Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0010

September 12, 2020 Andrei R Episode 10
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0010
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0010
Sep 12, 2020 Episode 10
Andrei R

In this episode I discuss smelly humans, central bank digital currencies, poor quality Australian built homes and my social experiment of wearing versus not wearing a face mask plus more...

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In this episode I discuss smelly humans, central bank digital currencies, poor quality Australian built homes and my social experiment of wearing versus not wearing a face mask plus more...

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreiRotariu7
Email for questions, comments, abuse and sponsorships: averagejoepodcast@protonmail.com

Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
Retro Ryster
For audio, intros, music https://soundcloud.com/theawakening-official
For artwork, covers, social media designs https://www.instagram.com/khongbut/

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1 (25s):
Hello and welcome to the Average Joe podcast. I'm your host. Average Joe I'm a little bit on the fat side. Definitely a little bit on the bearded and hairy side. What the f**k is up with that? Why a barber shops shut it's Saturday, the 12th of September. And I just had a weird thought if I burp in area, I'm sorry about that. Or there goes one there.

1 (55s):
I got out the shower and I was just thinking to myself, the human's stink like as a species, if you compare us to, I dunno, compare us to dogs or well, okay. Dogs are pretty f*****g smelly, but compares to cats or birds or something. We're pretty f*****g stinky. If you remove showers, if you remove bathing, perfumes, colognes, antiperspirant, deodorants, all the s**t that we use to mask our stanch.

1 (1m 28s):
We are a smelly f*****g Spacey's web. Pretty disgusting. When you think about it and we don't really have a way to clean ourselves other than bathing and masking ourselves with masking as a s**t smell with other s**t smells. My son's been trying to wipe his ass lately. He's four years old. So he's at the stage where we've been teaching him to wipe his R properly, any doesn't get it right. And then later on, when you go to change him or help him get changed into his PJ's at night, it's like, dude, what's the f*****g smell.

1 (2m 7s):
And you just know what it is. He's left some s**t residue in his butt crack, but anyway, I'm set up in my garage. This will be the reason. This all sounds very funny, an interview and say new, right? It's new had some equipment arrived from DJ city. Those f*****s wouldn't let me pick s**t up. Thery were not set up through a click and collect dude.

1 (2m 38s):
If I told you that I was sending a courier down and I was paying for it, you would let him pick it up. What's the difference between me picking it up f*****g degenerates. Everybody's turning into a degenerate through this whole thing. I did a bit of a test or the other day. So obviously I don't like wearing a mask cuz I'm not a stupid f*****g slave, but yesterday and the day before, I think I wore it twice, just, just as a bit of a social experiment to see what would happen.

1 (3m 10s):
And so ward into the servo and I wore it. I can't remember another time, but both times going out into public people, a nicer to you, they're a lot nicer. So you walk in there without a mask and people don't even want to talk to you. The people behind the counter of wherever you are, they just look at you. They either try to ignore you and not make eye contact like your a kilo animal that's going to pounce on them or they, they kind of just look at you and discussed.

1 (3m 40s):
And I didn't really notice it until yesterday. I was saying to us, or the difference are the names of the lady of the servo was super nice. The other guy at the other place I went was super nice. It's very bizarre. But yeah, everybody's turned into a f*****g degenerate during this lockdown and it's just gone psychologically weird. And the way they act with other people is completely bizarre. So it's like this dude from DJ city, we're a bought this equipment. It's like, dude, okay. I understand you.

1 (4m 10s):
You're In you know what? The state premier that f*****g degenerate is saying is a non whatever you call it. What if they've caught all these words or this f*****g new speak, I'm a non-required or I don't even f*****g know the word a non-required industry. And yeah, you might be that, but it's like, dude, I've bought s**t from you. You've delivered it. And I've realized that I need a Mike Stan and one of those pop filters.

1 (4m 40s):
So I'm sorry about all the weird noises you're going to hear. Hopefully I can clean it up, but until I get fully and completely set up, this has just the way that it is. And you can f*****g blame the f*****g a, I don't even know what to say. I'm so f*****g frustrated about it and you can not the f*******s DJ city. He's just a f**k with that's in the middle of it all, but blame that f*****g dictator. Dan, if there's weird noises in your f*****g years, blame Daniel basically.

1 (5m 13s):
So I'm set up I'm in my garage. Now. This is very, I dunno, there's a musty smell in here in my garage. Australian garage is a very weird Australian house. There's a weird in general, if you've never been here houses, I think in the us and Europe, I'm a much better designed and built. We, we build things out of speed and efficiency. That's how we build. We don't build things to last in this country.

1 (5m 45s):
Our walls have made out of plaster and the houses are made out of timber. When my first, when my wife first got here, she couldn't believe it. I think she was trying to hang a picture on the wall and she's like, wait, this is she's banging on the, on the wall. And she was like, wait, this is hollow. What is this? Your walls made of paper here? Yeah. Basically houses made out of a one layer of brick on the outside and there's usually a slab of concrete. And then it's just basically timber and paper walls bait basically is how we build our houses.

1 (6m 20s):
But you, you look there, obviously I'm taking the p**s, but you've got to understand as well. The reason for that is speed and efficiency. I think I've mentioned that in another podcast, this is a country of ours has only been around for, you know, in the modern era or a hundred, 200 years. So we've built, had to build a f**k load of s**t very quickly. And that's the reason for this. But anyway, I do apologize if a lot of this sounds weird. I've got a, I'm sitting in my garage on a concrete floor.

1 (6m 51s):
So definitely I know this is sounding very echoey for the sound nerds out there. I'm on a f*****g, the MDF table with a room separator wrapped in a blanket behind me. Yeah. And of course the worst environment ever. There's brick walls right in front of me that the sound is bouncing off of there's glass windows to the left of me and paper plus f*****g walls and ceilings on the other side and the concrete floor.

1 (7m 24s):
So yes, it's absolutely the best environment to record a podcast. In but we'll get around that. It is what it is say larvae. So let's get stuck in a, some notes today where my notes. So by the way, Average joe.buzzsprout.com. That's where you can get all of the Episode and links in RSS feeds to all of the applications. We just got approved for Apple all the other day as well.

1 (7m 55s):
So we're an Apple and Spotify, a run diesel we're on Chernin we're on Alexa. I'm not sure for a night I heart radio yet, but you'll see them all there. And obviously if you have any emails, you want to send me any abuse, Tommy, how terrible this sounds or how sexy my voice sounds go to Average Joe podcast@protonmail.com and on Twitter, you can find me at Andrei Rytary U seven brackets Average Joe thinking of changing the name to Average Joe's rabbit hole or something like that.

1 (8m 34s):
And why do I keep saying In R Andre, shut the f**k up. Stop saying I'm an R. If one of you nerds with nothing to do out there because nerds never have anything to do other than play video games and eat cereal. If you guys can do a tele and count how many times I'm saying like the I'd love to see that because I need to really reduce that. Cause it's f*****g annoying.

1 (9m 4s):
When I was listening back the other day, Jesus Christ f*****g over this morning, I'd been more tired than anything. There's a lot of s**t, a lot of stuff going on, my parents have moved house and we've got, there's just f*****g annoying people moving houses. And when it's not yourself to really have to come and help you move boxes. My mum thought the S removalists these Indian removal skies stole her jewelry. She was just tanked.

1 (9m 34s):
Basically. She'd been drinking since two or three in the afternoon because there's nothing else to do. And the cesspit city drinking's obviously gone up everybody's I saw saw a friend or the other day. I won't say who it is, but I ran into someone the other day that I haven't seen since, before all this and Jesus Christ was he fat? It's like, dude, what have you been drink? What have you been doing? And of course he shared a nothing sitting in my house and drinking because that's all there is to do.

1 (10m 6s):
I think that's why communist rule alcoholics. If you look at the communists and socialists countries, they're all f*****g, they're all just loaded all the time on, on grog because there's nothing else to f*****g do. That's why they're good fighters too. I think communist, you look at all the Eastern block countries and the Russians. They got nothing to do other than drink and punch the f**k out of each other. I need to get back onto the CBD. Hey, R Australia.

1 (10m 37s):
Why are you so far behind in the Wade and CBD industries? I went funny story for years. I have obviously had CBD before and I think it's great. I'm not a, you know, I'm partial to yard joint, the odd, a little bit of cannabis, but I don't know I on a, a lot, I think too much as it is. And whenever I get on the proper wacky tobacky artists, it sends me a little bit f*****g paranoid, but I do like CBD kind of just relaxes.

1 (11m 14s):
You takes the edge off a little bit like a, I don't know, similar to a glass of wine or something like that. But I went to see, to try and get some, because it's been legal with a prescription in this country for, I don't know, sometime now. And I went to see my doctor and said, you know, I've got, I'm a little bit anxious, finding it hard to sleep blah-blah-blah and cert reason here. And I said, I'd like to try some CBD. And he says, he's the reason for not prescribing it to me was that, well, I can prescribe it and I am allowed to, and I can do it and it is available, but I'm not going to because if you get pulled over and get tested, the police won't know the difference between CBD and THC and you might get booked.

1 (12m 6s):
I'm like, dude, you just said, you'd given a prescription. If I have a prescription, just like anything else, I'll just f*****g show the cop. Here you go. Here's my prescription. F**k off. Leave me alone. And then of course the doctor wanted to put me on SSRI. No, you f*****g lunatic. I'm not a maniac. I just want something to take the edge off at night. So I didn't have to f*****g sit on the couch and have a wine instead, you know? So anyway, but apparently something's happening now. They're changing it from a stage four, not a stage four, a a, what do they call it?

1 (12m 42s):
A level four drug or something like that to a level two or three, which means, I think in the coming months, you'll be able to eventually go into a pharmacist or chemist and just order some, they'll keep it behind the counter. So it's over the counter. You'll have to show ID and then you can eventually just go and order some f*****g CBD or you could just order some from the us and get it delivered by a U S P S get the f**k out of here.

1 (13m 13s):
What else is going on? Chicken mind note. So something interesting that I saw an interesting new, interesting news story. The other day, Japan USA saying that their doing a joint, you a photo collaboration. Hmm. That's interesting. So this was based on all of this tic-tac and gimbal footage that the New York times and Washington post and to the stars Academy and all of these gazes released a while back.

1 (13m 45s):
That's what they say. But the interesting thing was, if you read the article and the raid between the lines, the guy, the Japanese defense secretary came out and said, well, you know, we've never seen any and we don't really believe in it, but okay, whatever the U S wants to do this joint exercise with us, which to me says, R know, this is probably more got to do with f*****g China. And what the f**k is that noise outside a little girl across the road or the neighbor girl, she's obsessed with my dog.

1 (14m 18s):
And she just wanders up the driveway and sorta sticks her hands through the gate and f*****g tries to play with him or whatever. And I think she's out the front kicking something around anyway. So, wow. That is really f*****g annoying. What is that?

2 (14m 40s):

1 (14m 42s):
So the, yeah, I don't know. I just sorta don't buy all that b******t with the us and Japan. Okay. So you're telling me you couldn't do a exercise with Mexico or Canada. You know, your, your neighbors States, you've got to go to the other side of the f*****g world and do it with Japan, which is a neighbor in a China. And China's building all these f*****g nukes at the moment. Yeah. I don't buy it at all. And all, obviously I'm a believer in a newer photos.

1 (15m 14s):
I mean, it's mathematically impossible for there not to be intelligent life out there, but the more, more to the point, if, if you watch these or you look at, you look at all this footage and the psych. Yeah. Okay. There's some footage and this is something moving, not as it should and all this, but I don't know. I just, I don't buy it. I don't buy it. When, when the footage is coming from the U S a defense forces and people associated with them and all these f*****g weirdos, that guy from the band, the one that runs to the stars Academy would a f*****g name is a drummer.

1 (15m 55s):
And I buy it. And it's, it's almost like the States are flexing on each other. Like the U S is flexing on China and China's flexing on them because when you watch that first footage and you look at the time period that it came out, it came out when, around the time that China and the U S started to not be so friendly because Trump came in and Trump was kind of very friendly with them in the beginning. But then when they started to admit this, because I think the footage came in around 2015, if I'm right.

1 (16m 31s):
But then when the department of defense and the us Navy actually started to say, well, know this is legitimate footage. That was only like a year ago. And it was about a year or two ago that China and the U S started to have some issues. And to me, that's like, well, you know, if we're, if we've got this technology, here we go with flexing on news. Look what we got. And its kind of like a veiled threat without turning around and saying, you know, we're gonna f**k and kill you. Can'ts and I dropped bombs and new f*****s, its kind of a, it's a, it's an interesting way to say, well look at this technology m***********s, what he's gonna do with this, your, your new books and your bombers and all your s**t.

1 (17m 12s):
Ain't nothing. So hit 'em. And, and, and of course, you know, we're on the, what is it the 12th of September where you know it a day after a while, technically it would be today in the U S but we're on the, the a, the, the day after, or the day of in the U S of September 11th. And of course, the day before September 11, Donald Rumsfeld came out and said they were missing trillions of dollars in black budget operations.

1 (17m 44s):
And the Pentagon was gonna look into it all. And of course the next day the towers got hit. And of course the Pentagon section that we're going to investigate all of this basically got f*****g blown to smithereens, and then everybody forgot about it. So if you've got trillions of dollars and you know, you have all the time and the money in the world to look into crazy technology, of course you can build anti-gravity s**t. I mean, it's not really that far fetched.

1 (18m 16s):
So, and especially when you've got all the, you know, the world's best scientists and engineers and, you know, money can buy anything. So money can buy all the world's best scientists and engineers and basically create the capabilities, even if there isn't. So I don't buy it. I don't buy that. The tic tech UFO and all of this footage of coming out from, you know, the, the defense forces in the U S is what they say it is.

1 (18m 47s):
I just don't buy it. I absolutely am a believer in extra terrestrials and intelligent races of other beings from other planets or dimensions or all of the above. But I just don't buy this tic-tac UFO footage being what they say is, and they're kind of going, that's the other thing with it. They kind of just go, we don't really know. I really, so the nation that apparently knows everything, you know, they're the, world's smartest, world's most dominant nation.

1 (19m 19s):
And that, you know, that they love to come out and say, Oh, we know this. And we know that and we know everything. Yeah. You're telling me, they're coming out saying, we don't know what this is, but we're just going to put it out there in here. It's f*****g b******t. And again, if you go back to the timeline and you see when that, when that footage started to come out around the same time period, the, the footage of the Chinese UFO came out at an airport. It was like a flat sort of fun to not look like a, it looked like a bloody, what do you call it?

1 (19m 53s):
What do you call it? Okay. Like a flat cereal box in the sky. It looks so fake. It looked like something. So typically Chinese, you know, here's the, here's the U S black budget stuff. They got this tick, tick, tick, tack shaped f*****g thing that, you know, flies around the ocean. And a guy comes up out of the water and does all this crazy s**t. And the Chinese come out with their flax, with their, their bicep curl. And it's a f*****g, it's a f*****g cereal box in the sky with a flashlight on it.

1 (20m 25s):
That's what it was. I can't remember what it's called, but look it up. It was above a, it was above a Chinese airport in a flash, the light down, and it looked like a f*****g strobe light. And it was just after the ticktack thing came out. So I don't know. I just think that these nations are flexing on each other. That's what I think, but definitely interesting. The, a Japan USA joint, a UFO collaboration, what else have we got in the notes today? Adam Curry, the pod father was on Rogan the other day and Rogan dude, shut the f**k up.

1 (20m 57s):
When somebody is trying to tell you something important, shut the f**k up. And listen, Adam Carey was trying to tell him in the audience about central bank, digital currencies, which is something I've been crapping on and rambling about for so long. Now, it's not even funny is that they're basically doing it. So Adam Curry believes that in the next set of payments that they're currently withholding and the U S he thinks that they're waiting for these, this fed coin or whatever it is to be released in everybody that has a tax number over there, whatever they call their f*****g tax numbers.

1 (21m 38s):
A we call as a tax file number over here. He reckons that. That's how they're going to bring this thing about, I'm not so sure about that, but it's interesting because just this morning, a friend sent me an article saying that they were stopping some form of these payments in Australia, that we're all getting this. I mean, there's job keeper and job seeker and all these different payments, but that they were going to stop one or two levels of them. And then this article was on news.com today. And then if you read the very bottom of the article, there was an advertorial by IBM, right under the actual article.

1 (22m 18s):
And it talks about central bank, digital currencies. So it's, they're trying to not make it obvious. They're kind of like, you know, letting the information out. And most people wouldn't know it. You know, they don't talk about it on the news. It's the only reason I know about all this stuff is because I'm into cryptocurrency, but this is more, more to the point and more, more reasons why you should buy gold, buy silver, buy a Bitcoin, and buy other cryptocurrencies that hold their value.

1 (22m 52s):
And the reason for that is, is if you've got, if the, the world, you know, all the world's nations and all the world's major central banks are coming out with these digital currencies, and they're going to force them onto everyone and they're going to limit, and then eventually get rid of cash, your only way to spend money and buy things without the government having full accessibility and full or wealth Mmm.

1 (23m 22s):
Control and view, and, and just, just a full on a tentacle, frickin octopus control of all your funds that they'll eventually, and they won't do it in the start, but they'll eventually be able to switch it off and switch it on and Dawn and switch. And when I say switch it on, I mean, switch on and off your access to things. If you go against the grain and go against like, I mean, you know, if your, one of these protesters that's getting caught doing s**t, who the f**k is, messaging me, f**k off.

1 (23m 57s):
If your one of these people they'll just switch your s**t off. So more to the point, as I say, buy gold, buy silver, buy a crypto, buy a Bitcoin because there's, so there's two reasons. And a lot of people don't get this. A lot of people that are in my situation that probably no a little bit more than the general public is, and that, and they don't get into it, but I'm going to explain it now, in a nutshell, when you have gold, silver Bitcoin and crypto, none of these things are controlled by the governments.

1 (24m 32s):
They can't control them. They're trying to, but they've realized that they can't. And in fact, they're going to use the same technology as Bitcoin and whatnot to release their own central bank bank, digital currencies. But the, the, the, the reason I'm to own all this stuff is because they can't control it. They can monitor it like they can monitor Bitcoin, and they can somewhat monitor the, the buying and selling of golden silver, but they can't control it. And this is, this is the critical aspect.

1 (25m 3s):
So if you want to have your own currency that you and your neighbor, or your friends or your drug dealer, or whatever the f**k it is, want to be able to, you know, transact and do things in the future without the government, knowing everything that you're doing, but also controlling it. Cause they're going to stop some people they're going to actually stop certain people from doing things. They already do it in China. There's a few well known documentary out there. I forget what it's called, but it goes into this, you know, this surveillance state that they have in China and they, they basically follow this journalist around and he shows how he can't through his phone, through these applications on his phone.

1 (25m 41s):
He simply can't buy ticket, train tickets. He can't buy flights. He can't do anything that would allow him to get out of the country. He can't do a lot of things in that. This is coming here. It's not going to be as full on as quickly, but eventually will be. And everything, you know, it's like, it's like everything China does. We end up doing, but like a light version, like a diet Coke version. So in a nutshell, the reason to buy and hold and keep gold, silver Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is two reasons.

1 (26m 18s):
One, so that you have a level of your own control that you manage, and you're not controlled by the government. And they can't tell you what you can and can't do. So you will be able to transact with your friends, with your neighbors, people at the market, people online without the government telling you what you can and can't do, and putting stops and hurdles up in front of you. So that's one reason. The other reason too, is you can actually make quite a lot of money. So think about this the world, or let let's use Australia as an example.

1 (26m 51s):
Cause that's where I am. So Australia turns around in Australia, says, okay, we're going to release a central bank, digital currency, and everyone that's on these types of payments or whatever. You know, we, we need you to download this app onto your smartphone. And you know, this, this Australian AUD Australian dollar will now be this type of a digital currency. And it will be on this government blockchain or whatever it is, blah, blah, blah, whatever.

1 (27m 25s):
So you get the app, you get the coin. Now what happens is that's everybody. So everybody that has a smartphone, everybody, you know, say under the age of 60, that has enough marbles together to be able to use a smart phone and do this all the way down to I, and I think it's like 16 years old or something that Commonwealth bank sends you a central bank card or whatever. So everyone from $60 to 16 will now have this. And it will be virtually overnight or happen that fast.

1 (27m 55s):
I mean, in the big scheme of things, you know, if you zoom out, won't technically be overnight. It might take weeks, months, maybe even a whole year, but in the big scheme of things, if you zoom out at all, essentially be overnight. So all of a sudden you're going to have, I don't know how many people are in the age bracket between 16 and 60, let's call it, you know, half the population, even though it's probably more than that, but let's call it half. I think they say the median age range in Australia is 30 to 40. So let's call it, you know, 10 million people overnight, again, a have digital currency.

1 (28m 27s):
Now that digital currency is going to be able to also be transferable in my opinion, very quickly, like these stable currencies, like USD and USD T it's going to be able to be transferred very quickly and very easily into other types of cryptocurrencies. Now, why would they want to allow that? I think the reason they want to allow that is because they know there's a lot of money sitting there. There's billions of dollars sitting in cryptocurrencies, alternative currencies, and they want people to bring that money back into the nation's currency.

1 (29m 5s):
So they're going to have these wallets and they're going to know, you know, through these online currency exchange places and, and whatnot that you're going to be able to now take your digital Australian dollar, the central backed crypto version through a new application. And you're going to be able to convert it into Bitcoin and whatever and whatnot, but also do the reverse send. Now they're going to have all this access to all these new funds that people have held for themselves for a long time.

1 (29m 38s):
And my other, my, and this is where this is where I sorta, this is my own theory. Now I think that they're probably going to offer people tax breaks. They're going to say, well, you know, generally there's all these taxes on selling your digital assets and whatnot, your cryptocurrencies there's capital gains tax. I think what they're going to do is once they have all this set up, because they're going to want to invite all that new money into the, into the nation. I think that they're going to turn around and say, well, actually, you know, mr or mrs, whatever your name is, you know, we know you've got, you know, tens of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin.

1 (30m 18s):
How about instead of paying a lot of tax on that money habit, you just, you know, click a button, transfer it over into your new Australian crypto dollar. And I definitely think that something they're gonna do, but basically, as I say to you, the two reasons to do it is because you're going to be able to quickly and easily have access to, you know, what's essentially a currency that 10 million or more people will then be, will then be transferring in your, going to have access to that money with your Bitcoin and your alternative cryptocurrencies, which are alt coins and your alt coins, and your Bitcoin are going to be worth a shitload more because it works vice versa.

1 (31m 9s):
If they now have access to Bitcoin, a lot of people that don't even know what it is, you know, there's mums and dads and teenagers out there that have maybe heard of it, but they don't have any, they don't use any it's too difficult for them to get any. But now that they all have access to this central bank, digital currencies that is easily transferable just by the click of a button, into all these other currencies like Bitcoin and whatnot, the same goes in reverse. So that's actually gonna, in my opinion, pumped up the price of these alternative currencies.

1 (31m 42s):
So there's that. And then of course, there's the privacy reason I mentioned earlier. So you want to look into this. It's very important. I don't know why other people aren't talking about it, but it's very important. So get yourself some gold, get yourself some silver, get yourself some Bitcoin and get yourself some crypto. And don't say, I didn't f*****g tell you to dictated Dan on a different note. A he's sort of crumbling all of his supports going the, the police aren't backing him, the media aren't backing in, but f**k that, offer a gnome sicker.

1 (32m 16s):
Talking about that guy. A sports bet. I know. I notice, Sportsbet say a bookie service over here. I noticed the odds for Trump on there. He was paying like $2 and 30 cents in the beginning. He's not now. It's more like a, what was it? The other day? It was a dollar 95. It came down to, so there was only a 10 cent difference between him and come on, man. Hey man, come on, man. Joe Biden, Joe Biden. He's just not gonna, he's not getting In guys go get a credit card, take a 50 grand loan out and put it on Trump.

1 (32m 54s):
And you're going to double your money. That's not financial advice. If you listen to me, you're a retard. It's just not going to happen. Trump's too charismatic. Biden's basically, you know, I'm not saying this because I think it's trendy or it's cool. Or it's funny. It is all of those things, but he's basically, he should be in an aged care facility. He should be in an old folks home. He has that same look. When, when old people start to lose it and they get dementia, they have this look in their eyes or this dazed and confused become like a happy go.

1 (33m 28s):
Lucky look where they're the kind of always laughing and smiling, but they're, they kind of don't know what's going on. He has that look in his eyes. He's gone. He mentally he's. I dunno. It's just f*****g bizarre that they put him up there. But anyway, what else is going on? Bunnings sausage sizzles. When the f**k is that coming back?

3 (33m 47s):

1 (33m 48s):
So I went to Bunnings the other day and I realized while I was waiting in line, all these slaves went and got my, got my things. Cause that's what they do now. They're, they're, they're providing so much more of a service. You basically tell them what you want to order you roll up in your car. And you know, they have, these teenagers are run and collect all your things for you. Open up your boot packet all the way in your boot. And I'm thinking Cod Tam, that's a good service,

3 (34m 16s):
But they are. I don't know. They're there.

1 (34m 18s):
They're a funny bunch at Bunnings. They're supposed to have Bunnings has a monopoly on,

3 (34m 25s):

1 (34m 28s):
Maintenance and DIY and trade type stuff in this country. It's like home Depot in the, in the U S but Bunnings employees have no clue what the f**k is going on. They, they, they wouldn't have a clue that they have probably, you know, out of the whole lot of employees, you can walk into any Bunnings. They have a handful of ex you know, retired trades, people like X plumbers and X chippies and whatnot. And the rest are just these, these angry women I find and dumb ass teenagers that wouldn't have a f*****g clue what the f**k is going on.

1 (35m 5s):
So I, this is probably, this probably goes back, ah, a while back, there was a funny story. I was painting a back fence of mine and my wife and I went in there. And of course she, you know, she asks the guy and thinking that he knows what he's doing. You know, how much paint do we need to paint this fence? And he pulls out like this camp, it was like a 500 mil or a leader can, it was actually less in a ladle. It was like a tester can. And he handed this to her and I'm thinking this guy's joking, right? This is, he's got some sort of a joke. Or maybe he's going to tell her that, you know, to test out and then come back and get more.

1 (35m 39s):
And I'm going, you're not going to f*****g listen to this guy. Anyway. I, of course she listens to him. She gets the f*****g can. Of course it spread over about a, a, a cubic meter and the fence. And there was like 99% left over the fence to f*****g do. And I'm thinking, I told you, I told you, I told you, I told you, they're just there, not the brightest. And that's what happens when you have a monopoly, m***********s have told juice. I told you, I told you, I told you so I'm not a tradesman's a*****e, by the way, it's just not for me.

1 (36m 13s):
I've done virtually every trade under the sun, or been connected to it through work in some shape or form since I'm probably, I don't know if I want to say 15 years old, anything and everything. Plastering, paint,

3 (36m 33s):
F*****g concreting, plumbing, painting,

1 (36m 37s):
A roofing, anything to do with farms or labor. I've done it all. And I'm not f*****g good at any of it. I think I could have been a good cleaner. I'm a good janitor. I don't know why I have a bit of OSI or what do you call it? OCD. C what is it? Obsessive compulsive disorder. Oh yeah. OCD. I thought there was another C on the back of the obsessive compulsive disorder now.

1 (37m 9s):
And it's just OCD. Yeah. I think I have OCD. So I would have been a good cleaner, but f**k that s**t. I'm not a tradesman is our soul, as I say, and I have so much s**t around the house to do right now.

3 (37m 22s):

1 (37m 23s):
Although, you know, the, the teenage slaves that they've got working at Bunnings now that are providing a massive service at the moment for f**k all money.

3 (37m 35s):

1 (37m 36s):
They, they, they, it's still, it's still difficult. So basically, although they're providing a pretty good service, it's still too f*****g difficult. You gotta go online. You've got to order. It's just not the same. And I have so much s**t around here. My wife was trying to shame me the other day. And it's like, yeah, babe, I know I'm not a tradesman's a*****e. That's not one. I am not what I am not what I'm going to be most tradesman, by the way, that was it.

1 (38m 7s):
I said to my wife, most tradesman, by the way, the backs are f****d. You see, have a look at, most of them are the guys can't f*****g walk by the time they're 50, they're walk the limp. He see a lot of trays when you're like, dude, how old are you? They look like they're 60 or 70 and they're f*****g 40 or 50. Or I can tradesmen some of the, of the hardest working blokes around. And I have a lot of respect for them, obviously. But dude, get of it when you're 40 or 50, get out of it, hit the f*****g computer, hit the books, do the management type s**t.

1 (38m 43s):
Let the young guys do it. It's not a young man's game doing a trade. It just f*****g isn't. And I'm having to look at these, this brick work in front of me and whoever laid these bricks for my house did a pretty p**s poor job. Speaking of tradesmen, where else are we at a Queensland premium? I'm not gonna talk about that. She's an evil b***h. Where else? Joe Biden reading my notes here.

1 (39m 14s):
Joe Biden is about as charismatic as a potato. Yeah. He basically is a potato that has dementia. I'm not going to talk about that already of Trump. On the other hand is Rodney Dangerfield crossed with a Scrooge mic dark. Yep, absolutely. Trump's way more charismatic. And I think I've read some stat somewhere that, that they reckon that to be a us president in here to be above a certain height. And obviously this isn't what you need.

1 (39m 46s):
Dumb asses. This is what they're saying through all of this, these reports that they've done, they reckon like every single U S prison history has been over six foot part from one might've been JFK. I'm not too sure, Andy. And they're all charismatic as f**k. I'm sorry, but Joe Biden, he he's got the key. He's got like a sales rep, charisma where it's this ass creeping sort of charisma where he's, you know, he's p*****g in your pocket, you know, he's he sorta just telling you what you want to hear.

1 (40m 18s):
Whereas Trump's just a ball of my, you know, and, and no, a lot of people don't like Trump, but you know, and he is Rodney Dangerfield. He's just that drunk uncle that says, you know, says stupid s**t, but he's definitely got a lot more charisma. I was watching some Bora videos yesterday. Ali G apparently Sacha Baron Cohen. He's he's a record. Did a bore at a number too. In secret or something like that. So I'm watching some of the old videos and there's a scene.

1 (40m 49s):
Where was it bore out or was it Ali? Joe I think it was Ali G and he's sitting there with Trump in Trump's office and Trump just takes no s**t. He just goes, okay, we're done with the interview. Okay, thank you. F**k off. And he just gets up and walks off of what was f*****g hilarious. That dude is a baller. What else have we got here? Oh, that's right. NRL player. Curtis Scott from the ER or the f*****g raid is Canberra Raiders. The dude basically got f*****g Tate raped by the police.

1 (41m 21s):
You want to see the footage to look up? Curtis Scott Canberra Raiders police. The guy was drunk. He was passed down and under a bridge somewhere in, in Sydney or wherever the f**k he was. And he's passed out drunk and the f*****g police would, their body cams have come over and they're poking in. They're slapping him. They're punching him. They're teasing him and watching this. And I'm going if this wasn't so funny, this would be a human rights issue. I mean, it was funny.

1 (41m 51s):
It was like something you do to your friend. You know, if your friend's part, I mean, I was surprised I didn't pull out a text or Andrew or a f*****g Dick on his head, but basically they f*****g date raped him. They basically bullied the s**t out of him while he was drunk. And they're saying that he's going to Sue them a new South Wales police or whatever it was. What else do we have here? Chiefs and Texans. NFL get booed by a crowd. Yeah. Look, I've been saying stop getting into politics.

1 (42m 24s):
Nobody wants to hear your f*****g politics. The only reason people watch the sport, music, TV, movies, all of that stuff. It's entertainment, that's all entertainment. All of it. It's entertainment. So if people want to get into tain, they don't want politics is like the opposite. You know, if entertainment is white, politics is black. It's the exact opposite. If politics is up, entertainment's down, it's completely inverted.

1 (42m 58s):
So the chiefs and Texans come out and they linked arms or some f*****g s**t. And the, the crowd just started balling them in of course you get all the, the numpties on Twitter and social media going, Oh my God, it was disgusting by the crown. Okay. First of all, you weren't there. If you were there and you were cheering well done too. You weren't f*****g there. Its not your home team. That's not who you're back. You haven't bought a ticket.

1 (43m 29s):
You don't give a f**k you. The only thing you care about is talking s**t on social media. The fans speak the loudest. So whatever the fans do, if they want to f*****g boo, if they want to cheer, if they want to buy the f*****g memorabilia and all the b******t and go to the games and eat their hot dogs, they'll do that. If they don't,

3 (43m 48s):
They won't, it's not

1 (43m 50s):
For the talking heads to get involved in for the social justice warriors. So it is what it is. And unfortunately they're going to learn the hard way there just isn't going to be that much more money involved. Ah, by the way, speaking of the black lives matter nonsense, I did a, I did a search on Google trends yesterday because I heard somebody say it

3 (44m 12s):

1 (44m 14s):
Excuse me, that you know, if you look back through the trend history, I think they said Twitter or something, but I used Google trends. And yeah, if you type in black lives, matter into Google trends, you will see it peaks. Pardon me in about June, July of 2016 before the election. And then it peaks again this year peaked in June, July this year, the, the search terms. So it's absolute b******t if you're so f*****g stupid out there and no doubt, I have no one that's interested in black lives matter listening to this podcast.

1 (44m 51s):
But if you know people that do just tell them, Hey d******d, go pull out your f*****g phone and type the words. Black lives matter into Google trends and have a look at when it went. W the two peaks in the history of the black lives matter movement, both were right before the presidential election. And of course they do it in June, July. Cause that way there's, you know, there's a certain amount of time left before the actual election that they wouldn't want to do it in, you know, in October or November, there's not enough time for a buildup.

1 (45m 23s):
So of course they do it in June, July. That way, there's time to ride and time to get on the internet and talk s**t. It's, it's such an obvious f*****g corrupted, completely controlled and set up movement. It's it's laughable. What else have we got of the AFL wags? Want to start their own footy show? I actually think it had work. The, the, a normal footy show, like it was back in the nineties and the late nineties and early two thousands was probably the funniest.

1 (46m 2s):
The AFL footy show ever was wounded. The footy show come out. It's going to Google that quickly. I actually think it would work if the wags, the wives and girlfriends of the, what do we got here? AFL footy show history. When did this? Yeah, here we go. Your first Episode a March 94 a year. So late nineties. Yeah, late nineties. I would have been still in high school and it was definitely out there.

1 (46m 35s):
And it was funny as f**k back in the day. And then of course, what Rhonda was the social justice warrior brigade and all of the numbers.

3 (46m 45s):
These, and you can't have one.

1 (46m 47s):
There's no way that you'll have another AFL footy show the way it was in the late nineties and early two thousands. There's just no way it was. They hung so much s**t on everything and it was just completely wrong. So the AFL wags, if they're going to do one and they're going to get b****y and talk s**t, and it's going to be about, you know, their boyfriends and who's f*****g who, and who's dating who, and who's not friends with that person anymore. And all of this, I actually think that would work because it's trashy TV, but there's no f*****g way that they'll start a serious slash a comic show.

1 (47m 26s):
Again, zero f*****g chance of that ever happening again. A what else do I have in my notes? Speaking of gold. No, not going to talk about that. Oh, here's one for years. Give me a bit of feedback. Should I have guests on this show? It's pretty weird. I must admit this is the first one I've done with the microphone and the interface and the headphones and everything is set up the way it should be in the garage here.

1 (47m 55s):
And it's a little bit strange. I feel like a little bit of a weirdo. Surprisingly, if I'm in the car, we've just my phone and the ear pieces and whatever. It's seems more. I dunno, it seems more natural. It's almost like talking to a friend on the phone or something like that. This kind of just feels like I'm a weirdo sitting in my garage, f*****g talking to myself, looking at a, whatever the f**k you call this singing and audacity, the little do wacky Giza, Giza muggy.

1 (48m 32s):
That's moving up and down. So a bit strange, but should I have guests on, I've had two guests requests so far and before I, you know, have them come on my door, zoom thingy or whatever, we'll have them come in here. Yeah. Let us know. Average Joe podcast@protonmail.com. What else is there going on in the world are there is a lot of s**t going on and it's going to get very f*****g crazy in November.

1 (49m 9s):
So if you're in the U S you m***********s better buckle down. Oh, that's right. That's the other thing I wanted to mention, which is why I'm rambling now, right at the end.

4 (49m 19s):
The, I think that this is,

1 (49m 23s):
This is a very conspiratorial, but I think that Joe Rogan definitely has some CIA Intel or people that are up there in terms of intelligence circles, feeding him information. And here's why, so everything's going crazy in California and there's, this can, this will not be completely f*****g insane. Conspiracy b******t coming out of my mouth right now.

1 (49m 56s):
But I think if you have a look at, you know, so, okay. So not only did he leave, but some of his best friends are either leaving or have left. So Joey Diaz is this fat funny legend that he has on. He also left. So he's left R that Tony Hinchcliffe is leaving. So it's almost like they've told him, get the f**k out of there. It's going to get even crazier. And now I noticed, you know, with the fires and all the b******t, and then all the stuff that they're, what do they call their leader?

1 (50m 28s):
Their, we call our is a premium. I'm not sure what they call theirs over there, but they're, they're just, Oh, that's right. Yeah. So they're, they're a leader over there. They're there Kim Jong on their chairman, whatever the f**k. They, it's not a premier. It's a little less, it's not the mayor. It's somebody else. Anyway, the guy that runs a show in California basically turned around and said, the police couldn't use tear gas. So you have all this weird, crazy s**t going on. It's almost like somebody told Rogan, dude, get the f**k out while we still can get the f**k out while your family is still safe.

1 (51m 5s):
And you've still got all your, all your f*****g fingers and toes intact. But, and then he was talking about,

5 (51m 13s):
He was saying how they had the, the

1 (51m 15s):
Two armed security at the front of his, at the front of his studio. And I'm thinking, Jesus Christ. There is definitely a lot more to this other than just what's going on. So I think Rogan's definitely in the know and he absolutely has CIA, Intel guys talking to him because he's had them on the show. I mean, he's had guys from the CIX CIA guys and current CIA guys on the f*****g show, talking to him, I forget their names, but just Google Rogan, CIA guests.

1 (51m 51s):
So I think it's going to get even crazier In, you know, as we come up closer to November, but then even after a month, Kamala Harris was out there saying that she wants them to continue protesting and basically to continue burning s**t down and acting like, like lunatics over there and destroying s**t. And she was basically saying after the election to continue doing it well, hang on a second. First of all, that shows that you're not very confident in yourself winning. Cause why would you want people to protest your win?

1 (52m 22s):
But second of all, it's just evil and it shows like a plan to attack. So if I was in f*****g California, I would be s******g myself right now. So, you know, and I'll make, you know, an R talk s**t about Melbourne, where we're, where I am currently, but Melbourne's fairly safe. Although it is a cesspit Citi at the moment with a cesspit f*****g derelict, commie bastard, running the show. But I think if we get rid of him and if we can get rid of labor and this state, we, we can see a bit of a turnaround because we've got a pretty good economy and it's pretty safe and it's pretty nice and clean and people generally are.

1 (53m 3s):
They're just pretty genuine in this state. So let's see what happens. But yeah, just putting it out there, tell us what you think. Email me@averagejoepodcastaveragejoepodcastatprotonmail.com. And let me know what you think about my Joe Rogan slash C I a conspiracy. I think he's definitely getting a lot of Intel.

1 (53m 33s):
And I think that he knows a lot more, that he's letting on, which means that you can actually learn a lot from him by reading between the lines, because they'll never come out and say what it is, but read between the lines of he's moving out of the state. And he's told his friends too, you might want to get out of California while you still can and move somewhere else. So if you're listening to this from the glorious state of Kelly fornia, you might want to consider packing your s**t and moving because shit's gonna get pretty full on over there.

1 (54m 13s):
I think I'm done over an hour. I hope the sound quality was good on this, and I will see you m***********s on the other side, see you later. You f*****g weirdos.