Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0011

September 13, 2020 Andrei R Episode 11
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0011
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0011
Sep 13, 2020 Episode 11
Andrei R

In this episode I discuss the serial killer at the end of my street that eats children, hookers, grow houses, satanic rituals in Melbourne Australia, Netflix pedo show Cuties and why I was only in Gavin McInnes` The Proud Boys for a month :)

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In this episode I discuss the serial killer at the end of my street that eats children, hookers, grow houses, satanic rituals in Melbourne Australia, Netflix pedo show Cuties and why I was only in Gavin McInnes` The Proud Boys for a month :)

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreiRotariu7
Email for questions, comments, abuse and sponsorships: averagejoepodcast@protonmail.com

Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
Retro Ryster
For audio, intros, music https://soundcloud.com/theawakening-official
For artwork, covers, social media designs https://www.instagram.com/khongbut/

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1 (26s):
Good. A good a and Hey, you gone now when, what f*****g song has that? So it's still the 12th of the ninth. You have not a time traveled or whatever it is just sorta doing other one of these. Cause I'm pretty f*****g excited. I have most of my equipment now except for a Podcast stand. And I heard in the last one, Episode 10. That that's what, some of that, ah, muffled beating or drumming sound noises soft, kind of got it rested here on the desk.

1 (1m 5s):
If you want to call this a desk and I'm trying not to move it, my shoulders f*****g killing me. I thought about like sticky taping at like that guy from rebel news, Canada, sticky taping into a wooden f*****g spoon or something and hanging it from somewhere. But anyway, it was a bit of news that came out. So I thought I should probably do another one of these today while the stuff was fresh in my head before I drink it all away on the Vino.

1 (1m 39s):
So this is my first time drinking, drinking, drinking again. Are you drinking? Horrible. So I thought I would have a, here we go. Cheers. This is a Portuguese wine. Not too sure what it is. Tastes like a, I dunno. Do, do other countries have, is, is like the category of wine.

1 (2m 13s):
Is that the same everywhere for a guy that drinks a lot of wine? I don't know. F*****g Jack s**t about it. Portuguese one's nice. Italian wine is nice. French wine is nice. Spanish wine is nice. Good German or Austrian. Riesling is nice. Greek white wine. It's a bit sweet, but that's nice. All the world's wines from the wine producing countries in ice in Australia's has obviously the best.

1 (2m 46s):
So go f**k yourselves. Everyone. New Zealand, Sev blanks, white wine is nice. I don't think I've ever had a New Zealand red, but American wine is f*****g disgusting. How do Americans American wine? It's f*****g disgusting of ed. Some wine from California. And I think somewhere else, I can't remember maybe Arizona or somewhere. I don't know wherever else they do wine. They're definitely California. And it's, it's got all these f*****g sulfites in it and it gives me for whatever reason I get like calf muscle cramps.

1 (3m 21s):
I'm going to drink one sulfite.

2 (3m 24s):
So yeah, Americans go shove your wine up. You're a fat

1 (3m 31s):
American arses because you guys can't

2 (3m 34s):
Make BIA and you can't make one.

1 (3m 36s):
Why does the American beer or tastes like watered down? P**s? It all tastes bitter beers. Supposed to taste disgusting. Okay. Why does your beer? It almost tastes almost tastes okay. Like it tastes like you can easily drink it B it doesn't need, it tastes like that. And I think I've seen pictures of them f*****g putting ice in beer. That's one of the dumbest f*****g things I've ever in my life. Why would you put ice in BA you f*****g retards?

1 (4m 8s):
Americans are the, like my favorite and most hated people ever. No, I lie. I love the old gangs. They want to lease to the f*****g free this country out there. I think.

2 (4m 23s):
Where are we at? So why not?

1 (4m 26s):
You guys left? Remind me about at the time

2 (4m 28s):
F*****g work.

1 (4m 30s):
Oh, on a vineyard, a work in the food, a few vineyards actually, but a, a one sprayed a whole in

2 (4m 37s):

1 (4m 39s):
Pack, a hostel toilets, red look, the whole walls are f*****g red. I'll won't get into it today, but let's keep going. So I made some notes. Oh, that's right before I even get stuck into it. Ah, there's a f*****g serial killer at the end of my straight. So I ran into him when I went to go buy this delicious bottle of Portuguese red wine. I, I saw him at The at the store and he's like this old man.

1 (5m 13s):
He's probably I live is I live in the outer suburbs of Melbourne Australia and it's pretty, it's a blue collar neighborhood, although there's a funny, it's a very large town.

2 (5m 27s):
And in part of that,

1 (5m 28s):
My town is like million dollar f*****g properties and where I live, it's just, it's fairly blue collar houses. Nice people generally all work. A lot of trades people out here. A lot of guys at work in factories and a lot of the women work in offices in that kind of thing or excuse me. But, ah, so in the Navy I live in a, a court, believe the yanks called a co called a sack. I'm not sure what a poems or Europeans call it, but it's basically accordance f*****g grape for the kids.

1 (6m 2s):
The kids ride their bikes up and down and do all sorts of s**t. But the straight as quiet as it is, there's some f*****g weirdos here. He's definitely a serial killer or something. So he owns the largest house in the street and he lives on his own. He doesn't live with anyone else. He's this old man. He's probably, I'm going to say in his seventies, maybe eighties, he's completely pale. He can barely walk, but somehow he has the energy to do all his s**t.

1 (6m 34s):
Like he has ride on lawn mowers. He, he looks like he eats children. So if I ever say that I'm going somewhere and you don't hear from me again, please call the police because it was the serial killer. At the end of the straight, I, I was walking my dog past his house the other week and he has a few of these ready, ready, little dogs think that he's got a two hour and something else. And I was trying to teach my dog not to act like a f*****g spazz when another dog barks.

1 (7m 8s):
And so his dog started barking at the fence. I thought, perfect training opportunity. You know, tell my dog to sit, give him a Pat, good boy, a bit of a positive reinforcement. And he climbed up. So this is this 80 year old man that can barely walk, let alone climb climbs up on top of the fence lanes over with he's with a 15 year old male virility and says, Oh, what's going on over here? I thought my dogs were barking at a stranger or something. And I can't remember what he said, but, and I said, Oh no, it's all right.

1 (7m 40s):
Your dog was barking. And I just thought, I'd make mine, sit, take the opportunity to do a bit of training with him. And he f*****g like, he peered into my soul. He, he wanted to murder me. I could just tell. So he's f*****g weird. He has, as I say, he lives on his own, but he's got several cars. I don't even think it's two. I think he's got like three cars. He has mopeds. I think he's got motorbikes. He has right on more.

1 (8m 10s):
Noah's regular lawn mowers. And he's just like this little old and he's probably about five foot, four or five foot, five pale skin, completely white hair and your lives in a giant double story. So where I am in this part of the world, double story houses. I mean, they're not uncommon, but they're not common. You know, at of every 10 houses, one might be a double story house and he lives in this giant double story house. So as I say, it's the biggest house in the street and he's just a f*****g weed or a whole streets weird.

1 (8m 44s):
We've had we at a f*****g h****r house here at a call girl house or whatever you call it. We had a drug house. Next door guys was selling. Guys were growing where the Vietnamese people growing f*****g dope in there.

2 (8m 58s):
My, my wife

1 (9m 0s):
Left the house one day, calls me up at work and says, what have you done? What have you ordered online? What have you ordered off the dark net? Because there was, you know, five police vans and cars and whatnot that had pulled up to raid this a while. Raid DeMoss place was no one there, but to bust open the doors because they through The through the energy companies they worked out of that. Were you consuming too much?

2 (9m 30s):
G and, and yeah,

1 (9m 33s):
I had f*****g three, 400 plants in there, all in the attic. And I believe in some of the rooms too. So we had, and that was right next door to my house. It was f*****g weird. We 'em at a barbecue one day and I'm explaining to my brother how these Asian guys live there, or they've sorry that they own it, but no, one's over there. It's really f*****g weird. So he's, you know, he's half cut these half p****d. He said a few beers and he's gone. Let's f*****g, let's jump the fence and check out what's in there and which I should have done, but I pussied out, but had I have done that, I probably could have stolen a couple of plants and a, had a bunch of weed forever and just pretended like nothing happened or I could have

2 (10m 22s):
Blackmailed for them and

1 (10m 24s):
Maybe made a bit of money and then eventually had, what are they, what are the Vietnamese do so that the Japanese are cut your pinky off or whatever under what the Vietnamese do. But, so we had that, then we had a red light house up the street. So we had this other, I don't know if she looked Vietnamese or Cambodian or something. This other lady that lived there and there's all, there was always different f*****g houses at the front of the house. And they had weird lighting, not an actual physical red light, but that we'd lining out the front and in front of the house was like a Hobbit house.

1 (10m 57s):
So unlike the serial killer's house, this house was very strange in that it was tiny house. So it was completely opposite. And there would always be different people out the front. And I'm thinking, what the f**k is going on here? And then the guy at the end of the street that kind of knows everyone. And he's an old retired guy and he's going on, walks with this girl with the CIC that lived there, like during the day as his daily exercise,

2 (11m 27s):
I'm thinking, what the f**k is going on here? Has she lied,

1 (11m 30s):
Tied him as local security or something to watch out for, you know, for, for people coming to the house. Cause he's got the whole security camera deal and everything going on, has he, or she like cottoned onto the fact that he's a straight note, a whole, and to get him on a good side by giving him f*****g free b******s or something. So I'm not too sure what that was all about, but I cottoned onto it one morning, you know, I knew something was up, but I'm leaving my house one morning and I saw a, a trader you'd out the front and one guy was in there and he'd just gotten out.

1 (12m 9s):
And I sort of, when I, when I saw this interaction or the, you know, just before, because I knew that they were sitting there because I could see from my, my house that there was somebody down and they were getting out of the car. So I thought, okay, I'm going to take my time. And I look the car warm up and I sit there and I'll watch this interaction. And one guy gets out of his guts out of his Ute, Utes, like a word, an American's would call a truck. It's just like a, in a car with like a back tray. And so he gets out the UW and the other guy comes out the front, the front door and he's f*****g, you know, laughing and giggling.

1 (12m 47s):
And he, high fives is the other guy. Then the other guy then starts giggling, puts his wallet in a way his pants pocket. And then he goes in, they basically swapped. Then the other guy that comes out and jumps in the car and I'm like, bingo, f*****g bastard. So yes, we live in an interesting street, but definitely the latest, weird thing going on is the serial killer at the end of the streets, kind of like the burbs, basically. I'm not sure which character I am.

1 (13m 17s):
I don't think I'm Tom I I'm Proud I probably am Tom Hanks, actually not in real life. Cause he's a f*****g weirdo, a kiddy fiddling dude. What was all that s**t? Remember at the start of this coronavirus crap, there was all this weird. He was like the first one. He was the first one in the whole entire world to say he had it the first actual person. Cause other, other than that, it was just random Chinese people collapsing on the street of f*****g God knows what In really grainy footage, by the way, what's up with that.

1 (13m 56s):
Do they not have don't don't they have like wild way and APO and all these high tech s**t in China. And then I'm watching this footage on the news, by the way. And it's this like for 20 P f*****g grainy gray footage. That's when I always get SAS, always get PSAs. When the footage is too s**t, dude, its like my daughter could take a f*****g picture on her f*****g iPad. That's like 10 years old and it would look better than some, this s**t.

1 (14m 26s):
But anyway, Tom Hanks was one of the first guys that the first well known person that had a auntie basically wasn't even sick. And then there was all this weird stuff about him and there was a, what was the guy's name? There was a weed American can meet a B grade, a comedian slash actor that was coming out against all this pedophile b******t. And he was calling Tom Hanks out in and around the same time Tom Hanks was, was sending these weird cryptic tweets out and his wife was doing weird cryptic s**t.

1 (15m 3s):
And anyway, but yeah, if this was the burbs, I think I would be Tom Hanks is a character and my neighbor up the street that watches everything. I'm not sure who he'd be anyway. So somebody sent me, I just, after I finished the first one this morning, delicious just after I finished Episode 10, my brother sent me a picture.

1 (15m 33s):
So this is, this is a breaking news guys breaking. He sent me a image of a plane route above Melbourne and you can look this up. This is it's all over Twitter at the moment. But basically there was a unmarked was an unmarked on and I'm not sure how that works. I'm not going to talk s**t, but there was a plane had a serial number in stuff and it was flying in circles over Melbourne like directly above the CBD.

1 (16m 6s):
And then because you can follow the plane with, you know, The the visual sort of interface app on this plane tracking sites and it shows the planes trail or The the route that it's taken. And this plane had flown not once, not twice, but several times. And it had made a pentagram, had made a f*****g pentagram right above the CBD and then down a few circles and then basically f****d off what the f**k is up with that.

1 (16m 41s):
That's f*****g strange. So, and I wasn't going to speak about it because I thought it's just nonsense. But so the other week, literally a week ago, six days ago, Oh six, then number six, six days ago, a dictator Daniel Andrews came out in a press co in his daily f*****g press conferences and said that, ah, the, the new death toll, there was five new deaths and however many new cases, 60, 70 new cases.

1 (17m 13s):
And now the new death toll was 666 deaths, six, six, six. And I'm thinking, okay, whatever this, you know, that's, that's it. That is what it is. It's you know, I'm not going to get into conspiracy b******t. I thought out at the time, but that's f*****g strange. And then I, especially when I saw this, so there were some videos from Dale <inaudible>. I was watching about the inverted pentagram of the police uniform and the, you know, the six, six, six a call that Daniel Andrews and Daniel Andrews today.

1 (17m 49s):
And then of course today with this flight radar s**t in and I start looking into it and then apparently it's a it's you can't get normally with this flight radar b******t, you can get a certain amount of information about the aircraft.

3 (18m 6s):
Well In

1 (18m 7s):
Today's case. You couldn't get much. You could get like, The the number of the flight or whatever it was BC, whatever it is, three 50 or whatever you guys left to check it out yourselves, but you couldn't find any more information out. And obviously these internet nerds have done their investigating and they found out that this was an aircraft that apparently allegedly Victoria police purchased two years ago. And it's a, it is a surveillance aircraft.

1 (18m 39s):
So if this is true and this is a surveillance aircraft, the police have purchased and they're doing f*****g they're there. They're basically making a pentagram over the city. What's going on? Are they just trolling people? Or what the f**k is that? And is there a bunch of trolls once a day, I once ran a satire website that might still be up and running called the lizard people, the lizard people.com. If it is still running, know the latest articles weren't written by me, their s**t.

1 (19m 10s):
And it was a, it was a conspiratorial website was basically conspiracy satire. So sometimes I wonder if, you know, in a, in a lot of these movies and video games and a lot of these things you see out there is it just the designers and just the f*****g arty farty guys behind it, just taking the p**s and then saying, look what we're going to do. We're going to put a foot, we're going to f*****g draw DEQ in this picture. And its in a child's its in a child's I dunno a cartoon or something. Then the conspiracy people will get on and they'll say it's pedophilia and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

1 (19m 43s):
And then these guys, you know, all have a, have a big laugh. So sometimes I wonder is it s**t like that? But I don't know, man. I started looking into it and, and this is going to sound insane. But even that, you know, it's thrown me off lately or it's had me thinking something so obvious, it's the most obvious thing in all as this, all of this is if you look at Daniel Andrews, if you look at the, the background to his, his daily talks, he does to the state, he he's got a vivid purple background.

1 (20m 18s):
It's so vivid. It's full on now, ever since I saw that, you know, months back, I wonder this thought, why not a f*****g neutral color? Why not? Why or blue? You know, the state's unofficial color is either green or blue down here for Victoria. Why not green? Why not? Blue? Why not? Red? Red's the official color of the labor party and the communist party. And then I start thinking red and together because Blue's liberal, what's the opposition party.

1 (20m 50s):
So I'm thinking red and blue make purposes like a one sort of thing. And so after my, my brother showed me this, this image I went and Googled. The a cult meaning's of the color purple. And I think I have it in here if I check my history, but basically, Oh, here we go. Porn Harbor, just kidding. So the esoteric meaning of colors is a website, rune, law, whatever the f**k that is, isn't ruined or something like that, like a f*****g game of something.

1 (21m 23s):
But anyway, so you get to the color purple and it says psychic ability, wisdom, divination removed, curses, healing, psychic work, business success. And this is where it gets weird to influence people in power, powerful color with the energies that can be difficult to manage. It can be used to apply In or incited others to the tire, any abuse of power, idealism and influence people who have power over you.

1 (21m 53s):
Great for inviting sadness and resentment in others, Jupiter rules, the purple, the purple crown shark chakra governs, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, f*****g strange. Right. So I just thought it was all a little bit weird that this s**t was happening. And if any of you nerds out there, have any more information on this flight that took place today.

1 (22m 24s):
Yeah. Just send it to me. I wouldn't mind having a bit of a bit of a closer look at this because I'm, I'm gonna figure it out obviously a clearly not, but I'm no, it's just interesting. So what else has going on R by the way, speaking of weird conspiracy Illuminati. Sure. Why does the cash app? So I was looking at the cash at the other day. It seems to be pretty big in the States. No one really f*****g even know what it is over here.

1 (22m 57s):
But I was looking at the website now that they're why does it have all these weird f*****g so obvious seeing eyes all over the place? There's these weird monsters and these weed like dude cash app, isn't it got to do with money? Why don't you just have a website with f*****g money on it? And so that's f*****g weird. I don't know. I think sometimes I think it's not all real, all the b******t conspiracies you hear about the Illuminati and child sacrifices and all this, but then you're like, you know, you say stuff like what's going on now.

1 (23m 32s):
Obviously we're all locked down and there's just a, literally a handful of people that are running the show or one positive thing. Before I forget there was the same brother sent me a link to a website called constitution, watch.com today. You a think and somebody, some guys like some sort of, I dunno like citizen journalists slash advocate for human rights and all this stuff.

1 (24m 4s):
He's made a, he's published a and before I talk out my arse, I will actually tell you what he's done.

2 (24m 16s):
If I can find the

1 (24m 20s):
I'm going through videos, Indian slept fighting. Here we go. High quarter of Australia. Yeah. So there's a high court document that's been, or there's a document that's been lodged with the high court on behalf of all Victorians. And there's a guy by the name of Garrett Hendrick, that's his middle name. And then he's surname, Cheryl,

2 (24m 47s):
Whole Vaca. I hope I'm getting that right.

1 (24m 53s):
Apparently this guy has a bit of history. He's a one, a five year sorta constitutional court battle and in the high court. So if, if he's on our side while that is a good thing. So yeah, I don't know. There's just seems to be a lot of s**t fuckery going on with a lot of these, these elites and whatnot. What term? Where was I going with this? Yeah. So I don't know, man. Tell me what you guys think. Average Joe Podcast that proton mail.com.

1 (25m 27s):
It seems to be very weird. You know, the whole mosque thing. Look, I still don't get the massing. I understand. You know, if, because obviously where I stand with this is I is I think the whole thing is b******t. People get sick, peop people die, Corona viruses exist, all this stuff exists. And if I was, you know, if I was an elite or if I was in power and I wanted to lock the world down so that I could do a bunch of other stuff, it's the perfect crime.

1 (25m 59s):
It's unseen, it's invisible, but it can kill you. I can sorta, you know, jump out in Get.

2 (26m 5s):

1 (26m 8s):
So it's, it's, it's really the perfect crime. That's where I stand in all this, but, but you know, the whole mask thing I can understand, okay, whether this is real or fake, it doesn't really matter. Or whether it's it's real, but it's actually blown out of proportions. I can kind of understand the masks from a perspective of if this was real and people were f*****g, you know, walking around like zombies in the street and they're coughing in the f*****g blood shoot out of their eyes and they're wheezing and sneezing and people are dropping dead.

1 (26m 48s):
And you know, you walk down the street and there's f*****g bodies laying in the street. Whatever. I can understand that. Okay. But that's not happening. So surely people in power have to go, well, hang on a sec. That's not happening. So why are we going to make people wear masks even that? And I know I'm dollar vigilante, Jeff Berwick, he did a video or one of these guys did a bit of research and they wrote and article enter the whole mask thing. And they think its something, a cult as well. So that's very weird at all.

1 (27m 19s):
But even if, even if wearing a mask. So, and the reason I bring this up because when I went to buy my wine earlier, I did a third social experiment. So I was saying in episode 10, the one before this, that, that I had done, cause I generally don't wear a mask. I had done an experiment where I did wear a mask or a couple of times just to see what would happen. And people were generally far nicer with the mask.

1 (27m 49s):
And today I thought, okay, I'm gonna walk in, not wearing one and I'll have it in my pocket. And then I'll put it on. I'll try to make eye contact with someone just to see what happens. And I walked into the local LD, not wearing one. And I made eye contact with this chick. This she's pretty cute actually. But this, this Kiwi CIC that works there and she, she noticed me walking in. So we made eye contact. I walked in without the Masa, sort of pull around the corner and then I put it on as I go to walk into the alcohol section and I put it on.

1 (28m 27s):
Then she sort of did like a double take. And that was pretty much it. I didn't get any other weird reactions or anything except for the angry guy behind the counter. I think he was just f*****g having a bad day. But so w with a mask, I was thinking about this, if they're, if the mask is actually about safety, like, like seatbelts R or seatbelts a really a good analogy because you know, there obviously you've got to be in a carpet.

1 (29m 1s):
So say helmets, right? So in this country, because we're all we get treated like f*****g children in Australia, unlike everywhere else in the world. If you ride a bike, you get to decide whether you wear a helmet or not. Even in the, the biggest, a bike riding nations on earth. I think it's Holland closely followed by Germany. And then obviously all these Asian countries, but in those places you don't actually have to ride or you don't actually have to wear them are a helmet in Australia you do when your ride a bike.

1 (29m 35s):
But OK. So that makes sense. So, so getting, getting in here, buy a car, a whatever, while you're riding a bike can harm you, even though it doesn't really specify how fast you're going, whether you're on a footpath on a road or whatever, the rules just pretty straightforward. If your ride a bike, doesn't matter if you're a kid, you're an adult, you're in the road, you're in the foot path. Whether you go on fast, not riding a certain type of bike, you just have to wear a helmet. It's like, okay. But then it's like, but I can't.

1 (30m 5s):
Right. I can, some people can run just as fast as others can ride. Especially, you know, a fit healthy adult could probably write as fast as you know, you know, a 12 year old kid that could probably run as fast as a 12 year old kid on a bike. And yet if you're running or you're doing other s**t, maybe you're maybe you're doing f*****g park or maybe your, you know, f*****g mountain climbing or rock climbing, or you're doing some other activity. You don't have to wear a helmet.

1 (30m 36s):
So this is where it gets strange. But yet if you wear a mask, they say, you know, if you wear a mask and your, your, either sick we'll actually that doesn't make sense. Cause if you're sick, you should be isolating. But if you're out in somebody's sick, well, you know, you need to wear a mask so you don't get it so you don't pass it on and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it's like, okay, well, if that's the case, you know, I'm not near anyone. If at all, I'm just walking on my own in the f*****g, in a nature reserve or a park where the woods, or, you know, just, just down the street, basically.

1 (31m 10s):
And with non around here, why the f**k do I have to wear? It makes no sense. So this is where I think who knows maybe there is some weird, a Colt happening and they want to strap masks to us too. I dunno, like to just have everyone, like, you know, if everybody, if there's some weird seance going on, I imagine they get people to dress up and some ritualistic clothing or something. So maybe it is all ritualistic or something. I don't know, but it's very f*****g bizarre.

1 (31m 41s):
And my first experience with this, with the whole massing, my first full on experience was always at work. And I had to go onto a meeting and I'm obviously not wearing a mask. And these two people in business shirts basically Mmm. In this meeting, yeah. At this desk, I was sorta sat in the center and they were sorta sat either side across the table, but on either side of me, so one to the left of me, one to the right, but in front of me and they were both wearing the blue surgical mask and all I could see staring back at me with these f*****g eyes and in my head, I'm going, this is R for a second, that I could even concentrate on what they were saying.

1 (32m 26s):
I'm sitting there and I'm thinking, this is so f*****g weird. Have the same two guys that I know. And I work with and I've worked with for years and this staring at me with the BD f*****g heart. And it was dehumanizing was it was like, eh, almost wanted to f*****g let swap them away. Maybe that's what it's all about to dehumanize people. I don't know, but it's very f*****g strange. And at the end of the day, they are surgical masks. They were designed for doctors and nurses in health and medical environments.

1 (32m 60s):
Not for f*****g regular folks to walk down the street and wear a surgical mask, like a insane mental patients, whatever the f**k you and f**k your masks. A, I was going through my Twitter feed before all my kids are watching f*****g one of the Avengers movies. And I saw her on Twitter. Twitter's ranting and raving about this, a kiddie porn, Sean.

1 (33m 31s):
Netflix a, what's it called? Cuties so Cuties I have not watched it. So I dunno if I want to f**k them, watch it. Cause then they'll I don't know. I don't know. I just know that maybe if you, who knows, maybe if you watch it, they'll f*****g Mark you as a pedal or somewhere, but I was reading some reviews and whatnot about it and people on, on read it, talking about it and it's pretty f*****g disgusting.

1 (34m 4s):
If you think about it, like these girls, they, their only a year or two older, then my daughter, and I can tell you right now at that age kids, a kid's man, kid, the girls, boys, they're, they're not f*****g mature in the slightest. They're just large. Like their bodies have sort of grown and developed at that age or are developing, but they're f*****g babies basically. And four Netflix for this billion dollar company to turn around and buy this movie and, and push it, knowing what they know.

1 (34m 40s):
And maybe, maybe it's a marketing thing. Maybe they know there's going to be pushback. Maybe they know there's going to be people arguing on both sides of it. People arguing saying, well, it's just art and other people saying, well, it's f*****g disgusting. And it's kiddie porn and it's pedophilia and all of that. And maybe they just think, well, you know what, we'll take a momentary hit, but actually it's going to be better for us going forward. If that's the case. I don't know, man, I kind of side with The with the guys that, that, that call it out.

1 (35m 11s):
Because at the end of the day you got to side with good, right? You can't just be all about money at the end of the day. But I do find it quite strange that all of this is happening at once. So you've got, you know, Epstein and all of that b******t happening. And at the same time, Netflix go R well, you know what? Yeah. Well, we're just going to release the movie of these little girls that get into dancing, but they f*****g gyrate and shake their butts and all that stuff. And clearly, if your, of, of, of that nature, if you're a f*****g weird creepy, can't like the guy at the end of my street and maybe that's what he is.

1 (35m 50s):
Maybe he's a pedophile that dude, I don't know. But if, if y'all have that, you know, mentality and you're f****d in the head wall, you're probably gonna get off watching this stuff. So Netflix obviously know that. And obviously they've had round table discussions and you know, their management and all, they're the directors and Lee's big wig except sat around a table and they've discussed it. But yeah, for whatever reason, they've decided to let it go ahead. So I don't know.

1 (36m 20s):
It's f*****g creepy, everything that's going on now, you know, you've got Kovi, you've got all the Epstein s**t and yeah. Get into the queue stuff. I mean, I do because I'm, I get into anything. Yeah. Everything. Cause I want to learn about it. But the cue stuff to me doesn't sound right. The Q stuff Temaze if anything has probably a CIA operation to Get people take their attention away and put it onto something else. But the The all the cue guys like, Oh yeah, my an author I can f**k in, you know, ah, the special forces they're finding underground tunnels with kids and they're saving all these people from the elite pedophile gangs in a cycle.

1 (37m 3s):
I haven't seen any of that. So I dunno what the f**k you talking about and a little bit a fire gangs and people in slaving women and children and doing despicable acts to them. That's kind of gone on forever. Yeah. And it's, it's probably not more prolific nowadays. Although, you know, it doesn't take away from the fact that it's horrendous, but it's probably not more horrific in that sense. No more of it nowadays than what there was a a hundred years ago or thousand years ago.

1 (37m 33s):
So don't give me that b******t. No, what it is is, is bad. Shit's happening. And a lot of stuff's coming out, but that's not why Corona or COVID. Why is he here or why the, of the hoax is being pushed and whether it's real or not. I leaned to the side that it isn't, and there's a bunch of s**t which I'll get into on another episode with Steve Bannon and guys, he was interviewing and people who he sort of sided with and books he's written and s**t he's done, but there's a bunch of s**t out there, but I I'm on that side that it, it's not real well, it is real.

1 (38m 14s):
Maybe, maybe the virus is a real, maybe did come from a lab or maybe it was purely accidental, but then everything else, you know, all the The world powers and the globalists in the us elites have just jumped at the opportunity. Whatever the saying is, you know, don't, don't a good opportunity, but I actually go a step further. I'm just not sure of it. I am sure of that. There's more to this than meets the eye. I'm just not sure that the, the beginnings of it, whether it matters an on a f*****g know, but that the beginnings of it word genuine.

1 (38m 47s):
Ah, that's the part I'm not sure about, but I suppose we'll find out just like we have with nine 11, nine, 11, f*****g what was it? The, that's what it is now in the U S coz it's a, what is it? 8:29 PM over here now. So yeah. Let's quickly Google us. So time, day, let's go Los Angeles and then let's go New York. So right now in LA on the West coast, it's a, yeah, it's just gone.

1 (39m 20s):
Okay. So then it's obviously the same. So it's yeah, it's the 12th now it's just gone by a few hours, but September 11, R f*****g may. I remember that, like it was yesterday. They talk about there's these times in your life where you will never forget, you know, where you were and what you were doing. And, and I've tried to look this up and try to find it. And I can't find the, the details, but I remember Michael Jordan was he'd either made a comeback or he was making his comeback. I can't remember.

1 (39m 52s):
And, and I was staying up late. They used to be this sports program on TV was in, what would I have been in year 11 at the time? And I remember that. And then I remember like my, the program being interrupted. And I remember my dad yelling out from downstairs saying, f**k, you know, what's the TV. And then just watching it all f*****g live. You know, The the first plan that are already hit in. The first town was on fire and then live watching.

1 (40m 24s):
The second one hit. It was f*****g unbelievable was one of the weirdest things to say, live a buck ever. But of course that was all the f*****g hoax too. When they basically put us into a war and they killed, you know, hundreds of thousands, I don't know what it is. Millions of f*****g Iraqis and Afghanis because they're all evil, f*****g dictators and they do not care for human life.

1 (40m 57s):
So that was f*****g strange. Colbert report has a good video on both of these topics. COVID nine 11. I was watching it before.

4 (41m 7s):
The thing with Colbert report that I saw

1 (41m 10s):
Can't get over. Is he his, video's a very detailed, precise dude. It's f*****g 2020. Just give me, just give me like, The you just give me a shortened DeMoss summary and like, this is what I'm doing now. This is a podcast. This is a bit different, but you watching a YouTube video on and off. I want it to go into f*****g that much detail. And it's well-produced and this kind of like a documentary.

5 (41m 41s):
So, but

1 (41m 43s):
I didn't even know that guy's name, obviously he's last name's Corbin. I'm guessing let's f*****g let's f**k in a row. Let's let's do it, dude. What are you doing? Are you looking? Is it let's call bet. And this is the good thing about being at a computer. Unlike sitting in my cars and I can actually f**k in Google s**t.

1 (42m 13s):
Corporate rapport, art. What's the guy's name? What is his f*****g name? Corporate report editor. James Corbett. Yeah, there we go. Yeah. Look, James Corbett mate, just f*****g get to the point and your videos are right. You do really good videos, but just may just get to the point, not all of us a f*****g switched on the right. So that was a really good video.

1 (42m 43s):
He's just done. I was trying to Gavin McInnes is hard to find lately because he's been basically f*****g banned off everything. But when I was, when I was looking through Spotify, before he came up, get off my lawn and I was listening to some of that. And I was, I thought it was funny. He, he, he started off his show the same way I started off mine this morning.

1 (43m 16s):
Episode 10, but he, he was talking about new Yorkers smelling bad. I was saying, people f*****g smell bad in general, like humans as a species. And the weird thing with that as I'm looking at Spotify right now, and there's a podcast called a year, we Podcast. So yeah, we he's a, its a Australia in big foot, basically. That's the word we give it. But they, they reckon people that have apparently been in the woods and come across, sees things.

1 (43m 48s):
They recommend that they f*****g stink. And if you think about it, if there are anything like us, so say, I don't know, say, say they're like, you know, 50% human or whatever. Well, yeah, we're not to harp on it about it, but yeah, we're pretty f*****g stinky species and I'm not sure if it's diet related, but we f*****g stink. So yeah. Gavin McInnes I was listening to a bit of his s**t before I'll should I tell you about the time I was?

1 (44m 23s):
I was in the Proud Boys f**k it. Why not? So I Gavin McInnes started and I've been watching his s**t for years now. I just think he's he's funny and all of this stuff about him being and Neo Nazi in a racist, it's all absolute b******s. Not because I know the guy, but because I know people, I'm not my f*****g, if you're a blue collar guy in new grow up in a, in a regular town of regular people, you talk s**t.

1 (44m 56s):
I mean my best friends growing up and nicknames were goop, wog we're n***a, what gorilla we're f*****g, you know, we called each other everything and anything under the sun and they were an nicknames to each other.

2 (45m 15s):
And I think Gavin

1 (45m 15s):
McInnes was one of these guys. He was just that just the same. He was just a lad. And if you have a play sport as well, it's the same thing. If you're in a sporting team, you know, they talk about that f*****g p***y talk incident, Trump dude, and that is locker room talk. That is literally it that's what happens? You just talk s**t. And so I think Gavin is a guy that just talks s**t. I think he's a racist at all, but when he, I'm not even sure how it all happened, but he started Proud Boys or whatever. And I kind of, you know, I was like, Oh, well, you know what?

1 (45m 49s):
I wonder what all this is about. And,

2 (45m 52s):
And I went and I had a, I had a poster or something created an app

1 (45m 58s):
And one of the guys hit me up on Facebook at the time from the Melbourne chapter for any sort of look I've seen your, your Proud Boys post that we like it and blah, blah, blah. And you know, we get talking and yeah.

2 (46m 10s):

1 (46m 12s):
You know, so I obviously myself and some friends, we went along to one of their nights and we basically just got p****d and had a bit of a good time. But dude, Proud, Boys get the f**k out of here.

2 (46m 25s):
I mean, at the end of the day and you know, you can send it

1 (46m 30s):
This everywhere and let them know I will still support Proud Boys over and TIVA. However, In because obviously anti for their just f*****g leftist Marxist c***s that you know, want to want to hurt people and do bad s**t and f*****g take over America.

2 (46m 47s):
And they just disenfranchised

1 (46m 51s):
Uneducated f*****g left a stick with, but, but look, Proud Boys, I'm sorry you're you didn't win me over. Proud Boys are a bunch of young, 20 somethings. They talk about being blue collar and they talk about, you know, doing that

2 (47m 15s):
F*****g, all working hard and the family,

1 (47m 20s):
Emily and religion and all this dude, most of them when I was in it, most of them f*****g didn't work. I'd say a good 50, not okay. Most is, is I would say a good 50%, a good half of them didn't even have jobs. They're either students or they were just unemployed. Most of them again. And I would say, this is fair in most of them over 50% didn't have girlfriends or wives or kids. I think our was one of the very few. There was probably at the time three or four of us that actually had girlfriends, wives and kids.

1 (47m 57s):
And the biggest thing for me is like, you know, you can talk s**t. I mean, I could say all those same things for, you know, most, most places, most groups, most settings where groups of people congregate, you can talk s**t. Cause that's all that is just talking s**t. But for me, the biggest thing was, is I'm not what you'd expect for me. The biggest thing was, I don't know,

2 (48m 20s):
Oh f**k, I don't want any f*****g rules in my life.

1 (48m 23s):
I'm 35 years old. I've got to listen to my, I've got to go to work and listen to my boss. I've got to go to work and listen to my customers. I've got to come home and listen to my wife. I've got to listen to my f*****g kids, a little listen to ah, the police and the f*****g, the people that run, run the show I've got in my life.

2 (48m 44s):
Just like any, any other

1 (48m 46s):
Else's ma you know, middle aged man. You've got that many people above you telling you what to do when to do it, how to do it. It's like, f**k that. I don't need a bunch of 20 somethings dictating to me when I need a f*****g rock up to a meeting and what I needed to do and how I needed a dress and what I need to say, Get the f**k. Am I to be, take your show, take a s**t, take your Proud Boys s**t.

1 (49m 19s):
And you know, you can do with it. That's right. That's what you can f*****g do with it. I'm all for, you know, the rye and male chauvinism and the p**s take on. That's the other thing too, when I think about it, when I, when I, when I thought about it, knowing what I know of Gavin McInnes he, he comes across to me as a lad, as a guy that just likes to have a f*****g laugh Get peer step of a few drinks and just play pranks and do dumb s**t.

1 (49m 49s):
And these guys took his, his protocols. So f*****g seriously, it was, it was awkward. And it was cringe-worthy. It's like, dude, if he's saying that, one of the things to get into this thing is to, you know, all surround this person and punch them and s**t until they can name five cereals or whatever the f**k it is. I can't even remember. Yeah. Can you do not see the fact that he's obviously having a f*****g laugh? So why don't you make your own sets of rules?

1 (50m 21s):
Do you honestly think Gavin McInnes is going to sit there and go, Oh, well guys, arm, I just want to call a mooning. Cause the chapter in Melbourne Australia om, they've said that they're not going to do the serials instead. They're going to name five muscle cars and the SUSE a really big incident, get the f**k outta here. You f*****g learn a taxi. Never. What are you talking about? Have fun with it. And so they all wear the same f*****g thing and they all do the same s**t.

1 (50m 56s):
Have fun with it. Go, okay. Yeah. We're Proud Boys Melbourne chapter, but you know, we do something different. We don't where the M whatever those Fred Perrys, we were f*****g, I don't know, Tommy Hilfiger, or we we're f*****g, I don't know, hard yakka f*****g shorts and Blundstones in a trucker caps. Like that's R thing, you know? So at the Warrior's, you know, each gang has a little thing, like do something slightly different, make it f*****g fun if that's what it is, that's what it's supposed to be is a men's

2 (51m 26s):
Club. F*****g make it fun. R in, by the way, why are you guys? None of you can't even yeah.

1 (51m 32s):
F*****g girlfriends or wives or kids yet these f*****g pansies. Cause most of them were pansies. We're going to f*****g like, we're going to rallies and things in the city for a, what is it? The a antiabortion f*****g rallies in that it's like, dude, none of, half of you guys have never even had sex. First of all. Cause I can tell

2 (51m 57s):

1 (51m 59s):
And the other half view you've probably had sex with yourself or other men because you've just a bunch of f*****g weirdos. So nothing against Proud Boys and I'm actually really surprised and pretty, I dunno, pretty if I was Gavin McInnes, I'd be pretty f*****g chuffed with myself at the fact that, you know, one of the leading, one of the leading outfits out there rising up against these Antifa drunk goes is Proud Boys.

1 (52m 29s):
I mean, there, the, one of the biggest ones in their world known right right now. So that'd be pretty chuffed with myself. A fall was governed, but the actual outfit themselves do foods

2 (52m 40s):
F*****g do something different for

1 (52m 43s):
F**k sake because you come across as a bunch of, I don't know, you just come across as a bunch of d*******s in. So yeah, that was wild. If that was my little stint was in there for about a month or whatever. And it just, it felt like a f*****g tree house club, like in a bar Simpson house with the f*****g tree house club. Like, you know, and like, like anything, like any group, like any situation where you get a bunch of people together, there's always going to be a leader. And then there's going to be people fighting for f*****g supremacy and, and trying to take over and all this s**t and trying to tell people what to do and get the f**k outta here.

1 (53m 22s):
I do not need any of that s**t in my, and I mean, it was a fun experience, but yeah, w it was, I put it this way. I didn't take anything out of it. I didn't f*****g leave. And they didn't even have that good a parties, by the way, most of the time, these f*****g clowns were just going to rallies in the city and then meeting up for drinks afterwards. But that didn't ever even, even have any f*****g good shindigs, at least if they were having good parties and there was f*****g strippers and f*****g drugs and s**t, I might have hung around, but there was none of that.

1 (53m 56s):
So it was just a little bit weird and awkward. So yeah, that's that, you know, look inward, if you want to do whatever the f**k you want to do, but I'm. Yeah, that was my little experience. What's this here? Dave blablabla. Oh, Jesus f*****g Christ. Okay. I think that we are done for this evening. So check us out on Average joe.buzzsprout.com.

1 (54m 35s):
We're on all the apps, Apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher. D's a pocket cast. Tune-in blahblahblahblahblah era, all that s**t. And hopefully soon Google podcasts, as well as iHeart radio. I'm just waiting for those ones to hurry the f**k up and set us up on Twitter. You can get me at, at Andre, a N D R E <inaudible> R O T E a R I U.

1 (55m 10s):
The number seven. You can check us out there and I'm still unsure whether I'm going to do f**k in Instagram and Facebook and all that s**t. I'm just that for me, the less social media, I need to do that better because it's f*****g draining and I don't particularly like it. And there's nothing social about it. That's what it was invented for. But I don't think there's anything particularly social about it.

1 (55m 40s):
It's pretty f*****g evil. If you ask me, so check us out on those platforms and that'll be it for today. So peace out over an hour, stay weird and I'll see you next time.

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