Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0009

September 09, 2020 Andrei R Episode 9
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0009
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0009
Sep 09, 2020 Episode 9
Andrei R

Why i'd hate to be 11 years old in Melbourne Australia or 14 in California :| COVAIDs, friend bubbles, yaaaaay! Alan Jones from 2GB is the only one telling it like it is, Neil Mitchell from 3AW blames the government for everything but wants the government to fix it, Israel & Palestine, sorting out politics and democracy, missing 411 David Paulides. 

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Why i'd hate to be 11 years old in Melbourne Australia or 14 in California :| COVAIDs, friend bubbles, yaaaaay! Alan Jones from 2GB is the only one telling it like it is, Neil Mitchell from 3AW blames the government for everything but wants the government to fix it, Israel & Palestine, sorting out politics and democracy, missing 411 David Paulides. 

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreiRotariu7
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Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
Retro Ryster
For audio, intros, music https://soundcloud.com/theawakening-official
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Hello and welcome to the Average Joe podcast. I'm your host on Andrei road, Terry, you, uhm, it is September the ninth today and we have a funny little show for you. So my pod casting equipment still has not turned up. So I'm still doing this from my Hyundai Tucson. I can't believe I forgot the model the other day in my phone.

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So we're just going to have to go with this for now. Get on to Average joe.buzzsprout.com. That's where you can get a, all the RSS links and fades and all the podcasting platforms it'll show you their, all the things that we're on. That's Average Joe doc buzzsprout.com. Sure. To send an email questions or comments in your abuse too. Average Joe podcast@protonmail.com send to abuse their and hit me up on Twitter at Andre Rytary I N D R E I R OT R I use the number seven on Twitter and you know, would hate to be right now.

1 (1m 45s):
I was thinking about this yesterday in Melbourne Australia, you know who I'd hate to be. I'd hate to be an 11 year old measuring your look cause in this state I'm background for you, the cesspit city says spit city in the city of Melbourne Australia and never come hear by the way, don't give us your money enough. I'm repeating myself and I've said that before, but don't give us your money. We don't deserve it. Go somewhere else.

1 (2m 15s):
Go to Hobart, go to Adelaide, go to Perth, go to the, the nice cities that, that aren't locking people down. But anyway, you know who I'd hate to be. I'd hate to be an 11 year old because in this state you've got to wear a mask from the age of 12. Imagine you're 11. So you're 11 yesterday, today you're 12. So yesterday the virus, can I get ya? The COVAIDs COVID-19 the COVID-19 couldn't get you yesterday, but it will get you today.

1 (2m 49s):
It was just waiting, waiting for midnight. So like a Stephen King movie or something happened with Stephen King. I saw him I'm getting lost to the bed, a podo sexing or something. Jesus cross the f*****g pedos are everywhere. Aren't they? But yeah, I would hate to be a, I hate to also be a 14 year old in California. How is that pedo law that got through to now? I understand, you know, they're all arguing at each other going, wow, no, actually the law isn't is not to have sex with kids.

1 (3m 24s):
It's its to is to make it legal for gay people to have sex with gay kids and what the f**k people have lost their f*****g minds. How about, how about no sex with no kids? You're f*****g weirdos. How about that? Stop, stop. Arguing specifics and technicalities. And how about, you know, you, you just stop f*****g kids. You weirdos. We, I, I don't think I support, I don't know.

1 (3m 57s):
I haven't thought about this too, too much in depth. I don't think I support capital punishment, but I think I do for pedophiles. I think for pedophiles, I do. So you're of a court and you, you know, you go to court and it's proven that your raping, you know, and I'm actually of the opinion that it's anyone under the age of 18, f**k this 16 year old stuff. What's the you're telling me you're in a 50 year old wealthy, intelligent man can go in, take a Sikh.

1 (4m 30s):
I mean 16 year olds of babies, basically the way they got no idea what's going on in the world. So you've got to be 18 to drink and drive and vote in this country. But you can be raped by a 40 year old head of the fuck's is out work anyway. But yeah, I'd hate to be a f*****g 11 year old because the Corona, it just, it waits until you turn 12 years old. It knows it's good. A superhuman artificial intelligence, collective consciousness network that it taps into.

1 (5m 6s):
And it knows its like the tooth fairy. It just knows when you're turning 12 and to protect yourself, you've got to put on a mask the day that you turn 12. So you don't have to do the day before, but you do when you turn 12, it's similar to like the curfew that they're changing from eight to nine. So they've sent a tweet out to the, to the virus and they've let it know that to only come get us off the nine o'clock now in the state, but some good news.

1 (5m 42s):
Finally, people are starting to wake up and they're getting stuck into Dan Andrews, look, Darcy CAUTI, Andrew Bogut, Dane Swan, Swan, EY, and even the PM. Plus many others that are just forgotten to mention their names. I forgot to note them down. I'm doing notes today. So everyone's getting stuck in, which is fantastic. I didn't even know what the rules are anymore. I've stopped.

1 (6m 12s):
As I say, I generally don't watch it anyway. I sort of, you know, for these events like him on, you know, Sunday coming out and updating us all about what we're allowed to not allowed to do. I kind of tuned in for that, but everything else up, I honestly have no f*****g clue. What's the led and what is an end? I'm more to the point. I'm just Why why do people give the government the power to tell them what they can and can't do, especially when it comes to their health and at the end of the day.

1 (6m 47s):
And let's be honest. What we're talking about is the sniffles. I understand that. I don't understand what Corona viruses, but I dunno,

2 (6m 57s):
It just kinda seems like every one that gets it in this country and maybe there's

1 (7m 1s):
Different variations of an art odd f*****g know,

2 (7m 3s):
But maybe just kind of seems like everyone in this country,

1 (7m 6s):
I kind of just recovers from it. Like if you're not 90 years old and don't have cancer or blood clots in your brain and don't have cardiovascular disease and aren't on a breathing tube that you're probably just gonna survive. Friend bubbles, like talking about friend bubbles now,

2 (7m 30s):
Friend bubbles. Yay.

1 (7m 33s):
I mean it was f*****g grown adults on the radios listening to three IDW. Yes. Today. And I forget the woman's name, the one that runs the in the mid day program. She's on they're and she's interviewing someone in the rec team drugged up f*****g wiggles, wiggles, you know, they're the kids and entertain them.

2 (7m 55s):
It is yay friend, bubbles going to be in my friend bubble. But if you're in my friend bubble who's friend bubble, will I go in, can I have a different person in my friend bubble? What if, what if, what if you have an argument with the person and your friend bubbles, like it it's f*****g in it

1 (8m 13s):
Saying Why people seeking permission to see their friends. Just go f*****g do it. No who's going to stop you. What are they going to do now? You can't see your friend. R what, what are you going to do? Mr. Police officer to find me. Okay, I'll take the fine. And then I'll see you in court. What people do that? Why don't people grow f*****g pear without sounding like a I'm like a Renegade rebel, try hard. It surprises me.

1 (8m 43s):
I was at a barbecue on the weekend with probably a dozen people. People that are know and the neighbors as well, the neighbors that f*****g it dozen people over for father's most people I know out and an outer suburbs. Is it just kinda going to f*****g or whatever? I'm just over it. Just overall the nonsense. B******t. Just go on about your lives. If it, if they want to, what are they going to do it, they're going to imprison everyone. They're going to find everyone. It's impossible.

1 (9m 14s):
Just use your common sense. It's impossible for them to find everyone. It's impossible for them to put everywhere and in prison. So just go, go bet your lives and stopped seeking permission from everyone. Ellen Jones is probably the only f*****g person I know in the media. One of the big media personalities, that's actually calling it out and full. So, you know, you've got guys like, you know, the ones I just mentioned and Sam Newman and some of the guys on three eight w here, which is that popular talk back.

1 (9m 50s):
I am stationed in Melbourne Ellen's on too. GB I think, you know, there are people calling it, but they're not calling it out in full that, calling it out with this typical Australian f*****g, you know, apathy and this, this sort of, I dunno, this, this, I don't even know how to describe it. This like, like they, they they're giving power, so they'll call it out. But then now, then they'll revert back and still give power back to the government.

1 (10m 22s):
So they'll call it out and they'll go, you know, this is nonsense. We should be able to see our friends or, but you know, like as long as the numbers are coming down, we should be able to no, no, you you're all it's collective insanity a year ago. You weren't concerned with the number of flu deaths. You weren't concerned with the number of anything other than I'll tell you what people were. The only numbers people were concerned with was 'em the price of f*****g fuel, which is something that people are always saying seemingly concerned with and where they footy team, how many goals their footy team is kicking with it for the team was on the ladder.

1 (11m 1s):
They're were the only numbers people were concerned with every day. Australia now everyone's concerned with all their numbers. Are we gonna bring the numbers down in, Oh, the numbers dissecting f*****g single digit numbers of diseases. They know nothing about Get barked. So Alan Jones is the only guy that I've seen calling it out in full. And he just says, it's all nonsense. Let's go back to normal. All of it, all of its nonsense.

1 (11m 31s):
So well done. Alan Jones even though I don't know, isn't Ellen Jones didn't he ever he's like, he's a weird guy. He's in, he's f*****g coached all of these rugby teams and he's a f*****g presenter and he's done all this widget. Didn't he get caught being a Butterball by hand in London, like the seventies or, or something. I go to court, frickin I'm bumming bumming books and in the London toilet anyway, whatever each to their own.

1 (12m 5s):
But yeah, he he's the only one calling it out, you know, Neil Mitchell on the other hand, which is like he's he's Melvin's version and you couldn't get more contrast in, this is a perfect if you're, if you want to understand Sydney versus Melbourne and I'm not a fan of Sydney, by the way, I think the, the cities, I'm just not a fan. I'm not going to get into it. But if you want a perfect example of the contrast and the difference between Sydney and Melbourne Neil Mitchell from Melbourne Ellen Jones for Sydney, Ellen Jones says it equity, and it says it how it is.

1 (12m 38s):
He doesn't f*****g pull any punches. Neil Mitchell on the other hand, he kind of half R he kind of half does. So, you know, I agree with him on a lot of issues, but then he just sort of, he sorta subverts in the van, he just submits in all, well, we needed to do this. So Neil, Mitchell come in and he's blaming the government for everything, you know? So he's, he's blaming Dan Andrews and Brett Sutton and whatnot, but then he, then he, then he pulls punches and then he wants to give the government more power to fix it yesterday.

1 (13m 13s):
Was it yesterday? Yeah. Yesterday he was talking about 'em or you know, Neil, Mitchell his plan add to this is he, he reckons we need a

2 (13m 22s):
Recovery minister. We need a recovery minister. So now we need more government pals. Now we need to give them more pals again. My, the government Neil wake up. You old prick, you all dumb bastard. The government is the reason we're in this mess and no, not, not because of the, the, the hotel quarantine fiasco. No, the whole thing, the whole thing was known about

1 (13m 50s):
In, in, in intelligence circles probably November last year.

2 (13m 55s):
And it was definitely known in the media and the public by January of this year, yet they f*****g imported everyone in billions of dollars, worth of security, thrown out the window. They imported it all in and yet they're punishing you in there. You want to give them more pals to give them a recovery minister, more opportunity for them to f**k it up. Hey, Neil Why cop night. How about we don't give the government many pals and we limit their powers and how about the rest of us?

2 (14m 26s):
And we just, we just have an option. We just have an actual liberal,

1 (14m 29s):
The rule option in this nation. Yeah.

2 (14m 31s):
The way we say, you know what, if you want

1 (14m 35s):
I'm to go in and you're willing to risk getting the sniffles and dyeing like humans have done since the Dawn of man, if you want to take that risk happy, don't you just take that risk?

2 (14m 48s):
Mmm. I can sit in a car and drive on the freeway 100 kilometers

1 (14m 52s):
An hour and I take that risk. But, but I can't go out my house without wearing a nappy on my face, the diaper. Cause that's what it is and walk around. And then I've got to socially distance and then I've got to do this and I can't go into a cafe. Can't do all these things. How about Neil? How about no. How about you? Just let f*****g humans, adults go about their, their business. And if people want to hide in their house, like people do, you know, there there's psychological issues people have, and they're scared of germs and bogs.

1 (15m 27s):
And I have social anxiety and all that. If people want to do that, that's fine. Go do that. Go hide in your house, go scrub your hands 50 times a day. And if people want to check people, when they come into their own premises or their own businesses or their own houses, and they want to make them wear a mask or they want to take their temperature. How about you? Leave that up to the, those people. How about that? How about individual and sovereign rights and responsibilities of human beings and stop f*****g trading people like, like I was gonna say like children, but like 12 year olds.

1 (16m 3s):
How about that? How about stop trading people like their f*****g children? Neil Why cup might get some, you know, that's a logical fallacy, you know, we're going to blame the government, all of the government. It's all the government's problem. So what's your solution. Your Aw more government. You are a f*****g Nimrod. Get off the air, retire, go move to a home. Neil AstraZeneca vaccine trial. Yeah. So they've, I dunno, they've killed someone.

1 (16m 35s):
They'd had a wedding going to think of killed, but they've had a major issue. The vaccine shot and no s**t, no s**t. Someone's had a really bad reaction to a vaccine that they're trying to rush through and they're pouring billions into, for a virus. It's I was reading a state it's it's not even that they think it's, it's an evolving and it's meditating itself into its own sort of destruction.

1 (17m 7s):
And it's just that there's not even that many cases anymore. Basically. It's sort of dying out on its own, which is what these coronaviruses do, man. Anyway, Dale, haitch, I've been watching a bit of him lately. They all hate on YouTube is going to know the YouTube channel. It's kind of like that R that are the Aussie guy, Mack Sagan. Although Dale's from Melbourne or at least Victoria, I think so he is pretty good.

1 (17m 38s):
It does a lot of stuff on the virus. So check him out. I've been watching a bit of him, although he gets into a lot of this Palestine stuff. He is clearly a protegee or a student. I of this maxi vegans. I mean, come on man. Seriously. I've got no cure, no clue about any of that s**t. And people always want to know what side you're on. I had this funny story, but this, I was taking German classes where it was living in and dressed in Germany with, with my wife slash girlfriend slash partner at the time and in dressed in it.

1 (18m 23s):
And there was this Israeli journalist girl and she was, she was taking the same class as me. And they always want to know Jewish. People always want to know where you stand. I mean, people generally do, but she was, she got f*****g p****d off that I told Rob, I could care less. I don't know nothing about the issue and I could care less about it. It doesn't affect me or my world. She got pretty p****d off, but I mean, that whole thing like Dale, H may I want to support you.

1 (18m 55s):
And I am by putting you out there, here, but just, just quit with the Palestine and stuff. I mean, let him sort it out. So like two f*****g kids fighting. I don't care what son and daughter fight. And I hear screaming and whingeing and slapping. And I kind of just, I'm kind of over the, the, you know, getting involved, just f*****g, let him sort it out night. And now I don't care. You're going to ask them someone probably started it. But how far back do you go? It's I can't fall back to you and go, okay, so today, you know, maybe my son Slapsy sister, and maybe tomorrow she pulls his hair or whatever it is, but how far back do you go?

1 (19m 37s):
Like, do you go back to, well, when he was two, he made that face in him. We've never been quite the same since like it's f*****g ridiculous. Sorted out. Like to fight in. kids' sorry. Israel sorry. Palestine kinda, I don't care. I know a bad s**t happens and people die and whatnot, but sorted out, not interested, you know, bad. Everyone's doing bad s**t on both sides. So what you should out when you saw it with no international intervention, that's how they sought out Israel and Palestine, by the way, no one is allowed like a one on one, you know, we'd have these straight fights when we're kids and it was, you know, to sorted out the best way possible.

1 (20m 16s):
There's one on one, we'd be at a party. And so, so it wasn't an unfair, you know, cause one guy might have more friends than the other, you know, you've just, everybody would yell out one Oh one, one Oh one and you just sought it out. One-on-one and that's what needs to happen in, in Israel and Palestine, let the two nations and let the two peoples sword it the f**k out. And if it resorts to violence and shooting and killing, well, let them f*****g sort it out that way though. I want to sort it out politically or with money or would it let them store it out?

1 (20m 49s):
But yeah. Okay. They all hate to just, just chill on the whole Palestine thing, mate. All right. Stick to the f*****g calling out the pedos anyway enough with the COVAIDs COVID-19 Kane on any day, I need to do Jamie. Cause I wanted to get one of those or I might be able to do it myself. And there's one of those soundboards. I loved to put some, some things in there. Anyway, if you want to be my Jamie Email me. Umm, why is it

3 (21m 19s):
The pathway with the, with his whole Podcast

1 (21m 22s):
Lasting thing? I mean, it's great. And I'm going to, I can see myself doing it well into the future, but okay. So there's, you know, there there's, you know, you've got social media, you've got YouTube, you've got all these free, well seemingly free, they steal your personal data, but you know, what are they called? User generated content. So there there's all these user generated content platforms. That's how they make their money. They take the user's content and they monetize it and sometimes they share, share their money with them in sometimes I don't, but, but why isn't there something like that for podcasting?

1 (22m 0s):
That's what I don't Get I mean, so you can have that for YouTube and all these other video platforms, which I suppose as the most similar type of content, you get to audio because it's audio and visual, but there isn't anything like that. All the Podcast you either do it all on your own. You're the host, everything on your own servers, Andy, and then you, you know, your, your link to her and you send your RSS feeds and all that too. All the podcasting, umm, listening.

1 (22m 31s):
Application's like Apple and Spotify and D's are in tune in an Amazon, all the ladies and I heart radio. So you kind of have to do it all on your own or you take the route of use a third party, which is what I'm doing with Buzzsprout and I'm very happy with them so far. Why isn't there like a YouTube for that and get it doesn't sorta make sense to me. Umm, maybe Adam Curry will enter it for me the original podcast or I saw he they've uploaded one with mr.

1 (23m 7s):
Rogan, but anyway had a bath last night. I'm not sure why I'm telling you that. But I was just thinking when I was having my, my magnesium salt bath last night, you know your in your, you get your shower thoughts and I was just sit and I was just sitting there thinking, you know, wouldn't real democracy because I was thinking about this whole f*****g, you know, this, this state we're in, in this nation, everyone's arguing.

1 (23m 38s):
Wouldn't like I wouldn't, we just be far more efficient. You know, like an engineer, like a, like a tool shop where they make something, they kind of just keep testing. So they'll, they'll have a design and they'll test that design. Then I'll change the drawing. And the, now I have another design, they just keep testing until they, until they find something that works. It does what they're supposed to well, but this is what I want to get with all these political systems and structures. And you know, you see all this nonsense in America and obviously it's all funded by, by different people and whatnot, but wouldn't a real type of democracy be if we have like a blockchain, if everyone like every individual, you know, over the, the age where they can think for themselves, wouldn't a real system.

1 (24m 25s):
Be better. If everybody had like a block address, you know, like a blockchain type address. And I don't know much about it myself, but, and you know, maybe you have something, you know, you've got like, and then you have your, your own, the public ID. And then you've got your, your secret ID or your secret address. And you just vote on the blockchain. Surely there's a scientific mathematical way to better govern and in and run democracy's and to, to vote on issues like right now in the state of Victoria, if everybody at one of these ideas and it was safe and it was secure and it was the way from the prying hands of the government, if it was the way from other people at want to control it and it was fully decentralized and everybody just had an ID and it all worked, the technology was there.

1 (25m 18s):
We, we all agree that it works and you just kind of log in one day and they say, okay, should we end the lockdown? Yes or no. And you just vote on the issue there. And then, and then the decades in Palmer, all they're there for is to just then write the bill and pass it. Like, wouldn't that be bettered? I mean, it was just f*****g it up. I mean, it, it just, but the way it currently works, I don't know. It's, it's, it's weird. It's kind of like you elect these officials, but then that, and then they're supposed to vote on stuff on your behalf, but how do they know what or what I want voted?

1 (25m 54s):
And it doesn't make any sense. It's like, it's like when you go to the movies, you know, you, you know, I'll say to my messages, you know, I want to bury, I I'll, I'll go get the tickets. You go get the, you gotta get the snacks and you say, OK, I want a Berry snack. Okay. And so she comes back and she's got you a, a vanilla chalk top instead of a barrier. When you say, well, well I just get the vanilla one. I mean, he says, well, they ran out of Berry, but they only had 'em, you know, chalk man and vanilla and a psych wall. If those were my options, seeing that there was a bit of a difference in what I thought, where the, where the options are, would've gone for the CHOC man.

1 (26m 32s):
And it's kinda like what or what it's like getting these, these officials that your lack, because they then read the bill. So then we don't know what's in the bill because they might've changed. It all made a last minute of it. I mean, most people don't rate the pills anymore. I mean, it's, this is, this is what I'm saying. It's f*****g ridiculous when we need a better system of government and on, and I'm thinking, I don't know much about it. Although I did block a computer one time and trying to mind the cryptocurrency, remind me to tell you about that next time.

1 (27m 7s):
But yeah, surely there's a, there's a better way to do stuff. I mean, or, or, or why don't you have like a, an Island or something, look, come in the fall. It was a low in Moscow, Apple note it all the f*****g money in the world. Why don't you have like an Island, you know, you know where you can, you can put 10,000 people and then you pay them, you know, and you can pay them or you just send them there. Like everybody just chips in for this, you know, all the private institutions and whatnot and private donations and you chip in, and these people can live on this Island, but the end, you know, and they'll get set up with basic stuff, but then they've kind of just got to figure everything out on their own.

1 (27m 53s):
And then you can run sort of tests and I'm not evil scientists test, but for, for the good of man and the good of humanity, and you say, okay, you know, and you don't tell them what it is, half the time, kind of like a trial drug trial. And you say, okay, next month, next month, what we're going to do is, you know what, we'll test out socialism a or slash communism versus capitalism, free market capitalism. And you have, you know, half of them say, it's a thousand people, you have 500, you know, doing capitalism.

1 (28m 24s):
And then you have 500 doing, you know, socialism, you know what, why don't and then, and then you can turn around and say, okay, well the system works better, but I don't know something, something needs to be done better. And I'm obviously not advocating f*****g evil, scientific trials, but I dunno something, I, I, I think the blockchain thing or these consensus mechanisms that are all coming out and there are different ones, not just blockchain, but something like that needs to be implemented into politics and how we govern and, and, and how we write laws and things, by the way, Elan Musk, what, why the f**k is he trying to go to Mars?

1 (29m 13s):
Is that just like a promotional marketing thing? And I get that dude. You've not even been to the moon. How about, Hey, you know what Elon Musk, how about you take your, your Dick rockets? Cause all of these rockets look like giant,

4 (29m 32s):

1 (29m 32s):
But you take your Dick, rocket, your Dick and balls, rocket, and you fly it to the moon and you set yourself up a little colony to it. You do that. And then when you do that will actually believe you about going to Mars because a yeah, the distance is a yeah, it's kind of different. Isn't it buddy. And you know that, I reckon it's a f*****g marketing tactic, but Hey, ELL Musk also. Why are you Why is your whole schtick very total recall wishes it wasn't total recall about a brain implant.

1 (30m 7s):
And then once he is the implant he's in f*****g wakes up on f*****g Mars. Yeah. That's kind of a little bit like what alien Musk is doing there. Why you want to put brain implants and people, bloke, and then, and then you get the brain implant and then you wake up on f*****g Mars. What else have we gone to my notations list today? Jeff Berwick and ju shackles.

1 (30m 39s):
What's his name in a little bit, Peter Schiff, Jeff Berwick and Peter Schiff. And actually I what's the other guy Kiyosaki. I was listening to some of this stuff the other day. They all think the world's going to implode financially. And it might, I don't know. I'm no expert. That should be my slogan. Average Joe I'm no expert. I'm look, I just think, and yes, I know a, I said to you guys the other way, buy gold, buy silver, buy precious metals, buy food, have water, get some weapons, get ready to hunker down.

1 (31m 18s):
Cause s**t might go crazy. Yes, s**t might always go crazy. So you should, that should be your foundation. You should always have something like that. And you should always have those things just in case. But I just think the modern world is too different. So they w whenever these guys do their, their, you know, technical analysis or, or their analysis of a news and all this s**t, they're always going off.

1 (31m 49s):
What has previously happened? And as we know, even, even if you knew 99.9, 9% of what was going to happen, there would still be that one point that you didn't know of what was going to happen, because it hasn't happened. I just think in the modern day with all of the interconnections of information around the web, you know, we're, we're living in the age of information, digital information, we're all, its like a humanities.

1 (32m 22s):
It's almost like a look at all these things that are happening. It's almost, they're almost like growing pains like a tooth or, or something or, you know, the, the, an image you Get of the plant, you know, coming through the soil, it's almost like a growing pain. Like humanity's sorta developing collectively, its like this, the, the, the earth, the earth synopses or firing off and on. And it's getting some sort of weird collective thing, Twittle, some sort of collective consciousness or whatever.

1 (32m 56s):
And it's all, it's kind of like the internet is that that's the neural networks that we're being, you know, that we're building globally. It's almost like the, we're just, we're figuring it all out. Like where it might take another f*****g decade or two. And that's why you have Twitter mobs and all these mobs in the U S burning s**t down. I mean, there's another shower thought I had yesterday. All these f*****g students. I mean burning s**t down. Most of them couldn't even open a f*****g can of f*****g dog food with an old school style.

1 (33m 31s):
Can I open it up? I think it has footage of that last year or the year before, a couple of years ago. And they were taking over the university campuses, look that up. See if you can find it. University students overtake campus struggled to open can have food. And they were sat there for about 10 minutes. The f*****g group of them have half a dozen of, of trying to figure out how to open it. And this is that where the Jordan Peterson thing comes in is he talks about talks about, you know, just make your f*****g bed, get the basics.

1 (34m 2s):
Right. You know, there's all these people trying to tell us how to operate and run and rule the world. But their lives are a mess, but I I'll go one, one better than Jordan Peterson. Yes. 100% agree with all that, but he's not taking into account the collective. And as I say, it's almost like collectively people or just figuring out the internet and figuring out what to do themselves with the information that's coming in to their mind. And I pay people.

1 (34m 34s):
I think we'll use people in people tried to convince people of other things. So, and obviously the media does that, but yeah, I just don't think Jeff Berwick in Jewish circles, Peter Schiff, I just don't think that that's going to happen. That is, you know, there will be a crash, I mean wordy in a f*****g recession, but, and then might be a disaster, something more disastrous coming. But I just think, especially in Australia, maybe nations that are already struggling, like of seeing it in Lebanon and Turkey and other nations, maybe they're going to get hit harder.

1 (35m 13s):
But I just think in a place like Australia, even with all these b******t, law's I think financially we're better off because we've got such a large country and such a low population and such a large rich and diverse country, both culturally and stuff and or not. I take the p**s out of a lot of that, you know, social justice, modern day, cultural b******t. Now do, but I, I think, you know, with all these different types of people and also the doctoral natural resources and everything, we've just got a lot going for us.

1 (35m 47s):
And I don't think that you're going to say, you know, riding and fighting and killing in the straits, like the sort of saying is, is going to happen. But anyway, we shall see moving on an, or is talking about the same people like, you know, Jews, shackles, Peter Schiff and Jeff Berwick and Kiyosaki and always guys. And that's why I wanted to mention Dale hijack. She watched a lot of different people and I haven't done somebody bought me a Kindle and I started reading on it. I don't know if I'm a fan yet, but I haven't been reading as much on need to get back into reading.

1 (36m 25s):
But you know, I watched a lot of different people and other people I can recommend, you know, Hodge twins are very funny. Cause you gotta get a laugh to it. You can't just do politics and b******t. Well, you can't do f*****g sports that's for one sport's gone and signed it. Like I'm friend of mine and the Aussie arm wrestler look him up. Jake Wardee was saying I'm sport's like Hollywood. Now the, the, like the Hollywood of lights that okay. Athletes, LeBron Nolan's to f*****g hear what you say, just, just get the ball in the f*****g hoop.

1 (36m 60s):
That's all we want you to do. Just entertain us. That's what we want. That's what we're paying you for. We are the crowd in the circus tent and y'all are the performer. Maybe forgot that. Yes, that sounds derogatory. But Hey, you get paid a lot of f*****g money for it. So just do that. We don't want to hear about your politics. Oh, I don't know if they know this and it's, it's pretty alarming if they don't, but Hey, the reason people watch sport and music and TV and movies and all that, that they don't want politics.

1 (37m 33s):
That's why they're doing that. You know, they've had their week when the cinemas opened back up, that's why people go to the movies. They want to sit down. Now I want to have their f*****g chalk talk and what's their movie. That's what their not politics. And I want to SJW b******t, rammed down their throat. When I go see the, the, you know, the footy or whatever it is, the socket, I don't want to, you know, there was a funny video of what to say about, I think it was, Oh, it was a couple of sports teams in the U S major league soccer teams. And now we're kneeling and they got booed by their own crowd.

1 (38m 5s):
And the guy was having a hissy fit at the end, the slot dude. Yeah, I know. And he was complaining that they booed him. Yeah, no, listen to the f*****g crowd, bro. They don't want to hear your b******t. They're not bowing because they're, they're, they're, they're racist. They're boring because they paid money. Okay. They bought tickets. They paid good money, money that they've worked hard for so that they could go and have a beer and a Coke and a hot dog. And once you kick a f*****g bowl through the net, that's what they paid money for.

1 (38m 40s):
They didn't go to sit there and be spoken down to, and have you guys kneeling and doing the f*****g, the f*****g, you know, black lives, solute that I don't care about that s**t. They just want to be entertained and have a laugh. So just f*****g stop it guys. Otherwise they're gonna come for you the old, right. And yet the other crowd than the opposition to the outlived, I don't f*****g know what it is, but that crowd is going to come for you as well. Your, your next they're going to come for you. It just like they came for the, the Hollywood elate.

1 (39m 13s):
And they're going to say, we're sick of your s**t and they're going to stop watching it. And then you're not going to be paid as much. So wake the f**k up. Just do what you paid to do or don't do anything else. Where are we at? I'm ranting now. But yeah, I, I, I don't think that's going to happen anyway. There are people you should R watch and listen to. So have some fun with the, you know, I liked the Hodge twins. I love Cassidy Campbell. He's f*****g hilarious.

1 (39m 43s):
Thanks to Web put me on him, Patrick, but David's good. Although dude, stop looking so serious, Patrick, but David why are you so serious all the time? You're not playing chess, bro. Brian, Rose's good. Tim Podcast guy who I forget his name. He is good. Dan Penney is hilarious and Laval Ravi Scott Colbert report. And I've got a massive list, umm, of people I've been watching and all or listening to lately.

1 (40m 14s):
So there's, there's a lot because there's a lot more than that. So I'll try to bring up some other things and recommend stuff from, from some of the other people I've watched and not, not rehash in repeat the same b******t, the best thing it says, another shelf thought I had yesterday. This is the shower thought Episode. But I had like a revelation yesterday and the vial Ravi Kant, or just mentioned, he talks about this. He talks about the internet and, and modern day media and whatnot being permissionless.

1 (40m 50s):
And you know, I hear him say that and he's Podcast I am. And by the way, just as a side note to all of us, if you're sort of left-leaning or you know, people who are, and they're getting brainwashed bowl is socialist communist crap. Get them to listen to the, you, I think it was called how to get rich or how to be rich. And it sounds tacky, but it's just listened to it. We had a Twitter storm and then, then it was like a three hour Podcast he did, but it's broken up into five minute sections so it can listen to the whole thing or the, or the, the cut up pieces, the vowel, Ravi Kant.

1 (41m 22s):
He, he describes the, he does something I could never do. He describes. And he, he, he puts together the free market capitalism versus communism, socialism debate. And he just, he explains it so well that you, you just get it. I can imagine people on the far left and I probably never thought of some of these things. So have a listen to that. He explained it so well, it, it just, it makes it so vivid and so clear.

1 (41m 54s):
So have a listen, if you have people that are on that side and you're sort of a one the want to get them to look at a different side, get them to listen to Navarro. And, and then I ask them what they think. But yeah, he, he talks about permissionless and I thought, you know, like with many things you think you hear something in you, you hear the word and you get it. You know, it makes sense mentally, but you, you never really have that revelation until you experience it. So it's like anything it's like, I can explain to you what going on holiday to Thailand is like, you know, because you understand, you've probably seen a Palm tree before and you're not hot weathers, like the beach and all this sort of s**t and cheap f*****g drinks and hookers.

1 (42m 39s):
But, but I can explain all those things and you can get it and you can understand, but until you go there an experience it for yourself, it's completely different. And then you truly get it. So it's like that with this permissionless thing. So I just had this revelation, it's this <inaudible> Podcast and what I am loving about it after this is what will this be? This will be episode nine. It's permissionless. I can just record this thing now in my phone turn, it will be with good quality equipment.

1 (43m 12s):
If that f*****g company hurries the f**k up and gets me my, my equipment, I can just record, hit, record, going to edit some s**t. It takes me five minutes and just hit, upload done. I don't need that. I don't need to be approved by some person. I don't need to be hired for a job. And even now, even if I get taken down, there's going to be other networks, decentralized networks are growing so fast. As I said, not financial advice, but I, I have invested in cryptocurrency, which is different for all the other ones.

1 (43m 49s):
It actually is. It's not blockchain based. It's called, made safe. M E I D safe is the company. And the network is called safe network. I believe it stands for secure access for everyone. It's a bit tacky, but it's a again, permissionless decentralized autonomous network, its like the internet on steroids. I've got privacy and all that s**t built into it, but it's decentralized and that's happening.

1 (44m 19s):
Every, it was just yesterday. I had an email from the proton who supplies me with my Email proton network. They're now doing f*****g privacy, anonymity, data storage. So everybody's doing this and it's only going to become more entrenched and it's going to become more, you know, it's just going to grow. If it spit it out on Andrei it's gonna get bigger and bigger and it's going to become umm, part of people's lives.

1 (44m 55s):
So I can see my children when they grow up there. Not, I don't see them using things like YouTube and Gmail and all this. I see them using decentralized autonomous type networks because people or people or getting sick of it. And while the government is push with one side where we're pushing with the other. So, but yeah, it's permissionless. That's what I love about it. So, you know, it's a form of leverage.

1 (45m 25s):
So, and again, Navarro talks about this, have a listen, probably one of the best f*****g podcast I have ever listened to have a listen to it. You'll you'll get many revelations, an insight into really what's the, guy's a genius basically. And he talks about the different kinds of leverage and whatnot. And he says, you know, the, the current media in the form that, that it is social media, Instagram or Twitter, podcasting making videos, all the sort of stuff it's permissionless, you don't need any and all you need is yourself and your own skill set and then some promotion and some marketing and you can be up there with the best of them.

1 (46m 14s):
So I, yeah, I sorta, you know, I, I, I really appreciate that. And I am thankful to people that have helped me out in Buzzsprout and whatnot, Jesus Christ, we're going on a long one today. It would have worked 46 minutes. So I'll I can keep going or I can slow down. I might rattle off a few other things. So where are we at? Yeah, that that's right. I read a article. I'm not sure where it came up yesterday, but I was looking at curing guy came up in my feed.

1 (46m 49s):
I think it's a place in new South Wales state in Australia and Mmm, I remembered and I did a quick search and there was a lady that went missing there and there's this guy David Paulides he is look him up. He does this thing called missing four, one 11. And he's started off this whole, this whole community that, that researchers and he's written all these books on these weird sort of tales of missing people and they go missing and there is bizarre circumstances.

1 (47m 25s):
Now in my personal opinion, after having listened to hours and hours in all honesty on it, I haven't read the books. I should probably read the books before I talk s**t. But I'm so far from what I know without having read the books is that he does sort of amp it up a bit. Like if you listen to him on, on many radio programs and podcasts, he's done, he saw it like, Oh, well it's a, it's a bit of a who done it.

1 (47m 56s):
You know, you know who, it's a bit of a, I'm like a detective type bar story. I don't know about that. But anyway with it, the rambling. So the, the I'll just give you the background info on it. So someone will go missing. So there'll be a mother with her going on a hike in, in the wilderness. And it will ever to the kids up ahead of, and one older one will stop to, to take a p**s and the bushes or something. Then the other one she'll she'll sort of catch up.

1 (48m 28s):
Then the other one sort of lags behind it, you know, a made route to, and then they go over a Hill and then she, she will look out or she'll yell out over that Hill. And the kids just f*****g gone, like gone, completely missing the love of helicopters and search parties and dogs and teams. And they won't, I can find anything. And in six months later, they'll find the kids, the body, you know, 5,000 feet up a mountain in a cave. And you know, your topsy will reveal. He only just died like the day before or something.

1 (49m 0s):
So all sorts of weird s**t like that. And definitely, umm, there is a lot of weird stuff and his story's, but I just think, Mmm. I just think he doesn't, I think he's, he's in it for the money. He's found a good business. I mean I'd love, tend to view the guy and we all have to feed our families and kids and no doubt he has to resolve, but I just wish that he'd be a little bit more honest in some of his reporting of, of the sings. But yeah, so KU ring guy came up and this is one where I think he, he likes to sell the idea more than the actual stories.

1 (49m 36s):
So there was a lady that went missing there. He did a bit of a, I did some investigations into some Ozzy stories like this and I looked into some of the Ozzy stories and it was like, dude, this lady that went missing at CU Korean guy. And I think they found her, I found the remains last year, I believe. And this David Paulides was making out all, you know, very weird circumstances. I read the story and this old lady in her eighties had gone walk about in f*****g life, 30 degree heat without water and stuff to go help f*****g Wade or plant tres or something.

1 (50m 19s):
I don't know, national park and yeah, of course she, she f*****g turned as it turned out, she collapsed and yeah, they, they, they found her remains later on. So, but, but look, and that just the only reason I mentioned that is because it popped up in my feed yesterday, something about another missing woman incurring guy or, or something of that nature. So it, it definitely is weird, but yeah. Check him out. David Paulides, he's missing for 100 or one we've been going for quite a while now.

1 (50m 53s):
So I'm going to end this. I hope you've enjoyed the show. We are now. I was notified this morning also on Apple Podcast Apple, iTunes, whatever they call it. I'm not an Apple person, but we're on there. And we're also on tuned in slash Alexa. And we have, we're pretty much on all the major networks that do podcasting and I have Podcast apps and whatnot. If you can't find this because we do, I do have a fairly common name with Average Joe I'm going to look into that and see f*****g, maybe tweak it a bit, probably something I should have thought about in the beginning, Andre, your Dick ed.

1 (51m 34s):
But if you can't, as I was saying at the very beginning of this, just go to Average joe.buzz sprout that's B used ed said sprout S P R O U t.com because that's the Podcast website and that has all of the Episode embedded into the site, but also it's got R the RSS feeds and it also links to all of the popular podcast players that were listed on. So go there, check us out, check out and follow my Twitter at Andre, a N D R E I N Rytary U R O T a R I you number seven on Twitter and send an abusive emails to Average Joe podcast@protonmail.com.

1 (52m 26s):
So any questions, comments send through to that email? And I hope to do a bit of a bill birthing. Where are you guys send me s**t or bit of a Hodge twins thing. And I can give you my life advice cause I'm a very wise, so yes, I hope you're enjoying it. Share it with friends and stay tuned for more peace out.