Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0008

September 07, 2020 Andrei R Episode 8
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0008
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0008
Sep 07, 2020 Episode 8
Andrei R

Luke Darcy from Triple M Melbourne puts his big boy pants on and gives it to Dictator Daniel Andrews about the COVAIDs and actually asks him real questions, Amazon, Avi Yemini, Bill Burr's helicopter, get outta here bro. 

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Luke Darcy from Triple M Melbourne puts his big boy pants on and gives it to Dictator Daniel Andrews about the COVAIDs and actually asks him real questions, Amazon, Avi Yemini, Bill Burr's helicopter, get outta here bro. 

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
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Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
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Hello and welcome to the Average Joe podcast. M my name's Andre Rytary. I will be your hosts because I M Average Joe M this will be Episode eight. I wasn't actually going to record anything today because, well, because I f*****g listened to the first few and ah, the sound quality is pretty p**s poor, so M, I thought I'd leave it be, but I just decided on some news and R I should record something.

1 (1m 2s):
So I've got some of the M the equipment should hopefully be arriving this week. And once I have the equipment, everything should sound a lot better. So I do apologize to people out there, if this is M or has been annoying, listening to, you know, high and low pitches and ruffling and muffled sound and whatnot, I've got M, Buzzsprout have hooked us up with something. They call magic mastering.

1 (1m 33s):
I think that seems to sort of help. But as I say, we have some equipment coming this week and hopefully once we, once I get myself set up, everything should sound a lot better. So stay tuned for that. But no, I just thought I'd update on a few things, so I'm just gonna get straight into it. So as I said, I wasn't even going to record anything today for Episode eight. I was going to wait until I had all the new equipment and then go from there.

1 (2m 4s):
But I thought, you know, M may his f*****g well, so Dictator Dan Daniel. Andrews on Triple M this morning with Triple M 40 M Melbourne mornings with M Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy. So Luke Darcy Barkin Amad him with questions and it was absolutely glorious. I think I've listened to what about three times already? If you haven't had a lesson head on over to M my Twitter you can find the link there.

1 (2m 38s):
So it's R Andre retard to open bracket Average Joe close bracket or at Andrei <inaudible> M spelling is R O T a R you for Rytary you, excuse me. It was phenomenal. And, and, and it had me sitting there realizing, hang on a sec, this is the first interview. This piece of s**t has done M piece of s**t been Daniel Andrews M this is the first interview this guy has done.

1 (3m 11s):
That's not on his platform. It's not in his offices. It's not in his domain. M I think the entire time, but I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's probably effectively the first time he's actually come on air somewhere and you could tell he was completely out of character. He was getting, you know, M bamboozled by some of the questions he tried to come out there and they had a little bit of a tip for Tatton and M Luke Darcy because Luke does, would be effected, lost, tired.

1 (3m 47s):
And as far as honor, the guy owns restaurants and things. So, I mean, he he's, he's effectively probably umm, in the red and has been since this whole thing started, but M, there was a bit of a tit for tat and ah, Darcy got him so good. It was f*****g Epic. He's turned around and said, you know, I can't believe you're saying M mr. Minister. You know, I can't believe you're saying that there's only two ways. It's 50 50. So either this way or that way, when there's a, you know, heaps of different ways, you can manage this and he's gone all while, you know, Darcy, M actually inspiring.

1 (4m 26s):
You know, they got down a 200 tie shoes and not let it get away from them. Darcy and M and they they've got thousands. And then M, Luke Darcy just comment and said, well, cases don't mean Jack s**t. He said, yeah, their cases have gone up, but their deaths have actually gone down and I thought it was f*****g brilliant and he just hit him. And he just said, mate, you know, you've had 500 doctors come out, signing an open letter saying, you're going, you're completely going about this, the wrong way.

1 (4m 57s):
You know? And here you are with Brett Sutton, that little dweeb, that little f*****g c**k smoking dweeb M comes out and M and says, Oh no, this is the only way. And it's our way or the highway. And he says, Darcy basically just said to him, mate, nobody can even get in touch with, with M this Brett Sutton that the minister for health or whatever his freaking title is the one that's making all the decisions along with Dan Daniel Andrews and who, by the way, how's it even turned up for half the f*****g press conferences he was missing again on, on Sunday.

1 (5m 38s):
And then I believe right in the middle of the, the peak of all this a couple months back, he just f*****g went missing. People thought he'd resigned in the, the premiums. It all he's he's on leave what? You're on f*****g leave. Brit satin leave. You're taking an annual f*****g leave in the middle of what you yourself were saying is the worst f*****g health crisis in the f*****g known history of this city and this state.

1 (6m 8s):
And you're f*****g leave. What the f**k? Jesus Christ. That's like f*****g, I don't know what that's like. I can't even put it into perspective. That's like f*****g taking a sickie at the world, cup f*****g finals. If you're f*****g Brazil, Germany, and you're their f*****g lead striker. And you decide to take, Aw naw, look up. I've got the sniffles or I'm actually going on holiday. R what are you talking about?

1 (6m 40s):
This is a one in a four year event. You've got to be here. And this, according to these Muppets is a one in a f*****g once in a lifetime event. And the guys being I'd like, love to see it. Tell you, I think he's been missing that Brett Sutton. I think he's probably missed wakes pro probably probably five to 10 days. He's probably missed. M where he just hasn't been there. He hasn't turned, he hasn't turned up at all. Think on Sunday, he had some, some guy fill in for him, but yeah, he M you've you've got to listen to it.

1 (7m 12s):
I'm going to be after this. So I'm going to go to listen to what again, it was a f*****g happy. So it was the first time. All you p**s weak journalists and all you p**s weak politicians out there should be f*****g ashamed of yourselves. An AFL f*****g footy commentator has to come out here and f*****g stand up for, for people and be the voice for most Victorians because all you p**s weak bastards out there, p**s weak f*****g reporters and journalists. Well, that's what you call yourselves. Don't R don't ever ask any real questions.

1 (7m 43s):
You don't ever actually put it to him and pressured him to answer. And the first f*****g chance we get as Victorian's to do what I'm so f*****g proud, ya know, and a guy from the sporting world comes out M guy that knows how to f*****g give a few comes out and actually gives him some f*****g hard questions and pressures for him to answer. And then doesn't just let him get away with it. Actually calls him on his b******t, calls him on his, on his own. On the point about Spain, f*****g calls him out on it, calls him out on the M on the doctor's in the health experts, calls him out on that as well and says, well, actually, you know, I'm not gonna keep ranting on this component.

1 (8m 24s):
Just listen to what it's f*****g Epic. Listen to it and share it. And hopefully it will summon some or must drop some f*****g courage in these p**s, weak flogs out there p**s weak flags. I can't believe how f*****g wake some of these people are. And funnily enough, the women have f*****g stood up. Cause all the blokes are to s**t scared. If you actually listen to the press conferences, it's it's, it's the female reporters f*****g arking up.

1 (8m 55s):
Mmm, well the f*****g pussified f*****g male ones sitting in the back, f*****g s**t, cheating themselves. Jesus Christ. But anyway, let's just get a few M house. Housekeeping. Let's get a few housekeeping things out the way. So we're now on M most of the Podcast apps. Thank you very much. Buzzsprout they make it pretty f*****g easy. If you're looking to start a podcast, get on to Buzzsprout it's a very, it's literally point and click type stuff.

1 (9m 31s):
So we're on most of the Podcast apps are on Spotify. M although we're hard to find. I think the, the algorithm still hearing is the best ways to just go to Average Joe f**k. What is it? Is it Average Joe Podcast or Average Joe I can't f*****g remember. I'll I'll put the link in the show notes, but M it's either Average Joe or Average Joe podcast.buzzsprout.com M so go there and link from their, it links to umm, all the different M RSS feeds and Podcast listening apps and things that were already on and we've got more coming to sew.

1 (10m 10s):
We should be on Google and our hope Apple in the coming weeks. And then Amazon as well. Speaking of Amazon f*****g segway there M who's reading on a, on a ABC this morning that M Amazon have signed a smart meter deal with, with Victorians. Of course, Victorians are actually think it's with the whole nation, but it was a Victorian based article. I was reading M they've signed a smart meter deal.

1 (10m 42s):
So most people who run aware overseas. So Australia was one of the first countries to sign smart meter deals. They're basically little, little M, you know, wifi M communicate as it sits in your electrical box, outside your home. And they're connected to that salt raids. It basically reads all the energy consumption data and, and usage information M and then shoots it off M to this f*****g smart grid cloud or whatever the f**k it is.

1 (11m 18s):
And now Amazon, I'm going to be getting it. Yay. Amazon R we love Amazon listening to us all and f*****g helping prevent a crime. It was the pre crime and all their b******t that they've been caught doing. M like in f*****g minority report or whatever that movie was. So Amazon of Cindi. M a deal basically where, and of course they, they try to do it through M subsidiary companies because they know what they're doing is f*****g evil.

1 (11m 51s):
So they sign a M they signed a deal where they're basically gaining access to all of our smart data and then information M to do what with you might ask. Well, I mean, you know, what would you do with it if you are Amazon they're probably going to sit there and they're going to figure out, okay, you know, they're going to get all the information about what you do when you're home, what lights you turn on, what appliances use it, going to get all the usage data from all the appliances. And they're basically going to turn around and I gather a, from a commercial point of view, they'll they'll come out within they'll design products.

1 (12m 28s):
M that'll be better for people. That's what they'll say, but it's kind of creepy because I mean, you know, I have no f*****g evidence. I'm sure I can find them. It just can't be f*****g bothered. People denied anyway. Even if you show them evidence and this is why R lately with the whole crew. And I think I don't, I don't get into the numbers. It was just, I don't, I mean, I can, but it just don't because you can, you can argue numbers to the cows, come home and people that are on that side that, you know, fully brainwashed, you can argue until you turn blue in the face with numbers and they'll argue with their numbers.

1 (13m 10s):
And it's just, I just go off common sense. I just go off. Well, this is what I see around me. And this is, M what people are telling me. And this is what I know to be true. And that's it. And the reality is people aren't falling over, dead in the street, but M, I think what Amazon going to do is apart from the commercial side of things, they're probably going to give all that f*****g data and information too, to governments and f*****g who knows in Australia, ACO in America, the NSA, I mean, there's been cases already where they've convicted people and they've, they've used Amazon f*****g Alexa information.

1 (13m 49s):
M now Amazon is it? I mean, Amazon is evil. Jeff Bezos is, you know, a f*****g, you know, I'm and the latest M, but you know, let's not forget that a lot of people make money and they do have businesses on Amazon because it is a marketplace. So, but this is what they do. They, and you know, Apple and all these companies, Google, they sort of, they, they sort of help with one hand, they give with one hand, they take with the other, you know, like most governments and giant instance institutions.

1 (14m 22s):
But I think that's f*****g creepy in the room. The auditor general actually M did I M did his research and looked into the smart meter, you know, that's the whole organizing of it and, and, and the investment into it. And it costs taxpayers $2 billion to put those f*****g smart meters in. And there's been no return on it. Like there's, there's, there's nothing of, you said of com that has come out of it. There's been no benefit at all.

1 (14m 54s):
We've spent all this money all, but now we're going to say the benefit because now, cause governments, obviously, as we know, couldn't organize a fricking route in the unit. What, but M, but now that they're going to get these private companies on board, sell them air information. M are you also you'll soon start to see some things come out of it. Some benefits per se, what else is being going on? Novak Djokovic defaulted.

1 (15m 25s):
I'm from the us open because he accidentally hit one of the f*****g, well, what do you call them? Or they ref so they on pause. I dunno, what the f**k they, they call them in the tennis, but M accidentally hit her throat. Oh, and of course she's f*****g she's. M dropped down to her knees and f*****g pretended as though she'd been hit with a stray bullet, get the f**k out of here, honestly. And then he's come out and I'll look, I don't know, maybe it f*****g winded her or whatever it was, but if you watch the footage, I mean, it's not like he smashed it.

1 (16m 4s):
He just, he just loved it off to the side unintentionally. And if the, you know, if they're the rules of the game, they're the rules of the game, you know, you know, there's not much you can say on that. If M, if one of the M umpires or whatever they call them. And the tennis M has to, has to be swapped over. I mean, there might be some that they're probably thinking it could be interference, something dodgy going on. So of course you gotta call the game, but it was more just he's his reaction to it on social media afterwards, f*****g groveling.

1 (16m 40s):
And I'm so sorry. Me and my family, dude, what the f**k you talking about? It was a f*****g accident. Just f*****g man up. Say, you know, sorry. It was unintentional. I didn't mean it. I hope she recovers. Let me know where and if I can help out and I'm looking forward to M, you know, two, the next tournament, all the best of my competitor and that's it short and sweet. Don't f*****g grovel. Stop this f*****g groveling nonsense.

1 (17m 12s):
That's obviously become a part of everyone's f*****g lives. If you're, if you're anyone f*****g special, you've got an hour grovel to the public on f*****g social media for everything. F**k that. Don't apologize for s**t. You haven't done wrong. Basically. It's going to be interesting to see what comes of that because no doubt, all the talking heads, hula M continue the very interesting discussions. And then I can just see it in our people are probably gonna say he's a sexist pig because he, he didn't accidentally hit a man.

1 (17m 48s):
He hit a woman where it can ridiculous. Avi Yemini the Neo Nazi Jew. Obviously I'm taking the p**s for those that don't know who he is looking up. Avi Yemini I think spell it. Why Amy and I M. He is a, he's basically a, one of these commentators, his social media types. It's made a bit of a name for himself. He's add of my SIS pit city. Melbourne Australia. It does videos.

1 (18m 18s):
And I think he's just signed on with rebel news recently, but he went to the M lockdown protest freedom day on Saturday. And he was arrested that the footage is online. You can see it if you go to his YouTube channel Avi Avi M and ah, yeah, it was basically thrown to the ground with f*****g three, four, five cops jumping on him. And you can hear her. And because he's obviously got the mic attached, cause he's reporting, he's going.

1 (18m 54s):
I have a pass, I have a press pass. I have my credentials. They're in my pocket, they're in my pocket. And he keeps repeating that. And that was that. And okay. It may be, you know, you sit there and you go, okay, maybe they didn't know. Maybe he was with like one of the main groups or whatever that got taken down and they weren't aware and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever. And Avi is a pretty smart guy. I can imagine. He's he's somehow he's getting content out of this, obviously, but M that, wasn't the frightening part of the frightening part was he posted on Saturday nights after the event, they came too.

1 (19m 31s):
It was it Saturday or Sunday. I can't remember, but they came to his f*****g house in the middle of the night. You can see he's obviously quickly turned on his recording device and they've knocked on his f*****g, and he's obviously whispering because he's f*****g wife and kids are probably asleep in it and he's gone. He's basically said to them, and this video is online to his basically said M excuse me. M look, what are you doing? It's f*****g like, he's whispering. What are you doing? It's middle of the f*****g night. Why are you knocking on my door? And they're going, Oh, well your name's on the list.

1 (20m 2s):
And we've just come to do a compliance, check the compliance. What does that even f*****g make him comply with? What, like what, what does that actually mean? The compliance check. What are you complying with we're we're here to do a compliance check. M obviously that's all b******t. It was intimidation tactics. So they've rocked up to his house because he's been to a protest and he's telling them M, he's like, I'm part of the press. I'm with f*****g rebel news. I'm a legitimate, you know, I'm not just some f*****g guy on Twitter M with a legitimate news company.

1 (20m 36s):
And I have a, I had all my press passes and credentials approved and he goes, you've not only f*****g arrested me and you've thrown me to the floor, but now you can't. He's like, why are you at my f*****g house in the middle of the night? That is completely f*****g M uncalled for. And, but this is what, this is what these Starcy M storm, trooper f*****g police state type of dude type of guys do.

1 (21m 7s):
And guys, don't forget. I'm from Romania Eastern bloc, Europe. And I would hear my parents telling me these stories that this is what these guys did. They would intimidate you in the middle of the night. They'd bring you in for questioning. If you, you know, dad of a neighbor, f*****g dobbed on you for something I'm and this is what these guys are doing. So they've rocked up to his house in the middle of the night to intimidate him. And then when he said, when he basically, you know, M called their b******t and says, this is nonsense in the middle of the night, my f*****g kids are inside of his sleep.

1 (21m 41s):
What f*****g compliance check? What are you talking about? M and he said, well, you know, are you guys going to channel seven channel nine's house? As they, as the police left the police and turned around and, and said, Oh yeah, we'll see you tomorrow, mate. We'll catch up with you tomorrow, mate. That is com plate f*****g intimidation. That is the definition of intimidation right there. So basically Victoria police in the cesspit city that is Melbourne now come to your house in the middle of the night while your children, your innocent children and your wife are inside of sleep.

1 (22m 18s):
If you dare go to a protest and filming, even if your part of the news, because why? Because they can't control. They can't control. M rebel news. They can control channel seven and channel nine. We know that for a fact, channel seven, channel nine, all the big ones, SBS, ABC in Australia, they're all f*****g controlled. M completely and utterly by the state government. And you see it. If you, you know, you don't even have to believe me, just watch one of the press conferences.

1 (22m 50s):
None of them ask any questions. I mean, that's how I started off this f*****g podcast was because I was actually surprised, but I'm so excited to, to here and see that Luke Darcy from Triple M decided to M f*****g take it to him to put it to that f*****g Dictator prick of ours. So that, yeah, that's what they do now on the state. And that's what this is all about. If you just M, you know, to wind back, if you just listen to him when he discusses, this is Daniel Andrews on Triple M with Luke Darcy and Eddie McGuire.

1 (23m 29s):
When he, when he, when he's talking, you can hear like, I don't know if you know other people can't, but I can hear in his voice, I can just hear his f*****g, like his saving that he's, that somebody's questioning him now. And he, he actually, towards the end of the interview, he tries to talk over Luke Darcy and Luke holds his ground. And M, it's like, no, mate, we've let you talk now for a good solid five minutes. Now it's my turn. Don't forget. You're on my f*****g radio program. And he tries to talk over him probably a half a dozen times.

1 (24m 4s):
I'm the premiere. So it was so great to f*****g here. I still can't believe it. And so definitely there is light at the end of the tunnel with that, but M, that's the state that we're living in. Just a couple of M. What did I say before? Housekeeping things. So we're on most of those apps, as I said, I'm learning how to use audacity.

1 (24m 35s):
So bear with me as I set everything up, we should have a nice intro. Shout out, nice bit of a bluesy intro. Shout out to my younger brother. You can find him on. I think he's all like, well, he's all over the place. He's on. He's a DJ slash produce slash musician, sorta guy I used to, and he's still my, it used to go by the name DJ or G a R G Y. He still might. I'm not sure, but I believe he was also going by the awakening on SoundCloud.

1 (25m 10s):
So I'm pretty sure he's on Instagram, Facebook, all those types of things, which I do not use. And I do not recommend you use, because as I've said before, they are for women and gays, that's not being derogatory. Women and gays are socialites. They love to talk s**t. Men talk s**t, but mentor s**t to each other. That's the difference.

1 (25m 40s):
Women and gays talk s**t about each other. M it's like f*****g TMZ for, for regular people, social media. It's, it's completely designed for women to chit chat. I mean, that's what it's designed for. It's designed to talk s**t. And so I don't use it, use it for business purposes or this sort of stuff. Cause it will ruin your f*****g life. But anyway, he's on there. You can find him, look him up.

1 (26m 10s):
The guy that did my M artwork is another friend of mine, Benny Ben con Kong, but M K H O N G B U T M. I'm not sure where you can find him. He does some RD stuff. He's a athlete, a hurdler type of dude. I think he's made it to nationals and stuff in Australia before you can look him up, he should be on Twitter, Instagram and whatnot. If you want any artwork done logos, that sort of stuff M get onto him.

1 (26m 41s):
He does stuff by hand. If I, and then he sorta digitizes it. So M, if you like my artwork for this Podcast you want something similar for yourself or a business or a friend or whatever it is, hit him up. And that's about it. Our, by the way, some of the episodes of f****d up in their, their order, they're not sequential. They're not like, you know, one, two, three. I dunno how the f**k I did that while I was learning to use the Buzzsprout upload tool.

1 (27m 11s):
I thought that I, I could rearrange them, obviously you can't and I'm not willing to delete them and put them back up again. I've already done that once. So that's just someone in a f*****g 10 years from now is going to look back and go, ah, yeah. Why the episodes? One of them jumped from like f*****g one to five to three to seven to six. Yeah. That's because this is called the Average Joe podcast.

1 (27m 42s):
So sorry about that. But M, that's just the way it is. That's the way it will remain. There will be sequential from now on M. But, and just on that point about this being the Average Joe Podcast this is Average Joe his thinking about it before all the big Podcast as you listen to, and this used to p**s me off about them, you know, sitting there listening to guys like a Bill Burr M talking about his f*****g, his, his helicopter lessons, and he's looking at buying helicopter, dude.

1 (28m 12s):
You're so f*****g removed from reality, but yet they, they try to remain on that level. Like he tries to talk as if he's just a, ah, yeah, he's just a regular guy that likes his sports and a f*****g sandwich and a cold beer. Get the f**k out of you, dude. You're on f*****g, you have that many comedy specials. The only reason you go on Joe Rogan is the f*****g promote your s**t. What a great friend you are. M you've got f*****g cartoons. You got movies, you fly f*****g helicopters.

1 (28m 44s):
That's your hobby dude. You're not my f*****g hobbies. I f*****g have any, how about that? How about them? Apples? I don't have any hobbies. You know why? Cause I'm 35 f*****g years old and to have two kids and I'm locked in the f*****g house I'm and if I get to go out with friends and throw a f*****g line and the f*****g river are and try to catch a fish once a year, that's the f*****g good day. M so get the f**k outta here with your f*****g flying helicopters and all your b******t.

1 (29m 15s):
And you know, Joe Rogan, I'm sorry. You're not a regular guy to Rogan. You know, M, you know, pro I'll give props to him. You know, he's obviously worked hard for what he's got, but yeah, I'm sorry. I'm not building f*****g bunker production studio, you know, out in f*****g Austin, you know, worth millions of dollars. I'm sitting in my f*****g Hyundais f*****g or what is this f*****g car called?

1 (29m 47s):
I can't even remember anymore. M what does it say it up here? Not sitting in my f*****g Hyundais f*****g SUV thing in my f*****g garage at home. M I work a regular job, have a mrs. Have kids and a f*****g dog and live out in suburbia. So stop trying to f*****g pretend Podcast out there. You know, elitist that M, that you're somehow normal and you're, you're just like the everyday guy, you know, you understand the everyday guide.

1 (30m 22s):
There's Joe Rogan talking about the glass move to a hundred million dollar deal. And there he's talking about M universal basic income. What a f*****g Todd dude Joe do you understand? M somebody needs to make s**t. Like what if you're just giving people money? Where's food going to come from? You f*****g know. Do you understand the guys that M, you know, R build the roads and the houses and grow your food to understand if you took all that away from them and you just gave them free money that you printed M M that you kind of probably wouldn't have those sings, f*****g dumb arses.

1 (31m 7s):
M these guys are, as I say, they're so far removed and I'm no f*****g it. I wouldn't have a f*****g clue. I'm not an economist, but I understand that much understand. Yeah, you just kinda can't give people free money forever and have it lost and not be a problem because then s**t just sorta stops happening. You kind of need to have a risk reward. And this is where M the M modern monetary theory and all these, the socialist dimwits M where they're just so completely wrong in their thing.

1 (31m 39s):
They don't understand the risk reward factor that they think that M, they have all these utopian ideals. And they think that if you just, if everybody just bands together, you know that everyone bands together and yeah, and we, we share the M means of labor remains of production. Then we share the M. We share the profits that M things will all work out. Well, I'm sorry, but there's no reward in that in humans, by nature.

1 (32m 10s):
We're incentivized by rewards. And if there's one, you know, if I'm a caveman, I'm out in the middle of nowhere and there's another caveman there and there's one pair hanging off the tree. Well, yeah, you know, we could like build a ladder together and wife stole his f*****g energy and we could talk and shake hands and mate, and let's just say that he doesn't kill me and I don't kill him. And then we can have the pair or I can just f*****g run up there because that's in my nature to do so when I'm f*****g starving and I can just run up there and I can take the, jump up, take the pair, take it home and eat it between me and my family and my kids.

1 (32m 53s):
Because at the end of the day, there's when it comes down to. So M, that's what these guys don't understand. They don't understand the risk reward side of things. And M, they'll never understand it because they're retards, but you can't say that we're not, by the way, I'm never given up on the word rate ARDS. I'm never given up on the word gaze and I'm never, I'm not giving up on certain things. You know, M I was thinking about that word the other day. Like, I can't believe that's been f*****g politicized now. And that's, that's a f*****g social justice thing.

1 (33m 24s):
Now the word retard, f**k off the word, retards. Hilarious. M I'm going to continue to use it. So f**k you M but yeah, no, this is the Average Joe podcast. So, you know, this is where we differentiate ourselves, where I differentiate myself. I'm just a regular f*****g guy, you know, I'm not out there earning millions of dollars. F**k. I haven't even thought about monetizing this thing yet. Eventually. Not, not in the real sense eventually, you know, R I'd like to, but M no, it's just about talking s**t and putting it out there and letting people know that.

1 (34m 3s):
Yeah. There's other people out there like you, that, that, that think similarly to you and M, that are in a similar position to you and M, there's plenty of us out there. So with that, I think I'm going to call it right now. And hopefully the next time you hear this, we'll have the equipment set up. We'll have all of the M music mastering, sorta set up through audacity as the say, I've just learned how to add intros and whatnot, but I'm going to try to figure out how to clean up the audio myself before I send it off to Buzzsprout.

1 (34m 45s):
But yeah, look, shoot me an email. Average Joe podcast@protonmail.com. Average Joe podcast@protonmail.com. Shoot me a email with questions, comments. M whatever you want. If you want me to, you know, mention or talk about certain things, give us a, a yell and I'll, M put it out there and hopefully we can start doing something where M we had a few questions and comments each week or whatever it is each day.

1 (35m 19s):
And M we can go with on that note, somebody said to me that, you know, try to aim for, with your Podcast try to aim for like, was it like one awake on average for a month or whatever? Cause obviously, you know, some way some months are longer and some are shorter for a month or what I could f*****g feel. I could f*****g do four of these a day and I'm not trying to talk s**t and big note myself. M it's talking into a microphone.

1 (35m 50s):
It's not like there's much work. So I don't f*****g think that if you're a Podcast out there, you're doing, you're putting, putting a lot of effort into it. You lazy f***s. It's literally talking to a microphone for a little while and then taking that and uploading it to the internet. It's not f*****g hard work. So M yeah, definitely. I aim to R do, as many of these is as possible. The only reason I've been a little bit Slack the last few days is because yeah, just with all of the M technology and stuff, learning how to use Buzzsprout or Udacity getting listed on the, the, you know, platforms and yeah.

1 (36m 38s):
Just waiting for this equipment to come through. Cause I really don't want to, don't want to f**k with your guys' ears out there. I know I'm hearing the scratching in the, the coughing in the waiting and whatnot. Isn't fun. Mmm. And hearing all those weird, f****d up sounds. So this I'm hoping will be the last one I do through this M mobile microphone. And then hopefully the next ones will be done through a proper mic and, and mixer and straightened to the M computer.

1 (37m 9s):
And M go with that. But anyway, I'm going to call it. So cheers. Send me an email with whatever you want to talk about, whatever you want, my thoughts and opinions on, and M wait, we'll go from there later.