Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0007

September 05, 2020 Andrei R Episode 7
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0007
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0007
Sep 05, 2020 Episode 7
Andrei R

Police are making it very easy to not like them, trashy Netflix real estate shows, The Rock has COVAIDs but he looks jacked, crazy people always have the same look in their eye, David Blaine Ascension, YouTube, Dog shit, and more...

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Police are making it very easy to not like them, trashy Netflix real estate shows, The Rock has COVAIDs but he looks jacked, crazy people always have the same look in their eye, David Blaine Ascension, YouTube, Dog shit, and more...

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
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Email for questions, comments, abuse and sponsorships: averagejoepodcast@protonmail.com

Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
Retro Ryster
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1 (26s):
Good morning, everyone. And welcome to the Average Joe podcast on Average. Joe welcome. Hope you've got a nice hot or cold beverage, hopefully by now I've got some intros on this. I've done a fair few episodes and still haven't uploaded any of them because my little brother is taking his sweet ass f*****g time, cleaning it all up. I shouldn't be so mean he was doing it for free.

1 (57s):
Thanks buddy. So let's get straight into it. This is actually becoming quite therapeutic. It's becoming part of my morning routine, sitting in my car, having a coffee, talking s**t, and I feel better afterwards. God, that must be annoying for you guys are here and we slip on the other side. I'm actually getting a little brother he's he's into his music and deejaying and producing and all that sort of stuff.

1 (1m 30s):
So he's actually recommended me some the equipment. So I'm going to hopefully order that sometime today and yeah, hopefully get it delivered next week. So don't have to sit in my car and f*****g do this all though. It says the site's quite therapeutic getting out the house, driving around, talking s**t and my house isn't that big. So I have no idea where I'm going to set up the laptop and the equipment without my four year old son breaking everything, but also where I can record stuff.

1 (2m 9s):
I mean, there's, it's a fairly open house and I just don't see anyone wanna have to sit up in my garage or my shed or something. Anyway, let's get straight into it. As I say so Victoria, Police with the COVID-19 the Victoria police said the reason they never arrested black lives matter protest is because when we're in our, I think locked down in stage three or whatever it was. It's so f*****g ridiculous that women when they have so, so acclimated to hum today's lockdowns.

1 (2m 45s):
We just it's like, it's like talking about seasons. Oh yeah. I remember back in stage three, remember back last summer. Anyway, I'm the head of the BLM protest you're in Melbourne in the police turned around and said the reason they never rested the black lives matter protest is for incitement is because they told people to socially distance because this, this is a touch to that story about that, that pregnant woman, whose whose house they basically, the Police basically broke into an arrested in front of her husband and children and probably tormented the children forever.

1 (3m 25s):
And they'll never like the police I'm like many kids growing up. Now. I never understood that. You know, this is such a funny thing. I never understood that until just recently. R there's friends of mine. The other, they have always said, Oh, in our f*****g f**k and hide cops, f*****g pigs, f*****g hate cops that Jack smile are f*****g hight. The jacks all the way. This one of those people that never understood, like yeah, the Police of the place and they got guns, but they're the police.

1 (3m 55s):
And you know, if you f**k up, I suppose they're they're and to get ya. And whenever I've been pulled over breath tested. Yeah. They've been counts sometimes. Especially this one time, I actually got pretty upset, but I've never had anything against them. Yeah. Oh yeah. I can f*****g understand. I'm I'm either off of either turn it off of that side now. I mean, I don't think I will because I'm a fairly reasonable person. They have a really good friend. That's aiming to get into the Police right now.

1 (4m 25s):
And I have some other friends from a long time ago and then they have become Police in and whatnot, but you've almost turned me your wallet. The most turned me into f*****g hating the Police because not nothing I have seen them doing racing times is good. It's all just is f*****g authoritarians. You know, like Jesus f*****g Christ. Anyway. So yeah.

1 (4m 56s):
So they're basically putting out information that is going to be used against them. Cause now these protests is, they're just going to say, Oh well, we'll, we'll ride on all of our material to socially distance. So they're just digging themselves a hole. DeMoss is Baton. That's what they turned around and said it was unbelievable. They said that when questioned the Rock and his family have co COVID-19, he's looking jacked as f**k.

1 (5m 27s):
He sounded like he had a bit of a hoarse throat, like a bit of a, you know, a bit of a frog in his throat, but he said, he f*****g Jack the Rock dude, why are your f*****g shoulder? Why does it look like you have three heads, but the other two bulbous f*****g things on either side of your shoulders. Jesus f*****g Christ. Mmm. Yeah. He came out and he made this statement and he's, you know, he's, you know, he, because he is an actor, he was looking very sincere and, and whatnot and talking about his wife and kids and, and all of that and decided to tell everyone about his COVID-19 and then turn around and say that they're perfectly fine.

1 (6m 18s):
And they generally throw it. And yeah. So basically to get COVID-19 you going to get giant f*****g deltoids bit like you were saying, but it was like a week or two ago he came out and said he had it. He was laying in bed, looking sweaty as f**k in Jamaica saying he felt, he felt perfectly pelt the kid, he felt perfectly fine. I'm your man. I got the, got the COVID-19.

1 (6m 49s):
I'm not a bloke. It sounds to me like you've got a f*****g cold virus. Umm, and it was f*****g Hillel. All the old of these stars from Tom Hanks to, to use same bolt. The Rock all of these guys, guys don't if you feel fine, if your part of the agenda, if you feel perfectly fine, maybe, you know, film yourselves. So you same bolt had to and was perfectly fine.

1 (7m 20s):
Neymar had it says he was perfectly fine or his agent. And he said he was perfectly fine. Jesus Christ. Yeah. I mean this, this thing is it's it has to unwind some point. It has to unwind that it has to unravel it at a, at a point in time, regular people are gonna kinda have to go, you know what? This is all nonsense. No one around me is dying. Cause this is what I go off. I don't, you know, I'm going to f*****g statistician.

1 (7m 53s):
And in the, in the, in the modern world with social media and all this b******t, everybody to him, whenever there's an event and there'll always be more events. Cause they're all there just always is, you know, it's terrorists. And then if you're in Melbourne, then it was the African crime gangs. And now it's Corona. Everybody becomes an expert on whatever the topic is because they spend, you know, 10 minutes reading, scrolling through some, some articles. So I'm not a f*****g expert. So, but what I am an expert on is my own f*****g life.

1 (8m 25s):
And I look around me and I don't know anybody that has it. I don't know anybody that's died from it. And even if I did, I'd kind of be like, well hang on a second. How old were they? What did they have? Well healthy where they, and what's the other thing. You never see these, these people pushing vitamin DEI, pushing supplements, zinc. And it says on the f*****g bottles, I'm sounding like Alex Jones now, but it says on the f*****g bottles assist in helps with f*****g cold and flu like symptoms.

1 (9m 1s):
So no, it ain't f*****g crazy. Talk telling you you to take vitamin D vitamin C zinc, take them all the vitamins, get your exercise, get good, healthy food. Yeah. I've been watching so much trashy TV just to kind of decompress it at night. The f*****g, these shows these real estate shows. I think one's called chasing sunset.

1 (9m 32s):
And I forget what the other one's called. Its on the other side, on the East coast, in the Hamptons dude, if you want something, cringe-worthy you to watch, watch the shows. They're so f*****g trashy. You can't look away. It's like a car accident. The, the one in the Hamptons, it got like these R couldn't work hours. Like are these guys Jewish? Or are they f*****g Italians? It turns out their eye ties and 'em and their, their so f*****g cringey.

1 (10m 3s):
You don't win. Like everybody w when you get these people and they amp themselves up so much, like, dude, why you am just f*****g, just take a chill pill, tone it down a notch. The, the main guy he's like, Oh my God, f**k it. And sell houses bro. Yeah, it's f*****g, it is Epic to watch 'em and then you've got some other weird characters in there. You've got the weird, quiet black guy that I thought was gay in the start.

1 (10m 36s):
And of course, and then you've got the crazy chick. Oh, she reminded me of this girl. I used to work with the, have the same crazy people always have the same look in their eye. They always have the same look and it's different for men and women. But this b***h had a, yeah, she just had this crazy look. We hired a girl a while back at work. And she was just like that in drama follows these people everywhere because they're the ones making a drama and this check, she, she Get, she gets in there and she's I'm, I'm not going to spoil it for you guys, but she just causes all this nonsense.

1 (11m 8s):
And it kind of like, and she's the hope of the whole point of it was she was getting upset and people were talking s**t behind her back, b***h. How old are you? People talk s**t. That's what they do. That's what humans have done for f*****g millennia. That's why, where he, where we are. We're social creatures. We talk s**t about each other. That's what we do. If you don't think that anybody in your life is talking about you behind your back and it might be good and it might be bad or it might just be s**t talk.

1 (11m 39s):
Sometimes it's just, when I talk about people, it's just s**t talk. It's not even it's meaningless. It's like, Oh, did you hear this guy did this? And you have a laugh, right? Or you say I'm f*****g believable. It's just s**t talk. That's what humans do. That's how we've what do you think happened when like caveman we'll f*****g, we'll f*****g out roaming the jungles or the Savannah looking for f*****g, you know, Alliant, the saber tooth tiger to bring home. Why do you think that the cave women back in the thing now they were talking, they was talking about who was, who was getting it on with who, who was growing a f*****g, you know, second head who was pregnant, who was shagging, who that's and it's continued on to this day.

1 (12m 24s):
So the fact that this b***h was the prized, this crazy ass b***h, he was surprised that people were talking about her and she was making, she was f*****g creating all these drivers. Ah, and ah, I'm not gonna get into, I'm not going to spoil if he decided to watch it. But some of it was so f*****g unprofessional. Some of it was completely unprofessional. I mean, in front of clients and everything, you've gotta watch it. I forget what the name, it was just Google Netflix real estate shows.

1 (12m 53s):
And then there was the other one chasing sunset with all of these M kind of like middle age, sorta late twenties to middle aged f*****g women in there. Or I wouldn't say mid to late. I don't even know what's middle-aged nowadays is like forties and fifties women, I think role in their early thirties, late twenties, early to mid thirties. And, and you got these little guys with obviously small man, small Dick.

1 (13m 24s):
It had to choose these Oppenheim brothers. They call them these twins because small men get intimidated by larger man. And so they have to surround themselves with men. They can dominate or women and solve it. Of course, during the psychology and this, it was like, what, why, why have they surrounded themselves with an old female real estate team? Like, isn't it, doesn't that kind of go against some social justice f*****g rules or whatever.

1 (13m 55s):
But, but of course it doesn't because it would only be the opposite way. But anyway, they've got all these beautiful women I'm like on one hand, that's f*****g brilliant. I'm like, no, that's what it is. Their f*****g short, their short asses. That's why it makes perfect sense. Anyway, I'm the f*****g, the chicks are all insane. And this as well, they're all f*****g like loose b*****s. And one of them, one of the main ones she's got, she's dating this, a French guy and she's getting upset.

1 (14m 29s):
And I feel so sorry for this dude. I'm watching this dude. And I'm like, dude, you're a f*****g dumb ass. I mean, he might be smart. Cause who knows? You might want to get into TV or f*****g something. And maybe it's just a career move for him. Who f*****g knows. But I mean, if he, if he's just being caught up in this and he has nothing to do with the show and he doesn't want to sort of get into the entertainment biz or whatever it is, and dude run for the f*****g Hills, cause this woman is going to ruin your f*****g life.

1 (15m 3s):
The writings on the wall, she's had like two previous marriages in all fairness, one, I think she said, The the husband died or whatever it was b***h probably poisoned him. No, no, I shouldn't say that. She, she doesn't look like that type. She just doesn't. She just looks f*****g, she just looks like a typical f*****g woman, but one of those ones where she's gonna like look into your f*****g soul and find anything that's a dishonorable about you and us, man.

1 (15m 37s):
Oh Jesus f*****g Christ. There's a lot there. It, she will make you f*****g pay for it. And there was a couple of scenes there where that the dude's just the regular dude. And on top of it, he's a Frenchie. So he's English, isn't the best, but she's like f*****g 35 or whatever it is. And he's like 25. And so there's like, there's a good decade year different. And she's asking him all these questions about children and marriage.

1 (16m 8s):
And the dude's been honest with her, like, yeah, I might want kids and she's f*****g given him the evil eye. And then she goes in the work and she's crying and all of a sudden like Jesus Christ, that is a f*****g walking disaster right there, dude. You're dude, you're walking towards a f*****g tornado, run the other way, run like the f*****g wind mate. This, this f*****g woman is going to ruin your f*****g life anyway, what you guys gotta watch it.

1 (16m 39s):
It's f*****g hilarious. It's the trashiest cringey, biased TV you'll ever watch, but it fell for that reason. It's an Epic and I'm normally not a fan of this sort of s**t. I know that there's some similar sort of shows on Aussie TV, but I've just never been into them, but they sucked me in. Ah, what else do I have on mine? I'm going off notes today. What else? Ah, there was a BBQ show. What's the Netflix too. I quickly mentioned that. It's a, again, just, I'm terrible with names.

1 (17m 10s):
You're going to have to get used to that. There's a barbecue show and I'm a modern one, a new one. Cause there's a bunch of barbecue shows on Netflix, but this is a fairly new one. And there's this Aussie guy. I think he's British or something. He sorta like the second character. They look at second or third on those use sweet old lady at the start and like Texas then there's him. And he's the fire guy and they, they made it so f*****g dramatic and so f*****g and wonky.

1 (17m 40s):
I wanted to throw up in my own mouth and it's like, dude, why the f**k? This guy like cooks he's fit he's thing. As he cooks everything with fire, he saw the fire guy. Okay. Can't you're not a f*****g super hero. And why are you burning my f*****g Salud? The guy's like, Oh yeah man, you can, you can cook anything with fire, man, bro, you're cooking. Why the f**k are you cooking my blueberries with fire? Why do you have my blueberries and in your fire pit?

1 (18m 12s):
And he's trying to make out like as if he's some sort of f*****g genius because he discovered that you can cook s**t with fire mate. F*****g my ancestor, the f*****g a hundred thousand years ago was doing that. The different is nowadays. We worked out that we can use pots and pans and s**t look nothing against it. I love f*****g grilling. I love barbecuing. I love cooking with fire, but yeah, like f*****g steaks and s**t.

1 (18m 43s):
I'm not f*****g. And he put in like asparagus in spring and it in there and he's burning the absolute shed out of it, mate, this s**t will give you cancer. Why are you burning my spring onion? And then not once in the entire segment about this dude, did they talk about how tasty his cooking was? Isn't the kind of idea about having a Michelin starred restaurant? Ah, the, the food's great. And I think the only thing they said about the actual quality of the food for the first 20 f*****g minutes of the episode was that was how s**t it was on his opening night, whoever the f**k made that show Jesus Christ.

1 (19m 25s):
And then they, they follow it up with the complete opposite with this black dude from like, I think it was South Carolina or somewhere, you know, f*****g cooking hole, hole pigs on their own. It's like an open spit kind of lay it down a sort of technique they use and they, they drop, drop a barrel over it and they just cook it with all this heat and smoke Jesus Christ. It looks tasty. And you could just tell this guy he's in his f*****g element. And you know, I'm going to stop ranting.

1 (19m 55s):
I've rant on for like 15 minutes about TV shows. What else has been going on? So my wife, who's a, she's a vegetarian, you know, he's been a vegetarian for years ever since I've met her. She's so anti chemical, she washes everything lately. She washes all the f*****g fruit and veg when we get it. And it's great cause I'm not gonna f*****g do it. So it's, I think it's awesome. We don't use many chemicals in our house.

1 (20m 26s):
Same as the laundry detergent, all that sorta s**t yet. I get home the other night I was at work. I wanted to work in the day and I'd get home and the house f*****g stinks. It's like somebody, I dunno, sprayed some sort of chemicals. I can't even describe the smell is not like smell it like some sort of bathroom or, or cleaner or something mixed with like bleaching perfume, all mixed together. And even my son was like, this stinks.

1 (20m 57s):
She's got this turns out. It's a f*****g chemical face pill. I sweetheart, if the face pill you're using has the word chemical in front of it. You might want to stay away from it. I don't care. Even if it is a chemical face pill, but they should be hiding that fact. F**k. And now Jesus Christ. And why is it stinking up the whole house? That's probably a warning sign right there. So she's got this chemical face peel on. She's taking it off and it looks like somebody's f*****g maced.

1 (21m 29s):
Her eyes like watering a face is red today. This is two nights ago today. Her f*****g faces peeling. I'm not sure if that's so healthy, sweetie. David Blaine Ascension you gotta check that out. The dude basically strapped himself to a bunch of balloons. Oh. And by the way on that, YouTube what the f**k isn't David Blaine supposed to be like the King of magic and you watch a sing. It goes fine. And I have three, four hours or something you can skip through to where he's actually doing it, doing it all.

1 (22m 4s):
But he basically goes to like 20 straps himself to bunch of helium. Balloons goes up 24,000 feet and then skydives down anyway. YouTube what the f**k David Blaine is the King of magic were, was the magic in that they showed everything. They showed you how he, how he did it. How are we trained for, how are you prepared for it? Harry strapped himself in. They showed you all the engineering, all the mechanics, all the experts, all the f*****g people in the planes and choppers and cameras and everything.

1 (22m 38s):
They showed you all the tech and I'm watching this and I'm going, yeah, it still very watchable. But David, Blaine's the King of f*****g magic. That's who he is. He's the magic guy. He's a street magic dude. That's what we all know him for. Why you showing how he does it? I can ridiculous. I was sitting there and watching it and I'm like, what, what am I watching it is I actually stopped halfway through. And I'm like, is there some, are they gonna like do a cut of this? Look at the end. Like, is it going to eventually stop and go?

1 (23m 8s):
Okay. And now David Blaine and then he comes out and then he does it. And they showed us sort of, of sort of thinking. Maybe it's like a prep thing. It was f*****g bizarre. It was so bizarre to watch it, check that out. Tell us what you think. It's the f*****g spider season. I was walking. My dog got out this morning and walk the dog and this f*****g spotlight. I noticed one of those little black eval looking f*****s.

1 (23m 39s):
They kinda look like a red backs and to anyone or in Europe or Canada to the Americas, wherever, wherever it is absolutely f*****g through what they say about Australia. We have so many deadly spiders here. I kind of forget and f*****g snakes and f*****g everything. It's not, it's not that bad though. You'll you'll figure it out. If you get your, but I gotta play the part right to play the f*****g time. He came in here.

1 (24m 10s):
It's dangerous. We're all f*****g tough m***********s over here. We're all Crockett crocodile Dundee. But there was one of these little black f*****s above my head. Why he's little look like a red back, but without the thing, I dunno, I'm not a f*****g spotter expert, but 'em. And then I notice when like, were we have got like a tap outside, refill the dog's water bowl and has a bucket there. Cause there's no drain. And there's a f*****g spot.

1 (24m 41s):
Look at giant ass spider in the bucket. And last year there wasn't that many. I don't know what it was about. Like generally every f*****g summer way of spider is like in our house. We always find Huntsman's white tails

2 (24m 54s):
And daddy long legs.

1 (24m 58s):
Last year I found a few daddy long legs. And that was he, there was a couple of Huntsman's outside, like near the bins and s**t, but I'm yeah, it was about it. Huntsman's the f*****g, once you get used to them, once you get used to how creepy and big they look, they're actually DeMoss as Huntsman's the, the, like the what's that big Dog is it the, not the Doberman? There's a really big, Dog like the Scooby type of dog, not the Scooby, the Shaggy's Dog from are you guys will tell me.

1 (25m 30s):
Umm, it's like that. Dog they're really big, but really dumb and scared of everything. I had a guy, I called him, Pete. He I'd be barbecuing outside and he just lived up the top. They're in my f*****g, under my pergola. It just sat there. I think he just liked the smell of the mate. And he just sat there. I think he was there for about two years. Obviously they go and they hibernate or whatever they do in the, in the winter, but he'd come out every summer and he'd just f*****g chill there. But generally they're the dope is f**k.

1 (26m 2s):
The, the Huntsman's in there scared of everything. They'll like runaway at you. Most times Rock run away from you most times. Although it did have one, try to jump on me once. Anyway, definitely spider season. I don't know what's up with that cause it's still being fairly chilly. So I don't know something weird is going on.

2 (26m 21s):

1 (26m 25s):
Buzzsprout some, I'm putting all these shows on bud decided on buzz for it. I don't know why. Cause I'm a lazy f**k and I can't be f**k working out my own website and stuff, but I'm going to put all this on Buzzsprout so they got some weird thing with show length. I figured out like, I think, I mean, I can talk for f*****g hours as you guys can already tell. And I'm like,

3 (26m 54s):

1 (26m 55s):
Show lengths. I think they have like these, these limits per month. Cause the way it works is you pay for your hosting. I, by the way to get on a Buzzsprout and bus spray, it gimme some money. I don't know how that works. We've got some affiliate programs and s**t, but anyway, they had to have these show length limits. It's like white. And I think their max, maybe, maybe it's wrong. Maybe once you get, maybe that's just what they advertise and I'm going to talk s**t, but maybe that's what they advertise. So they have like a like, you know, free.

1 (27m 25s):
And then the low plan in the medium, one of the high one, and I'm looking at at the high one and it's like, what was it like 12, 14, 15 hours or whatever it was. I'm like, is that all a month? Jesus, I can do that in a week or two. So I'm going to have to figure that out if I go overboard. So stay tuned on that. When I mentioned about the spiders this morning, when I was, I noticed a spot, but when I was out feeding the dog before I walked in, cause I'm trying to like fit.

1 (27m 60s):
I'm trying to fi I'm trying to get him to s**t on our walks dude. Why is s******g all over my f*****g backyard? I understand that's where they wanna ship. But he said he started to shift where the kids play in the, in the play area with you in a cubby house, in a slide and a trampoline and stuff. And he's being s**t

3 (28m 26s):

1 (28m 27s):
It has been s******g in the back obviously. Cause it's nice on his feet. My old dog used to do that too. And I don't know, I kind of want to sort that out. So my old Dog, I used to love it. He was f*****g trained. He was a Labrador and I had him trained so well that I would walk him up the street turn right. There was a park, there was a Lake and some paths and he would just take a giant f*****g dump. And he must've seen us go to the toilet when he was a pup. Cause

3 (28m 58s):
He used to think that

1 (28m 60s):
If he, he would plunk his ass up in here,

3 (29m 2s):
Well Bush and he would

1 (29m 4s):
S**t in the Bush basically like as if it was a toilet, it was f*****g hilarious. So 'em and no, absolutely. I f*****g hate picking up after my Dog. F**k you society pick up off. Do you Dog listen. I'm a reasonable guy. If my, if I walk past your house and my dog takes a s**t on your foot path or your driveway or in your f*****g roses, I'm going to f*****g get a bag, dry rate in my f*****g mouth and pick it up and sort it out.

1 (29m 39s):
But I'm sorry if I'm, if I'm at the, like on the walking trail or at a Lake or at a park or in the Bush and my, my Dog decides to s**t somewhere in a grassy f*****g area. F**k. No, I'm not picking that up. That's mother nature. Jesus f*****g Christ. And some fat Karen has walked around our neighborhood and put up signs. There's no, I felt like taking a text, but she's she's written. There's no pickup after your Dog there's no magic poop fairy.

1 (30m 12s):
First of all, lady were in Australia. There's no such thing as poop. Okay. Let's sort of Americans say were in Australia. It's f*****g poo. It's s**t. It's crap. Okay. Pooh PWO right. So, so you know, if I'm walking out with him, of course, if it's in an area where kids are playing and stuff, of course I'm going to pick up his s**t, but Jesus f*****g Christ. It's mother f*****g nature. Like that's what happens? Why, why birds allowed to s**t?

1 (30m 44s):
Why? I mean f*****g horses. You see people in certain parts of here where I am. If you, if you drive, you know, five minutes out from where I am, they're all f*****g walk their horses around in the streets. Then the horses should on the f*****g rode on the footpaths Fisher. Lot of s**t in the sea. Why dogs? I think I'm going to turn this into a social justice issue. Why dogs picked on dogs are basically being racially abused. I'm speaking of which are my dogs, my old dog was racist.

1 (31m 17s):
He bark it. He, he had a corral of black dudes put 'em, but my current Dog doesn't like masks. So he was a f*****g legend. Hey, he went to s**t at the UW, went s**t in the bushes, out in the park. But apart from that, he's a f*****g legend. He's a bit of a weirdo. He's got some weird things he does, but he definitely doesn't like mass and I'm not being a Dick about it. But when, when like I'll, I'll be at the park with the kids or something. And I'm not allowed on the equipment though.

1 (31m 49s):
Cause like COVID-19, they're illegally on the swings when I'm at the park with them. But if I'm sitting down on the bench and somebody comes up to me and you know, they want to pet the dogs, they say he's a puppy and stuff and he he'll f*****g ground at the start. And I'm like, sorry, it's it's Yamahas I'm not trying to be a Dick, but he doesn't like f*****g mass. You know? Why do you know why? Can't because he thinks you're a f*****g burglar.

1 (32m 18s):
Mmm, no. Like seriously you don't. He doesn't like it. As soon as if you're not wearing a mask, I noticed it down the street. He will notice you're wearing a f*****g mask from a mile away. He's a, he is a Kelpie cross lab. And to all you f*****g American d********s out there that are going to start f*****g stealing our Kelpies. Now you did with the, the Australian f*****g shepherd or the Australian cattle dog. I noticed that as their huge in America, in the States now everybody's f*****g got one. It ran cattle dog.

1 (32m 49s):
Mmm. If he is he going to get a Kelpie, just be mindful that they're nippers, not Asians, their, their, their nippers, they bite when they cause they're trained to f*****g fight at the, the heels in the ankles of f*****g shape. And so when we first got him, I'm in this guy, who's like four or five, six weeks old. And he was chasing my kids, ran in the house, f*****g biting their ankles. So we slowly got him to stop doing that by me putting my foot up his ass a few times. But yeah, he's pretty much stopped doing that.

1 (33m 22s):
He, his instinct is to go and do it. So now he just mails lucky. He opens his mouth sort of thing to do it. But yeah, just be mindful if you get a Kelpie I've I'd heard about that, but it actually didn't think it would be such a problem, but it was a huge problem. We were, we're close to getting rid of him at one stage if he was going to continue to do it because he started to get bigger. But yeah, he's kind of stopped now. So yes, but dogs are f*****g awesome.

1 (33m 52s):
I'm loving having a Dog again, we didn't have a dog for a while. After our old, one of my old Dog f*****g saved us from getting burgled or robbed or whatever it was. My wife was at home with my daughter. She was probably six months old at the time. And I was on the phone when this happened and the old Dog never barked it. Wasn't like this guy that's got box at f*****g everything. Especially people wearing f*****g stupid facemasks cause he's a f*****g legend, but he I'm an old dog.

1 (34m 28s):
I was on the phone to my wife and just checking up on them. She was still, you know, the, the baby was still being bottle fed at the time. And she was in the kitchen. As I spoke to him where my kitchen is, there's a back guy near kind of get to go down the drive way to get to the gate. So there's no way a regular person from walking passed would have, I don't know, f*****g their cat would have ran into the f*****g driveway or something. You've got to purposely go down there to get to the gate. And I heard my dog barked my, my old, my old dog, but it never barked.

1 (35m 1s):
I heard him bark. And first thing I said on the phone is what's that. And I heard my wife kind of strike. She's like, Oh, what? And then she's obviously turned to look and he said, Oh my God, there's someone at the guy. It was the guy in a f*****g black hoodie and he s**t himself. And he obviously ran a Lysa. Christine's run to the front and seen this guy running past the hedges. So Dog is a f*****g great man. Get yourself a Dog if you're worried about a security, get yourself a Dog I think even insurance companies say like, I reckon I reckon something like, I don't know, it's some huge f*****g statistic where a decrease in people getting their houses f*****g robbed.

1 (35m 46s):
You have a Dog even if it's a Chihuahua or something, but I'm yeah, it definitely young Maiello. Mmm. And my friend gave me s**t about the, why does your Dog? Why don't you Dog named after a, a, a right wing gay guy, Milo Yiannopoulos, whatever happened or that f**k it. He just have like his 15 minutes of fame. That guy, it was pretty funny. I don't know. I suppose you just got the platform, right?

1 (36m 17s):
F**k off de platforming. What else is going on? Yeah. Other than that, I'm feeling really f*****g good. My, both my brothers helped me out with this thing and a one of his best friends. He is doing like the logo and s**t for me. So yeah, I'm feeling pretty blessed at the moment and it's just feels good. It's like, I'm telling, it's like f*****g therapy getting in the car. They have my coffee, I talk s**t and I'm going to get to work.

1 (36m 52s):
But now I'm feeling pretty blessed at the moment. Thank you to everyone that has helped me out with this. And if you are listening, yeah. Just f*****g subscribe. Tell your friends it's a, I suppose you could call it a Melbourne based. Podcast obviously I talk s**t. That's really what it is. It's a s**t talking Podcast so pass it on. I'm hoping to figure out all this Buzzsprout s**t today and over the weekend.

1 (37m 26s):
Today's Friday and hopefully have all this uploaded too. All the popular networks and directories and stuff next week, and then hope to get, umm, all the right equipment sorted out. So I'm not coughing and sneezing and wheezing and shuffling and, and there's all sorts of weird s**t going on in the background. Where are we at? 37 f*****g minutes. Alright, sweet guys.

1 (37m 56s):
It's been fun. I'll catch you on the m***********g flip side.