Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0012

September 14, 2020 Andrei R Episode 12
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0012
Why Vic Pol Dan Andrews and Brett Sutton are Evil
Do people actually believe they're in a zombie apocalypse?
Headphones at the gym
Remember the empty hospitals?
Martin Pakula Minister for Business looks like Krusty the Clown
Eating inside plastic plexiglass is not romantic
Changing goal posts again
Why don't we just have a big party on a party bus?
Why does Bill Burr look like he has cancer?
Conor McGregor pulls his willy out
Im calling it, Rogan will be broke!
Lewis Hamilton on Breonna Taylor...here we go again
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0012
Sep 14, 2020 Episode 12
Andrei R

I discuss the evil, demonic, satanic Victoria Police, Daniel Andrews and Brett Sutton.  Victorian Police brutality, putting a guy into a coma. Bill Burr looks like a terminal cancer patient, brainwashing people to believe the Zombie Apocalypse.

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I discuss the evil, demonic, satanic Victoria Police, Daniel Andrews and Brett Sutton.  Victorian Police brutality, putting a guy into a coma. Bill Burr looks like a terminal cancer patient, brainwashing people to believe the Zombie Apocalypse.

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreiRotariu7
Email for questions, comments, abuse and sponsorships: averagejoepodcast@protonmail.com

Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
Retro Ryster
For audio, intros, music https://soundcloud.com/theawakening-official
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0 (5s):

1 (18s):
J and J structure. F**k you. Daniel Andrews f**k you. Brett Sutton evil m***********s. You evil boss. Did you guys and f*****g Victoria Police new Bill for me p**s. Ah, this is what these guys sound like. That's like their inner voice on a sound like Alex Jones. He does a great f*****g, he does that really well, but so the reason I'm doing that in sounding like a f*****g lunatic is because that's what the inner soul is like.

1 (60s):
These cretins, these demonic, a f*****g angels of death. That's what they are the angels of death for demonic fricking monsters. So in one day it was either Saturday or Sunday, I think one might happen Saturday. And another happened Sunday. So it was within a 24 hour period basically, but the Victoria place f*****g dragged a woman out of her car by her feet.

1 (1m 32s):
And the guy that did it was wearing like a f*****g bane mask. She's pulled up. Apparently at the border crossing was a Wallen and somewhere else can't quite remember, but she was basically going through a was like a border crossing or somewhere. And it was some particular spot that she, that she apparently goes through daily. I think she was saying for the last two months she's been going through their daily and the videos online, you can look it up and she basically goes through then the video starts, they're already having a tit for tat with the, with the police officer, but through the articles and through her own testimony, she says that that, ah, the reason he pulled her up was because he saw her phone in a charger, you know, and that little spot where you keep your, where you keep your coffee mug and she's saying, well, you know the Police and the Uber drivers and everybody else has these, why can't I have it?

1 (2m 28s):
And basically that's how the footage start. And then you, you sorta hear him say, once, we'll give us your, you know, your name and your license. And she says, well, hang on a second. And you never hear a, I don't think you hear a refuse to give it, but she basically turns around and says, well, no, you've put, you've actually pulled me over before I've even gotten to the checkpoint. You've, you know, you've, you've waived me down and said Paul, over to the side of the road, and you've mentioned the car charger. So what's the issue with the car charger. This conversation went for maybe 15 seconds before he f*****g just like opens a card or any like, like a f*****g demonic Satanist creature.

1 (3m 9s):
He just rips her out of the car. Her husband's sitting there trying to hold on the word. And then there's there's footage later on. You can see of a, I think the husband's recording the whole incident and she's, you know, she's distraught. Look, she was acting like a bit of a f*****g, a mental patient herself. My dad, this lady, she, she, it would've looked a lot better for her. Had she lived, just remained calm. She's crapping on about math back and lawyers are kind of get you. And I don't understand. I've never been in that situation, but, but there's f*****g evil.

1 (3m 43s):
And then the cherry on the cherry on the f*****g top yesterday, the footage of R the Yemeni and some other bloke in, in Melbourne on Twitter, you can find the footage it's all over the place now, actually. But RV was one of the big ones that got it out and pushed it. There's footage of Victoria Police you can count about five, six offices and you can see this is halfway through the incident.

1 (4m 16s):
They've it? The footage shows them stop throwing this guy to the ground. He, he looks, he looks like he's given up in the, the little scuffle. So he's down on the grand and he sort of comes up on his knees as though he's just trying to, you know, get some rest spite because he knows that I'm going to dive in on top of him and the cop that was dressed in all black. So it was a different style of a cop. I don't know if they were like cert guys or whatever f*****g team that they were a part of, but you've got the other police officers in the fluoro, yellow vest to the left.

1 (4m 50s):
And then you've got these two guys dressed in all black. He basically stomps on the back of his head. It's a stump. It wasn't, it's like a soccer kick to the face. It was a stone was a head stomp. Then they're getting to the ground. And then the other guy dressed in all black comes in over the top with a f*****g knee drop to the back of the skull. And then the guy that filmed the footage. I wish I had his details. Maybe you'll have it here. His name was Jacob Edward or something like that.

1 (5m 20s):
Jared, let me see. I do have him here. I want to give him a shout out because f*****g good on him for getting this footage out there. What's the guy's name? What's the guy's name? Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Come on, come on, come on, come on a, I can't find him. I cannot find him. I cannot find him. I cannot find him.

1 (5m 51s):
Mm. I want to find him for you though. I want to find him for you. I can't find him anyway, Jacob, Edward or something like that was, he was his name. And he says in his Facebook posts and also on Twitter. And R, we'll find him during this, but he basically says that as they got there, they started filming, you know, a little bit, a little bit after the fact. And as they got there, the police car f*****g rammed, this guy.

1 (6m 22s):
So the, the police car rammed him. Then they, then they chased him down and got him. And there's a bunch of footage being shown here. <inaudible> ah, can't find this guy's f*****g name. F**k. Anyway, it is what it is. So they, they, they pull up the, the, the, the Police Rams.

1 (6m 58s):
This guy, after they ran him, they tackled him to the floor and there's five or six, a place offices. You can see to tackle him to the floor. They stomp on the back of his head. They named near the back of the head, and then they all jump on him. And I, I assume it'd be f*****g hard to breathe when you got five of these guys, their old and his legs in there. And apparently, you know, this guy's only crime, apparently allegedly his crime. He was an escaped mental patient. So the guy's got mental health issues and they decided to go for a f*****g wander.

1 (7m 30s):
I mean, that's not, there's no excuse. I mean, for, for doing that to anyone, but Jesus f*****g Christ and escape, mental base, what's he done wrong. And then as it turns out today, it's being reported that the guy is in a coma. So they've beaten him so much so that he's in a coma. And of course you can see, they're not going to, they're not going to report on that. I can give you, I was just watching the, a dictator, Daniel Andrews a morning, morning briefing.

1 (8m 2s):
He does every single morning. And of course I was watching it via the ABC news, the ABC, the government broadcaster. Of course, they cut it. They cut it right at the end before it's basically open question time and R they cut the feed back and said, you know, to continue watching it else with f*****g disgusting shame on you, ABC Shane on Victoria Police Shane on the f*****g politicians who Jesus Christ moving on.

1 (8m 37s):
I mean, to people that the people actually think, if you watch the way these reporters or these journalists, the questions that they ask, I'm not sure if they're just pretending, but do they, do you ask yourself, do you really think if you're in Melbourne, Australia, if you're anywhere in the, do you honestly believe we're in a Zombie Apocalypse do

2 (8m 60s):
I really truly believe that bodies,

1 (9m 2s):
You know, you can't see them, but maybe at nighttime, they're piling up at the end of your street and you know, Get, maybe you don't see it cause you don't get out much, but maybe when you're not looking, people are running around and they're coughing up blood in there. Their eyes are a f*****g oozing and shooting liquid and, and s**t out through their paws. I mean, I'm asleep. That's not what's happening. Nobody is dying. Only people that are dying are people that are fat, old and sick.

1 (9m 32s):
That would die. Anyway.

2 (9m 35s):
It's impossible. It is absolutely impossible. Look around you, stop watching the f*****g news. I can see.

1 (9m 42s):
Yeah. Entire populations can be easily brainwashed. I can definitely see it. What'd they call it project Mockingbird, CIA project to infiltrate the news and the media and the mainstream and push their agendas. Absolutely. I can see how it's possible it's happened. I mean, it's absolutely happened. You know, I've spoken about this several times, but in the beginning of the year, I'd be at the gym in the morning. Can't go to the gym anymore, but I'd be at the gym and the morning, excuse me.

1 (10m 14s):
And you'd see people or I'd be on the treadmill warming up and you'd see pet, you'd see on the, on the TVs, you know, the words panicked because they've got the sound down. So, and I'd usually have my headphones in, whatever.

2 (10m 28s):
Why do people do that? By the way side note got people at gyms

1 (10m 34s):
Which doesn't exist anymore. But people, when we start getting a loud by the dictators to go back to the gyms, I'm a f*****g wearing headphones. And I know I'm, you know, I just admitted to doing it too, but stop wearing a f*****g headphones all the time. People walk around. It's so bizarre at the gym and everybody has headphones in their ears. Everyone, every single f*****g person has a headphone on what do you have headphones on? I'm going to turn the volume down. Either. I'm screaming today. I've noticed the last two podcasts I did with this new equipment in the garage that I've been whispering a little bit.

1 (11m 10s):
And I think it's because I'm trying and trying to achieve myself too. The environment also, the Strait is just out there and I don't want anybody to f*****g think that I'm f*****g beating my children or something. So yeah, it's bizarre that people do that. They all walk around every single person, a hundred percent of the people in gyms, walk around with headphones on and you can't even have a conversation with them anymore. There's an old guy at my gym. That's probably in his, I don't know he's in his seventies or something.

1 (11m 41s):
He's a f*****g legend. Have a yarn to him every time I'm the same. But generally speaking, I'm not a headphone where a, maybe when I'm on the treadmill, warming up, I'll finish my Podcast or whatever I was listening to before hand or music or whatever. But by the way, I was playing some music this morning. I was just, I'm a put something on. And then it sort of rolls along with whatever the, the similar songs aren't was. It was music from the nineties. And I realized how old I'm getting modern day music just sucks.

1 (12m 16s):
It's s**t. Anyway. I'm ranting and raving now. So yeah, I could see it in the beginning of the year. You know, you'd see the words, panic, panic, panic on the TV. Literally the words flashing at you. Look up, look up news footage of coronavirus from January, February. Look it up, do yourself a favor. Look it up and look at the words, panic, panic, panic, and they'd show dead bodies. And they chose people collapsing in the streets and China, and then in Italy. And then as it turns out, none of that was true.

1 (12m 48s):
Do you remember the beginning of the year when they had the, a film you're a hospital hashtag thing going around, they were that you were saying that all the hospitals were overloaded and are overcrowded. And people were dying in the hallways and they were dragging bodies out into the streets. And then people were going to hospitals all, and this happened all over the world. It was in the States, it was in Europe. It was here in Australia. They're going to their hospitals and they'll f*****g empty. And the nurses and the doctors were uploading f*****g tick tock dancing videos, because they had nothing else to do.

1 (13m 23s):
Jesus. So absolutely. I can see how people can be brainwashed by, by the media. I mean, it happens it's happening right now. People are still brainwashed. Somebody like some guy replied to me on Twitter that this is where this sort of come from. This sort of thought I had about the Zombie Apocalypse you know, he's going, Oh, well you're selfish. You don't believe it. No, I don't believe it. But if, if it was true, if all of this was true, you wouldn't have to tell people the media wouldn't have to tell anyone that, that this was dangerous.

1 (14m 1s):
You would protect your own kids. Remember what happened in the beginning, the f**k toilet paper, crisis, toilet paper, crisis. People thought that they were running out of toilet paper. And if that happens with food, you will see people looking after themselves. They will f*****g beat each other to death, just to get some canned beans, to look after their, the children and their babies. And one another, if they actually sense reality, the danger, but this is not the real danger. This is the media telling you that there is a danger, which doesn't actually exist.

1 (14m 38s):
So, but anyway, watching this, this d******d on the news this morning, and I almost never watch it, the only reason I watched it is because I wanted to see if they would actually ask him about the, the mental that was basically had his head f*****g curb stomped. And now he's in a comb. I wanted to see if they would ask the premier about that, because I just wanted to see his reaction. There was going to be no chance. He was going to answer. They all, all, all deferred a chief. We give them that big fat can't of a person.

1 (15m 9s):
I don't even know his name. He's just some big fat f**k that looks like chief <inaudible>. And he gets up there and he craps on. But a so, because I never watch it, I thought it was interesting. And I took some notes. So he gets up there like your ways doesn't I just found that, that they're disgusting to watch these people as he hands over to that, a Martin Pakula or the minister for the business and whatever he is, they, they handed over. There was this weird little moment where they kind of look at you each other and they just start seeding and snickering, like, and they're like laughing.

1 (15m 47s):
Yeah. Kind of like the footage you see of a bill Gates when he's, he's been caught and guys have done some pretty good edits of him, where he talks about death and dying and disease, and all the people locked down and he can't help himself. This is bill Gates. He cannot help himself. He just starts giggling like he and smirking and he sought it. And then he forces himself to stop. This is what these guys were doing. And this Martin Pakula dude, the guy looks like f*****g crusty. Can't remember when crust you to clean and gave himself for a haircut and chopped his beard off or grow a beard, I should say.

1 (16m 22s):
And he was trying to go straight because I think it was the episode where they told him it wasn't funny anymore. And this is what this Martin precall looks like. It looks like at the time when crusty, the clown tried to get on the straight and narrow and, Oh, it's just disgusting. And now that you know, they're talking, can you out f*****g plastics? The reins, when they open up dining in Melbourne, Melbourne was ranked the world's most livable city. God knows how many times in a row was f*****g like a dozen times in a row and AF the food scene because of the, all the cultures we have.

1 (16m 56s):
I mean, we've got every culture on the planet. You know, we've got the original cultures, not the original, not the original original, obviously, but the, the, the first big sort of cultures that came here with them, brought their food with the Greeks and the Italians, and then the Vietnamese and the Chinese. But now there's everything. You can get f*****g anything and everything here. And we are well known globally for our restaurants and our cafes. We are well known for and fought for, for our food.

1 (17m 29s):
And now these guys, these f*****g numpties, none of them ever, ever had a real job. I think Brett, Sutton the, the, the, the health guy. I think he actually worked in emergency rooms. But apart from that, none of these guys have ever had any real jobs. And they're talking about plastic screens for dining, dude. What are you talking about? Plastic screens for dining. That's not really

2 (17m 53s):
A really f*****g romantic, is it? Hey, hun, do you want to, let's go out for dinner.

1 (17m 57s):
You know, you know, let's dump the kids off at my parents and we'll head out for a nice romantic meal. I'm encased in f*****g plastic, plexi, plexi, glass, R bank, anti bank, robbery, screens. What a f*****g planet are you people on? And to do what? To protect me from what? From some virus, I thought you said it was, it was in the air. I thought you said the air was poisonous. Well, how did

2 (18m 27s):
Nothing these guys say make sense? Nothing.

1 (18m 30s):
It's all absolute b******t. And it's not really fun. Like, you want to take your kids out, you sit there at the table and like, yeah, your kid sorta makes eye contact with the other kid or whatever. And then they start playing and running up and down the f*****g hallway. Or if there's stairs, I'll start tumbling down the stairs. And they're just, that's, that's what happens. That's humanity. As the beauty of it is you can see someone and you're, you know, and the whole Mel, Melburnians a s**t talkers, you know? So Melburnians, we'll see each other.

1 (19m 1s):
And he'll just say something, you get talk. And if somebody else wants, so we're not allowed to do it. So you can't talk to other people. Now, the now, and the only reason I'm telling you, the only reason they want to open up, it's not because they care for people. They care for businesses. The only reason they want to his, for the tax purposes, that's the only reason they don't give a f**k about you. Clearly, clearly they don't give a f**k about you. They only give a f**k about the tax purposes. They want the tax money, but a year guys, you might want to rethink that Dick heads.

1 (19m 33s):
So, and I mean, what have I got here? I made some notes. What else did he say? Oh, that's right. He goes, he says that. He says, on one hand, you know, you can go out there and you can be in a restaurant and you can dine out on the f*****g street though, basically saying, but a real dying jar is a, is having a beer in a barbecue in your own home with your friends. He literally said that. He said that the danger is having a BR and a barbecue in your home with your mate.

1 (20m 8s):

3 (20m 10s):
What the f**k are you talking about? What on earth?

2 (20m 14s):
What planet are you f*****g from? You weird evil Creighton. How was that dangerous, f*****g dumb ass?

1 (20m 22s):
What you mean? My friend's going to give me some disease, but even though he's not sick from it, because if he was, he'd be at home, but he, he's not sick from it. So my mate, my single mate will come round and we'll have a barbecue together and we'll have a beer and he's somehow he's sick, but he's somehow not sick. And then he's going to get me sick. And then I'm going to get the same thing. He's got that he's not sick from. And then I'm somehow I'm going to get sick and die.

4 (20m 49s):
Like what?

1 (20m 53s):
Jesus f*****g Christ sees people, a mental patients. And then w what's what's the plastic screens. Didn't you guys have didn't you guys have a whole, whole media campaign and political campaign to like a year saying you wanted to get rid of plastic straws. Wasn't like a thing. And now everywhere you go, there's plastic screens at all the, all the, the grocery stores and everywhere. You've got to you go to LDL. He's the funniest. One of all, because they start the screen sort of halfway up the little conveyor belt.

1 (21m 27s):
And so from about half the pathway point on you can't even, you can't even talk to the guy and then you get there and you got to put your hand through like this, a little thing to pay. It's a, wasn't that the thing, what isn't that I'm. And this is where I call the, the left and the green out and all that b******t that R, couldn't give two f***s about the environment. They couldn't give two f***s about reducing oil and plastic and all of that nonsense. Cause if you, if you did, you wouldn't be pushing plastic f*****g screens every year.

1 (21m 60s):
Would you f*****g Darrow's what absolute d*******s. These people are such d*******s. I can't believe that they're in charge of us. Well, actually I can, because most normal people, average Joes and Janes, they don't want to control people. They don't want to tell other people what to do. They just kind of want to go about the business and then there, and then he comes out this Brett Sutton and he says, ah, the, the, the report or the so-called reporter, or the journalist says to him, you know, or a friend bubbles, the buddy bubbles, they start today.

1 (22m 35s):
Or, or something like that. He goes, he goes, do people have to wear masks in the guy? The guy, the guy had to think about it. Cause you can tell, he knows how ridiculous it is. And obviously they've, they've not publicized much about this because again, he knows how f*****g ridiculous is and that they can't Police it. And he sort of does a double take of his art. Well what, well, yeah, actually based on, you know, some findings in whatever and whatnot.

1 (23m 6s):
Yeah. You, you should have to wear it. Why didn't you ask him a followup question and say, well, how are you going to police that? Because he would have looked like a f*****g dumb ass or you're backing into a corner. And then he says, well, you know, police officers will be doing mandatory, a random compliance checks. And then of course, you know, the people jump up and down at that. Well, or maybe they wouldn't look how much other stuff we've let them do to us. But, and then they changed the goalposts yet again.

1 (23m 38s):
I mean, they might've done this last week. As I say, I don't listen to them. I do not watch the, and I'm not trying to be cool. F*****g cool guys. I'm going to try to be cool here. I just don't watch the mainstream media generally speaking, miss. There's a reason for me too. Like today, I definitely never watch the news. Unless again, it just happens to be on our walk into a room or something, but the, the latest goalposts change they were talking about now, so you know, all the gold and I've gone through this and other and other Podcast, but the latest thing now is, is the RA it's now no longer cases.

1 (24m 21s):
No. Now it's a rolling daily Average of cases. R really say you mean, and then if we get to zero and a zero for like a week, well, actually the rolling average for the month is still a hundred. Right? Okay. And then if we get to zero for a month, then it becomes the rolling average for the quarter raw. I see what you did there. That's what you did. You just, you just f****d with the numbers. And then he says, he says, Oh, they're still not happy about the number of tests.

1 (24m 55s):
Now. You're not happy about the f*****g number of tests. Cause most people in this city have probably been tested once, twice, three times already. And they're not f*****g sick. What, what are you going to do to just get tested daily? If you're not sick. And you know, as we've seen, most people are not on the wavelength. I'm on, they're not on the page. I'm on where they think it's all nonsense. Most people would say good. You know, 50, 60, 70% of the d*******s in this state are actually on board with what the government says.

1 (25m 27s):
And for most people, if that's the case and I actually truly think it is the case, most people have been completely and utterly brainwashed. There is a change. Absolutely. The more and more of this thing goes on more and more people waking up. But in this state, especially, most people have been absolutely and entirely brainwashed of had their brains melded. But, but I'm big. And because of that, I think that the reason people aren't getting a check, checked and tested well it's because they don't have f*****g symptoms.

1 (26m 2s):
So if you don't have any symptoms of a sickness, why would you go and get tested? Not only that, if you go and get tested and you come up as positive, false, positive, that most of them are you going to get f*****g harassed? You going to be harassed forever basically. So they're gonna come into your home. They're going to want to speak to everyone. They're going to go to your workplace. They're going to speak to your family and friends are gonna f*****g harass you with phone calls and visits and emails and the doctors and nurses.

1 (26m 35s):
And you're not even sick. So that's why people don't want to get checked and tested. Then only to get checked and tested because they're not actually CIC a and B. Then I'm going to be f*****g harassed by the government. You f*****g d*******s d*******s. That is these words not I'm going to stop calling them lunatics. I'm going to stop calling them all this. I'm just going to refer to them as d*******s. It's a perfect description. That is what they are. They're f*****g penis heads

5 (27m 6s):

1 (27m 11s):
So yeah, they want, they want everybody to R dine outside. R you mean in 40 degree heat in the summer and in the f*****g rain and wind in this city, you know what the, what the local sort of what, what everybody says about Melbourne. What's the one thing everybody says about Melbourne. When you speak to a tourist, you say, Oh yeah, mate, to bring you back and umbrella and your rain keto and your scarf and your flip flops in your jandals and your thongs because it's Melbourne four seasons in one day, it's f*****g well-known globally.

1 (27m 49s):
Melbourne has a four seasons in a day. You pack for the four seasons. That's what you do. If you take your kids out to the zoo or you can't go to the zoo, but when you can win, win, win, the dictators allows to go back to the zoo. That's what you do. That's what my wife does. She, you know, you get your kids and you put their little shorts in their little tee-shirts on a bit of sandals on, and then your pack a f*****g bag. And you put a f*****g rain coat in there cause there's four seasons or one day in this city. Everybody knows that R but now we're going to have people Odie outside.

1 (28m 21s):
Cause you, you can't be inside Roy, because what happens is, is the air. It's got a poison in it. And when you breathe it, you stark involve singing and doll. I basically. So again, just showing their true nature, their true a d******d nature. They've they've never, they've never worked anywhere that I didn't understand. Hey, I'm going to have people. So you're going to tell me that you're going to sit, make people in Melbourne, in f*****g Melbourne where there's basically what like f*****g seven days or something the whole entire year that's actually blissful and nice where you can sit outside.

1 (29m 2s):
Whether the wind isn't blowing f*****g your knives and forks and your menus off you're off your table and wear and wear in the middle of summer. It's either not f*****g there. Isn't a downpour or you know, it's not 40 degrees outside and you can barely breathe because it's so hot.

5 (29m 21s):

1 (29m 22s):
These people have no clue, but I'm yeah. I'm just going to have to calm down. Now take a deep breath. Andrei

5 (29m 35s):
It's redacted.

1 (29m 38s):
Well, they should say redacted. That's a pretty cool YouTube channel. I was watching some of this stuff this morning. I'm not going to get into that. Why does don't have any f*****g bowls by the way? What does no one have any balls? Like all the cool, but you know, we're pretty cool party city. You know, we've got a lot of legends in this city, but why doesn't anyone? Why doesn't anyone in a city or st. I'm a little brother early. What does an annual and just take a, hire a flatbed truck or something and fill it with f*****g speakers and DJ equipment and just f*****g drive around the city and get on the Bullhorn and just f*****g pump the pump.

1 (30m 20s):
The tech is pumped. Some f*****g wicked party churns it. Just tell people, get out of your houses. You're a f*****g lunatics. Come outside. Party, have fun, comfort dance. You know, do like a party rave thing in the middle of a city guys. The air is no longer poisonous. Your skin will not peel off a few come outside. Oh my God. It's so insane. I can't wait to be the old guy.

1 (30m 51s):
I can't wait to be like f*****g 50, 60, 70 years old and have, you know, my what great grandkids or nieces and nephews asked me. So uncle, so, so grandpa, what was it like? What was the, the pandemic like in the, you know, in 2020, what was it like? Were you scared? Did many people die? R no little Timmy. It was a fake pandemic, little Timmy C cause back a long time ago they could kind of lie about s**t, you know?

1 (31m 28s):
And through a lot, I don't believe anything anymore. The older I get the less, I believe I want to see if I can't see something with my own eyes, hear with my own ears, touch it, taste it, live it and experience it. I'm kind of little, a little bit unwilling to, to believe it I'll go so far as to say, I don't actually think that many Jews were killed in f*****g Germany. I don't think that the pandemic of the world of what was it, the 1920s and thirties. I don't think that was as big a deal as what it was on.

1 (31m 60s):
R think that the AIDS virus was, is a big a deal as what they made it. And then I don't even know any on a tap had AIDS yet. When I grew up in the nineties, that was apparently the biggest thing ever. You, you heard about, you heard about AIDS everywhere. You know, everybody, you know, everybody knew what it was. They taught you about it. Everywhere was on TV. They made f*****g movies about it. Jesus Christ yet. I don't know anyone that ever had AIDS.

1 (32m 30s):
Maybe it's cause I don't know a lot of 'em a lot of Woolies. Willie Wolfe, afters, poofters, nothing wrong with poofs. Mmm.

2 (32m 41s):
But where are we going? So yeah. Yeah. No, your skin's not going to peel off guys. If you go outside, dude, what is Bill Burr look like he's f*****g a terminally ill cancer or cancer patient or hang on a sec. My, my, my real wall has fallen down. That's what that sound was. And I've got to kind of stand it back up. Now, here we go. So I'm going to work.

2 (33m 11s):
Geez. F**k. There was a giant bucket Huntsman in here yesterday. The guy was huge, but he was the kind of, he, I don't know if I told you about my friend Huntsman that lived out the back for a few summers. He was kind of like the own. I don't know how you tell if they're a female or a male. I think this one was a female. Should a big ass, big booty, Judy.

6 (33m 33s):

2 (33m 35s):
Yeah. And she was kind of lazy. Sometimes you gotta be careful. Cause as I say they're, although they're not, I think they're f*****g venomous and now let's quickly. Look it up.

6 (33m 48s):
Huntsman, spiders, venomous. Not never miss venomous ven arm us. What is it

2 (34m 1s):
Say here? Despite their often large inherit appearance, Huntsman spiders are not considered to be dangerous spiders as with most spiders, they do possess venom in a bite make or a smell effects. R yeah, that's what I thought. So basically. And we'll usually try to run away rather than be aggressive. This is what I was saying in one of the last podcast. It, the dumb ass is a dumb ass spiders. They're the dumb ass of the spider world. They look big and scary, but they've got no f*****g clue.

2 (34m 32s):
But however, I have had one or two that have tried to jump at me and I think they're trying to jump to run away, but I have this little it's my little spider catching net. And for all you people in Europe and the U S yes, we have spider catching nets or at least we doing this family.

6 (34m 52s):
And sometimes yeah.

2 (34m 54s):
When you, when you get close to them with the net, they I've had one or to try to like jump. And I think they're trying to jump on you like in the movie arachnophobia, but I think they're trying to jump to get away. But this one, she was a lazy b***h. I think it was a woman. She, a female spider. She, she just kind of sat there and I just kind of scooped her up and then went and put her out on the, out on the, the, the tree at the front too. Probably get eaten by a magpie.

2 (35m 25s):
It's a magpie season at the moment they swooped me and my son, when we go for bike rides, yes, the Australia has a lovely place. Isn't it make pies? Try to poke your eyes out. You're a giant f*****g

1 (35m 39s):
Spiders, but yeah, Bill Burr why does he, he, if something came up in my feet, I was laying on the couch last night and that a full on day had painted some s**t outside and fix some f*****g holes and the roofing sorta done with my day. And I didn't want to think about anything. I just wanted to turn the TV on. And a video came up in my feed. It was Bill Bill and Burt. I think it is what they call the Bill Bert Podcast with that alcoholic, Bert Kreischer and, and Bill Burr.

1 (36m 15s):
And I'm like, I had to Google, I literally had to Google does Bill Burr have cancer because he was completely white. And I thought, maybe he's doing a thing. Maybe he's doing a thing where he's shaving his eyebrows because he's head was completely bold. And I always thought he had a bit of buzz lift on top. Like it was a bit of a buzz cut, but apparently not. It's completely f*****g white maybe because he's not allowed outdoors because he lives in that f*****g puss infested city, New York, there are worst cities in Melbourne.

1 (36m 48s):
I now give Melbourne a lot of s**t. Melbourne genuinely is a pretty cool trendy cities, not my sorta, you know, my cup of tea being and the city art. And I think any series of my cup of tea, but Melbourne's generally an okay city. There's a lot of characters here, but lately it's just been turned into a f*****g SIS, you know, social assess pit, but there are worse cities and all I've not been there. I think New York would be one of them. I've had a lot of friends go to New York and they never tell me it's a place they want to go back to, they go, Oh yeah.

1 (37m 21s):
I went to see a basketball game and Oh yeah. I went to see the statue of Liberty and I went to times square and I, and I went and had a New York style slice. Peter R wait. You mean like the ones you can get from dominoes down the road, you are okay. Righto. So you, you, you flew thousands of kilometers around the world to go and have a slice of pizza, righto. But I do think that a, there are definitely worse off cities, but yeah, dude, Bill Burr if I can fix your s**t at night, you, you, you look, you look sick.

1 (37m 55s):
What else is in the news news.com that I use? Fantastic. Not Conor McGregor arrested. What's this f*****g lunatic done allegations against McGregor revealed after UFC stars, arrest and core skill. Whereas as it like Spain. Okay. So here he is. It looks like he's smoking a joint in an Instagram video.

1 (38m 25s):
No, don't play that. F**k. You don't play that. These, these, the news websites,

2 (38m 36s):
Why do they have these shittest video playback things ever like they'll, they'll pop up ads and then they won't tell you how long the ad is. And then you can't f*****g pause before. Like it does all this weird ship. Conor McGregor Gregor exhibited his private to a young married woman as she headed to the a, so he's basically flopped his c**k out a way.

2 (39m 8s):
She handed to the toilet in a course called bar's claim son. Now the UFC star, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The woman has reportedly claim the Irishman assaulted her. Hang on. HETI how do you assault someone by? Okay. I can understand, like if my daughter's at the park and there's a guy in a trench coat and he flashes himself, like I'm, I'm murdering you. If I can catch you a murder, you I'm going to choke the life out of you. But some p**s guy at a bar with a f*****g grown woman.

2 (39m 42s):
That's just funny. Sorry. That's not news. Is he just, what's his deal of one to two before, when he was throwing the chair at the bus. And at that time I sometimes wonder, yeah. Is he genuine or dizzy? Does he? Yeah. Or is he just really switched on? And he understands that this is all clickbait sort of stuff, but I don't know. Irish people are pretty f*****g chaotic. And the only Irish person I was actually friends with was a, who's this a little gay kid, obviously he's my age now.

2 (40m 14s):
But we, we lived near each other or we went to school together. He was part of our group of friends, our circle of friends. And yeah, I knew this kid was gay before for, I knew what gay was. I didn't even know sex or is, and I'll tell you how I know this. I think I was about five, six years old at the time because I had just started school and I started school early. So yeah, it would have been five or six years old. And, and I know, I didn't know what sex was because about it better six months or a year after this event happened, we had some guys up the straight, these twin kids.

2 (40m 53s):
And my brother was there in the same grade as my brother. And I remember them saying like, I do your, you didn't come out your mom's p***y. You came out your dad, you came out your mom's ass hole. And I remember thinking, what the f**k am I? My older brother's like called great. Now I have to explain what this is to my little brother. And they go, what? You don't know what that means, mate. Normally, when you're, when your dad f***s your mom, you then end up coming out of a p***y. And I remember like, I, I was shocked.

2 (41m 23s):
That's the feeling. I remember being shocked at the fact that these guys were explaining to me what sex was by telling me I came out mom side all. And yeah. So I definitely didn't know what any of that was, but I knew this kid was gay. This a little Irish kid, we'd play X-Men out the front of my house. And wasn't a, it was actually a set of units. And there was units always have in the suburbs of Australia, they always have like a shared, it's usually a Brett shed brick mailbox at the front of a quite large.

2 (41m 59s):
You can stand on it and you know, jump off if you're a kid and that's what you'd do. And we'd be out the front. And he was over for a play date, this kid, and we're sort of climbing up on it and with jumping off and I remember going on gambit was one of my favorites, gambit, Wolverine, I'm going on, Wolverine. I'm going to slice your head off. You know, throwing sticks, sitting, pretending I'm f*****g gambit, throwing, playing cards. And then I remember him getting up there and he's like, and raw milk, Pew, Pew, Pew, your dad.

2 (42m 32s):
I remember like being taken aback as a kid and thinking, what, why is he wrote, why does he want to be a girl? Girls are f*****g disgusting and their wake to, why does he, why is this kid something strange with him? And then of course, you know, years later he'd f*****g wander around the school and he would do sing Madonna songs. And it was pretty evident, but his dad was a lunatic that kid's dad was a f*****g maniac. He just used to drink all the time and yell at everyone.

2 (43m 4s):
And the other Irishman, obviously I know Irish people, but the only ones I've been close to in my life. And then there was a school teacher. Mr. Mercer, mr. Mercer was a drunk. He'd come up to you in class. And he'd, he'd tell you off, like he'd, he'd, he'd, he'd get visceral. That's how loud he would scream. Then he would come up to after the class, like a, like, just like a drunk does. And he would come up to you and he'd put his hand on you and he'd be f*****g stink of whiskey.

2 (43m 35s):
And he put his hand on you and he'd say, or I'm really sorry, and need to apologize and whatnot. I have some other friends that a lot, half Irish, but I'm Irish. People are f*****g mental was a bar in Melbourne that they all use to congregate at the elephant and a wheelbarrow. And most times you'd go there. Like 50% of the time, you'd go there to be closed because they've smashed the f*****g windows and chairs the previous night wasn't that bad.

2 (44m 5s):
But you know, I need to over-exaggerate for this guys. I need to over-exaggerate otherwise what's the point. Have a f*****g Podcast if it's not entertaining or informative and I'm not too sure which online is a hope both. Ah, I'm calling it now, Joe, Rogan's going to be broke soon. So he was saying in one of his podcasts, he wants to open a con and get this. He wants to open up a comedy club and break even that's his goal.

2 (44m 38s):
His goal is to open up a club and for it to break, even dude, that's not how that's not how business works if you're aiming. Okay. Even if you are aiming to do that, which is f*****g retarded, you kinda need a aim to make a profit. That's our targets work, you aim high. And then, you know, you, you Get, you get to 5% under that, that goal. And OK. It's like, okay, we'll take that. It's not helpful how businesses work, buddy.

2 (45m 8s):
And then he's saying any profits they make like, we'll go to charity, dude. I'm telling you now this is his demise. He's I think he's coming too. A lot of money with the Spotify deal. He probably doesn't know what to do with it. He's probably wanting to, you know, make his friends. He's a comedian friends, happy by giving him something at Duke as a, you know, the, the, the comedy industries died in the ass basically. And now he's talking about opening up a club and he wants to break even R my God, this has got f*****g disaster written all over it.

2 (45m 45s):
Watch this space. This has disaster written all over it. The guy knows, you know, for all his things that he does, the guy doesn't have. I mean, this is a guy that believes in universal basic income. So right there tells you, he has no f*****g clue about money or business or industry or anything. If he surrounds himself with the right people and gets the right advice, he might be able to make it work. But I dunno, man, watch this space. I'm calling it.

2 (46m 15s):
Now. He's going to f**k up his career or he'll heal this part of he is he's venture will go bankrupt. I'm sorry, but you can't run a successful. Podcast B the host of the UFC and then run a f*****g comedy club. Do you know how much time and effort it takes to run a club? Sure. You can be the, you know, the finance here, but if you, if you're just going to finance it, well, then you can't. I'm sorry. You can't have a say in how it operates, you know, to that level, where or are we going to give profit to a charity and we just want it to break even so that it's a nice place for, for people to go to.

2 (46m 53s):
That's what he's wanting to build. He's wanting to build a nice place for him and his friends to hang out, dude, just f*****g do your backyard up to be a bit built. A nice deck. Get yourself a, build yourself, a little bar. They even pay smart pay somewhere. Wanted to stand behind the bar. Just f*****g have your friends around. Never laugh it native. I can set up a comedy club to break. Even you f*****g dumb ass Lewis, Hamilton wearing a Brianna Taylor Taisha. Hmm, Jesus f*****g Christ.

2 (47m 23s):
How many times the stuff to save this? Why does no one listen to me? Why does Nolan listen to a fat

1 (47m 30s):
Mexican looking guy in his garage, running a Podcast in Melbourne, Australia

6 (47m 39s):

1 (47m 41s):
What would you call him? Is he is a formula one race car driver as an athlete, or I don't know. He'd probably say years, but dude, you're not an athlete. You drive f*****g car. Although driving those things is quite exhausting. He's more like an Astro.

6 (47m 57s):
Anyway, a dude,

1 (48m 2s):
The politics, we don't want to hear your s**t. No one wants to hear your stuff. No one cares. We've had enough with CIC of all this nonsense and this Briana Taylor, you know, obviously anyone dying sucks in is bad and you know, rest in peace and all that, but didn't, they f*****g have a drug house or something. When I read the story, I can't remember. It's an old story from memory, but didn't she wasn't her ex wasn't a whole thing. Why she got shot was they had an apartment or something in New York or wherever it was.

1 (48m 32s):
And it was in New York. I can't even f*****g remember wherever it was. That's not the part I, I remember vividly, but the part I do remember vividly is

6 (48m 42s):
She had a

1 (48m 44s):
Ex boyfriend or something that was a drug dealer. The cops came to her house with warrants and everything.

6 (48m 53s):
And you know, Police

1 (48m 55s):
Generally, you don't just rock up Diaz. They usually call you. They usually pop by to suss, suss stuff out. They would have called they would have sent them letters and s**t. And so they rock up there in the middle of the night with warrants and the whole f*****g SWAT team and whatever. And they basically start screaming from outside. I'm guessing, they're saying Police open up. You know, we've got guns where, you know, open up, lay down on the floor. No, they didn't do that.

1 (49m 25s):
What, what normal people do is when the police come to your f*****g door and they're screaming and shouting, you get sort of scared and terrified and you sorta laid down and comply. There's a guy at the f*****g machine gun pointed at your head, but no, her boyfriend goes to the <inaudible> and he just starts f*****g shooting. And he gets a cop and the thigh or the hip or something, another one through the Lego, whatever. And of course, so they shoot back and they f*****g, they murder. They murdered her.

1 (49m 57s):
So I dunno like Lewis, Hamilton, dude, get your f*****g Briana Taylor tee shirt off, maybe wear a tee shirt. It says, if, if SWAT teams come to your door, it's probably a good idea to comply. And I'm a guy that, as I say, I'm sort of, you know, the police, especially in this f*****g city and state there, they're not really my cup of tea at the moment,

6 (50m 21s):
But I'm also not that f*****g

1 (50m 23s):
Stupid to know for police officers f*****g point the gun at me and telling me you get down on the floor.

2 (50m 30s):
I'm not stupid enough to get a gun and shoot them through the hip and then expect not to die f*****g Damascus. And by the way, I'm sorry. But the only people that watch motor sport, generally people that, that don't like other people, that's what I've noticed growing up. I'm not a car guy or a motor bike guy or a plane guy. I like all of those things. I enjoy them. I can see the engineering and the design and go, wow.

2 (51m 3s):
But I've always been, you know, I wouldn't even sound really a sports guy on an obsessive over sports and statistics and numbers. But I do enjoy, you know, having an a and M and watching my, my, my sports teams, but guys that are generally into, you know, machine sports, you know, car racing, motorbike, riding, all of that sorta s**t. They're the sorts of people that don't like people, they like machines. They don't like people. So for you to get up there, decade Lewis, Hamilton with your f*****g Briana Taylor tee shirt, and talk about, you know, your social justice issues and whatnot, and you're bucking political statements and whatnot.

2 (51m 46s):
Yeah. Kind of just making your fans hate you because they don't like people in general, which is why they want to watch machines decade. So many decades today, the C word of the day, what else are we got here? I was browsing through some news, a 305th for 35,000. Ozzie's of being spied on by China as part of a psychological war own know, like we didn't f*****g know that what's is a mighty ducks child star turned a billionaire, seeks to upend presidential race.

2 (52m 27s):
Hang on. I thought that was like a illegal, a thought. You couldn't do that. Who's this kid Brock Pierce. I'm going to f*****g know who this guy is, man. Ticktock suicide video and all that's no fun. Oh, this one was funny. Bats knives brought out in zil me a pack brawl that left one dead in this was in Brisbane flight center.

2 (53m 4s):
CEO slams dr. Jeanette young over a very bad Queensland board decision. Yeah, because I think over delivery. Yes, there is a delivery man here. I'm going to finish this up anyway, but yeah. Flight center, CEO, dr. Jeanette young. Yeah, of course. That's what's going to happen

6 (53m 31s):

2 (53m 33s):
Just like the guy from Jim's mowing because business people, aren't happy with a guy who's this dr. Jeanette young. And why does she have no hair? I don't remember saying that when I was a kid. I don't remember that being a thing that I remember men with no hair, but it must be a weird mineral, a lack of minerals or something that's in, in the diet nowadays. But anyway, she's a doctor that has no hair and strangely looks like a man, but a what's he saying here?

2 (54m 12s):
So mr. Turner, blah, blah, blah.

6 (54m 15s):

2 (54m 15s):
One thing we have to live with as the virus. No, we don't. We should start living with it now. Yeah, exactly. I agree with that. So, you know, so he's going to be made out to be a really bad person because he doesn't go along with this, but yeah, this guy, ah, and why don't they name him? What's his name here? Graham Turner. Yeah. So Graham turned a good on him for actually coming out and, you know, telling these guys to f*****g shove it.

2 (54m 49s):
These guys' businesses are being driven into the ground by these authoritarian f*****g dictators.

6 (54m 57s):

2 (54m 59s):
It's not good. So we need to see more that. And why is there only the gym's mowing guy has come out and slammed the reactions of the government. Now, this guy is coming up, but why isn't there more of that? Why, why don't I sing the front page of the news, just littered with, with all these business heads and, and CEOs and whatnot is saying, Hey, we need, we kinda need a f*****g, you know, come back out of this, remove the restrictions. You're like killing our businesses here.

2 (55m 30s):
People need a f*****g and grab a pair of balls. Steve Martin's God, I'm not watching that. So I think that's it for today. I'm going to go check what the, a delivery man just dropped off and go from there. Oh, here's one interesting one. I will leave on why personal Homeland deferral repayments could start economic crisis. Yeah, no s**t. And the next few weeks, 450,000.

2 (56m 1s):
Ozzie's, we'll be getting a call asking them for money. They may not have the knock on effect will be devastating. Yeah. This has all been, this is the, a, the, the, the letting off of the pressure relief valve, which is what this whole crone a virus is. I mean, this was coming, this has been coming f*****g

1 (56m 24s):
Decades now. I mean, all they did is just defer it in 2008, this a whole economic crisis. All they did was deferred it by printing money and they've deferred it again. But I actually think my, my one theory, you know, my one big theory about all this is I actually think that's what Corona is or was, I think it was all, all the world governments sort of coming together and maybe that it wasn't created, but they jumped at the chance and they went, this is perfect.

1 (56m 56s):
This is a perfect way to slowly, you know, it doesn't seem slow, but it definitely has been controlled. Absolutely. Because of said some businesses sharp, some don't, you know, but it seems to be a way that they've gone. Okay, we're going to slowly let the pressure out of this bubble without it bucking popping and everything just collapsing, but we're going to slowly let the pressure out this Corona thing and, you know, try to ease some s**t off.

1 (57m 25s):
And we'll come in at the end of the day with our new f*****g digital global control grid currencies, and do a bunch of other weird stuff that we've wanted to get done for ages. And now he's the perfect time. But basically this article is saying, you know, through these loans and things that

2 (57m 47s):
A stressed out Aziz, a dreading these coals and,

1 (57m 52s):
And what are they saying? Half a million Ozzy's we'll have the difficult conversation and it could trigger a collapsed. Yeah, no s**t. But isn't it funny that all this is happening just as we start to open up. And that was another thing I wanted to mention before, you know, and this is where you can tell it's mostly all planned, but you know, he comes out there. This is Daniel Andrews and he says, Oh, you know, you've got to just, you know, we, we've got to stay on top of this scene because you know,

2 (58m 23s):
If you look at other countries, the thigh,

1 (58m 27s):
A nail going into a second. Yeah.

2 (58m 29s):
And wife, right.

1 (58m 31s):
Ah, you mean countries that are going into winter R yeah, that's right. That's interesting. Cause I forgot people get sick and winter. And I called it from the start, as I said in spring, I'm not sure if I've said it on the Podcast, but I've said it to friends and family in spring, people will stop getting sick because that's what usually happens. And definitely by summer, no one will be sick and he he's going to claim it. He's going to claim it as a victory that his, his government's victory and his own personal victory and people

2 (59m 6s):
Like a,

1 (59m 8s):
How many times do I need to say at people are just brain loss. It's like, it's like the season's NOLA. It's like with climate change where people just believed it was all man made. It's like the spirals, it's all asphalt. It's all everybody's that people are getting sick. It's not, it's not the environment. So it's no longer the climate. It's no longer the fact that ah, it's f*****g cold outside and the way human human bodies respond to cold as they sorta start to shut down and use that more energy and more resources to keep the body warm.

1 (59m 42s):
And then that's how cold and flu viruses get in. And they make us sick because we become susceptible to it when it's f*****g cold. No, it's not that it's the fact that you didn't go get tested and you didn't socially distance and you didn't wear a nappy on your head. I'm done for today. I'll see you guys the next time. Well, your casher.

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