Average Joe's New Normal

Average Joe Podcast Episode 0013

September 20, 2020 Andrei R Episode 13
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0013
Victoria Bitter is real mens working class beer
Never let old people have crypto
Onetox Solomon Islands Band
Communist countries are nicer with warm weather
Why am I the only person who calls corona the sniffles?
Life advice: how women operate, they have a point system
Women, asians and Polynesiens shouldn't drink alcohol
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, ughh whos that, who cares, shut up
Public schools are pathetic
Why Daniel Andrews is so angry, because he has no friends
Daniel Andrews and family get death threats
If you didn't take your kids to the park during covid shame on you
Is Joe Rogan a liar or does he have a bigger plan?
Cameras, face masks, AI and plastic
Super deadly killer virus is so super deadly but you need a test to tell you that you have it
If you are against the lockdowns why are you giving them an inch?
Why are there no videos of people on their death beds?
Average Joe's New Normal
Average Joe Podcast Episode 0013
Sep 20, 2020 Episode 13
Andrei R

Don't ever let old people have cryptocurrency. I explain how women have an internal scoring mechanism, more on dictator Daniel Andrews in Melbourne Australia, his wife and kids hate him, he's a loser and has no friends, strangling someone to death is a super alpha way to kill someone. Face masks are training AI and Joe Rogan is a liar.

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Don't ever let old people have cryptocurrency. I explain how women have an internal scoring mechanism, more on dictator Daniel Andrews in Melbourne Australia, his wife and kids hate him, he's a loser and has no friends, strangling someone to death is a super alpha way to kill someone. Face masks are training AI and Joe Rogan is a liar.

Website for all prior episodes and links to podcast apps you can subscribe with: https://averagejoe.buzzsprout.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreiRotariu7
Email for questions, comments, abuse and sponsorships: averagejoepodcast@protonmail.com

Friends of the show:
Aussie Arm Wrestler
Retro Ryster
For audio, intros, music https://soundcloud.com/theawakening-official
For artwork, covers, social media designs https://www.instagram.com/khongbut/

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Speaker 0 (0s): <inaudible> 

Speaker 1 (26s): He didn't know when welcome to the Average <inaudible> Podcast coming to you from this <inaudible> 

Speaker 0 (34s): He says pit city sitting in my garage. Lack of bucket. 

Speaker 1 (43s): No, in a tick. Here we go. He's a real, a, B FOYA be your opening. This is a Victoria a bit. And this is what the working class people in Victoria used to drink. There is no working class people anymore because no one's working. Oh. And also because Australia has a, some of the highest taxes in the world on alcohol. And so what used to cost 25, $30 a slab, a beer. 

So that's a 20, 24 stubbies or 24 bottles now cost you about $50. But anyway, here we go, bottoms up. Oh, that f*****g there's no better sound than that. Is there, here we go. 

Speaker 0 (1m 37s): No. 

Speaker 1 (1m 38s): So, so 11 o'clock in the morning have a, I've been awake for a little while. Not a way away, cause you're not allowed to, you're not allowed to leave a five kilometer radius in a Melbourne Australia at the moment, because if you do, you will be arrested by the Victoria police, the Gestapo for breaking covert laws. So I haven't been away away. 

I've just been doing stuff. Never, ever give old people. Cryptocurrency it's taken me three days. I take back everything I said about cryptocurrency. Just give them gold. Give him like a silver coins. Silver ants, coins, and whatnot have been it's taking me three days. So today's a Sunday. The 20th of the ninth, 2020 has taken me three days to fix my dad's cryptocurrency, wallets and whatnot. 

I have no idea why we got him involved in that some a bit, five years ago or something. And thing was a crypto is the great thing about crypto is you're solely responsible for it. So you buy it, you hold it, you keep it, you sell it, you send it. It's all your responsibility. I've f****d up before I've sent a, wasn't a great deal. But I've sent, 'em some cryptos to add dresses that didn't exist or f**k some stuff up. 

So yeah, but yeah, this talk to me three f*****g days to fix. So don't give old people cryptocurrency until I come, can come out with something like your bank, where your money is insured. So if you'd accidentally f**k up and send it to some guy in Nigeria, they can get it back for ya. That's happening of course, with the central a bank, digital currencies, but anyway, had a friend listen. Or the other day Jake ward is the arm wrestler. 

He told me he can hear me. I'm smacking him, my lips and I'm cough <inaudible> and sneezing and talking into his ear ears. Obviously I'm talking into his ears, but I have to figure that out. And as I say, I just hurt. Have not had enough time to get my pop filter organized. I'm hoping that it's going to Face. So bear with me, ladies and gentlemen. No, I'm just put myself in a good f*****g mood with a little bit of one tox in it. 

One TOK, Solomon Islands. So wondering no I'm going to steal one tox. If you're ever in a bad mood, listen to what would you call? One talks is one talks. Look it up and tell me what it is. What kind of music is it kind of like reggae? Oh no, no, not a music aficionado. I don't know everything about it, but I'm going to steal and just like a YouTube channel that put me on to them did SV Dallas. 

It's how you are sailing channel. Not, not proper sailing, but sailing, sailing. R there's just this couple. And they used to have, they are used to have, they're a bunch of parties or on their boats and sale around the planet and just have a good old f*****g time. But now they've got a hurt, like a little baby girl and whatnot now, but ah, it's a great channel. If you ever just want to relax at night, you don't want news. You don't want a fake media. You don't want any of that nonsense. 

Chuck his Dallas on. I think they, the tell a story of how they got into the one talks. He's the one talks is it's this band, I guess set have a, the Solomon Islands. And I'm guessing they came across them because they were probably traveling. There is something to tell a story that wicked band, wicked f*****g songs. He is a pretty interesting. I say that T to get on to them, they had to like f*****g ring around to the radio station, get a guy to like climb out in the mountains and f*****g hike for days or something. Just to come down to the radio station, take a phone call to tell them they're allowed to use their music. 

Don't let all of the music producers onto that. Because then what they're start to do is they are going to start to go in a little African and pull in Asian and Asian nations and steal people's music like out didn't Elvis. Apparently do that. 

Speaker 2 (6m 9s): No. 

Speaker 1 (6m 12s): Yeah. Communism's the weather's nice. So communism. I no, no. What is this morning? As I was getting ready? I noticed communism feels better. So because Melbourne is being taken over by the, the CCP in a socialist, I noticed it. Actually, it seems better. Like it seems nicer because the weather's better. It's been sunny. Yeah. The last few days in a warm and yeah, I sorta realized, and that's why places like Cuba set, they seem nice. 

Where else has coming to us? It's womb in Vietnam, still communist Laos. Pretty sure they are. Or a socialist. See, that's what they do now. A days they call it socialist. Now of course communists, they call us socialists. So cold communist places seen disgusting and horrible. Like why is there no food on your shelves? And why is it cold? I can kind of deal with one, but not the other kind of wants some food on my shelf or can you just turn the heat up or something? 

Cause yeah. But yeah, no, it's been warm and Melbourne lately and it doesn't seem as bad even though you can't do anything. And to let it go anywhere, nothing is open. You can't work. You just have to rely on the government to pay you. And it's all because of the sniffles. Think I'm the only person on YouTube on I'm sorry, not YouTube on Twitter at the moment, calling it the sniffles. Why am I the only one doing that? Am I like some kind of rebel or something? I don't come across as a rebel. I'm just an Average Joe but Y is not knowing in the media. 

No, not even in the, the alt media. I can see. I think Gavin McInnes is the only one that calls it. The blurs or the Blair's. But no, I seen to be one of the only people out there there's probably a lot more, but I'm just not seeing it. I'm not saying anyone every, you know, check the hash are going to check the hashtags, go veered. COVID-19 dictated Dan Melbourne coronavirus. Blah-blah-blah check the whole, no one else, anything. Oh, when reporting today on channel nine 14 in new cases, 14 new cases. 

When did we start reporting on cases for anything it's I've I've gotten to the point where I think I'm starting to accept it. I think I'm starting to accept that I live in a socialist slash communist state and I'll never come out of it. Cause so you got to convince your wife fellers. That's what happens when you grow up and you get a pair of balls and decide to have kids, you f*****g loses out there. 

What happens is you have to convince your wife of everything. And what, what I've figured out over the years is women. Now this is f*****g take a note, pad and pencil. I should probably take my own advice. I was in trouble with the, the old lady the other day, but a figured out women have a, they all have this part of their brain, its a internal scoring mechanism. So Joe just like, you know, an umpire or something at the 40 have a scoring mechanism. 

Now it's all internal and it works on a point based system. So whenever you do something nice for them, whenever you talk to them because women don't solutions to things, they just want to talk and get emotional and share their feelings. And that's how they solve stuff. So anytime you talk to your wife, get emotional with a, you can't cry in front of you and your wife, but you, you can let your emotions out and you talk and your listen to her and you're listen to her s****y day about her s****y day at work and you don't provide solutions and you buy them, buy them things. 

I love being bought things, flowers, chocolates, a that's as you know that, that advice is a as old as I dunno, what's old is the Jews. I talk a lot of nonsense about the Jews. I don't mind Jews. Obviously. I'd just like to make fun of some of the Jewish circles on the, in the middle, in the stream media. Why Jewish people so obsessed with money and they all run all the banks. Anyway, I'm getting off topic now. 

So that is how women work. The have an internal scoring point system. So what you'll find is all of those things make a difference. They love being bought jewelry. They love being bought chocolates. Wine flower was all that stuff. Clothing, magazines, well, anything in everything. And they love you talking to them and letting them get emotional. 

And if you're doing anything bad or do anything, they don't like they also take points away. So if you've built up a good reservoir of points, so let's say each good thing you do is like a one. You know, you buy him a $5,000 engagement ring. That's like a 10 and your sitting on a good reservoir of a thousand points. What, what you'll find is is you can go and do some dumb s**t and they'll just go, Oh, you are silly. I'll look at the, you say cute. 

We can, you silly. So you'll go and you'll f**k something up. I don't know. Let's say you are spend some of the family savings or you come home f*****g wasted and passed out. And you know, you're supposed to take your kids to a birthday party or something the next day, but you're hung over. So all of those things, if you're, if you have a good, solid reservoir of, of positive points that will all just sorta, you know, fall to fall off, you know, it'll just go by the wayside. 

It won't really matter. But as you start to accrue more negative points and your put in your positive reservoir of points with the females gets depleted. You'll start to get in trouble for it. Anything in everything, almost even be willing to say, if you have a really solid reservoir, like say you're a rock star or something, you know, you got to get a 10 inch Dick. You're a billionaire. You M you're great in bed. You a buy them. Everything. 

You support them. You listen to them, you, you tick all the women's boxes and then they find out you cheated on them. I think they'd just be upset, but because they can't control that internal mechanism, I think they'd be upset for like, you know, 10 minutes or something. And then it just let you get away with a few things. But anyway, I'm ranting, speaking of women are just meant, I was just Googling. And I said, I mentioned buying women a wine and read this story. 

And this is something I've been seeing for a a, for a while. They're so it a, what is it? It's woman? Where is it? Mum dies after a holiday drinking session. I'm a mother of three was found by her partner slumped over with a bottle of wine next to her, her blood alcohol four times the limited court heard. Yeah. Women, your bodies and Gavin McInnes. Again, talks about this and I want to keep ranting about him, but yeah, your, your body is a temples that have bodies are designed to be destroyed. 

You know, bodies are designed to be maintained, sharp, stabbed, have a car accident due to just doing dumb man s**t like showing off to your friends. Obviously, you know, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, but women yet your bodies weren't designed for that. Women are like, I've noticed this thing lately probably happened out at I. I don't think it was that big a deal when I was in high school. So I think this is a recent thing. 

Probably I'm gonna say in the last 10 years, maybe a little bit more, obviously women drink and have drunk, but I've just noticed this thing where all of the, now, you know what I'm going to go back. I think it started around the time I was in high school. Maybe, maybe a little bit earlier, but excuse me. I think that what they've done is all the marketing companies have decided they need, you know, the need a larger market. So they need to now target women. 

And so what they did is they started coming out with a mixed drinks that all Australia men love, by the way, Australian men stop f*****g drinking, f**k him in Cola syrup, mixed with Jim beam flavoring mixed into a can of raw alcohol. You dumb f***s God that p****s me off. You see these people, dude, you can literally Google how a can of Jim beam or Jack Daniels are. Any of that? Crap is may and it's not even f*****g, it's not even the real alcohol. 

It's raw alcohol mixed with Cola syrup. So it's not even Coke. It's Cola syrup. And they put the bubbly s**t in there and they put some f*****g flavoring in there and you're drinking that you retards anyway. So what they did is they started making those mixed drinks and they started targeting women and they did the same with SIDA. You know, they put floral s**t on the front of it. And obviously then wine, like, you know, New Zealand, Seth blank is, is one of the most popular wines. Women will drink, but they'll drink a whole f*****g bottles. 

No, your body's are not designed for that. Our bodies men's bodies. We've been taking a punishing. We've been punishing our bodies, but also our livers and our kidneys for thousands of f*****g years. We're kind of used to it. Same reason why Polynesians in Asians and whatnot can't drink. It's a way Asians get all swollen red because they're not made for it. Their bodies haven't been used to it. They haven't evolved. 

How long have Europeans has been drinking on a f*****g no thousands of years. Now, a lot of Chinese, a lot of Chinese men being drinking on and off like 15 years, 20 years, obviously not, but yeah, Polynesians in Asians can't drink and neither can women. So stop drinking, speak again. Speaking of women and dying and whatnot, I've just got like a litany of notice. 

I'm going to be rambling and jumping from one thing to the other today. Because as I say, I've just been doing a lot of s**t lately around the house and for, you know, crypto stuff, my dad and whatnot, but I'm just going to be jumping around a bit. But what took this old lady that died in the U S is this court lady and this judge for a high court judge or whatever, they call it over there. Now everyone's an expert on her, in that judicial system, the bucket. If you know that you guys know anything, shut up, shut the f**k up. 

Ruth Ginsburg Bader or whatever the f*****g name is. Yeah. You're not all f*****g expert. And this goes for everything on the left. Yeah. In the ride. Shut the f**k up. Is it coming up through an election to try to make it about some bucking lady that no one knows about? And apparently she's some well known lady. No. Oh no, no. I'm telling you, you're only raising, you know who she is, is because the media and the news talk about it. Otherwise you wouldn't know who the f**k she is. You wouldn't know why she's popular. You wouldn't know any of that. 

Now everyone's an expert on the f*****g judicial system in the us. Jesus Christ. It's a f*****g annoying. You, you can literally put anything on TV or anything on these news websites. And as soon as it's slightly controversial, everybody within minutes is a f*****g expert on it. It's like they say, what's the saying people that actually know stuff about a topic. No, that they don't know anything about it. Or know that there's a lot more, they need to learn. 

But in all the experts that no f**k all a claim. They are experts on it. It's a, you know, you open f*****g Twitter up and it's all this roof. F**k. And what's her f*****g name. I'm just going to type in Ruth, Ruth. Here we go. Google will give it to me. If you just type in the word reus, 

Speaker 3 (18m 57s): No 

Speaker 1 (18m 60s): A roof is a person after him. The book of Ruth is named in the narrative. She is not an Israelite. No, that's not the lady where after Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead. It's now up to Donald Trump to pick the justice, to replace her a, that was ABC. And apparently all the people in the left are saying, we're gonna to that guy, that f*****g, what was that Indian guy? 

The Indian bloke that are at basically went and ate f*****g human beings. F*****g cannibal in, came out and said, we will learn the cities down the road. If you decide to elect someone else, why so angry, calm down. Find something else to be angry about the angry. About a, I dunno like s**t. That's important. S**t in your own life. I was angry at the school's the other day my, my daughter is now in apparently on holidays. 

So it's like vacation right from school. And so she's on holidays, but nothing's changed. Cause she's been at home this whole year and my, my wife and I were, we sat there and Mike takes a lot to p**s my wife off. She says cool. As a cucumber normally. But she says to me, I have a look at this s**t, have a look at this s**t. So its like the newsletter from the school and they're saying, Oh, you know, because of COVID and whatnot in their last week of school because the teachers, cause I think, I guess the teachers write all the reports during the school break and R because you know the teachers and because of COVID and the, in the holiday period that teachers need time to write report. 

So this one every day, just try to do like something odd. Are you fighting for half an hour, read for 20 minutes and down, try to do 30 minutes of exercise. That was their last week of school. It's f*****g ridiculous. That's the public school system and by way, well she is my daughter. We picked out a good public school for her to go to because we just knew public schools f*****g suck, but we didn't really wanna spend the money in a private school, especially for primary school where, you know, f*****g the first two or three years are just f*****g finger painting basically because of how retarded the socialist public school system is, where they only teach them s**t that they will never use. 

I was proud of my daughter the other day. She, and I'm not sure I might've mentioned this in the previous podcast, but she had a, she had a little buddy tell her that he's learned at school that you know that cars or cars or making the penguins go extinct. And she's like, ah, we talking about, I've seen the penguins at the penguin parade. It's this place that you can't go to in the old and of course, cause have a lock down. But she says I've been to the penguin parade. 

I think she's been there twice. Actually. I've been there and there's plenty of penguins. What are you talking about? Just f*****g question. What you're told children. So I'm going to be jumping all over the place today. Wow. It's f*****g intense in the U S at the moment. F**k. And what the f**k is going on over there? Everyone just needs to chill the f**k out. Yeah. I'm telling you I've I've cold. It I've cured. It I've I've found the solution. 

I've found the cure to anger and high blood pressure and all this political crap. This Get off the f*****g internet. Stop watching it in the news. Stop listening to the radio, listen to my podcast and just chill the f**k out. Get off social media. That's what's doing it. People just f*****g, they sit there and they watch. So I was actually watching is good. And what's a guy now. 

No, no that's right. F*****g he does some good doc. Good little short docos. Hmm. He, he did one on and get the, like, he has done a few good pedo ones, but he did one on 'em on screens and mobiles in the f*****g radiation and all that s**t. And yeah, it's not f*****g good for you to do it. Just forget about the Rogan mediation in your brain and for the two year olds that everybody's, you know, sitting down giving phones to, just to keep them entertained. 

But it's like, no, all that f*****g light, more of that nonsense, all the political crap. Like you, you go back, you think before phones, I grew up, I was in the generation that was growing up. So it was, I think, I wouldn't think I was a teenager yet, but I was a kid and I was part of the generation that was growing up without the internet. And then with it just like overnight f*****g with it. 

Speaker 4 (24m 17s): And if you go back to 

Speaker 1 (24m 19s): Before then the only news you got was it was on the f*****g TV. And it was like, you know, you'd watch a case. So if you were in Average Joe you'd get home. You'd go to work. You'd get home, you'd have your dinner. And then you'd, you know, if you're a news buff, you'd watch the news for a couple of hours. And that was basically it. And then maybe the next day you read the paper on your lunch break, break the red part of the paper. And that was it. So your entire f*****g day, you might've had an hour or two. And you know you reading, if you're like me, your reading, a comic, you are reading job ads. 

You are reading sport, you are reading a bunch of s**t. So maybe their news is only like 15, 20 minutes of your day and politics. Now, now it's constantly, it's the whole f*****g day. If you have a phone and you look at it and you have social media and you watch TV, it's f*****g bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. It's it's just constant. So just get off the f*****g internet, subscribe to a podcast and you'll be a lot better for it. 

F*****g weird. Daniel Andrews has no friends, dictator, Deanne, the premier of Victoria. I figured have figured out his problem. And I figured out why he's he's gone. He's got all this blood loss. Now I've figured that out to f*****g hell and smart. I figured that out too. And I'm going to tell you what it is guys. So you ready for this? He has no friends. That's what it is. He has no friends. 

Cause your friends are supposed to pull you back down to earth. That's what they have for it. Especially here in Australia we have tall poppy syndrome, right? So you can't have anything nice or you can't be smart or rich or good-looking or a B anything above average in anything at this country where we're, we're a country of a average Joes and underdogs and buck and battlers. And that's what your friends do. 

As soon as you make anything of yourself, you know, whatever your friends are supposed to hang s**t on you and make you feel ashamed that you're now better than them. And then f*****g rip you back down to earth. That is what is supposed to happen. That's what you're friends are for. Shut up a decade f*****g better than us get to the pot. No that's what's supposed to happen, but I figured it out. He has no friends. 

That's why he, cause he's only getting worse and worse. He's he's introduced this way. He's introduced. He is trying to introduce legislation that basically says if you're a con, if you are even a conspiracy theorist, which I thought being a conspiracy fierce, wasn't dangerous. I thought they were the people that society laughed that in marked, but apparently conspiracy theorists are dangerous. So there must be something to that. Conspiracies are anyway. So if you're a, you know, if you're, if they even think so it's basically thought crime and pre crime, if they even think you're a threat to COVID to the sniffles. 

So if they think you're a threat to causing the sniffles, they're going to come and detain you and arrest you and lock you up and, and could be, you know, for long periods of time now without having done anything. So this is the thing, this is what he's trying to introduce. He is a f*****g nutcase. He's gone so completely insane. It's it's, it's f*****g unbelievable. So that's what I postulate. 

That's what I propose is that he has no friends. So we know who's a loser because he's never had a real job. So not only has he never had a real job. Now we know breaking news. Average Joe Podcast that he doesn't have any friends either. And I'm going to go a step further and say he does not have sex. He's probably had sex to make children. But I don't think he does because his wife, I was reading. 

I don't know whether it's true or not, but I was reading that T a N he's let's look this up. I was reading that his wife and children have like left in and it's like, they've gone into state. And that might be because of death threats. Let's look this up. So Dan, your Andrews wife I here we go. Daniel Andrews wife Queensland Daniel Andrews reveals his family heartbreak. 

Oh, so he's having family problems or who he didn't. He just f*****g give himself like a 40% pay rise in a heartbreaking moment. Victorian premier Daniel Andrews revealed a personal toggle, locked down is taking him on him. Oh no, no. You say you mean all so sorry is it? I'm so sorry of happens to you as well. Paul, you are, but wait, it says here his wife's gone to Queensland. 

So he hasn't seen his mummy since Christmas because of the, the laws he's put in place d******d, your, your you've made it possible for you to not see your own moms. Here's what I'd say. I don't even think he, his own m***********g likes in a personal revealed his personal setback, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, social, bubbles, blubbery, blah mom's birthday. Yada yada yada. 

Speaker 5 (30m 17s): No, 

Speaker 1 (30m 18s): He is dead Bob. Yeah. So he, his wife's basically gone to Queensland. He, his wife and kids. And they're saying that it's a red summer that's to do with death threats apparently. 

Speaker 5 (30m 29s): No, no. 

Speaker 1 (30m 32s): So God damn, it's a good beer. So where do I have my notes here? Yeah. So his wife and kids who are currently f*****g gone to Queensland, I don't know if I trust the whole death threats and you know what I think it is. I think its his wife and kids can't f*****g stand him because all he's f*****g doing is sitting on his computer and ranting and raving all day, like a f*****g lunatic and I'm yeah. And what did I say about women before? 

They are very women. They are socialites. They, they talk to each other, they get emotional and all that sort of stuff. They talk to each other about their problems. Can you imagine the f*****g bitchiness and snarkiness from his wife's friends to her Jesus Christ. They'd be f*****g nonstop. Ah, that back in a b***h, you know, f*****g, my husband can't work because of that f*****g mole Mo f*****g just go like sucky Dick or something and make him happy. 

And then we can all just get on with our lives and the kids who he was talking about. He, his son giving him s**t because he saw someone to go to the skate park. Yeah. So even your son realizes what a f*****g tyrant you are. You're a piece of s**t. He, but yeah, they're have apparently been getting death threats, which are probably no doubt. But I mean, if you're getting death threats in Australia in, in Melton, especially in the cities, I mean we had guns taken away from us because of a mass killing that happened at port Arthur up some f*****g years ago. 

And ah, there's all sorts of conspiracies about that too. But so if you're getting death threats in Melbourne, which there's virtually no guns, you're the only people that have guns are a few people that go hunting and that's about it. And then the 20, 30,000 police, we have our pathway, which are read the other day Melbourne apparently has more then a full time Australian defense force soldiers for the entire f*****g nation. 

Oh, you can't make this s**t up. It's it's, it's so full on. And it's so demented, you swear the f*****g, the aliens pulling the strings or whatever. They're just like, it's like that choose your own chapter or whatever it is. Choose your own path. Books are going to R what crazy s**t can we put in there now let's just do this. Just hit a button and something f*****g insane happens. But yeah. I mean, if you're getting death threats people, well must f*****g hate you in Australia because we don't have any f*****g guns. 

Like I say, if you want to kill someone in this state, really, I mean, apart from some of the wild stuff that you could come up with, you know like, Oh, well, what I'm going to do is I'm going to wait from the drive his car and I'm going to drive my car and team and push him off a cliff. Okay. So there's crazy things you could come up with, but let's just talk about some of the, you know, standard type things. Ooh, excuse me. So you're going to have to either strangle someone or probably stab them. 

They're probably the ways that you'd have to kill someone. If you have no guns and you know, like you're not going to get some f*****g ass Nick or whatever and poison someone do something completely insane. So now, if, if you look down to the point where they're getting to the stage where you're threatening a stab or strangled, Daniel Andrew, his f*****g owl, you must, he must be hated. Jesus Christ, strangling. Someone's like the most f*****g alpha thing you can do. 

You get to think about it. You kind of like gotta, you gotta like really f*****g clench. Like you gotta use your entire a and M G and body and all your tendons and all your muscles, you are going to squeeze the life out of someone. Wow. So as I said, I'm going to be all over the f*****g place today. Did his wife run someone over a few years ago? 

He, the story was that he, he and she were coming back from the Mornington peninsula or somewhere there. So for those that don't know, it's a, it's a small area of Southeast in Melbourne while the, they apparently don't like being part of Melbourne, but they are. Ah, and they were driving back from this area and it's a very small little, a boutique. It's a boutique wine region. So it's a boutique wine region. And yet the only reason you go there R to maybe go to the beach, you can do some snorkeling and s**t out there. 

They've got a lot of octopus and crabs and a lot of us is fabulous. So the life out there, but most people don't do that. Most people to Mornington go to the peninsula and there's some Hills up there and whatnot. You can drive through to go to the wineries and ate good food. That's why people go there. And so she's apparently f*****g run this guy over or something or he ran into her or something and I'm f*****g like Ron to himself. And the police didn't even breath tester. 

Yeah, no, that's not a sucks at all f*****g weirdos. The I've noticed ever since the, they rolled back and they let us plebs, they, they rolled some of the, the rules back in now you're allowed outside for two hours. So you're now allowed out for two hours. Thank you, premier. Thank you so much for that. So we love you so much premiere. So you're allowed out for two hours and a half, and now you're allowing to take your kids to the park. 

So if you're a, a widow that hate your children, you've not been taking them to the park because you love the premiere more. And the dictator and you're afraid of getting a $200 fine because I noticed, and this is, this is absolutely pathetic. I'm not even trying to be funny how this is f*****g pathetic, shame on you and shame on a f*****g anything you ever come into buckets contact with and everything about you and your children's children and yeah. 

In your f*****g parents, in your grandparents, Shane on bucking you children R and Jelic, they are our future. They are, you know, they're everything. And we need to protect them. If there's one thing we need to protect in society, it's children. It's the only thing you no forget about this covert crapping. All the politics can f**k off and go out the window and all the b******t, not interested in it. But you know, I've been taking my kids, especially my son, because my daughter has been doing her nonsense schoolwork at home. 

I've been taking my son at the park every f*****g day, like every day, take him for a ride and ride his bike. We've go to the park. You know, we, we, we look out and we laugh at the stupid snap signs about the sniffles and he goes on the swings and we do all that. And the, in the beginning they were, they were actually tying the swings together with cable ties. Nope, must not swing out in the fresh air. As you may develop a runny nose. 

And somehow old people die because of that. So I, this was the day of, or the day after they introduced these new rules where you're now allowed to take your kids to the park. And the park was f*****g shockers, old parks of a drove back from my brother's place. And there was a s****y little park. It was one of those parts, like a, like a slide and set of swings. So there's nothing f*****g there. We've got some pretty bad ass parks in, in Victoria. 

And it was there. There was probably no, no, no exaggeration. There is probably two or three dozen people there with Joe and dogs and f*****g everything. And they're all running around having a great time. And you know, I was like this f*****g awesome to see, but its kind of not like what's the opposite to a silver lining. Its kind of not because that means that all these people have been hiding inside for f*****g months, for weeks and months, not taking their children to parks and it just hit me. 

It just dawned on me. Like I hadn't thought about it. I thought that no, I wasn't seeing many other people at the party. Cause you do, you would see the odd person that the reason was because I don't know people would just not coming out full stop. They are at home and they were enjoying being locked up and who f*****g knows what reason? That was my assumption, but it dawned on me. And of course it wasn't just that day. It was the day after, at my local park and the day after that. And another part that we, we illegally drove to her, I might add. 

So that is really f*****g embarrassing in all of you people who are. Yeah. Which none of you are listening to this I I can imagine all of you, people that are there that didn't take your f*****g kids out to Get no I'm in D and fresh air and exercise and Andrews play with other children and have some f*****g joy in their lives because you are too f*****g scared to get a $200 fine. F**k you. Shame on you. Hang your f*****g hair. Add in shame. You are, you, you Creighton's, you are the people that are allowing this nonsense to go on because you're too scared to do anything. 

I mean how, how, how is that? Even something hard that you have to do to take your kids to the park. If your kids are even slightly normal, they're probably begging you to do, to take him out in the house. Like my four year old son does every day and it breaks my heart. When all Krone virus be over daddy, when can I go see my friends? Daniel when can I go to daycare? Daddy? When can we go to the movies? Daddy? When can we go to a play center? Daddy? When can we go? You have to eat daddy. It's nonstop. It's constant. Every day, every day I have to break his heart and tell him, no you're not allowed, mate. 

You're not allowed. We're not allowed. You are not allowed, but to take a kid to a park, you literally have to do nothing. You have to put some f*****g pants on and you have to walk out to your door. That's all you have to do. Shameless. Are you? People are out there shame on every single one on a few that couldn't be bothered and we're too scared. We're too scared of it. Tyrannical police and the state to take your kids to the park, to provide, you know, a half hour of joy to your kids and provide or positive each nurse and health and well being and sunshine and fresh air towards the small little child. 

How dare you, shame on you. You, you, you weak pathetic apathetic people out there that waited to be told by dictatorial lunatic with blood last, you waited for him to tell you that it was okay for you. The parents you're the parents remember of that child. You waited until he told you it was okay. You could take your kids to the park. Where is your f*****g line? 

Where is it? You don't have one. You don't have a line. You will let them do. If you will let them do that, your let them do anything. And anyway, I'm going to stop ranting now because this is not supposed to be a very serious, serious Podcast, which is why I'm going to drink some more delicious Victoria bitter out of my storm, stubby holder here, stubby holders are only really popular and Australia, I think I've never seen them anywhere else. 

I think R, I think I've seen them in maybe something in the past. I think in Canada they might use them, but I don't think that anyone else uses stubby hold of anywhere. But I was thinking about on a slightly, I need it. Can somebody email me or yeah, no way to do better. Segway is like, what do you do? Do you, do you have like a word or something that segues you in? I don't know. I couldn't find a segway for beer and stubby holders to a Joe Rogan but anyway, so I figured something out I've figured out that maybe I don't think so. 

I think he's, he's a lion can't, but maybe Rogan didn't, you know, put, pull all his controversial channels off of 'em and not bring them over to Spotify maybe because he's Trump because of his whole debate thing with Trump. And by then maybe that was his plan. How long maybe he, he and his, his Jamie planned it all along. I don't know. Maybe that's what they wanted to do. 

Maybe he will just have a Trump on I Biden. Jesus, Hey Biden, you, you wouldn't be able to have him on for 10, 15 minutes without him either falling asleep saying something completely demented or just making a mockery ad of the democratic party and himself and, and everyone and everything that goes along with him. But he's just no way maybe he wants to get Trump on. I don't know. Maybe that was his intention was to not bring over a controversial content so that it would be easier for the media to, to support something like that. 

I don't know, but I don't think so personally, I think he's, he's a lying. See you next Tuesday. I think he's aligned. I think he lied to his fans. I think he lied to his sponsors. I think he lied to his friends. That's my, that's my tip. I think he lied basically. Yeah, I think he he's a liar because its been weeks now since he's moved over to Spotify, then he told everyone all of my content, all of my back catalog or every single episode is coming over the Spotify, but he didn't bring over any of the controversial ones. 

And I, unless he comes out with some Trump thing, some debate thing or some interview with, with Trump or something big before the elections or before the end of the year, that would, that would explain his, his reasoning. Then he is a f*****g liar and we should all stop listening to him and watching him because he can't be trusted. 

F**k him on the Yemeni. He is apparently suing the state. So are these a Jewish reported dude from Melbourne? And it was basically because they harassed him and they f*****g tackled him and throw him to the ground over nothing. So I don't think it'll go far. 

Speaker 6 (46m 4s): No, I mean, I dunno, I don't know, 

Speaker 1 (46m 6s): Built in those things, just like I'm no expert on Ruth Bader Ginsburg or whatever her name is. God have mercy on her soul. 

Speaker 6 (46m 19s): No 

Speaker 1 (46m 19s): A religious person. Not really. I believe in God or something bigger than us out there. Something bigger and better. And for more intelligent, I dunno, there's definitely something out there. You don't create nothing. You don't create something from nothing. And I just think there's too many coincidences and weed going is on for, they're not to be something more than us. And I mean even just a science behind it or a, I think we can only, they, what do they say? We're going see a fraction of all of the light frequencies out. 

They're in the same with a sound frequencies. So I mean, we might have aliens in this very room with us. We'll never know, but apparently the is a yes, swinging the state and the police. I'm going to donate to what you should do. I don't think it's going to go in there. But anyway, a Jewish lady in, in Melbourne, I saw this on Twitter was saying that her other Jewish, elderly lady neighbor was fine because she drove her car out of five kilometer limit that we're allowed to, to drive within. 

And didn't really give much explanation, but I was reading the, the replies and responses and I think what's probably happened is the cameras that they have installed through this R Chinese CCP digital surveillance system that we now have in Melbourne and that's not a conspiracy. All you have to do is look at all of the new, camera's all the new 5g towers that are out there. They're everywhere. There's a, I don't even, I didn't even drive to the city. I'm out in the suburbs and I can count dozens of new towers in the area. 

And I think what's happened is these, these scanning systems, these cameras have probably picked up on her, the pro Rita registration probably seen her out of the 5k zone and then just f*****g find her. So that's pretty evil, you know, but this is what people voted for. People wanted a far left leaning government. So he is all voted for it. And I can't wait to get out of this cesspit city, just have to convince my wife and get some of those points up. 

But I mean, if you actually think that he's, you know, Daniel, Andrews has gone ahead and signed this belt and road thing and he's waiting, you know, he's waiting for the federal government to, to pull that, that rug out from under him with all this here, you don't know what planet you're living on because he's already signed it. So that's already in play. It's already happening. So that, that my, my theory is that they've already implemented a bunch of this stuff from a bunch of is CCP security and surveillance system. 

And I actually think my extended theory is that I think that is why we're all wearing masks maybe because I mean these masks, first of all, you know that they're all, they're all plastic and whatnot. And didn't didn't we get told that we had to, you know, banned plastic bags and banned straws a couple years ago. And it was the biggest thing ever. And now these, these, these Face masks that are all made out of plastic, people don't even realize that they're all polypropylene or whatever it is. 

And you know, one per person, everyone over the age of 12, because the coronavirus doesn't get your, when you're 11, it knows, but everyone over the age of 12. So the way down to how many Victorians does that make it? I don't know what like 4 million or something, 3 million, 4 million. So every single person has one. And you know, you only wear them once or twice, and then I throw them in the lakes or rivers, but 

Speaker 7 (50m 25s): No, 

Speaker 1 (50m 25s): That's probably millions of, that's probably tens of millions of these masks that have been in manufactured all the energy that's gone into it. And that will come from China too. So it's the one of, if not the highest, I think it's one of the highest, I'm pretty sure it's the highest polluting nation on earth and, and by the way, pollution and, and, and fossil fuels and all that crap and all that nonsense and climate change, it's a very different I absolutely, absolutely. 

I'm anti-pollution because I don't want pollution for me. I don't want, I want clean and I want clean water for me and my kids and for my neighbors and my family, my friends, and everybody wants, wants clean, healthy drinking, water and air and, and, and seas and oceans and, you know, pathways and whatnot, but his whole nonsense where they, they confuse and they, they conflate, you know, pollution and climate change. It's all absolute nonsense. 

But anyway, so you're telling me, we know where these masks are. We now have to have these plastic privacy f*****g screens and whatever, and whatnot at restaurants and that kind of doesn't yeah. Can contradict, are getting rid of plastic straws and bags. Yeah. Okay. Whatever idiots. But that's what I think, I think the, the masks a seat somehow related to the, these, the CCP, it's not even CCP, that's where its from the Chinese communist party, but it's not even that it's just this, this new Orwellian sort of global globalist order. 

And I hate that f*****g term, new world order, but that's really what it is. And yeah, I think that their training, they are artificial intelligence and the surveillance systems to pick up on people's eyes and everything basically above their noses. That's what I think they're doing. Because if you're going to roll out, you know, you going to put yourself in their shoes, if you're going to roll out billion dollar security systems that that are essentially picking up on a couple of things that picking up on license plates, registration plate, it's Andy and facial recognition, that's virtually what they're doing so they can track and monitor everyone. 

So if you're implementing, you know, if you're paying billions of dollars to implement these things, and then somebody says to you like a security analyst or someone comes a lot across, some guy says, Hey yeah, a leaders, you realize I can just wear a surgical mask and your billion dollar security surveillance system no longer works are you are going to look into that. So that's going to happen or that one, it would have happened. 

And they would have said, well, okay, can we train them? Can we them to, you know, to on, on everyone to wear these things and then teach them to, I don't f*****g know how it works to just recognize people just by their eyes or by the way that they walk their gait. You know, apparently that's like a, that's like a thumbprint to each individual human that's what I think is happening. And I Googled it and apparently wide magazine and all these other technology magazines agree with me. 

So obviously I'm not the only one that thinks that, but that's why, in my opinion, you've got to wear the mask because the money in the master of f*****g stupid, I mean, right now today, today I read 14. In your cases, you s******g me, right? We'll have a planet Elbert going to have a state of 6 million people. And we have 14 new cases, 6,000,014. I don't even know what, like what's the math on that? 

What's a percentage it's like 1e-07%. It doesn't even come close to a point of a percent of infections for the entire state. And, and because of that, we've all gotta wear a nappy on an Face. None of it makes any sense. So if it doesn't make sense, there was obviously gotta be something else more, more to it. And, but, you know, that would be critical thinking and your not allowed to use critical thinking and you are not allowed to do a lot of things, which is one of the big things I am all constantly saying to my kids, especially my, my daughter is at 

Speaker 8 (55m 12s): How long have you, 

Speaker 1 (55m 14s): Is that a, can you hear that? The neighbor's like is that f*****g yelling at a kid is, is, you know, you've got to, you've got to use critical thinking. You've got to think about what you're thinking about. And you've got to think about nowadays. It's not even hard to think critically. It's actually not to go back some time. And it was actually, you know, you kind of had to use your brain and a little bit Netta. You didn't even need it, use your brains nowadays. 

It's literally just think the opposite of what the news is telling you to think, think the opposite of what the social media is telling you to think and think the opposite of what the police and the state telling you to think. But it's not even that it's not even think the opposite. It's just think about what they're saying to you and think about it in a realistic con context. You know, I think it was Jeff Berwick was saying the other day and it was f*****g brilliant. 

It was probably one of the most brilliant things. I don't think it's his, I think he, he took it from somewhere. It was a meme or something he, he posted, but it was essentially in a nutshell and I'm completely going to ruin this and f**k it up. But basically it was, you know, so you've got this super killer deadly virus that you need to go and be tested for in order to know your habit and a f*****g, a f*****g wet myself. When I saw that. And I haven't been able to stop thinking about it because it's so true. 

And that's what that's all critical thinking is. So I tell my daughter all the time to just, just think about things in a real life context, you know, and, and, you know, think about angles and different things. So, so you're telling me that there's this super killer deadly virus out there that if I get it, the chances are sky high, even though they're not, but the chances are sky high that I'm going to like die and convulse and all these people are gonna die and it's going to decimate the population. 

It's going to ruin everything. And all my friends and family, you are going to die or be hospitalized, then we're going to have all these issues afterwards. Okay. So you're telling me that, but actually in fact, the reality is that if I get it, you're saying that I need to come to you and I need to take some tests to know that I have it. Well, hang on. Wouldn't I know I have it like wouldn't I wouldn't, I would not be sitting in my car and, or sitting in a, in my house later in my bed. 

And I'd just be having hot sweats and cold sweats and be shivering and have the flu like symptoms and all of these different things that you have when you're actually sick. Oh no, no, no, no. Cause what it is. Right. And then of course they give you the Punjab, the answer and it's all nonsense. So yeah, it's, it's just, it's, it's beyond, it's beyond reason. You know, if you look at a lot of this stuff and what I suppose, what s***s me the most, apart from the f*****g parents that didn't take their kids to party apart from that, those shameful. 

But apart from that, what p****s me off the most is the people that are apparently against all this. Then there are apparently for ending the lockdowns. Then there are apparently for opening aren't in there. There's all these apparent things that they stand for. And it's mostly the, the people on the, well, it's mostly everyone really, but all of them sorta just kind of go along with it. It's kind of the, you know, the whole thing of don't give them an inch or they'll run a mile, you know? 

Mmm, no. Why are you giving them an inch? No, you should be making fun of this sin. It is literally the sniffles. You're talking about the sniffles. Why you, why you saying, well, you know, we, we, we should open up and businesses should get back to, are they doing Scotia now or with, you know, without restriction? No. With no restrictions. Why a COVID normal? Why COVID-19 100 normal, normal? No, this is talking about, he's talking about eradicating the virus. 

Well, hang on a second. If you're a replicate the virus, doesn't not mean that there's no virus. And then you can just go back to normal kind of a, not really understanding what you're saying there. So all of these people that go that give him an inch, you guys are so f*****g stupid. And so FIC, you are literally shooting yourselves in the foot. You're giving them, you're giving them away in its like the whole, you no, don't invite a f*****g vampire in town. Oh. But he only wants to come in for T O but the only one, a little restriction R but they only want to restrict this and Oh, they only want to restrict that. 

No, you give them an inch. They want to f*****g mile. Give them nothing. No mercy, none. Don't f*****g give him anything. Don't let me just make fun of it. That's what it is. I saw a, a saw a video on and on a social media, somewhere to that. I can't remember where it was and have the cause I I've just been saying too, a good friend of mine. I've just been saying why they know videos of like, you know, people laying in their beds, coughing up lungs and going, Oh, you know guys, I was really, again, Stewart and I, I didn't believe it, but now I'm about to die. 

Why they know video's of that. So everybody's connected to the internet, everyone in the world, virtually apart from some places in Africa and South and central America and, and whatnot. So everybody virtually has internet, but no one is uploading videos of themselves or a very small percentage. It's such a small percentage that it's virtually no one of themselves saying or yeah, no, it's really Sirius. And it's really deadly. How come I'm not saying that. Why has everything that I'm seeing on the internet and on the news it's police brutality. 

It's police kicking your door's in and arresting you for clicking a little blue button called share a police, arresting pregnant women, police arresting old grandmothers police, basically putting people into comas. That's all I'm saying. That's all I'm saying on the news is his Daniel Andrews and his daily press conferences and s**t going on politics in the U S and you know, s**t going on elsewhere. 

Where are the people with COVID where all the young people going, Oh, you know, it's really deadly, you know, be, be cautious and all this it's not happening. It's not f*****g no. How many is it guys, guys? Why does it run on YouTube to do okay guys? So you can't even leave a, you can't even leave Melbourne now to go to country Victoria. So if you've got a property of, you've got a cabin or somewhere, you can't even f*****g leave to get to it. 

Now, the they're calling it the, the ring of steel and they have all these names and all the apathetic, dumb, f*****g punched, stupid public. They kind of, they, they, they believe in all this and all this nonsense and they get right behind the, the, the term, the terminology are yet to hear about to ring a steel guys. It's so f*****g ridiculous. You should be laughing at it. You should be mocking it. The only time I talk about this stuff, I'm with people, I'll go, ah, yeah. 

A Corona Bart. Oh, you mean a runny nose. That's what it is. Its a runny nose. That's what we're talking about. We're talking about a runny nose R but people say, Oh you have people. Would I give it? What did they die of? Remember that critical thinking, what did they die of? Show me what they died of. Don't be telling me buck and channel nine and channel seven and channel 10. Don't be telling me 14 new cases today in five years. Yes. Five deaths of what, if you tell me that somebody dies on a freeway, I'm in an accident generally kind of say, Oh, you know, and the person was drinking or it was awful high speed collision on and go. 

Okay. Okay. That sort of makes sense. Yep. Don't be saying, don't be saying, Oh, you know, use a titles in the head is coronavirus update five new deaths, five new deaths of what? So your all your, all a part of it and all you guys are all a part. God and you should, you don't and this is what this is, is the other thing I don't Get about all, this is all the people in the news. Who's in the media that aren't calling it out for what it is and the politicians and all of that. 

The people that actually have a voice, you're kind of f*****g ruining it for yourself and your own family and your own friends. So this is what it's so unbelievable to me that you're, you're allowing this to happen. You're not calling it out, you know, a hundred percent kind of going along with it, even though you're saying you're not, but you just ruin it for yourself. You ruin ruining your own future. And I understand a lot of this stuff is going to go away and you know, they're going to open back up eventually, which is going to be so much, it's going to be like nine 11. 

There's going to be so much of this stuff that lingers around. You know, it's like now why, when I, you know, I understand certain things about airports, but why do I have to f*****g like, R get treated like cattle. When I go to the airport, you know, Germany, he is really bad for this. If you go to a German airport on the way out, f*****g hell, it's bad. But no, a lot of that stuff stay in a lot of the spying in the, the, the computer surveillance and a lot of the s**t that the NSA and CIA AI and all of these, you know, three letter sorta, you know, three letter fricking agency's a lot or the stuff they did was because of nine 11. 

And that's what's going to happen. Yes. I understand the lockdowns are going to go away. Absolutely. I'm not f*****g stupid. The lockdowns are going to end eventually, but we're going to be left with a lot of this stuff and businesses. Aren't going to be able to operate. You know, you're telling me a guy that runs a, a restaurant in, maybe he doesn't eat in a lot of restaurants. You know, like Pete is pizza. One of the most favored takeaway foods. Cause it's perfect for it. It comes in a f*****g box and everything, but you're telling me that you're going to go to us. 

You're going to go and order steak from a, a steak restaurant placed that up. Pears, you no red wine with a state. You going to go in order from their takeaway. No, that guy, his business is done for you. And when he opens back up, I'm a guy like that opens back up and, and, and says, you know, okay, we're open for business. He going to get told that, you know, he's only allowed a person per whatever it is per f*****g four meters or something like that. 

So, you know, he might've been able to fit, you know, a hundred people into his space before he is only going to be able to fit 10 f*****g people in that space and to sit there and say, Oh yeah, but you know it, people can order take away. I'm sorry. No, one's ordering f*****g takeaway steak. You morons. It's going to be that many businesses that aren't going to be able to. They're just not going to be able to do business. So I think we're, I think we are a bunch of apathetic p*****s in this state. 

And I'm actually ashamed to say that I'm a, Melbourne in a Victorian, but anyway, he is tall. This guy's never let your dad's have cryptocurrency and shame all the p**s, weak parents out there and not taking their kids to parks. Cheers. 

Speaker 0 (1h 7m 20s): <inaudible>. 

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