they went ahead because it's bread and circuses. If you get rid of that, I mean, I know guys, there's a guy at work of just support in a work. I'm sitting in my car like a lunatic.

5 (34m 0s):
I'm talking on this thing, but I know a guy. I know several people that would have, they, they would've become mentally unstable if the sport had an, a comeback on. Cause that was the first thing that happened is people were f*****g up in arms. In the beginning. They were, they were livid that the sport wasn't on and they had these, these companies, these leagues, and these officials had to rush to organize s**t. You know, the, the UFC did their little were the first ones.

5 (34m 30s):
What? The whole bubble idea, Dana white f*****g brilliant. You know, then it was like the larger leagues did this. I actually think, sorry, the, the Australian leagues were the first correct me if I'm wrong. But the Australian legs were first R I think it was around. It was either just after the UFC, around the first time. But the Australia legs see NRL and the AFL and it might've been a league. I can't remember were the first ones to continue the game.

5 (35m 0s):
They, they did it very quickly, very quickly. They quickly moved all the teams into state. They stopped people coming in that did all this s**t. And they basically, they did a version of this whole bubble thing. The, the, the, a, the UFC did. And that's because Australians a f*****g fanatical about this sport. And this is the funniest thing with all this. You've got to give people their sport, but anyway, bubble cities, that's where we're all going to end up f*****g living like that movie, where they all miniaturized themselves and live in these giant f*****g bubbles that will happen.

5 (35m 38s):
Or some version of that. You can already say the, the angling for something like that, with these f*****g vaccines and all this nonsense. Anyway, no Dick kids. I don't hate women when I talk s**t. When I say, when you hear me say, women are f****d up sport. Yeah, I'm talking s**t. It's like me saying, Oh great. My kids f****d up my life. I love my f*****g kids. Of course I haven't f****d up in my life, but it's a s**t talk. It's a, it's a p**s rant.

5 (36m 11s):
Although I do think that just because of the psychology of women in sport, yeah. They've, they've pussified. It. They're just the, the, the ideas around it that they've sort of infiltrated have pussified. It they've they've, you know, women are the ones that pushed, you know, not having scoring, because why? Because they're upset that their son's getting upset that they're losing games. The difference is women wake men by the way.

5 (36m 42s):
But the difference is that's how you grow. That's how you become a stronger person. You got to lose. You got to kind of suck at life for a little bit. You can't cuddle people. So when I say that s**t, don't take it to heart. I couldn't give two f***s about a backlash because a, no one even knows about this. Podcast but it's the Average Joe podcast. And this is what Average Joe's think. And talk about if you want to get into the mind of an average, Joe.

5 (37m 12s):
So I have a good one, guys. I better run inside and explain myself to my boss. Who are you talking to outside? Ah, a very important customer. So anyway, alright guys. A bit of go choice.